Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery

Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comLet me preface this by saying, I’m a LIVE plant type of person. I prefer real plants to artificial, BUT (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming)… lately I’m struggling. Spring is just around the bend and I’m craving plants & greenery. However, since moving into our new home, I’ve basically killed every single one of our plants. I have one left that is barely hanging on. Even though the house feels and looks bright, we don’t have as much natural light and there are only windows on two sides of the house, which is kind of weird. It’s also not ideal for my sun loving plants. Rather than spending more money on plants that will probably not thrive here, I’m seriously thinking this will be the house I sprinkle in a faux plant here and there. Yes, it makes me kind of sad, but any “plant” is better than no plant at all. You know me- it HAS to be convincing though. I’ve started my search and am sharing my finds…

Eventually, when it comes time to renovate our entryway and staircase, I’d love to splurge on a big tree. I’m thinking at least 6 feet tall, but who knows when that will happen… most likely not soon, but I’m pinning them for later!

Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery -
source : studio mcgee

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each plant below!

These days I’m really attracted to olive and citrus trees- they feel so classic. I’m also liking the palm varieties!

Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery -
source : studio mcgee

I’m also loving plants and small trees styled on a kitchen countertop or island. The above image is seriously making me want to renovate our kitchen ASAP, just so I can buy a cute little lemon or rosemary tree for the counter.

Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery -

If you’re looking for planters for any of your very convincing faux beauties, check out this post. Are you team real plant? Faux plant? Do you like to mix both depending on your lighting situation? I think I’m going to have to get over the fact that this house isn’t great for lots of live plants (sadly). I’ll probably end up on team mix live & faux. I’m turning over a new leaf (see what I did there?), ha!

I hope you guys are having a good week so far! I’m kind of struggling through it, to be honest. We’re wrapping up the bathroom (come back for the reveal later this week) and it has been extremely busy. It’s all worth it though! SO excited to share.

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  1. That’s so sad about your beautiful plants! Moving can be traumatic. I love live plants, but I would say I’m only moderately successful. Because my cat, Sunday, will definitely taste test, I am super cautious about varieties. I’ve even caught Joe taking the occasional leaf from my jade plant!🙁 I think I’d rather stick to a few live plants, although the faux look beautiful (and convincing) in photos.
    You’ve been working like mad on that bathroom! The burl sneak peek was gorgeous!! All that and great posts?! Thanks for your hard work and constant inspiration.

    1. So sad! Usually I’m pretty good at keeping my plants happy, but they were not having the move. I’m bummed. I love that you have a cat named Sunday!! Joe even swipes an occasional leaf?! That one made me laugh. Better to keep the fur babies safe than bring in toxic varieties. I worry about that too. Can’t wait to show you the bathroom tomorrow

  2. I recently scored the most beautiful fiddle leaf fig at Home Goods for only $129!!!!!! It’s almost 6’ tall, I am so happy I went back to get it, it was meant to be. I also have found that Hobby Lobby has adorable little lemon trees that fit on your table top nicely! Definitely not as nice as McGee but budget friendly ;-) I’d love that eucalyptus tree omg!

    1. What a find, Katie! That’s a nice size for the price… it was definitely meant to be. I never would’ve thought to look at hobby lobby- thanks for the tip! xox

  3. Brianna Thomas says:

    I’m also on team mix! I resisted fakes faux-ever (ha) but after killing countless innocent plants I have come to accept that some corners of the house just aren’t cut out for the real thing. I have a real fiddle in our light-filled bath but a faux fiddle that floats from room to room. I tend to go real for anything in the fern family since they are so hardy and faux for trees and tropicals. I love what you’ve rounded up — I may need to snag a few of those beauties! So on board with the citrus in the kitchen.

    1. SAME! I was anti-faux for a lonnnng time, but I just don’t think this house was built for plants (unless I add windows). haha! 100% agree with your comment, Brianna. xox

  4. I’ve tried to accept faux plants, since my kitchen/dining room desperately needs some green and yet there is NO natural light, but I have such a problem with how fake the stems always look! I’ll have to look into some of these options to see if they pass my picky “stem test”.

    Recently, I’ve been looking more into preserved plants – you can often get boxwoods or other greenery (I’ve even seen big bouquets of roses!). None of the maintenance of live plants, but all of the real-looking stems! There’s a few sellers on etsy that even do beautiful preserved plant “paintings” with moss and other textural elements – I’d love to get something like that to bring a natural touch into a dark space.

    1. I’m also really picky… it HAS to look real and I’m willing to pay more for something that appears convincing. I think I was traumatized by faux plants growing up. I also like preserved plants and have some boxwoods that are really nice. Great tip!

  5. So what I hear you saying is that you’ll be adding several windows in your new house! YOU NEED SUNLIGHT AND PLANTS – DO IT! Oh wait, I’m actually thinking of me ;-)

    1. Haha!! Yes to more windows. Always yes to windows and natural light :) It’s like you read my mind. haha!

  6. I’m team real plants! I have several plants in dark corners that are thriving. One in fact is in a windowless bathroom. Just takes a lot of bypassing those high light loving plants and accepting a slower growth rate.

    1. I love real plants… I made a trip to the greenhouse earlier in the week and it was difficult not to bring a bunch home with me. There are definitely options that work well in low light- I sadly had bright light loving plants in our last house that didn’t tolerate the move. I’ll have to restock with low light varieties :) Great point!

    1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing Allison :)