Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comIt’s rare that I have time to pull together a Friday post, but this was an easy and fun one, so I thought I’d share! You guys already know I love succulents. I’ve posted about them numerous times and they’re about it easy as it gets when it comes to plant maintenance. If there’s one plant I’d suggest to a person who isn’t great at keeping plants alive- it’s succulents. They’re pretty much impossible to kill and thrive during the summer months, especially. Click through to see how I repurposed one of my outdoor candles into a succulent arrangement. I’m sharing tips for keeping your plants happy, healthy, and ideas for repurposing containers. 

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comHere is the candle I finally finishing burning. It was this citronella beauty from Lowes that lived in our backyard and kept the bugs from swarming me. Seriously, the mosquitos LOVE me. It’s not ideal for a gal who adores being outside.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter -

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comI was sad to see it go, but hated to throw away a perfectly good ceramic vessel. I had a couple options… #1: pour another citronella candle in the same container (see that DIY here), or #2: put together a succulent arrangement. After finishing our kitchen (the reveal is coming on Tuesday because all good things happen on Tuesdays!), we have a lot more space for house plants and I thought one would look nice on the dining table or countertop… so I decided on the succulents over the candle and bought six baby plants to fill it up.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comJust like the last arrangement I shared, I prefer to start in the center and work my way out toward the edge of the vessel.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comThis time around, I selected succulents that were all the same green tone. Sometimes I’ll throw in yellow, purple, or red, but I was feeling the monochromatic vibe for this one. When shopping for plants, I looked for ones that had a consistent color, but varied in texture and shape.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comAfter squeezing them all into the empty candle container, I filled the negative space with soil, carefully packing it in. I made this planter pretty full, but you can leave some room for growth if you’d like. I wanted them to feel nice and clustered with minimal negative space. Either way, they’ll grow just the same and thrive no matter how close or far apart they are.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I gave the entire planter a nice drink of water. That’s all there is to it! It doesn’t get easier. You can literally sit the succulents in a sunny spot (inside OR outside) and water them every week or so and they’ll be just fine. It’s nice to plant something and forget about it. I’ve always said succulents are the plants for busy people. I sort of cringe with I see faux succulents because if you can’t keep a succulent alive, you’ve got probs. Haha! But really, they’re that easy.

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - roomfortuesday.comIs anyone interested in seeing a side-by-side comparison of how giant my outdoor succulents have gotten? They’ve over doubled (maybe tripled) in size! Maybe I should post an update on how my plants are doing. Let me know if that is of interest! Do you guys still enjoy plants & gardening posts? I think a fun topic would be how to style them into your home. There’s nothing I love more than greenery, flowers, and plants to make a home feel welcoming. Everyone have a great weekend!! See you back here next week for lots of reveals and an awesome video. I’m so excited to share!!

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  1. So pretty! I’ve avoided a succulent planter because they grow so fast, and I dread replanting. All their shapes, sizes and colors are pretty irresistible though. I’d love to see those giant outdoor succulents. Happy Friday! (Excited for next week!)

    1. Thank you, Peggi! In my experience, I never replant succulents… I just allow them to fill out the container and then I notice they don’t grow as rapidly. I also love the shapes and textures. I’ll try to work on an outdoor succulent update post :) Have a great weekend! xox

  2. Your planter is lovely! And the fact they are easy to care for is a bonus. Another virtually unkillable plant is the ZZ plant. I’m really great with my garden outside but for some reason I can’t keep anything alive for long on the inside. But, I purchased this plant a couple of years ago and it’s still alive and thriving. I will definitely give the succulents a try too. They are beautiful. Reusing the candle pot is an awesome idea!

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! I also have a ZZ plant- it’s probably 5 years old now… definitely another plant you can’t kill. They’re an air purifying plant as well. Love them! Have a great weekend! xox

  3. Just stumbled on your blog as I was searching for tips on replanting my fiddle leaf. (Thanks for that post.) I love the repurposed planter idea! Just curious how it did without a drainage hole and what type of soil you used. I repotted some succulents in a planter I made recently and they aren’t doing very well. I thought it was because the drainage hole wasn’t big enough but now I’m wondering if it’s a different problem.