10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comI have been in SUCH a gardening mood lately. Since we’ve been stuck at home, the only place I want to be is outside… in our yard, working on the patio, in our new little garden (more on that soon!), on the front porch (pictured above), on the balcony, walking the dogs, taking a ride in our RZR (lots of people in our community have these instead of golf carts because mountain living)– basically anywhere there is sunshine and fresh air, that’s where I want to be. Is anyone else in the same mindset these days? The weather has finally turned a corner here in Salt Lake, and I’m soaking up spring like it’s my job. I’ve compiled so many plants & gardening posts over the years, I thought it would be fun to compile my top 10 favorites… the ones I keep coming back to, time-and-time again to reference. If you’re someone who loves plants & gardening, or are just wanting to spend more time outside, click through for 10 inspiring posts and DIY projects to try! I’ve also got more coming this spring. I’m currently dreaming up some exciting exterior plans & projects, and some of them will happen sooner rather than later (a garage trellis DIY, some mini exterior makeovers, our small urban garden reveal, hiding the HVAC units, etc). You’ll have to check back for those. In the meantime, here are 10 good ones to get you going…

#1 // How to Repurpose a Candle Into a Succulent Centerpiece

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comI love burning citronella candles (catch that DIY tutorial here) in the summer months and once they’re burned down, I’ll either reuse the vessel for a candle- or turn it into a planter. The larger ones make beautiful centerpieces. In this post, I share my easy process for repurposing a candle into a succulent arrangement that is perfect for an outdoor table!

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#2 // Tiered Herb Garden DIY

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comThis is my most recent plant post… I shared my tiered herb garden on the blog last week, and it’s already producing for us! We used the rosemary and oregano for homemade pizza last Friday (that’s kind of a new thing we’ve been doing… pizza Fridays- my readers & friends are rubbing off on me). Anyway- this classic herb garden is budget-friendly, really fun to assemble, and even more functional for cooking and aromatherapy!

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#3 // Large Outdoor Planter Roundup

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comLarge planters are the easiest way to create an outdoor vignette. I like positioning them under exterior sconces or porch lights, flanking the front door, or in between garage doors. Their large scale really helps to ground & balance the vignette, while adding texture or color- depending on what type of plant you choose. I’m a sucker for topiaries… anything sculptural, really! This roundup post is filled with giant outdoor planters, if you’re on the hunt.

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#4 // How to Install Window Planter Boxes

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comMuch like large planters, I’m equally a fan of window planter boxes. Is there anything more charming?! They instantly add character to your home exterior. I really enjoy swapping the plants in my window boxes seasonally- it has become something I look forward to and welcome. It kind of signifies the start of a new season for me. They’re really easy to install, too!

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#5 // Our Lawn Care Routine + A Printable Checklist

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comLast spring, I shared our entire lawn care and landscaping routine based on the season. I even created a printable checklist for you guys! I’m all about curb appeal and maintaining what you have. If you’re unsure of how to care for your landscaping and which tools are right for the job, this post should be really helpful!

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#6 // Best of Etsy : LIVE Plants

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comOne question I’ve been getting a LOT lately is- how do you get live plants without leaving your house? That’s a biggie given we’re still sheltering in place and social distancing. In addition to local nurseries and greenhouses now offering delivery, you can also buy LIVE plants online and have them shipped. I’ve purchased plants from Amazon, but I’ve also had incredible luck using Etsy. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites in this post. I haven’t had a bad experience yet. It’s a great way to get exactly what you want without leaving your home. They’re always packaged very carefully and ship quickly.

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#7 // Outdoor Succulent Planter DIY

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comThis is my fifth year having these beautiful outdoor succulent arrangements. I put them together each spring and it always surprises me how BIG they get by the time fall arrives. They’re the easiest to take care of (very resilient), they look incredible, and it’s a fun project. Whether you’re adding plants to your porch, balcony, patio, or yard… these are an easy, stylish win.

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#8 // My Favorite House Plants for 2020

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comIf outdoor plants aren’t your thing… I shared my favorite house plants for 2020 in this post! Back in January, I took a trip to my local greenhouse and scouted my favorite varieties. If you’re looking for new ideas and house plants to try- this post is for you! I prefer plants both indoors and out.

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#9 // Best of Etsy : Planters

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comAgain- Etsy has proved to be a valuable design resource for me… in addition to the live plants I mentioned earlier, Etsy is also a great place to find planters. My favorites are the vintage ones! You can find some beautiful handmade, original, unique, and vintage pots for your plants. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites in this post.

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#10 // Amazon Finds : Faux Plants, Greenery, & Botanicals

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I wanted to include a post for those of you who don’t enjoy the maintenance of real plants (or maybe you don’t have a green thumb?), but like the look of them. Hey- there is nothing wrong with that! I do have a green thumb, and I sprinkle in faux plants because our windows aren’t facing the right direction. Keeping plants alive in our current home has been a challenge, to say the least. I shared a bunch of very convincing faux plants from Amazon in this post, that can be shipped to you in no time at all.

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Is anyone else on a lawn, garden, yard, or planting spree? I certainly am! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in the comment section below. We need to finish our little garden, hide the HVAC units, then I think we’ll move to building our garage trellis. We’ll see how everything plays out!

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  1. We are definitely enjoying the outdoors these days! The lilacs have started blooming, and my beds are waking up. I braved the bees to forage some flowers this weekend. We have two of the scraggliest cherry bushes flanking our front door; they’re poorly placed and don’t receive enough light. At the moment though, they are abuzz with blossoms, bees and the most beautiful bouquet. I’ve also taken my houseplants outside for good clean and soak; they seem happier. We had a brief downpour last night (which Joe and D got caught in!), so weeding today should be a breeze! Here’s to more time in the sunshine!

    1. Peggi, I read that you have lilacs blooming. If there were ever a plant I would love to have every spring is a lilac bush. My grandmother had a big one outside her kitchen window and you could smell them. We had one when we lived in Minneapolis 20 years ago. Enjoy your lilacs and cherry bushes!

    2. Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that Peggi. Lilacs are my favorite- the smell is intoxicating. I love them. Cherry bushes and trees are the most beautiful when they bloom- we used to have a couple cherry trees at our old house. Cash would get into trouble for eating the cherries (he clearly didn’t care that they’re poisonous to dogs, argh). We had a couple trips to the emergency vet thanks to those pretty trees and his stupidity. Haha! I hope you had a nice time in the sun weeding today! xo

      1. Cherries, peaches, Cash sure does like his fruit! Wasn’t he stealing strawberries or onions the other day? Oh how I wish they could tell what isn’t good for them!

        1. He really does… he hasn’t met a food (or non food) he doesn’t want to eat. Ha! He’s a little booger… that causes me a LOT of stress and panic when he decides to scarf something down. Yikes

  2. Hey Sarah! We are trying so hard to get into the spring spirit here but our weather is so up and down in Ontario. Still wearing our winter coats and boots most days :(
    But, we have had enough warmth my tulips have come up in our front yard and one bloomed yesterday 🌷 yay! Our garden centers remain closed so no plant shopping yet but your post is timely as I can’t keep anything alive in our bedroom, so I ordered some stems from your faux greenery post (#8) to add some color. I figure I can blend in some live cut flowers with the faux from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration 💐 I’m sure next month it will feel more consistently spring here. Wishing you a beautiful sunny 😎 day!

    1. Hello, hello Colleen! I’m bummed to hear you’re still in winter coats and boots in Ontario. Crossing my fingers you get warmer weather that sticks soon. Yay for your tulip bloom! I love #8 from that post- it will look lovely in your bedroom. We have the same issue in this house. I feel like faux is better than nothing, and fresh cuts are nice here and there… though they never last long. I hope your week is going well so far! Happy Tuesday :)

  3. I’m so glad you rounded up these posts! I’ve been having Spring on the brain with the outdoor projects we’ve been tackling! Thinking a lot about the new pergola placement and how I’m going to style things around it, and really craving being in the yard. I wish the long container bed was ready for a proper garden, but that’s going to be a spring-long project next year…so for now, we’re trying to clean up and maintain what we have, and add as needed. This is going to be immensely helpful in terms of resources. I also have 5 large terra-cotta pots that will need to be planted in the front yard, plus the two beds out there! Definitely enough to keep busy that’s for sure! I’m alright with that though; I love plant shopping even if it’s only online. Our local nursery does delivery and I’m going to have to order a pretty large fruitless olive for the patio in a week or so…perhaps I’ll find even more to love! For today, the allergy freight train has plowed right into my face and distance learning has sent everything off the rails😅 This too shall pass…I’m trying to remember that this stay at home order has brought much needed quality time to my family, so whatever amount of irritation that comes along with it is all worth it in the end. Now let’s hope allergy meds don’t make me pass out until some unknown time this afternoon. It’s a beautiful Tuesday regardless! Cheers and virtual hugs friends!

    1. Yay!! Love hearing that, Lauren! It’s so much work, but well worth it… it sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy this spring and summer. The allergies are alive and real here too. I’ve been sneezing up a storm. You’re right though- this too shall pass. Ha! I hope you’re having a good week so far :) xox

  4. Sarah, I saw your instagram post on power washing your patio and furniture. Isn’t it so rewarding and soothing power washing? Ours was so bad it took me 2 days to get it all done. It really made a difference.
    I never thought of Etsy for planters. Need a couple for my daughters bedroom. A trellis above your garage will really make a statement. I love them both above garages and in backyards. Curious about your garden. My husband and I talked about putting another one back in our yard. I love to eat cherry tomatoes off the vine when they are warm from the sun..it’s the little things.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. It’s the BEST outdoor chore ever. So rewarding! As for the garden, it’s not giant, but we have tomatoes, peppers, onions, strawberries, zucchini, herbs, etc. The basics! I’m excited- it has been a few years since we’ve planted food. Just like you, I love and appreciate a warm cherry tomato off the vine or fresh sweet strawberry straight from the plant :) Happy Tuesday! xo