Favorite House Plants for 2020

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - roomfortuesday.comI ventured to my local greenhouse (Cactus & Tropicals, for those of you who live in Salt Lake) yesterday to grab a bunch of plants for Emmett’s office project I’m working on (I’ll share all of that in a blog post soon). It had been wayyy too long since I had been plant shopping, so while I was there- I snapped a bunch of plant photos and thought they were worth sharing. Click through to see my favorite house plants for 2020… there are some familiar ones, as well as new options & ideas to add to your interior plant collection in the coming year.

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - roomfortuesday.comObviously I put a faux fiddle in our formal living room, so I’m still digging the favorite “designer tree”. With that said, I do think they’re a bit overdone (and by a bit- I mean a lot), so I’m excited to branch out and explore some other fun trees and house plant options in the coming year! Based on what I noticed during my trip to the greenhouse, I’m really excited about the plants pictured below…

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - roomfortuesday.comI included the slang name below each plant image… ehr- street name? What would you call a plant’s name that isn’t the actual scientific name? Haha! Anyway- I included THOSE for easy reference. There are lots of nice shapes and textures packed into that plant graphic! So many beautiful house plants to choose from and get excited about in 2020.

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - roomfortuesday.comFrom delicate textures to wispy leaves, my top three I’d like to try are: the egyptian tree fern, the fishtail palm, and the long leaf ficus.

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - roomfortuesday.comAre there any plants you’ve noticed lately that I should add to the list? Are you still a fan of the fiddle leaf fig- or are you ready to see something new? I have mixed feelings on that topic! Regardless, bringing greenery and plants into my home helps me survive winter. It’s a nice reminder that spring is around the corner. I also just like having an organic, green element in the house to add some life. Plants are always a good idea… I think we can all agree on that!

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  1. Oh my gosh that Egyptian fern is gorgeous!

    1. I know!! So delicate. I really want one now :)

  2. That greenhouse looks like just the field trip for a gloomy January day; none of our local spots really keep stock through winter. While I love to ogle all the plants, I am careful about what I bring home because my cat definitely finds them delectable. So many common varieties are toxic! I would love a tree, but I’m a little intimidated by the cost. I’d be super irritated with myself if I killed an “investment plant.”😀 They are so lush and enticing though!

    1. It was the perfect field trip. It was snowing yesterday when I showed up there, so I was happy to escape to the greenhouse for warmth & humidity. Whew! Great point on researching plants prior to bringing them into your home. First and foremost, we have to make sure our fur babies are safe! I hope you’re feeling better and are having a better week! xo

  3. What a gorgeous greenhouse! And, I’m loving the options you chose. I think plants’ names are typically referred to as “common names” (as opposed to scientific names), but I much prefer “street names.” :)

    1. It’s the best! I’m lucky to have it close by to our home. COMMON NAMES… duh (face palm moment). Haha! Thank you for that. Idk who I think I am with “street names”. lol

  4. Kaitlin J. says:

    Love this roundup Sarah! The images of greenery are like a breath of fresh air in January. I also have mixed feelings on the fiddle leaf….I have loved them for years, long before they were trendy, but was always turned off by the cost of the plant, knowing how fussy they are. About 2 years ago, finally bit the bullet and bought one, deciding my plant knowledge had grown enough that I could keep it alive. Glad I took the risk-It’s still going strong and growing happily two years later, so I feel very proud of that! I am however a bit ‘over’ seeing them styled in every magazine etc. though, since some convincing fakes came out on the market, they really are EVERYWHERE. I love the fishtail fern you found- adding that to my plant wish list.

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! My thoughts exactly on fiddle leafs. Great job on keeping yours alive and happy! I still think they’re gorgeous plants… even if they are everywhere these days.

  5. Both the Egyptian fern and the fishtail palm are definitely going on my list, they’re beautiful! I’ve been looking for a variegated rubber tree for what feels like YEARS and finally found a nursery a few cities over that can get them, I just need to make the trip to pick one out :)

    1. Same!! Those have the most beautiful texture. I also love the look of rubber trees… it sounds like you have a fun road trip in your near future, Stacy :)

  6. My top three are the same as yours! I have a big corner in my LR that houses a nearly 5′ tall, three trunked fiddle leaf… it’s been there a full year and is so so happy but yeah I do feel a bit jaded about the look of it. I had a nonstandard rubber plant there before (grass green leaves instead of dreadful and dark like they usually are) and I really prefered its look but it had a bug infestation I was unable to conquer. I think a fishtail palm or long leafed ficus would be glorious there instead! I do have one more bright and sunny corner elsewhere that I could possibly rearrange to transfer the fiddle to someday… however right now I”m saving hard for a bathroom reno and saying no to lesser purchases if I’m real with myself :)

    1. Aren’t those pretty?! I’d just embrace your big fiddle tree- it sounds beautiful. I still think it’s a classic plant… it has just turned into everyone’s go-to. Way to go on saving for the bathroom renovation- it will be well worth it, Julie! xo

      1. You put it well, the fiddle leaf is a classic plant! I hope to always them in my house. I do have several. I have started some myself from cutting off the top if they get floppy or misshapen up there. I guess none of mine are trees as I seem to have trouble getting them to that point (and I buy smaller ones because they are more affordable). I have many other house plants and I love the selection you have here.

        1. It is! They’re beautiful. It sounds like you have an amazing green thumb, Becky :) xo

  7. I’m really loving the long leaf ficus! I also really want a large Burgundy or Ruby rubber tree plant, it’s definitely the plant I’m buying next.

    1. Me too!! Such a pretty textural plant. Emmett bought me a rubber tree once for Valentine’s day (years ago) and it died within a day. I’m convinced something was wrong with it to begin with, but they’ve always intimidated me after that. Maybe it’s time I give it another shot!

  8. The “street name” is called the common name 😉

    1. Haha!! Thanks Kayla- I was having brain fog and could not think of that for the life of me! lol

  9. First off, I love that large white pot! I almost got one at HomeGoods but it had a chip in it.
    Visiting a greenhouse or tropical place sounds divine right now!
    I wish I could keep an indoor plant alive! Unfortunately, I end up killing every one..even the smallest. Although give me all the outdoor plants. That’s where I have no problems. I cannot figure that out! Maybe because mother nature takes care of them too!?
    Do you think the fiddle leaf fig tree is as popular as the weeping ficus was back in the 70’s & 80’s? I remember growing up and seeing them in every home, business, etc. I like the fiddle leaf but dig’n (ha,ha) the long leaf ficus!
    Because I cannot purchase real I would get a faux olive tree or fiddle leaf like yours. I recently purchased a faux snake (aka mother in laws tongue)!
    Look forward to seeing what you are doing for Emmett’s work. Happy Wednesday!

    1. It was a fun little field trip, Danna! I’m with you- ever since moving to our current home, my green thumb has seemed to turn black. I think after a year, I *might* be ready to give it a go again. We shall see! I do think the fiddle leaf is as popular as the weeping ficus back in the 80’s. I have a faux Z plant in the basement and it’s probably the most realistic faux plant I own! Would highly recommend that one. Happy Wednesday :)

  10. I have a rubber plant and love it! I do not have a green thumb and I haven’t killed it yet. Haha I have heard that fiddle leaf plants are finicky and harder to take care of, so not my jam. I like the look of the snake plant and the European olive tree too!

    1. I tried a rubber tree and couldn’t keep it alive, but I did great with my fiddle leaf fig. Plants are so picky! Haha! I might be ready to give a rubber tree another try. I love the way they look, Carissa! :)

      1. omg! SAME! my fiddle’s are so easy and i neglect them and they LOVE me but my rubber tree has been around for almost two years and has never been happy. just yesterday i came home to one of his main stalks completely drooped over and dead.

        1. Ugh, I’m sorry! I feel like they’re finicky. Crossing my fingers I can keep one alive someday. Haha :)

  11. LYNN SHANKMAN says:

    Yes! And you HAVE to get a snake plant. Those beautiful reedy leaves. They are such an “old world” plant that is totally indestructible. Swear. I couldn’t kill it if I tried.

    1. I used to have a giant one and it was such a good, easy plant! I think I’m ready to get another one this spring :) Thanks Lynn!

  12. Did you come across dracaena marginata, or ‘dragon plant’ on your visit? I’ve had one for years – I love their spindly trunks and that they get a bit Dr Seuss-like when they’re tall. Seems to cope well with my irregular care schedule!

    1. Yes! I used to have a couple of those- they’re really pretty. I love the interesting shape… and you’re right, they’re pretty easy to keep alive :) Great addition, Lauren! Thank you

  13. Yes, SO ready for Spring here in CO, too! I’m in love with the European olive tree, the money tree and bird of paradise. So many great options to bring such joy and well being into our homes.

    For those readers who like me, are interested in Feng Shui and it’s place in design, the snake plant (also known as Mother In Law’s tongue) while often said to be “bad” Feng Shui, can actually be quite “good”. (I try not to think in terms of good & bad for anything, but some plants are better for specific Feng Shui applications than others.) Not only does it bring in the wood element, like all plants/trees (even faux!), but it’s form takes the shape of the fire element, so placing one in those areas of your home that could use some fire, in an elemental sense, of course, can really boost it’s protective qualities.

    Another cool note is that not only do healthy plants bring better air quality to your space, but their positive energy helps negate the (often) negative energy of our electronics so placing them besides a TV or your around your desk can help control any negative effects from those devices on your physical energy.

    And I’m so glad Peggi brought up about certain varieties being toxic to pets and doing our research when we have fur babies. (Talk about BAD Feng Shui!!) SO many of them are, unfortunately.

    1. I also like the European olive tree- so gorgeous. So fascinating when thinking of how plants provide balance and Feng Shui. Snake plants are one of my favorites because it ranks really high for air purification. We had a giant one in our first home for that reason. Also- I learned SO much from your comment. I’m going to start filling the house with plants to negate the energy coming from all of our tech. ha! Seriously though. That’s amazing.

  14. personally i don’t think the fiddle leaf is any more overdone than a snake plant & i love them both! i don’t think you can go wrong with bringing plants in, no matter the kind! what’s funny is that i see fiddle leaf’s photographed EVERYWHERE but i’m the only person i know in person that actually has one! maybe that’s why i’m not tired of it. i have two and i don’t see that changing! they are beautiful plants!

    1. They are beautiful plants!