Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comOver the summer, I decided our primary bedroom was in need of a little refresh. We honestly have not given the room much thought since moving into our home back in 2018. Aside from our custom bed, we threw together mismatched and thrifted furniture to create a functional (but far from beautiful) space. The bedroom always felt like an afterthought, and for being a space we spend a lot of time in… I thought this room deserved better. Click through for the design progression, timeless tips for a bedroom refresh, and to see how it’s looking today!

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comAside from swapping the ceiling fan, installing linen drapery panels in place of plantation shutters, and replacing the carpet (pictured above)– this room creeped lower and lower on our renovation list. It’s not the worst bedroom in our house, it’s functional, and we turned our attention to more pressing projects- like the entryway. Someday, we’ll fully renovate our primary suite… a proper, full-scale renovation complete with millwork, paint, new fixtures, a walk-in closet overhaul, a totally renovated new bathroom, plus a balcony rebuild, but for the time being- a refresh is exactly what we needed!

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comReady to see the updates? It’s pretty incredible what subtle well-planned switches can do for a room…

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comSince we will be renovating in the future, I wanted to be smart about this refresh. I don’t love to do or buy things twice. I’d rather invest in classic and quality items for the long haul. My goal was to make our primary bedroom feel more cohesive by swapping mismatched vintage furniture for new nightstands that better fit the floor plan, that we’ll carry into the newly renovated space someday. Quality furniture and simple, intentional styling can really elevate a space without having to rip down walls to the studs.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comThe bedroom was also very sparse and lacking personality, so installing artwork & mirrors, lighting, and investing in luxe bedding went a long way in making the space feel much better. These are all things we can use now and again, as the room progresses and evolves. I went for an end of summer look that will also easily translate to fall- keeping things classic, neutral, and timeless.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comMy two favorite upgrades are our new bedside tables from Ballard (you know I love a demilune!) paired with the adjustable wall sconces. Both are really well made, have thoughtful details with really nice finishes, and will withstand the test of time. Let me show you my side of the bed first…

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comI styled my bedside table with some basics- and I even brought out a photo of Emmett & I… which I never do. Story for another day, but our wedding photographer ghosted us, so the only photos we have from our wedding were taken on our parent’s flip phones (yes- we’re that old). Anyway, I think the bedroom is the perfect place to insert special photos, if you’re going to do so. These pretty Italian frames I’ve been hanging onto for years were begging to be used.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comThe demilune bedside tables have so much closed storage (more than I really need), but I added some baskets to the inner shelves for optimal organization. I keep books inside, cords & chargers, and tech- like my headphones and bluetooth speaker. Of course I also keep a wireless charger on top of my nightstand for easy access. Let me show you a trick…

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comI like to keep my wireless phone charger atop a marble coaster so it looks more stylized. They just rest on top of each other and are easy to separate if I want to use the coaster for a bottle of water. I just think it looks nicer and elevated! I toss my phone on top every night for easy charging and call it a day…

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comAlso on “my side” of the bedroom, I added one of my animal print chairs I restored a few years back. I get ready for the day in our primary suite, and I thought a chair might be helpful for that… plus it’s an extra surface to drop items. This also felt like the perfect vignette to add artwork and install an additional layered light source. How pretty are these dimensional intaglios?

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comMoving along to bedding updates… I love a layered bed! If you missed my go-to formula for styling a bed, check it out! As we head into a new season, it’s still very hot here. White is always my preferred classic color any time of year, as I can easily update the look for each season with blankets, coverlets, and pillows. I currently have medium weight bedding styled here, so it’s perfect for this time of year: crisp sheets with a contrasting edge, a medium weight quilt, and a timeless matélasse felt like the winning combination for the end of August.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comI also decided to layer a geometric area rug over our wool carpet. This was purely for aesthetic purposes- I envisioned a graphic moment to anchor the space. This high traffic area in the bedroom lends itself to a durable sisal woven rug.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comNormally I don’t keep anything on our bench at the foot of the bed (because Crosby sleeps there), but for the sake of styling my ideal bedroom- I’d typically insert a tray here to corral items. Breakfast in bed, anyone? That would also work!

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comAcross from the bed and the bench, we also have a vintage enamel writing desk that sits beneath our Frame TV.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comOccasionally, I’ll sit here to journal or read, but for the most part- it provides a good aesthetic anchor to our decently large television. It also makes for a fun surface to style, display momentos, and enjoy favorite candles.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comSomeday, we may replace this vintage writing desk with something larger or more substantial- perhaps another desk or a dresser for additional clothing or linen storage, but for now- this works well for us.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comFor us, these small updates made the room feel totally new– and I didn’t so much as lift a paintbrush. Home takes time, it’s normal and wonderful when spaces evolve with us, isn’t it? Of course it also feels good to make impactful changes and investments you know will last longterm. While photos probably don’t do our bedroom justice, the feeling I get when walking into this space just feels different… welcoming, inviting, happier, and more personal. I’m glad we set aside some time for this one.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comHere are some quick and easy tips for refreshing your own bedroom…

Easy Tips for Refreshing a Bedroom
  1. Replace Textiles… swap rugs or carpet, window treatments, and bedding.
  2. Swap Light Fixtures… consider bedside sconces, lamps, and replace dated hardwired fixtures for updated options.
  3. Invest in Quality Cohesive Furniture… in a space like a bedroom, symmetry works to your advantage. Invest in matching or similarly sized bedside tables or nightstands.
  4. Focus on the Bed Itself… the primary purpose of a bedroom is sleep- purchase a quality mattress with nice bedding for optimal sleep and a luxe retreat feel. Layer your bedding for a designer look!
  5. Add Interest & Personal Touches… install artwork or photos, while bringing in meaningful touches. A bedroom should feel like your private and personal space.
  6. Consider Function… is your space large enough for a writing desk, clothing storage, or would a chair be helpful? Consider how the room functions and add items accordingly.
  7. Style Your Bedside Tables for the Everyday… what items make sense to keep on your nightstand? The book you’re reading, eyeglasses, a coaster for a water bottle, perhaps a wireless phone charger? Florals or a candle for a serotonin boost? Style with practicality in mind!
  8. Take Time to Make the Bed… no matter how beautifully your bedroom is designed, making your bed and keeping the space tidy will always make for a more appealing space.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comAs we’re gearing up for a new season ahead, this is the perfect time to level up whatever space in your home has been on your list… or maybe even an area you haven’t put much thought into. It doesn’t have to be a full scale renovation- even swapping or repurposing one or two things, just changing things around in some way will feel good & impactful. I love a seasonal reset! It’s an instant mood booster.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comI also want to make sure you have all the sources for this space, as I’ve had some requests for links. Continue on for everything in our primary bedroom, and please let me know if you’re curious about anything specific…

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below… they’re all are clickable!

intaglio art // picture light // stoneware tray // rustic planter // handle vase // ceiling fan // woven shade // linen drapery panels // marble coasters // rose arrangement // glass jar candle // burl frame // marble mini tray // wall mirror // sconce // leather bed // sheet set // matelasse // marble bowl // woven tray // lola james harper candle // vintage candleholders // demilune bedside table // bench // lumbar pillow // quilt set // wool carpet // animal print chair // diptyque candle // frame tv // tiny table lamp // door tassel // area rug // writing desk // upholstered chair // throw blanket

I thought you may also like to see the bedroom later in the day with the sconces switched on… it certainly takes on a charming and alluring glow.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com
Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.com
How do you keep your white bedding clean with dogs?

I regularly wash our bedding, spot treat as needed, but most importantly- keeping a quilt, coverlet, blanket, or matélasse layered at the foot of the bed as a designated spot for dogs has been key!

Why did you install the sconce in front of a switch plate?

We never use that switch. Our sconces are set up and linked to our smart home device, so we vocally turn the lights on and off. We wanted the best and most functional sconce placement, which happened to be over the switch- within reaching distance. Someday when we fully renovate, we’ll move that electrical box. It’s not in an ideal spot to begin with.

What kind of mattress do you have?

We have a Sleep Number and will never go back. It has been two years of improved sleep and I credit that to our mattress. For anyone curious, my number is 35 and Emmett sleeps at 75.

How large are the demilune bedside tables?

The demilune bedside table measures 32″ high x 38″ wide x 12″ deep- and they have an adjustable shelf inside. They’re a really great scale!

Tips for making a bed that also looks good?

Check out this blog post for my go-to formula for styling a bed.

Why a ceiling fan instead of a pretty light fixture?

Given this is our bedroom and sleep is very important to us, I had to choose function over form on this one. We sleep with our ceiling fan running and that is also the main light source on our ceiling. If you’re going to install a ceiling fan, I do recommend white so it easily blends with the ceiling. I saved a bunch of recommended favorites here!

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve been hosting a LOT this summer season and my parents are arriving this week. While I love having people in our home, it sure is nice to escape to our own space at the end of each day. I think a primary bedroom should feel like your own personal retreat, and we’re definitely getting there with each little change.

Timeless Tips for a Bedroom Refresh- Without Renovating - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this project! Please let me know if you have any questions… I’m also looking forward to hearing what you think. In other news, the website is at a crucial turning point and we’re nearing the end of maintenance and updates. Thanks for being so patient with me this summer while it has been under construction! If all goes as planned, I’ll be back to my regular schedule at the beginning of September. As always, I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for being here, friends!


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  1. Good morning! My gosh I’ve missed you so much! And what a lovely refresh to hold us over until your full blog return. Of course, everything is beautiful, but those demilune tables are divine! The scale, the shape, the hardware…the color! Tbh, gray probably would not usually be my first choice, but the shade is so soft and subtle. I’ll definitely always choose lots of closed storage when it’s an option. My second favorite upgrade is the sconces! I adore the size, adjustability and the finish. The Ballard site indicates antique brass, but they have almost a champagne look in your images. I love the little pointy cone & bobèche moment, similar to your Abington sconce. (Speaking of which, I just did a little tour of your Tuesday Made sconces. You’ve got so many I hadn’t seen yet! All the heart eyes!) Since I’m in the area, I might as well include my adoration for mirrors above a nightstand. The way it strengthens the symmetry really makes my linear-loving heart so happy! Naturally, your styling is impeccable! No matter how much I study your images (cough*a lot*), I just can’t match your genius. Sigh. I do echo all of your sentiments though. I absolutely agree that modest, thoughtful changes can make a huge difference in a space. My own bedroom refresh gave us a whole new appreciation for our little sanctuary. I’m also feeling an impending fall shift overall. We’ve certainly got a month of summer left, but I’m contemplating my autumn changes. It’s been over a hundred for far too long around here, so fingers crossed the rain falling right now brings a little relief. Your florals have me inspired to bring in some summer cheer though and enjoy this current moment. Thank you for sharing this wonderful update, helpful hints and incredible sources (all of the Ballard items are on super sale!). Many thanks for all of your hard work to keep this special place going! Enjoy the rest of summer! We’ll see you in a few weeks! XOXO💜

  2. So lovely, Sarah! All the details are just perfection. I’ve been so excited to see this refresh and you never disappoint!

  3. My heart jumped for joy when I saw that you’d have a special blog post for us- oh how I’ve missed you and the morning routine!! This little refresh turned out beautifully (as always!). The addition of the mirrors behind the bedside tables was pure genius- the light reflects throughout the room now, and has brightened the entire space- your paint color actually looks different, and I love it. The symmetry beside the bed is an entire moment for me- even the styling is symmetrical, while being different and fitting for each person’s uses. The florals bring such life, and I love the cohesive style- this is my reminder to buy faux florals from the shop when we get around to our own primary- live plants are killing me. Lol. The bedside tables themselves are stupendous! I adore the demilune shape, the hardware, closed storage and scale. Having a spare chair in the bedroom is a must for me, and your placement of the vintage chair, with the art moment above, is spot on. Perfect refresh Sarah! I may be on the hunt for new bedside tables myself- when the storm and winds hit yesterday we forgot our bedroom windows were open, and both of our nightstands took a beating- Jeff’s more so than mine. The oak is now bubbled in spots. 🫠 The books on my side took a beating as well, and I have a feeling today will be filled with trying to salvage whatever I can. Either way, I’m referring back to this post as I restyle and reset. This room turned out restful and light- just what a primary should be! I hope you have an amazing visit with your parents, and soak up this last bit of summer. Xoxo

  4. Good morning Sarah! Happy to see your post this morning. Your bedroom refresh is beautiful, inviting and cozy! I love your choices for nightstands and sconces. Your styling abilities are always amazing. You even made the charger look beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. Yay! So happy to see a post from you this morning, Sarah. Looking forward to the website being fully back up and running! Thank you for the care and attention you put into each post! It’s always a joy to read and a treat for the eyeballs. 😊

  6. WOW what a transformation! Love how bright and airy the new room feels.

  7. wenda scott says:

    so happy to see a post. I’ve missed them. as always, your room detailing is incredible. i cannot wait to see your entry.
    hope you are well. best regards, w. scott

  8. Glad to see you back! This is gorgeous! And many good tips.

  9. Sorry I’m a day late, catching up this morning! The bedroom looks gorgeous, love the demilunes from Ballard 😍 I so love symmetry in a bedroom, just stunning Sarah! Of course it’s styled to perfection and feels so airy and bright. You definitely nailed the summer vibe while keeping it classic and elegant. The sconces are so pretty too! Love everything. Hope you are having an amazing summer and enjoy your parents visit 🥂 They are going to be so amazed at all the beautiful changes and progress on the house ❤️ More importantly, so excited to see you 🥳 Have fun, enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks for this incredible bedroom inspiration, cheers xoxo

  10. Soooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new space!

  11. I looked at the wedding photo before reading the text and thought how lovely it was in such a natural unposed way. It’s very beautiful. The refresh did a lot for the finished feel of your room and I even thought you’d painted. The little chair and art work above it is my favorite moment.

  12. Hello! Can you share what curtain rod you used for the curtains over your french doors? We have a similar situation in our bedroom (but with a slider) and I’d love to upgrade our current window coverings to something more like yours!

  13. Dear god that drape rod is hideous. I really can’t believe you put it up. WHAT were you thinking???

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I’m guessing you didn’t read the part about this room being an unfinished work in progress? Regardless of the fact this drapery track will someday be covered with moulding, I’m appalled you think it’s appropriate to speak to another person in this manner. I’m all for constructive criticism, design questions, or brainstorming in a productive way, but being rude is uncalled for. Help yourself to someone else’s free content if that’s how you choose to engage. Kindness is my policy on this website.

  14. What is your wall/trim color? Beautiful bedroom! I’m inspired!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Georgene! It was actually this color when we moved in… but I color matched it to Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.