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Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comAfter having to remove everything from our bedroom closets for our carpet installation last week, Emmett & I decided it was the perfect opportunity to purge, donate, and really organize our bedroom closets. We have four bedrooms upstairs… our primary bedroom, and three guest spaces. I took the primary closet upon moving in, Emmett claimed the closet in the nearest bedroom, one guest closet has accumulated a lot of our adventure & travel gear (scuba items, luggage, sleeping bags, etc), and the fourth closet is completely empty for guests to use. While we have plenty of storage space, our goal certainly isn’t to fill every closet. We try to be very intentional about the items we purchase and bring into our home. Every once in awhile, it’s good to take inventory, make donations, and evaluate how we can better organize the things we use on a regular basis. As you probably guessed, that led me to look for a few new bins, baskets, and drawer organizers over the weekend. If you’re also in an organizational mood this month and are looking to tackle your closets, click through for some helpful closet organization tools I found on Amazon

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comUnlike our previous home, where we designed and added systems to every single closet in the house… we have yet to renovate or address any of the closets in our current home. Why? Mostly because they already had good systems in place when we moved in- and we have plenty of storage. We do have plans to rework the primary closet (so Emmett & I can share it), but that won’t happen until we tackle our primary bath in the future. In the meantime, I would definitely like to add organizers, potentially do a little painting, and freshen the existing closets- since we plan to keep them. Now that they have new carpet and are looking better, I’m feeling motivated to give them a quick organizational refresh. Would you be interested in seeing some future organization posts once my closet items arrive? Our biggest issue was shoe storage, so I already added some racks to Emmett’s closet…

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comI like when everything has a place and is also aesthetically pleasing. In our previous home, I designed everything to fit perfectly. This time around, it’s more about finding organizational tools that fit existing spaces, drawers, and cabinets. Luckily, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on custom closets or cabinetry to have beautifully organized storage…. you just have to take good measurements and find the right tools for the space.

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comI ended up saving a bunch of closet organization items, and after some careful measuring I ended up grabbing quite a few. I had an Amazon gift card from the holidays and I figured this would be a great, productive use for it. I’m definitely feeling the renewed January energy to get things in order at the beginning of the year. Anyone else? Here are the things I saved…

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below- everything is clickable…

I’m just waiting on them to arrive, so I can dive in and play the infuriating (yet satisfying) game of closet tetris! I’ll report back with what I found most helpful.

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comI’m also planning to record some quick closet tours, so you can see the before and what I’m working with. My hope is to have these finished by the end of the month, so they coincide with my guest room reveal. What January home goals are you working toward? I’ll say this… there is nothing more motivating than having house guests. Ha. Emmett’s sister and her family of five will be here at the beginning of February, and I’d love to have our guest spaces in better shape before then. We’ll see how it goes!

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - roomfortuesday.comAll of these photos of closets I’ve organized in the past have me itching to log off and spend a couple days purging, sorting, and assigning our things a designated spot. I’m not entirely sure where this newfound motivation came from, but I’m going to roll with it for as long as my mind & body will allow. Emmett has also been on the organization train alongside me- over the weekend he suggested we wash our sofa slipcover, all the bedding & blankets in our house, and organize the kitchen. It has been super productive over here, and I’m feeling lighter already. I’ve got a fun post lined up for you on Friday, so be sure to check back!

Of course you can always find my Amazon selections in my storefront. I update my curated lists weekly and I add 5-6 roundups per week… of whatever is on my radar or floating around my mind. I hope they continue to be helpful!

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  1. Good morning! One aspect of January that I love is the urge to declutter and organize. I enjoy my “stuff,” but sometimes the weight feels too much. Does that happen to you? I’m fairly ruthless about editing my wardrobe, but I was noticing recently that my jacket and scarf situation needs an overhaul. Speaking of winter wear, do you move clothes seasonally? I have friends who essentially pack away items twice a year. Thankfully, I have enough space to prevent that chore! I redid my dressing room eons ago, and that arrangement continues to work for me…mostly. I’m guilty of not putting away my outfit rejects immediately, so my problems are more user error than system flaws. Ha. Sometimes a mess IS an indicator that the organization needs an update though! Maybe I would put things away if it were easier?? Thoughts to ponder. Perhaps I’ll discover a genius solution when you reveal your closets! Heaven knows I don’t measure when considering storage… Isn’t having guests the ultimate motivator? Me to myself, “My closet’s a mess; I should have a party!” Lol. Sounds like you’ve got ample incentive coming your way! What’s better than sharing your home with friends and family? Especially when it’s freshly primped! Here’s to a January refresh! Happy Wednesday, Sarah!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! I totally agree- January brings this urge to declutter all the things, and I have to say- I really enjoy it. The same thing happens to me. I feel lighter after a good purge, deep clean, and just general organizing. It’s nice to take inventory of everything, know that things have a place, and then I feel they get more / proper use. If I can’t see something, I never use or wear it. I don’t pack my clothing away seasonally anymore (thanks to all these closets and space), but I definitely had to do that at our old house. Having guests really is the ultimate motivator. Emmett’s sister and her family haven’t visited since we moved from our previous house. The five of them crammed into our tiny guest bedroom at our old place, so I think this will be less stressful for everyone… having a bit more room, and beds for everyone (rather than the floor, ha). We’re excited to see them, take the kids out skiing, and eat all the good food. My brother-in-law is an incredible cook. I think I may have to break my AIP diet for egg rolls and pho. Ha. Uh oh! Hope you had a great Wednesday :)

  2. I will be taking notes on what ends up being useful! Like you, I have closet organization on the brain. Ours have zero systems and lately it’s making me crazy. The kids closets will get overhauled when we do their rooms this year, but I’m considering doing mine this month. The urge to purge is still going strong over here as well, and I’m taking inventory and noting organizational needs as I go. Nevermind the fact that the purge is giving a strong desire to demo my kitchen…LOL. I love some of your finds- notably the shelf separators. Those would work well in Jeff’s closet. We have two in our primary- a walk-in (mine), directly across from a standard (Jeff’s). I’m finding that the more time I spend decluttering is lending my mind to come up with creative solutions for a lot of pain points. I was able to purge and reorganize our Christmas items yesterday when I took down the tree, and that’s fueling the desire to keep going. I’ll definitely be checking out your Amazon page this week! Cheers to refreshed storage spaces for the year ahead!

    1. I’ll definitely share what works best once everything arrives. I miss the closets at our old house- totally custom and always so organized. The closets in our current house are a little chaotic, but they can be fixed with the right tools. I’m feeling motivated! I feel like our Scorpio energy is aligned and in full force, Lauren. Ha! I had to laugh about your desire to demo the kitchen. At 9:30 last night, I recruited Emmett to help me clear out an entire bedroom in the basement and reset it for our family (they arrive in a week) and he asked, “Where is this coming from?! It’s so late!” I don’t know. I was feeling it. Cheers to refreshing and refining this month! I’m feeling lighter and more organized already… it sounds like you are, too. Hope you had a great day! xo

  3. Good morning 😎
    Ah yes the quest of organization, definitely not my strong suit as I can be pack rat 😬 I find the best way for me to get rid of things is through a move. Haha! It’s been almost 4 years so I’m definitely due to for a closet cleanup. The closets in our home in Burlington are super tiny so it has kept my wardrobe kind of paired down. Nonetheless I should edit and organize this spring upon our return. In Florida both Andrew and I have walk-in closets and they are marvelous, so I have less motivation with ample space and primarily summer wardrobe. Shoe racks are my absolute favorite organizational tool and baskets for seasonal things such as hats, scarves, mittens. I totally agree you don’t have to spend a fortune on closet organizers as I few simple things can help keep the clutter at bay. I strongly admire your desire for organization, I am particularly bad when things are hidden behind closed doors. Usually when purses start falling on my head is my motivation for a closet overhaul 😂 Well a new year is a wonderful time to get the organization engines moving and a few new tools to make the task easier. Yay!
    It’s a sunny day here Sarah and I hope you see some sunshine too! Have a beautiful Wednesday friend ❤️

    1. Hi Colleen! When we moved our entire upstairs for the carpet install, I think that’s what lit the organization fire beneath me. I realized, whoa- we have a lot of stuff and it’s pretty disorganized. Surprisingly, my wardrobe is pretty minimal, but the home things and decor has gotten a little out of hand. I need to list some things for sale or something… and just organize in general. I’m envious of your big walk-in closets in your Florida home. I feel bad that I took the big closet and left Emmett with the small one in the guest room, but he’s a good sport about it. I’m with you- I like to see the things I use or need, otherwise I totally forget about them. I had a good laugh about your falling purses! We had more snow today, but the sun came out for a bit, which was wonderful! I’m itching for a scuba trip and am envious you’re in the salt air and sunshine. We are headed to Jackson Hole this weekend though, so that will be wintery fun! Hope you’re having a good week :)

  4. I’m in the middle of organizing some closets and would love to see how all of these products work out for you. What a great post! I always love how thoughtful your posts are. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Tara! I’ll be sure to share on IG once all of my Amazon organizers arrive. I’m looking forward to getting things in order! Hopefully they work well. I hope you’re having a great week!

  5. I love hearing that you have the energy and drive to organize and tackle areas of your home. Good to see you feeling better. Organization posts are always a favorite! I miss our old IKEA closet with all the drawers and hanging. Everything had a place. We use other closets in our house as well to store bulky coats, pillows & luggage. I was just on Amazon to purchase a set of shelving dividers for my husband because his stacks of shirts keep falling off the top shelf (Ha)! I also found some acrylic hangers for bags that I want to try. Just wish they weren’t as pricey. If there is a baseball cap storage solution that anyone has tried, I would love love love to hear it. My husband has a lot that he wears every day and they end up all over the coat tree by the front door or falling down in the coat closet.
    By the way, your dog food bins were a great inspiration for me to use for ours. Would love to see what works in your closets Sarah. Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Thanks, Danna! My doctors have me on some new meds and I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve got more testing this month, but I’m definitely feeling more hopeful! I’ve been enjoying getting our house in order, as I look forward to our family visiting in a week or so. I miss our super organized custom closets at our old house, too. I actually had the same question about the baseball cap organizer (because I actually wear them often and have quite a few), and one of my friends recommended this one: … She said she uses it for her husband’s hats and it works well. I may order it and give it a try- it has awesome reviews and takes up no space at all. I love hearing that about the dog bins. I’ll be sure to share once my organizers arrive. I hope you had a great day today! xox

      1. Sarah thanks for the link. I am ordering one.

      2. Hey, could you put the hat holder in your Amazon page and I’ll purchase under you?

        1. Definitely! You can either use my Amazon page (adding it now), or this link. Thank you so much for asking, Danna!

  6. Hi there! This is so funny, I had literally been thinking about your old house, specifically the closets and the fabulous hallway, but couldn’t find how to access those posts on your blog. There used to be links to your different house resources/posts. What is the best way to find those posts now?

    Thank you!!