How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comEvery single window in our home had plantation shutters when we moved in (here’s the before tour, if you’re interested). We currently only have a few left to replace, but it has made a big difference in both the aesthetic, as well as the amount of natural light that floods into our house. We probably should’ve swapped the window treatments in our primary bedroom long before this week, but I’m happy we finally made time for it. I opted for casual, linen drapery panels in this room and figured a tutorial may be helpful (based on how many curtain questions I always receive)! Click through to see how we installed the drapery, some tricks of the trade, and of course to see the finished result…

This is what the window wall looked like before…

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comThis is how it looks today, pictured below. You can catch the entire “textile makeover” in our primary bedroom in this post. It feels so much softer and brighter since swapping the window treatments.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comHere is everything we used for the window treatment installation…


How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comStep 1 // Set up the laser level. Having a laser level isn’t necessary, but it makes the process a lot easier. We use our level for almost every home improvement or DIY project- it’s a good investment!

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comWe set the laser up and and determined that our ceiling is pretty level. It made for quick work when it came to the adjustment and installation part of the process.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comI wanted to use stonewashed linen panels in this space for a casual and relaxed look. Linen is naturally a little wrinkly, so that doesn’t bother me if you’re going for “casual” or “comfortable”. It’s more of a laid back aesthetic. I landed on these panels from Annie Selke, pictured above, and I’ll link a bunch more below…

Step 2 // Clip your rings to the curtain panels. Do you see those three little white lines / threads in between the pole tabs? Those are what you’re actually supposed to clip the curtain ring to (for a more tailored look), but I clipped them to the top of the tab this time… because they seemed to hang nicer, and I needed a tiny bit more length.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comYou can really clip them to whatever part of the curtain you prefer! I also like to match my curtain rings and clips to my rod or window treatment hardware for a cohesive look. I went with white in our bedroom, in an effort to create a cohesive look with the millwork.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comStep 3 // Figure out your rod height and install. If you’re trying to avoid sewing, set up your panels on the rod and figure out the placement prior to installing the rod! Your curtains should hover 1/2″ (or less) above the floor- this will allow natural materials to stretch and settle as they hang. I never measure, but if I slide my fingers or hand under the bottom of the panel, the curtain should barely brush the top of my hand (but not rest upon it). In the below image, Emmett is holding it a little too high, so we lowered the rod.

Once you have the rod in the correct position and aligned with the laser level- install it. In this case, we combined two rods into one… to make an extra long rod that spanned the length of our bedroom wall.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comStep 4 // Adjust the panels and rings. Once your rod is up, you can add all of the panels and make any needed adjustments. I usually get on a ladder and re-clip a few rings so that the top of the panels are perfectly level. Then, I’ll move one or two rings on the outside of the bracket, so it looks like they go all the way to the wall. Hopefully the below image helps to show that- which may be easier than explaining that part. I also make sure all of the folds or pleats are in order, and are consistent in size.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comStep 5 // Allow your curtains to relax. Curtains never look their best immediately after hanging. Allow them to rest and settle for a few days. The wrinkles should fall out, they’ll lengthen a tiny bit, and they’ll look more natural.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comYou can also “train them” to fall in the direction you want. If I have a pleat or fold that isn’t behaving, I’ll spray it with fabric spray, then use a clothespin or hair clip to hold it in place for a day or two. You can also try steaming them for a tailored look, depending on your fabric!

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comI’m really pleased with how these turned out, and it only took us an hour to install them. I’m actually wondering why we didn’t do this sooner. Do you have any of those projects that has been on the to-do list forever?

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comWhile these window treatments were budget-friendly and readymade, you can also read about custom window treatments in this post. I’m a fan of mixing and matching both throughout our home for different looks depending on the room they live in.

How to Install Casual Linen Drapery Panels - roomfortuesday.comDo you have any window treatment or drapery questions?! Leave them for me in the comment section below! I hope this was helpful. These were really easy, but made a big impact. What is everyone up to this weekend? We’re hoping to work one day and ski one day- which sounds like the perfect balance to me. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Definitely an improvement! Isn’t it funny how we relegate the simple projects to the bottom of the list? My logical side says we should use a two-factor system for prioritizing; tasks with the most favorable time:impact ratio get completed first. Alas, my impulsive side gets distracted and dives into the messy complicated projects. But, back to drapery.🤣 I see that those are lovely 100% linen and cotton. Would you want to wash them first to account for shrinkage before you hang the rod? Maybe the manufacturer includes recommendations? Also, that laser level pole seems like a game-changer! I’m imagining how much help it might provide the next time you tackle panel moulding. (Now I’m trying to remember if there’s any in your office design…)
    Anyway. Happy Pizza Friday!! Have an amazing weekend!🍕🍷

    1. Most definitely! The tiny, annoying projects always end up at the bottom of our list, then when we finally tackle them- we always wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. I love your two-factor system idea for prioritizing. I need that! Ha! Awesome question about shrinking. Many of them come pre-shrunk, but it’s always best to wash them first… just in case. That way when it comes time to hang the rod, there is zero room for error. I always wash them on gentle / hand wash cold, then I let them tumble dry on low or air only- or sometimes I’ll air dry. Emmett actually just bought the laser level pole for the office renovation. He knew we’d be replacing all of the millwork and installing those built-ins and thought it would come in handy. It was fun to take it for a spin and see how it worked with the drapery first. Hope your weekend was amazing!! xo

  2. Beautiful & approachable, as always. Do you have a picture with the drapes closed all the way? My living room has a big wall of windows and I feel like maybe I don’t have enough curtains hung? Just looks off when I close up at night. Thank you!!

  3. I’ll always prefer drapes over shutters, but shutters over the blinds meant to look like shutters. I feel you may have landed in another hot topic with the choice of clip rings when you had other options. I’ll be interested to see how that plays out in the comments. How are the blinds working out? Are they light filtering or blackout, privacy or can you still see straight through them? I have windows on the brain after finally getting to measure for window treatments in the the new house this week.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Me too, Paige! The roman shades are working out well for us- they’re not privacy lined, but they do help with the light. We don’t have neighbors on that side of our home, so privacy isn’t a big issue for us over there. So exciting that you’re measuring for window treatments this week :) Perfect timing! Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  4. Happy Pizza Friday! The panels look gorgeous, and I love that you used ring clips! This is a new to me concept in the way of hanging curtains and I quite love it. I can’t stand the look of rod pocket panels-it kind of reminds me of elastic waist pants. They’re comfortable, easy and convenient, but you can always tell they’re elastic waist- am I right?! Lol. I discovered back tab curtain panels after moving into this house, and that changed my opinion on curtains. Before that discovery I was anti-curtain completely. However ring clips are a game changer! I think ring clips will be my jam when I get around to swapping out window treatments. We’re dealing with a butt load of 90’s metal blinds up in here and it’s driving me a bit crazy lately.
    Question about hanging the panels- what’s the trick to not seeing the transition from one panel to the next? On almost every window I’ll have to use more than one panel per side. The curtains in Aaron’s room drive me nuts-no matter how I hang them I can definitely see where one panel ends and the other starts. 😣😣 My OCD can’t hang. Lol-pun intended.
    The panels you chose are gorgeous! I’ll be looking for something along these same lines for the sliding door in our bedroom. Since the textile swap, our current set is offering too harsh a vibe. Funny how small changes can snowball real quick! Speaking of-I’ve got one piece of artwork that needs hanging, and I’ve been putting it off. It’s hilarious that our brains push off these little tasks so easily. Hopefully I’ll tackle it today! I’m still enjoying our textile switch and it’s giving me all the ideas for our bedroom now! I just wish I could get the right paint nailed down….alas that is proving itself a chore. Have a great day Sarah! Here’s to hoping you get your ski day! We’re having a beach day tomorrow ourselves- it should be a glorious weekend!

    1. Elastic waist pants. Snort.

      1. 😂🤣 How is your Saturday morning Peggi?

    2. LOL with elastic waist paints. Never thought of it that way. Now I’ll never be able to see it differently. Ha!

    3. Hope you had an amazing weekend, Lauren! Thanks so much for your kind words about my little window treatment update. I’m with you on the rod pocket- it’s not my favorite (elastic pants, LOL!!!). My least favorite way to hang a curtain is by a grommet. I’m not into curtains with grommets (pet peeve). Haha! Test out the rings and let me know what you think! For the transition on windows with multiple panels, you have a couple choices: sew or fuse them together into one big panel OR clip or train them so the sides fold toward your wall. They’ll look more seamless and you won’t even be able to notice. I usually opt for number two because it’s fast and easy. Hah! Thanks for the laughs this morning- I also loved your pun. I can definitely relate to small changes snowballing… look at my formal living room. Chairs turned into a full blown makeover. It happens to us all! I was able to ski over the weekend, and it was so nice to get outside. I hope you had an incredible time at the beach with your fam! That sounds glorious. xox

  5. How do the curtains handle daily opening and closing? Worried the clips might not be secure enough. Thanks

    1. They’re great! The rings allow them to slide open easily.

  6. What about drapes when you have pets and kids I. E. Pet hair and dirt! I’m afraid the drapes would just become a brim of sorts! Ha.

    1. We have two dogs, and I’ve never had an issue with it. I’m all about designing our home the way we want that functions for our family. I also clean regularly.

  7. Do window treatments on the inside of the house all have to be uniform from the outside ? Can I use bamboo in my living room and dining room but fabric Roman shades in my family room ? We have large windows so I’m not sure how to present that outside.

    1. Great question, Jessie! I think it’s really a matter of personal preference. I would say no, and mine certainly don’t match perfectly- but if I’m using a liner on drapery or window treatments, I do try to make sure those are consistent in color. Hope that’s helpful :)

  8. Pam Tanner says:

    I love the softness drapes add to a window and the ease of using rings when pulling drapes open and shut every day! These add so much to your bedroom!
    One question I have is about the rattan blinds in your windows. I need to replace the dingy honeycomb blinds in our front door but have no idea where to look for reasonable rattan blinds that will fit my two narrow windows on either side of the door. Could you please tell me where to look, Sarah? (each window is 12 in wide X 50 in. long)

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! For your narrow windows, you’ll probably have to order custom. I’d try searching at We’ve used them in the past and have had great luck with the options, swatches, and they fit the budget. I’d recommend searching through their woven wood roman shades.

      1. Pam Tanner says:

        Awesome!! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

  9. Linen curtains are so pretty in your bedroom. I really like the color and using clips with rod. I was curious about why you didn’t use the thread area for the clips? Also, do you ever find that the bottom of the curtain isn’t weighted enough to allow a prettier drape? If not, what did you use? I just bought some curtain weights but haven’t received yet so curious on your opinion.
    The white rod and clips is a fresh idea other than black, gold or silver. I like it! Hope you had a great day of skiing.

    1. Thank you, Danna! I clipped to the tab because I needed a little extra length and they were hanging better. It really depends on the situation though- most times I’ll use the threads! If these stretch, that will also allow me to move the clips down to the top thread. Great question about the curtain weights! They can certainly help them hang nicely. I’ve used them before, but didn’t on these. I think linen naturally looks relaxed, so if they’re not hanging 100% perfectly- I’m fine with it. If it were a different material and I couldn’t get them trained, that is when I’d opt for weights! I ended up adding weights to the shower curtain in our guest bathroom for that reason. I thought the white drapery hardware would be nice in this space :) thank you! Skiing was fantastic and it was great to get outside, take in the views, and get some fresh air. I hope your week is off to a great start! xo

  10. I just bought some linen drapery panels to try a drapery wall.
    Can you tell me what drapery rod you were able to find that spanned the entire width of your wall? How long was it? what if i need to span like 17 ft – suggestions?
    Not sure how i stumbled upon your website the other day but Im so thrilled i did!
    im reading everything on bathrooms since im about to gut an existing master bedroom bath & do some smaller updates in the master bedroom like drapery, linens & changing furniture placement. Because of your post on the delta cassidy faucets in one of your bathrooms im thinking of doing everything in that family too. I do love that family of faucets since i used the one piece cassidy sink faucets in my kitchen renovation 2 yrs ago.
    Love you’re ideas & how it all comes together!

    1. It’s the same rod that is linked in this post… we just put two together! It should work for you- just screw them together (you’ll end up with one extra piece), and make sure you install a center bracket so it doesn’t sag! I’m so happy to hear that my website has been helpful for you, Channa :) Thank you so much!

  11. Mary rigney says:

    Hi Sarah, question for you, the sales person is trying to talk me out of linen drapery. She says they will wrinkle bad and you will not be happy. Could I get your opinion please.