Roundup: Demilune Tables

Roundup: Demilune Tables - roomfortuesday.comHave you been noticing more curved shapes and soft edges in design lately? I certainly have. I love the curvy feminine shapes that have been popping up in beautiful interior spaces, and it prompted me to roundup one of my favorite, versatile curved furniture pieces: the demilune table. Demilune is a half-moon shaped table. With no hard edges or corners and a shallow profile, this type of accent table works well in so many tight spaces: bedrooms, hallways, entryways, etc. I currently own two demilune tables, but am looking to add another to my collection, since I borrowed our hall demilune for the guest bedroom renovation, pictured above. Click through for a roundup of my favorites!

Roundup: Demilune Tables - roomfortuesday.comDemilune tables are surprisingly difficult to source. They’re not quite as popular as your average side or console table. You may even have better luck sourcing vintage demilunes because there aren’t many new options available on mainstream sites from your typical interior retailers. The demilune pictured above, in our formal living room, has since sold out- but I love the shape so much! They’re really convenient tables and are so easy to style.

Roundup: Demilune Tables - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the demilunes to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: marble top demilune // 02: black demilune // 03: antique white demilune // 04: blue demilune // 05: long demilune // 06: metal demilune // 07: rope demilune // 08: demilune with drawer // 09: smoked glass demilune // 10: cherry demilune

I am really set on option #1 in the roundup, but they’re all so pretty! Do you have a favorite? I’m thinking I’ll grab number one (I’m treating myself to that beautiful table!) with the intention of putting it in the hall until my office is ready to style- then it may move downstairs.

Roundup: Demilune Tables - roomfortuesday.comDemilunes really are the easiest way to fill negative space, add interest, or anchor a large piece of art without taking up much space in the floor plan. I’m really a big fan of these feminine tables!

Roundup: Demilune Tables - roomfortuesday.comDo you have a demilune in your home? What type of accent tables do you gravitate toward? I honestly think this shape and style is probably my favorite in the table category. Are they as functional as a side table or coffee table? No, but they sure do look beautiful!

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  1. So pretty! When I saw this table in your guest room reveal, I thought “What a handy little table!” I’ve always loved the vignette featuring one in your living room. All of the examples you found are beautiful, but I think #1 is my favorite too! The leaf detail on the legs is so unique! I feel like the second shelf on #9 would make it extra-handy. And something about #4 reminds me of a little tuxedo; so cute. I might just go search for vintage demilunes for some fun before work. (Does anyone hear the Keno brothers when you say demilune table? 😃)
    Happy Wednesday!💜
    PS So many comments yesterday!? You really struck a chord!

    1. They really are such handy tables! One of the easiest to style, in my opinion… probably because they fit anywhere. I’m splurging for #1, but I’ve been eyeing it for months! I also really like number 9. I’d love to snag a vintage one! So funny because I could definitely hear the Keno brothers saying demilune, now that you mention it. Lol! Ahhh, yes- LOTS of opinions on my arch dilemma… I need to catch up and respond to comments to all of those today :) Happy Wednesday!! xo

  2. Melanie T says:

    The demilune table was on a list of the “top 10 classic furniture pieces to own” (or something along that line) design article that I saw a few years ago. I have been on the lookout ever since and I agree they are hard to find. I love the darker version of 4 which looks very elegant and the last one in a dark wood has a nice inlay on top.

    1. I’m not surprised by that at all, Melanie! They are classical, versatile tables :) I’m not sure why they’re so difficult to source, but I’d love to grab a vintage one eventually. I also really liked #4.

  3. My mom rescued one of these from outside a dumpster once. For so long, we thought it was a table that someone cut in half for some reason, ha! I also have one from Ikea, although I didn’t know it had an actual name!

    1. Kudos to your mom!! That is incredible. What a find! I didn’t even think to check Ikea. Good to know, Lexie :)

  4. Girl this post could not have come at a better time. I am currently obsessed with these tables; thank you for doing the legwork to find beautiful options! I have two spots in this house that are in need of some femininity and charm, and these will do the trick nicely!

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. I LOVE a demilune. These are definitely feminine and charming… I was serious when I said they’re my favorite table type. I think they’re very timeless and they always seem to fit where I need them. Happy Wednesday, Carly :) xox

  5. #1!!! Why is it that my favorites always come with a hefty price tag?! Jeff likes to rob me about it and frequently suggests that I “sort by highest price”. Haha! I guess I can’t help it I have posh taste, right?! Lol. I love the look of these, and firmly feel like the hard lines in our expansive formal sitting room would be softened by one of these, sitting in front of the window bank. Not sure if that’s a good placement, but a typical console table would just make the room look…chunky. Beautiful roundup Sarah! I’ve always loved your vignettes featuring the ones you own, and someday I’ll find the perfect one to grace our home!

    1. Right?! I know, I know! I promise Emmett the same thing- I swear I didn’t sort by price… I just have some internal beacon that points me toward the highest priced item. Lol! My demilune in the guest room is actually #3 (I just painted it black), so since I took the budget route for that one a few years ago, I’m treating myself and splurging on the one I can’t get out of my head (#1). These tables really do work well to soften a space and create interesting vignettes in tight areas. I still want to find a vintage one… someday the right one will appear :) Happy Wednesday, Lauren! xox

  6. I love these! I bought a dark wood one a decade ago from a discount warehouse for $75. I still love it but am getting ready to paint it. So versatile and a great shape for our small entryway.

  7. I love Demi lune tables! You’ve rounded up some beautiful ones.

    I bought one for our entry hall when we bought our house 15 years ago. It sits opposite the front door, but needs to be shallow because it’s also the main passage from our kitchen to the hallway. I found it at a store called Bombay, I think, and had to assemble it (I love assembling furniture- weird, I know). It has a small drawer and a large storage area with a door. It also has shelves on the sides. It really is perfect for the space. If we ever sell the house, I’ll ask if the buyers want to keep it. The wall behind it is that 70’s style “antiqued”, gold-veined glass from floor to ceiling. I kind of hate it but always style things there that I like seeing double. Two bouquets of flowers, two candles, etc. It has grown on me.