Noteworthy : Spring Cleaning and Home Updates - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! We made it to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. The weather has been very spring-like around here lately, which has definitely put me in a cleaning mood. My plan for today is to spend half of the day working on my computer, and half of the day deep cleaning our house (click here for my checklist). All of the marble tile cuts from the basement bathroom have everything covered under a thin layer of dust. Bringing the tile saw inside probably wasn’t our best idea. Ha! Lesson learned. I swapped our bedding for spring yesterday (pictured above)… I think I’m just yearning for a fresh house thanks to this awesome weather. I figured since I’m calling it a short day to clean this afternoon, a Noteworthy post would be fun to talk lots of topics on the blog today. Click through for renovation updates, when to expect allll the reveal posts, life happenings, inspiring articles, recent purchases, and more!

Let’s talk reveals and renovation updates first…

  • The Basement Bath Renovation // The shower glass is getting installed TODAY (doing a happy dance over here). As soon as it’s in, I can style the space, hang art, and photograph. All of that to say- the reveal should be happening within a week or two. I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s looking so good.
  • The Powder Bath Makeover // I’m not going to lie, the powder bath is at a stand still… mostly due to my lack of motivation (to be fair- it has been very busy over here). I need to finish wallpapering, so I can apply the sticky floor tile (that matches our laundry room). Once those two things are finished, I can hang the mirror & art, shoot the space, and share it! My goal is to have it on the blog by the end of March or early April, at the latest.
  • Emmett’s Office Renovation // I’m spending the morning editing photos and will have that reveal on the blog this Monday! It’s an enormous office building, so I might need to break it up into two posts. Once I start writing, I’ll see how long it gets. Show up on Monday ready for a fun reveal post (and a peek into Emmett’s workday… yes- he has a “real” job, outside of working on our house).

As for our next renovation project? I can’t really say for certain because the house usually “tells” us what comes next (thanks to plumbing or other issues), but I will say- I started designing the built-ins for my home office and have never been more excited. At our previous home, my office was the very last room we completed. I only got to enjoy it for a couple months before it was time to move. Emmett promised me my office could get bumped up on the roster in our current home. I spend SO many hours in here sitting at my computer each day- I would really love a space that makes me happy. The flooring is finished, but there are soooo many other things that need attention. Lighting for starters… my office has zero lights. That means when it gets dark outside, it feels like a cave in here. I added three table lamps, but it’s not ideal for working. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers it’s our next big house project, but who knows!

Noteworthy : Spring Cleaning and Home Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis article made me miss our old breakfast nook! Speaking of breakfast nooks… have you been following Amber’s renovation? Her breakfast nook (even in progress) is what my wicker dreams are made of. Her entire house is going to be STUNNING once it’s all styled. I can’t wait to see how it shapes up.

Ever wonder what happened to HomePolish? I didn’t seem to realize they fell off the face of the Earth until a friend sent me this article. So crazy!!

Next up- my recent purchases…

  • This bench // For our master bedroom, pictured in the intro. I had a Serena & Lily gift card that I wasn’t about to let burn a hole in my wallet. Haha!
  • This single cup blender // I’ve been on a smoothie and shake kick lately. I make one everyday for breakfast. It’s super quick and easy!
  • New sneakers // I basically live in sneakers. I work from home and now that the snow is melting, this is my go-to everyday shoe for spring.
  • White ginger jar // This was a total impulse buy. I wanted something sculptural and feminine for my enamel desk upstairs. I’ll have to snap a photo soon- it’s so cute styled in real life!
  • Nero marble soap pump // You’ll see this in photos on Monday… I ordered this HEAVY marble soap pump for Emmett’s office- it lives in the fancy reception bathroom.

I surprised Emmett with a birthday trip later this month (he’s turning 30 guys!!), so I wanted to go all out and spend a weekend away. We’re headed to The Ramble Hotel in Denver (pictured below). It’s in the River North district, so if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears! I’m thinking good food & drinks, art, shopping, maybe some travel tats, who knows what we’ll end up doing. We also have a camping trip on the books this month… any guesses who we’re camping with? Hint: our dogs will happy in the desert. Knowing we’re wrapping up the basement bath next week, we wanted to plan some fun things and take a nice little break before diving into our next project.

Noteworthy : Spring Cleaning and Home Updates -
via the ramble hotel

Speaking of travel, I really want to do more of that this year. After our European getaway for my birthday last fall, Emmett and I have the travel bug once again. According to Arch Digest, these are the top 20 places to travel in 2020. Have you been to any on the list? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?!

My friend Cathy’s pantry is coming along so nicely! Have you been following along? We were fabricating marble at the same time, messaging each other back and forth… it’s fun to have design friends who “get it” and are going through the same process. Cheers to Garrett & Cathy as they put the finishing touches on that gorgeous room. I so wish we could visit and celebrate with a beer! Someday.

We haven’t watched much TV lately, but we’ve been on a docu-series kick. Our favorite so far? McMillions! It is absolutely fascinating and entertaining. Emmett and I both agree, we want to be friends or have a drink with FBI agent, Doug Matthews. That guy is hilarious!

Alright, I need to get motivated to finish work for the day, so I can clean (and maybe finish wallpapering the powder bath, if I’m feeling ambitious). Let’s do this! Hope you all have an awesome weekend. I’m crossing my fingers for more spring weather. Please check back on Monday to see Emmett’s office reveal. It has been ages since I’ve tackled a commercial project, so this was pretty fun. Ok, bye! xo

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  1. Happy Friday! We’ve been enjoying some 60 degree days too; I’m ready. Isn’t it funny how spring always has me wanting new sneakers? I love the ones you chose, but they also have some in snakeprint! I’m anxious to see Emmett’s office; the sneak peeks look wonderful. I still have difficulty remembering that hard-working guy has another full time job! Speaking of offices, I’m crossing my fingers that yours is next up on the project list! Oh travel. My bff and I are headed to Joshua Tree for Spring Break; we are psyched. We regularly dream of international trips, but we haven’t done it yet. That AD list was extensive! I love that Maine made the list; my home state is truly magical. France, Italy, Morocco and someplace tropical are on our short list of destinations. The Ramble Hotel looks beautiful; hopefully you’ll share some highlights! Here’s to a productive Friday and a fun-packed weekend!💖

    1. Happy Friday! I’m ready to. How did I miss the snakeskin sneakers? Ugh. Joshua Tree is amazing!! That’s going to be the best Spring Break. I’m excited for you. I have yet to visit Maine and it’s high on my list. The photos look absolutely breathtaking. I’ll definitely share a post about The Ramble and our trip to Denver. We also need to talk about your DIY pleated lampshade. IT’S AMAZING!! Made my morning seeing that. Have a fun weekend :) xo

  2. So much goodness shared! Can’t wait to see the basement bathroom, powder bath & Emmett’s office renovation but also understand when you have “hit a wall”!
    Amber’s house has been so fun to watch on instagram. Loved watching it come together.
    You need to check out Red Rock Amphitheater to see if there’s a concert while you are in Denver. It is an outdoor venue. Amazing view and the sound quality is so good! Downtown Denver has so many fun shops. Theres a trolley system you can ride too. We have plans to go to Miami late April. I’m tagging along on my husbands conference trip. I love to travel and have even thought it would be great to be a travel agent so I have an excuse to see more. Ha!
    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and hope its beautiful weather…nothing like the sun and warmth to uplift & inspire you.

    1. Thanks, Danna! Yesss- Red Rocks is amazing. We have yet to attend a concert there, but it’s on our list. I don’t think we’ll be able to catch one while we’re there for Emmett’s birthday because it’s still early in the season, but maybe we can venture back later in the summer. I also love traveling and will jump at any opportunity to do so. That’s where I find a lot of my creative inspiration! Hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with lots of sunshine :) xo

  3. Happy Friday! So much goodness packed in one post! First off, super excited and anxious for all the reveals, because let’s face it, they’ll be stunning as always! Spring is hitting pretty hard-vote here in California, and I’m here for it! Like you, I have spring cleaning on the brain…yard-work style! Needless to say I’ve been searching the blog for Emmett’s yard and landscaping tips, because that’s our next project! I’m also still knuckles deep in our master bath refresh but it’s coming along…slowly, thanks to two kids, pta, running bible study….lol. I’ll get there! Travel!!!! I love when you share your travels because I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like, but on the list for this year is camping beachside in Malibu (I’ve lived in California my whole life and have never been there!). Denver sounds dreamy and is one of the places I’d love to go, but also on the list is the Grand Canyon! I just want to ride a donkey and take in one of God’s masterpieces! Simple I know, but can you blame me?? Cheers to Friday friend! Let’s do this weekend thing!

    1. That was *hard core*. Darn spell check doesn’t understand my lingo, haha!

      1. Haha!! My auto correct is always messing up my texts. I totally get it.

    2. Thanks, Lauren! I really appreciate that. I wish it were warm enough for yard work here, but we still have patches of snow. That sounds like so much fun! You will get there… give yourself some grace and enjoy the process. Beachside camping in Malibu sounds like a dream come true! I need to add that to my list. Denver is always fun. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking- even better than all of the photos. It’s SO vast. I fully support your donkey adventure to take in the gorgeous scenery :) Cheers to Friday! Have an awesome weekend. xo

  4. Always love your noteworthy posts, Sarah! Excited to hear more about your adventures this month and we’re definitely going to take you up on that beer! xoxo

    1. Thanks Cathy!! We need to plan a trip to Seattle to see that gorgeous place of yours :) Maybe we’ll rent out one of your airbnbs someday! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  5. Born and raised in Denver! The Ramble is incredible and bonus points because Death and Co. and Super Mega Bien (Latin-inspired dim sum) are in the same building! A few of our favorite spots in RiNo are Safta, Cart Driver, Hop Alley, Stowaway Kitchen, Ratio or Our Mutual Friend, and the Block Distilling Co. You’ll probably love the Modern Nomad Home for some shopping. Hope you get to venture outside of RiNo, there’s so much to see and do! Union Station is a great place to start (grab a drink at Cooper Lounge, and dinner at Ultreia). I never comment but am such a fan of your work!

    1. DAY MADE!! Thank you so much for the recs and your kind words, Sarah :) So so helpful… can’t wait to try everything in your home city! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. xo

  6. Sarah, this is so funny — I clicked on the AD Top 20 list for 2020 . . .and there right up top was
    Lille — where my husband moved in January to start a new job! We have rented a couple of apartments for a month each and have been going back on forth on our respective “weekends” (he works in the restaurant business, so his weekends are Sunday/Monday).

    I sure did not expect to see that when I opened that link!

    So glad for your trip for Emmitt’s birthday and your camping trip. And can’t wait to see your reveals!i hope you have been taking care of your health!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. No way!! That’s amazing, Kim! I’d love to plan a trip sometime. We’re excited to take a break and make memories during our upcoming travels. I’m feeling so much better! Thanks so much for thinking of me. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend :) xo