Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comHaving lived in very small homes throughout our entire marriage, Emmett and I dreamt of all the possibilities our current home would provide just before moving in. It may sound silly, but one thing I was really looking forward to was having enough space at the end of the bed for a bench or a pair of ottomans. I love the finished and tailored look it adds to a bedroom. Here we are… a year and a half after moving in, and I have a bench at the foot of every single bed in our house. Haha! I really took that dream to heart, I guess. I’ve had fun shifting things around, styling our bedrooms, and enjoying the added functionality. Click through to check out two giant roundups of my favorite benches & ottomans, and take a peek into one of our guest rooms you haven’t seen in awhile. 


Let’s start with ottomans. I love the look of two ottomans nestled together at the foot of a bed. The below image is the guest room at our very first home.

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comI know these BIG roundups can get long and scrolley (yes- I made that word up), so I made things easy for you! To be directed to the source or to shop my finds, simply click on each ottoman below and a new window will open. No scrolling to the bottom, then back up again.  Easy peasy!

Which ones are your favorites? If I had to choose- I’d say #1, #2, #11, and #15 are my top contenders! I tried to find a good mix of varying styles and price.

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comI scored those velvet ottomans, pictured above, at an estate sale and still regret not bringing them with us across the country when we moved to Utah. I never should’ve sold those beauties!


Ready to talk benches? Obviously I already shared the scoop on my new bench that arrived earlier this month (in this blog post). It’s amazing how it pulled together our master bedroom and made me love this space a little more.

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comTo be directed to the source or to shop my finds, just click on each bench pictured in the collage below.

I’m all ears to hear your favorites from this one! #1 is surprisingly affordable and I really like the modern shape. My other top choices include: #2, #9, #10, #15, and #16.

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comI scored the above bench on Facebook Marketplace four or five months ago. The brass clawfoot casters is what sucked me in on this piece! It’s currently living at the foot of one of our guest beds. This is the bedroom we were supposed to tackle last year, but it kept getting put on the back burner. It will definitely make the renovation list this year. Stay tuned!

Below, you’ll see another guest room… we actually have quite a few guest bedrooms, four total (well technically five, but our workout equipment resides in one and we use it as a home gym). Anyway, if you like getting thrifty (like me), and you missed my tutorial on how to upholster a bench, it’s a must-save! I reupholstered the bench below and it looks a thousand times better.

Roundup : Ottomans & Benches for the End of Your Bed - roomfortuesday.comDo you have anything at the foot of your bed? Are you team bench or team ottoman? Does your bedroom have enough space to add a piece of furniture to the foot or your bed to ground the vignette? I feel like we’re living in luxury over here with all of this space. We’re definitely not used to it quite yet.

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  1. I’m weeping tears of joy over here at all the loveliness! A master roomy enough for a bench is still a dream for me. I definitely love the look, although I don’t know how I would decide between ottomans or a bench! In very high end designs I’ve been noticing settees or love seats at the end of beds; talk about luxury! You found so many amazing pieces! I feel very drawn to the unusual ones. #3, 8, 10 and 13 from the ottoman selection could live in my house. Of the benches, I love #1, 8, and 10, but #14 really has me mesmerized! I’m very intrigued by #5, too. I would love to see it in person! I can’t believe you scored that bench from FBMP! Amazing! You really are making your end-of-bed bench dreams come true!🤣 Thanks (again!) for a beautiful, inspirational morning. Has there ever been a more TGIF Friday?💖

    1. Thanks Peggi!! I’ve also noticed lots of settees and love seats and the end of the bed lately. I wish we had room for that, but our bedrooms aren’t quite that large. Haha! I love all of your choices (per usual). Enjoy your time at home :) xo

  2. Melanie T says:

    These are some great looking ottomans! I’ve had the itch to make a DIY French mattress cover for a seat cushion on a bamboo/rattan chair I have. If that goes well, I’m now thinking it’s possible to create a cover for a bench for the foot of our bed: a bespoke bench from a long rectangular coffeetable with a spa colored velvet French mattress cover. ..think I’ve been spending too much time looking at Pintrist lately.

    1. Thanks, Melanie! Ooohhh a DIY french mattress?! That sounds incredible. Have a fun time with your projects :)

  3. Oh the goodness!! My husband would be so happy to see this roundup! He has dreamed of having a bench at the door of the bed for years, and for me it’s not a super high priority, but we do have the space! Since I’ve been working on the master bath, naturally the next big project is refreshing the master bedroom, and I’ve been thinking about how to rework the space and make it more of a retreat…one of these would be a fantastic addition! I’m so torn between bench versus double ottomans because I love the aesthetic of both equally. For me, the option to have a bench with a little storage for throws sounds quite nice! I am in love with #14 from your roundup of ottomans!! Leather, especially distressed leather, speaks to my moody soul, and that wood grain is to die for! Bench #6 is what dreams are made of though!!! Ohhhhh, now I’ll be shopping all weekend looking for more options! Haha! It’s a wet week for us here; the rain hasn’t stopped for longer than 30 minutes! We’re finally experiencing winter!

    1. Yay, Lauren! A master bedroom refresh sounds like the perfect project right about now. It’s definitely a good time to focus on creating cozy areas in our homes to enjoy with everything going on in the world. Happy planning :) xo

  4. Just when I’m looking for a bench for the end of the bed in OUR guest room…but I want you FBMP bench! It has so much more personality than any you listed!

    1. Perfect timing, Teri!! Wasn’t that an awesome find? I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it has really grown on me :)

  5. Audra 🎷 says:

    Hi thanks for these posts. I find them helpful to curate items I’m searching for. But I would love it if you put the price near the photo so I don’t need to check multiple items only to find they’re not my price point. Thanks!

  6. Audra 🎷 says:

    Oh I see you have that on the bottom! Thanks!!

    1. No problem, Audra! I try to include the shopping sliders with the hover price at the bottom of each collage or blog post :)

  7. Rebecca Arendt says:

    I enjoyed seeing your picks very much! I’ve been thinking of doing similar, however, I’m also thinking about using an antique trunk… we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. I love your idea of styling a trunk at the foot of the bed, Rebecca!

  8. Team Bench! But need to find a bigger one. The one we have was inherited and meant for a queen bed so the scale isn’t right for our king bed…

    1. I love a good bench, too Anne! Happing hunting :)