Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI know it probably feels like we have a million bath projects going on right now (and we kind of do), so I figured a blog post was probably a good idea to add some separation and differentiate the powder bath makeover from the basement bathroom renovation. First I wanted to explain my thought process behind using the words “makeover” and “renovation”. A renovation, in my mind, is a full scale remodel for a room- ripping out walls, totally transforming a space with new materials. Whereas a makeover, in my mind, is more of a room refresh– easy updates, cosmetic fixes, styling, keeping it quick and budget-friendly. I’d consider our kitchen to be a “renovation”, and our laundry room to be more of a “makeover”, or short-term solution. Now that we’re on the same page… the powder room is definitely a makeover. Since it’s actually attached to the laundry room, I’m going to be using similar, cohesive treatments… and once again, I’m keeping it quick, simple, and budget-friendly. Click through to see the before images, what I’ve accomplished so far, and what you can expect to see once my little makeover is complete (including the design plan)

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comBefore I start sharing images and design details- our longterm plan is to knock down walls and change the powder room completely. The laundry room will eventually become a mudroom and the powder bath will have a separate entrance. We’ll eventually take the space down to the studs and “renovate”, but I’m not sure when that will happen. It could be next year, it could be three years, it could be longer… I just don’t know. In the meantime, knowing this isn’t a project that will happen anytime soon, I wanted to make the space feel better and more representative of our personal aesthetic. This bathroom honestly gets used a LOT because it’s on the main level of our house. It’s in close proximity to the kitchen, the newly finished formal living room, the patio (where we often entertain), and the dining room (which is currently empty). All of that to say- for a room that is a total workhorse in our home, it looks pretty blah and I’d feel happier if it felt more like us.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comRight after finishing the laundry room in November, I created a budget-friendly design plan, and slowly started making updates. This is what it looked like before I did anything (above and below)

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comIt’s not terrible and I know it could be worse, but it just feels dated, a little beat up, and pretty boring. Our home was built in the 90’s and this tiny room certainly reflects that.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comBefore our holiday guests arrived, I went ahead and swapped the toilet seat and lever because the existing seat was cracked, yellowed, and it was really grossing me out. I opted for black again, just like in our guest bathroom. Swapping toilet hardware is really easy and makes a big difference. Check out this post for ideas on upgrading your toilet without spending a ton of money! Catch the before image above, and the after image below… it’s better, right?

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comIn the laundry room, I used a lot of peel-and-stick materials, and although those are holding up splendidly so far- MUCH better than I expected honestly (I’ve only had to replace one floor tile), I worried about durability in a bathroom setting. With that said, I figured it was easier to modify the vanity and replace the sink, rather than using a peel and stick countertop material this time around. The shape of the original sink also felt pretty dated, so for $300- it made sense to swap the entire thing.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comAs you can see, I removed the mirror, swapped the sink, and traded the dated, arched cabinet doors for inexpensive shaker style panels. I used this website to order the doors– I believe they start at $13 and you can customize the panel style, wood species, size, and all sorts of things. It’s a great solution for updated cabinetry on a budget!

So far this powder bath has been a breeze and has been pretty cost effective! Some of the items were a bit more pricey for a temporary makeover (in comparison to my laundry room), but I figured I could use them elsewhere in the house when it comes time to actually demo this entire room. I also didn’t want to skip in a bathroom setting. Like I previously mentioned, I don’t want to take any chances when it comes to plumbing fixtures or the sink. We already have leaking issues in our master bath!

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to the sink and cabinet doors, I also swapped the faucet. Other things on my to-do list? Install the wall mirror, swap two light fixtures, install peel-and-stick wallpaper, paint the vanity, install peel-and-stick floor tile, replace the toilet paper holder, as well as the towel hook and art.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty much tackling this space on my own without Emmett’s help (since he’s busy working on our basement bath at the moment)– except for plumbing because our pipes are really fragile at this point and I didn’t want to mess them up. He installed the faucet for me, but I’m moving at my own pace and the room is already looking a lot better.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’m excited to tackle some peel-and-stick projects once again because it’s fun and fast! I like watching a room totally transform in a matter of minutes. I opted for a pretty toile wallpaper (pictured below), and I’ll be continuing the graphic floor “tiles” from the laundry room, so the spaces will flow together nicely. Would I use peel-and-stick flooring for a longterm solution? Absolutely not- but I’m pretty impressed so far and while we’re waiting to fully renovate, it’s a wonderful solution!

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my resources below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… 

01: semi flush mount light fixture // 02: peel-and-stick toile wallpaper // 03: vanity light // 04: wall mirror // 05: nude art one // 06: nude art two // 07: brass widespread faucet // 08: carrara sink and countertop // 09: nude art three // 10: nude art four // 11: peel-and-stick floor tile (light marble / dark marble / black squares) // 12: toilet lever // 13: toilet paper holder // 14: black toilet seat & lid // 15: towel hook // 16: hand towel // 17: waste basket

What do you think of the design plan? Are you into it? I think it will look pretty cohesive with the laundry room, which is important since the bathroom is actually inside of the laundry room. I’m reusing some things I already had (recognize the art from our previous bathroom?), I tried to source budget-friendly products, and I also considered other places I could use these items once the time comes to take this space to the studs. I think it’s going to be good! I’m excited to pull together the finished outcome.

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comAre there any projects you want to see as I wrap up the space? Do you have any specific questions? Would you be interested in a separate post on how the laundry room is holding up three months later? I’d be happy to share! I also hope this post helps to clarify the different bathroom projects we’re currently juggling… there are two separate rooms (both baths) and I know that can be confusing. Thanks for sticking with me, friends! Have a great week.

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  1. Definitely into it! That cabinet door source is pretty amazing. I love the colors, and that flushmount and mirror are sparkly awesome! Considering how much use this space gets, a makeover of this scale seems like a no-brainer! I would love your opinion on the peel and stick paper. I desperately want to paper something 🤣, but I can’t decide if regular paste-able paper might actually be easier? Regardless, this room will look 1000x better when you’re finished. Happy Monday! (which I almost forgot because we have a holiday.🤷‍♀️)💖

    1. Thanks Peggi! I think it’s going to be such a nice refresh that makes a big difference until we can fully renovate. If weren’t going to tear out the walls, I’d use paste-able wallpaper- but since it’s a temporary makeover, I figured peel-and-stick would be better and go a bit faster. Happy Monday!! Enjoy your holiday and time off :) Woohooo!! xo

  2. I love the color you chose for the vanity! So pretty and chic. I love following along for accessible updates like this. I have a cross between a makeover and renovation planned for my teeny tiny master bath…a new vanity that fits the space better, wall-mounted medicine cabinet for extra storage (brand new Pottery Barn scored on FB marketplace!), new toilet and light…but keeping the plumbing in the same spot and not touching the shower. I can’t wait to have the space work better for me!

    1. Thanks Brittany! What an amazing FB Marketplace find!! It sounds like your small master bath is about to get a serious upgrade :) So exciting! xo

  3. Love it! Makeovers are the best 😍 it’s going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it when it’s complete. Cheers 🥂

    1. Thanks Colleen! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start :) xo

  4. Love the makeover plans. And it makes a lot of sense to invest a little to make the room tree since a full renovation is a ways away. I think it’s smart and I wish I had done the same when we moved it. Love the faucet and vanity top. Also, I found a similar trash can on TJMax Home this weekend for $20 Incase you haven’t purchased yours yet.

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! I really appreciate the waste basket tip… I actually already had this one. It used to live in our previous bathroom (at our old house). I’m trying to use lots of things I already have on hand to keep costs down :) Definitely good to know for others though!! xo

  5. So do you have to go into the laundry room to get to the half bath? My laundry room is always with dirty clothes or clean that need to be folded. Its the hardest working and always needing tidying room in our house.
    Hello…game changer to switch out cabinet doors! Your vanity already looks so good and fresh! Love the art as well. I have several nudes in my cart on Etsy. Your friend, Laurie Ann’s are so good and now I am rethinking my choices. She does color background which was bugging me about the ones I picked with all white background.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Yes- great question, Danna! The powder bath is inside the laundry room. Our laundry room is typically always clean- mostly because I don’t fold in the space or leave things out. It just bothers me, so I put things away immediately, but that’s definitely one reason we’ll be fully renovating someday… so the powder room can have more separation (which would give me the option to be less tidy in the laundry room). The art actually came from our previous bath- check them out installed here: https://roomfortuesday.com/the-bathroom-one-room-challenge-room-reveal/ … Given this space is being done on a budget, I’m trying to use lots of things I already have :) Happy Tuesday! xo

  6. Julie Miller says:

    This is so timely for me because I, too have a powder/laundry room situation and just had my cabinets and walls repainted last week. I’m thrilled you’ve validated my choice to replicate finishes in both spaces (I used schoolhouse lights in both rooms). I love your aesthetic so much. You’re my favorite designer.

    1. That’s so exciting, Julie! If the spaces are actually one in the same (like my powder room IN the laundry room), I try to keep them somewhat cohesive. That’s a great point! Thanks so much for your kind words :) made my day! xo

  7. How difficult was it to remove the mirror? I have 3 but haven’t gotten brave enough to try to remove.

    1. Not gonna lie… I broke it into 4 pieces (by accident) when removing it. It wasn’t difficult though! Mine was glued to the wall, so it definitely took some elbow grease.

  8. Jody Scanlan says:

    The design plan looks great! Can you do a step-by-step of the install of the peel and stick and achieving a smooth finish? Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Jody! I’ll definitely share the process on Instagram stories :) Hoping to tackle that this weekend, if all goes as planned! xo

  9. Whaaaat!!! I’m so amazed that you can buy new cabinet doors and a ready-made marble countertop with sink. I read lots of design blogs and I’ve never seen this before. So smart! Thank you—these ideas will surely save us money someday!

    1. Yesss!! Pretty cool, right?! Thanks so much for your kind words, Kate :)