Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comWe’re over halfway finished with our basement bathroom renovation and things are starting to get fun! The heated floor tile is finished, the shower floor tile is complete, and now we’re working on tiling the shower walls. We’re hoping to wrap up tile this week, then things will begin to move pretty quickly. I figured an update was in order! Ready to see how the space currently looks? Click through for the latest progress report… 

*Although this particular post is NOT sponsored, I am a Lowe’s partner. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

As a reminder… this is where the bathroom started (pictured below). Click here to see all of the before images and my design plan.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comThings are moving right along and I can finally start to see my vision coming together. That’s the best feeling! We’ve covered up the heated floor tile with plastic masking and drop cloth to protect it while we’re working on installing the gorgeous marble wall tile.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comThe shower floor is also almost finished (we still need to grout)! It’s stunning nero marble hex tile, pictured below, that perfectly slopes into the drain. That is also covered up for protection, while the space is under construction. I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can uncover everything!

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering where the shower niche is… surprise!! There isn’t one. It was an intentional design decision to use a shower ledge for products instead of a niche. I wanted this small shower to feel really clean and minimal, since the ceiling height is pretty low (it’s in the basement, after all). In the below image, you’ll notice the half wall that wraps around. Two pieces of stone or tile will rest on top of the half wall, below the shower trim and shower glass. It’s about six inches deep and should provide plenty of surface area for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other bath products.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comThis shower layout was actually inspired by our recent trip to the Pulitzer in Amsterdam. Our hotel room, located in a historic row house was tiny, but beautiful. The small bathroom accommodated a skinny shower that was functional and made the bath seem larger than it actually was. Obviously our aesthetic is a bit different- a little more bold and colorful, but this bathroom really inspired me- especially for the floor plan. I’ll drop an image below, so you can see what I’m talking about…

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comI also started unboxing other fun things we’ll be ready to install soon… like this amazing shower head! I went with polished nickel plumbing fixtures from the Moen Weymouth collection this time around. They have a nice, classic traditional look.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comAnother unexpected item arrived in the mail this week. I had every intention of finding a vintage rug for the space, but struck out (which never happens to me). I spent HOURS scouring the internet and Etsy… and even my previous roundups, with zero luck. I struggled to find the right size and color palette. It was honestly tricky to match our blue vanity. I ended up finding this incredible wool rug (in size 2’x3′) on the Lowe’s website, of all places. It’s gorgeous in person! It’s like it was made for this room. I’m actually using it for paint color inspiration as we speak. I’m thinking of incorporating some of the warm neutrals.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comIn case you missed our basement bath project intro video, watch it in this post… we talk about our goals, things we’re excited for, a few encounters we expected to run into, and more.

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update - roomfortuesday.comSo, that’s the latest! I’ve been trying to share a lot on IG stories and have created a highlight reel- in case you missed anything. It has been a busy few weeks over here at our house, but the basement bath is shaping up and our hard work is paying off! What do you think? Have any questions so far? Leave them for me in the comment section below… you know I love hearing from you! I’ll continue to share as we progress.

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  1. Ooooh, all of that marble is even prettier in the images where you can see it up-close! I really like the rug you chose. I think the warm neturals will make this room even cozier. Excited for your reveal!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I’m also looking forward to the reveal. We have a lot of ground to cover before then, but for now- I’m super happy with the progress we’ve made :) xo

  2. Everything is looking SO great! I am especially interested to see the shower; I love the half wall/ledge idea. I’ve really been thinking about paint colors in here. (Because, obviously, thinking about paint colors in someone else’s home is a wise use of my mental energy.) I’m intrigued by the idea of a warm neutral (whaaa?) to make the pretty blue vanity stand out. Maybe even an ochre? But…is there such a thing as a muted mustard? Something warm, rich and interesting… Phew. Thank goodness you’re the designer! I know you’ll make the perfect choice. (I would hem and haw for weeks.) Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks, Peggi! I love that you’ve been thinking about paint colors for my home… that’s what friends do. Ha! That was my thought process too- a warm neutral to compliment the vanity. I hope you’re having a good week- Happy Tuesday :) xo

  3. Absolutely stunning! I love the half wall idea, especially as I find they give you a *little* more privacy than just a full glass shower door!

    I can’t wait to see everything come together.. The marble looks extremely luxurious, without being stuffy. A very cool look! I’m with Peggi on the colours too. I can totally see some pops of ochre or mustard in the space, really contrasting the lovely blues!

    I cannot wait to see the final reveal!

    1. Thanks, Carly! Even though there is a lock on the bathroom door- I’m with you… the half wall would make me feel more secure and comfortable in the shower. I’m very excited to see the tile finished! We’re getting close. Thanks for your kind words :) xo

  4. I’m in love with all of your tile choices!! The patterns, the colors…it’s absolutely stunning! I struggle on my own with tile selection. I love that you manage to do each bathroom in its own style, yet the house is so very cohesive. Is that a difficult aspect as you design each space? And is that a well thought out portion of the design, or do you not think about that? I’m curious! In California, I’ve seen that in a lot of homes (each bathroom designed uniquely), but they never seem to blend well into the rest of the home decor/design. So I always thought if I renovated our bathrooms I’d like to try to have a more cohesive flow throughout the house. Got any tips? I can’t wait to see that rug and pulled together into the entire space! It’s going to be beautiful!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Such a great question… I definitely want our home to feel cohesive, but I think the rooms feel like they flow nicely together and are all apart of the same “collection” because in the end- that’s OUR aesthetic. I think the tough thing is to stay true to your personal style throughout an entire home renovation (that can take years), while avoiding trends or anomalies that don’t feel like you. All of that to say, I think about it… and I don’t think about it. Ha! I feel like I would get very bored having three bathrooms that all looked the same. As a designer, it’s a missed opportunity for me to explore my creativity. Each room renovation brings me joy in different ways, so that’s probably why you’ll never see the same things repeated throughout our home (light fixtures, bathrooms, etc). I definitely recommend ordering tile swatches, if that’s an area you struggle with- seeing things in person within the space really helps! Or if you’re designing three bathrooms at once, look at all the tile swatches together to make sure they feel cohesive and belong under the same roof. Hope this helps :) xo

  5. You & Emmett are making this bathroom look so good! Love the rug colors. Can’t wait to see what color you choose for the walls.
    When I saw you mentioned Amsterdam I had to go back and read your post again on your visit. One of my best friends lives there..literally in one of those tiny row houses on the river. I miss her so much! My plan is to visit there this year or next.
    Happy Tuesday

    1. Thanks, Danna! I was pleasantly surprised by that gorgeous rug- it looks even better in person than online. Oh, I just love Amsterdam! It’s such a wonderful city. I found so much creativity and inspiration the last time we visited. You definitely should plan a trip to visit your friend! That sounds like a ton of fun… and her location sounds incredible. xox

  6. I am so looking forward to seeing this bathroom when its finished, especially the rug. Your photo is so much more appealing than the photos of this rug online at Lowe’s. I want to see it in its finished space!

    1. Thanks, Linda! The rug definitely looks better in person, then online. I’m very impressed with the quality (it’s 100% wool).

  7. I really love the 1‘ x 2‘ (?) Carrara tiling. In the house I built in Florida, I used 2 foot by 2 foot Carrara tiles in a running pattern rather than a grid, and it looks great. You’re just using the marble inside the shower enclosure?

    1. Yes- exactly 12″ x 24″. I love those installed in a running pattern… it feels more traditional- especially since the scale is so large and modern. We’re just using the marble for the shower walls!

  8. Talk to us about using a wool rug in a bathroom! I see it everywhere and it’s so beautiful, but I imagine you’d always need to worry about mildew, etc.? Currently renovating my master bath and would love a wool rug in front of our vanity, but I can’t wrap my head around how it would be good for wet feet/water spray/etc. Can you clarify for me?

    1. Great question, Abby! Wool is amazing and one of my favorite materials- especially for rugs. I’ve lived with wool rugs in bathrooms for years and have never had a single issue (no mold, mildew, or smell). Wool is a naturally moisture-wicking material. It will actually remain dry to the touch and wicks moisture OUT through small fibers. Wool also allows more air flow than many other materials, which is why it can handle moisture well. This makes it ideal for both the bathroom and kitchen. As a material, it’s less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes too! No joke- I grew up raising sheep for 18 years of my life on the farm (thanks Mom & Dad!)… so I know a LOT about wool. It’s just a very cool and magical material, that I’m clearly passionate about. Haha! It’s super durable too and great for high traffic areas. That’s why vintage wool rugs still look amazing and are in great condition after all these years. I personally don’t like putting a wool rug in front of a shower or bath- I prefer a bath mat that I can wash often, and it feels better on my feet… BUT you will find a wool rug positioned in front of the bathroom vanity and kitchen sink 100% of the time in our house. I hope that helped to clarify and answer your question :)

      1. Super helpful! Thanks for the informative reply.

  9. It looks so beautiful! How tricky was vein pattern matching (how long did it take)? Also. Did you notice there’s roughly the shape of a heart in the veins on the big marble wall, a little bottom-left of center? I think my hearts-obsessed 6 year old is affecting my own eyes lol.

    1. Thanks Julie! Vein matching wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be… the tile is so veiny, it really could line up multiple ways. It’s an easier tile to match, in comparison to other marbles. I didn’t notice the heart, but now I’m OBSESSED!!! Thank you for pointing that out- how fun :) a happy accident… just in time for Valentine’s Day. xo

  10. Hi, do you mind to show the storage/cabinet area in your new bathroom.
    I wonder what have you chosen for the storage instead of having vanity. I like your sink.