My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I’m Dealing)

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) - roomfortuesday.comI don’t want to add noise or panic to an already trying time, but felt I should at least share my thoughts and ways I’m dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the entire world right now. Click through to see my favorite resources, to weigh in on upcoming blog topics (because I still want to share home & interior goodness- including my bathroom reveal tomorrow!), my tips for aleviating stress surrounding the outbreak, ways to entertain yourself at home when social distancing, and how Emmett & I are staying sane and doing our part. While I’d much rather share a home decor or interior-related post today… this has weighed heavy on my mind and I felt I might as well share a heartfelt post so we can move forward and get through this thing together!

Before I get started… obviously I am not a doctor or medical professional, so I’ll keep this post short, sweet, and personal. My goal for this one is to acknowledge what is going on in the world, share my thoughts, mainly ask for feedback on the types of uplifting blog topics you’d like to see in the coming weeks, and help to be a positive light for my community.

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) -


One frustration I’m personally having is sorting the accurate, credible resources from media noise. I’m trying to limit myself to a few trustworthy resources to filter the noise and reduce anxiety surrounding the topic. Be careful where you get your information and double check the credibility before sharing with others. In a time where panic is already widespread, sharing misinformation can be troubling.

I wanted to list a few of my favorite sources to help digest and stay current on the situation (these are just my personal preference)

  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) // Get up-to-date news, outbreak stats, travel info, current conditions, how to prepare, what to do if you get sick, and more.
  • Harvard Health (Harvard Medical School) // They keep their Coronavirus Resource Center up-to-date and provide a helpful Q&A section.
  • My Local News // Following your favorite local news channel can provide you with info on what is happening in your surrounding area (where drive-thru test locations are set up, closings & cancellations, etc).
  • Jessica Yellin IG // One of my best friends told me about Jessica on IG and recommended I give her a follow. I think the way she breaks down news coverage on COVID-19 is fantastic. She does the tough legwork and research, provides credible sources, and gives important unbiased sound bites… kind of like cliff notes. The way she filters also helps me from wallowing in the news for hours on end (again- helping anxiety).

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) -


First of all, BIG shoutout to those who work in healthcare and are showing up everyday to provide quality care- whether it’s for COVID-19 cases or not. While we’re all preparing and practicing social distancing, those in the medical field are working countless hours to prepare and keep things afloat. Thank you for selflessly putting the needs of our community and country before your own. Fact…. 90% of mine and Emmett’s family works in healthcare. Our sisters, our aunts, his mother, our grandmothers, cousins, etc… the list goes on. We’re kind of the odd balls in the family who didn’t pursue a medical or health related career. All of that to say, our love and appreciation for you guys runs deep, and THANK YOU for being on the front lines.

So- what are Emmett and I doing in the midst of all of this? To be honest, this hasn’t really changed my routine since I already work from home, but we are social distancing and are doing our part to flatten the curve. I am an anxious person and know I have a slightly elevated risk (having asthma and having just recovered from bronchitis… my last breathing treatment was less than a month ago), so I’m trying to practice better self care. Emmett’s workplace is still operating under regular business hours for now, but he’s being very cautious and careful at his office and we’re both staying home outside of his travel to and from work. We’re also cancelling our personal travel plans (including our much awaited trip to Denver for Emmett’s birthday). We’re taking this very seriously and are here to help if anyone in our community needs us (I mean that). Bottom line… we are prepared, taking necessary precautions, and are doing our best to be level headed and positive.

With that said- my plan is to go about the blog per usual, in hopes it will be a nice way to escape and distract. See more on that in the topic below!

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) -


That brings me to the main thing I wanted to talk to you about. I don’t want to seem insensitive posting regular home content, but it’s also what I’m passionate about, is providing a nice way for me to de-stress (and hopefully for you too!), plus I want to share uplifting, relevant posts while we all have plenty of time to pass from the comforts of our homes.

Some ideas I’ve been kicking around?

  • Ways to Update & Improve Your Home (Without Taking a Trip to the Store)
  • 10 Ways to De-Stress In Your Home
  • Easy Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Week
  • Sharing More of My Favorite Recipes
  • Ways to Avoid “Cabin Fever” While Social Distancing
  • A Weekly Home Challenge (We Can Do Together)

Do any of these sound good to you? What do YOU want to see and read, if you have extra time on your hands at home? Normal posts per usual? Home and interior topics that are applicable given our current situation? I’m all ears for any ideas you might have! I’m here to help distract and brighten your day. That is really my main goal… to share inspiration, educate on home & interiors, and provide light-hearted entertainment. It would mean so much to me if you could share your ideas in the comment section at the end of the post!

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) -


I’m planning to take advantage of extra time spent at home. I’m eager to brainstorm new ideas, tackle projects on my to-do list (like finishing the wallpaper in my powder room), and make delicious home cooked meals. I’m also stepping outside in our backyard or am sitting on my balcony to soak up sunshine and signs of spring any chance I get. Some quick things to remember before I sign off…

  • There is no need to isolate yourself (which breeds anxiety) even when social distancing. That’s the beauty of technology and social media… we can stay connected with friends & family without putting others at risk! Remember- you are NOT alone.
  • Gain a new perspective. This is not the first or the worst crisis in history. It will eventually pass, we’ll overcome this together, and it will lead to improvements.
  • Remember to laugh. Watch a funny movie, share hilarious memes with friends, play games, and try to have a little fun. You don’t have to stop living and enjoying life.
  • Be generous, kind, and respectful. If you do have to run to the store or pharmacy- ask your elderly neighbors or high risk individuals if they need anything. Call to check in on those in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t drown in the news. Being informed is awesome, but if you have anxiety, maybe limit the amount of time you spend reading news articles. Take time to do other things and don’t let the news consume you. Turn on some music, read a book, or step into the sunshine.
  • Celebrate small victories. Spring is here, the days are getting longer and light filled, trees are budding, flowers will begin to bloom, and we’re entering a season of growth. Let’s embrace that! By canceling a trip, do you now have time to tackle a house project that will make you happier in your home? That’s still a win!

My Thoughts on COVID-19 (+ How I'm Dealing) - roomfortuesday.comWe’re all going to get through this together and my plan is to find the silver lining along the way. Let’s try to enjoy social distancing, spending time in our beautiful homes with our families, while breathing through the unknown or waves of anxiety. I’m here for you if you need me!

I’ll be back with a regular blog post tomorrow, which happens to be the BASEMENT BATHROOM REVEAL (yay)! Definitely check back tomorrow to see the finished space and some crazy before & after images. I’m very excited to share it with you!

Again, I would absolutely love to hear what you guys want to see on the blog in the next week or two… please leave your ideas, feedback, and thoughts in the comment section below. Sending lots of love. -Sarah

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  1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Your eagerness to help your readers, in any way possible, is really so sweet and shows how big your heart is! I always love your content regarding paint colors and I would be more than happy to read about your thought process regarding undertones and room direction (North West facing vs South East facing) when choosing a paint color.

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I’ll try to brainstorm some paint related posts for you :) xo

  2. Great post, Sarah! My community just started closing schools, businesses, etc. Your blog posts give me something to look forward to as I work from home and practice social distancing. Stay healthy!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I think that’s a good thing… try to enjoy time at home :) I’ll be sure to share some fun blog posts to pass the time. Sending positivity your way. xo

  3. Good morning, friend! Our schools are shut down for at least the next 2 weeks, and we also postponed our Spring Break trip. We’re trying to enjoy our together time by spoiling Joe, getting fresh air and cooking special meals. I’ve also compiled a list of home projects that I’ve been avoiding.😀 As long as you’re not stressed by it, I would love for you to keep sharing what’s up at your place! Yes to recipes and a weekly home challenge! I definitely can’t wait for your basement bathroom reveal (and the powder bath makeover!). We’ve all got to do what we can during this unprecedented time, and helping keep each other sane through social media seems pretty powerful. Virtual hugs to you and your family!💖

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’m really glad to hear your school is closed and you postponed your trip. That sounds like the safest plan, although I know it’s a bummer. Enjoy lots of Joe cuddles (the dogs around the world are probably LOVING having their humans home), and cooking at home. I’ll work on some fun new, positive posts :) Have a great day from the comforts of your house. xo

  4. Please keep posting! I need the distraction from all of this chaos…I’m still working at my office for the time being, and all anyone wants to talk about is this. We should stay informed, of course, but sometimes you need a break, you know? I love the de-stressing and cabin fever post ideas!

    1. I can do that, Stacy! I definitely can relate to need a break. I get worried easily, which creates anxiety- so I try to limit the amount of news I consume each day. I think it’s all about balancing some happy content with what’s happening around the world. Hope you have a good day! Sending lots of love. xo

  5. First of all,thank you for continuing to be a morning ritual I so look forward to! Please keep us updated with your beautiful home design reveals-can’t wait to see your bathroom! As for me, I am waiting on zoning and building permits to be approved here in SC so that we can move forward with our container home. We are renting a condo til the house is complete and I am excited to be out of here and finally into our own home. Your blog posts help me so much with ideas and sourcing materials. Thank you for that–it helps me to keep moving forward. I just hope out local zoning office does not close before we get approval to move forward–fingers crossed!! Keep doing what you do best –it is much appreciated!! xoxo

    1. It is my pleasure, Beth! Thank YOU for showing up to read and comment. I appreciate that more than you know. I am so excited to share our finished basement bath tomorrow. It turned out beautiful and I’m very proud of it. Crossing my fingers you receive your approved permits soon. A container home sounds like a blast to design! Have you read this post about the time Emmett & I stayed in an Airbnb container rental on the beach? Maybe it can provide some inspiration! xo

      1. Thanks for the link to your container vacay–loved the bathroom and I am thinking of keeping everything streamlined and black and white –classic but not over the top. Loved the floors in there–wondering if they were the original container floor. Thanks again for the inspiration–it truly helps!

        1. I loved that place! It was so creative. The floors were original to the container… I asked the owner! They sanded them down and stained them (just like any other wood floor). You could definitely see the imperfections and seams, but it had a nice industrial vibe to it.

  6. Hey Sarah,
    The world does feel like a very strange place right now as the stress of this virus is taking its toll. I think this post offers some wonderful advice and info that’s greatly appreciated 👍
    For me, spring cleaning is in order as I try to keep busy and distract myself. My windows are in need of some serious TLC and my home could use with a spring refresh refresh 🌹 Stay healthy and so looking forward to your basement bathroom reveal tomorrow 🤗

    1. It really does feel strange, Colleen. Happy spring cleaning. Crank up your music, get some fresh air, and enjoy being productive. Can’t wait to share our basement tomorrow :) xo

  7. Well said. I know we all smart enough to be aware of what is going in our world and at the same time enjoy all the fluff, distractions, and regular life that still needs to happen. As a home blogger it’s time for you to go wild on planning projects, giving ideas for all those projects people put off, all the stuff!

    1. Thank you, Paige! I agree. I’m ready to go wild and provide some positivity and fun distractions around here :) Stay tuned! xo

  8. I love all your ideas! Hope you re able to stay healthy! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Milo! I’ll work on some fun new blog post. Sending good health vibes your way too :)

  9. This is such a lovely post – thank you, Sarah! I absolutely love all of your brainstormed post ideas. Please continue posting per usual if you’re up to it (also, bring on the puppy pictures – sweet fur babies do wonders for anxiety!). Like so many others have said, the distraction is so, so welcome right now. Thank you for always providing such a wonderful start to my day! 💕

    1. Thanks, Julie! I’ll get to work on all of those post ideas :) More fun home (and dog) things to come. Stay tuned! Thanks for showing up to read. I just love our little community here. Have a great day! xo

  10. One thing that I’m going to try to do is home-related stuff (weeding the flower beds, other outdoor spring cleanup, finally painting the laundry room) that I could in 10-20 minute bursts so that I can take scheduled breaks from my work. I’m incredibly lucky in that my company closed the office and is having everyone work from home. OK, so maybe I can’t paint the laundry room in 20 minutes, but I can do bits of prep work when I’m taking breaks! So a list of quick home-related tasks might be helpful to others, too.

    1. Those sounds like wonderful and productive things to do this week, Deborah! I’m so happy to hear your company closed the office and is implementing WFH. I’m hoping Emmett’s company will do the same sooner rather than later. xo

  11. Your blog and my morning coffee have been the best distractions during this time! The world has a different feel right now, and when I think about it too much I’m unable to see any brevity. (Anxiety over here). Cash and Crosby popping in would be an amazing addition to the distraction, and of course your usual posts! I’m anxiously waiting to see your reveals, and love the ideas you’ve brainstormed for the coming weeks! We’re on week one of three weeks off over here, so for me, I’ll be tackling the bathroom as much as the rain allows! And of course, movie marathons and games with the kiddos. Thank you for being honest about your thoughts, and for sharing the tips here! That is so helpful for a girl like me who hates watching the news (I know I need to- to a point, but I hate it). Thanks Sarah!

    1. I love hearing that, Lauren! Thank you. The world definitely is eerie right now and it’s also giving me some anxiety. I feel you there! I can certainly post more Cash & Cros to brighten your day :) Those two provide endless laughs and smiles and it would be my honor to share them with the world. haha! Tackling the bathroom sounds like the perfect productive distraction during your time at home. Enjoy your movie marathons, games, and home improvements projects. We’re going to get through this together, ok?! Hang in there! xo

  12. Thank you for your post. I appreciate that you are social distancing. So many people aren’t. I would love to see more on deep cleaning. I’m usually a worrier as well, but am doing pretty good thus far. Let’s flatten the curve. This too shall pass.
    Praying for everyone’s safety.

    1. Of course, Traci! It’s something we should all be taking very seriously. I’m hoping to get in some deep cleaning this week too. Have you seen this post with my complete cleaning checklist? This too shall pass :) Hope you have a good worry-free day. xo

  13. Well said Sarah. With all the craziness in the world at this time, it’s a pleasant distraction to be able to read the blog and to find some home ideas/recipes to tackle. In the process of purchasing a new home and love to see all your ideas and sourcing materials. We are all in this together and your post bring a ray of sunshine every morning. Thank you and stay healthy.

    1. Thank you, Lynn! I’m glad to hear my blog is a bright spot with all of the craziness currently happening. I’m going to keep at then :) Have a beautiful day- sending good vibes your way! Stay healthy out there. xo

  14. Sarah, you are the best! I appreciate you being transparent in all this. I would enjoy (as always) your remodels, recipes, and updates that don’t require going to the store. Curious about your weekly challenge as well.
    I do have plans to spend a lot of time outside weeding, cleaning out pots, etc too. Also going through my kitchen drawers and cleaning them out. I finally finished my pantry and it feels so good to walk in a it be organized!
    I foresee a lot of netflix, movie watching so maybe another recap on what everyone is watching?
    Look forward to the basement bath & powder bath. I am here with and for you both. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks, Danna! Your wish is my command- I’m going to work on some new, relevant posts and take this as an opportunity to have some fun at home. Spending time outside gardening sounds like the perfect plan! I also foresee lots of moving watching… thanks for the recap post idea. Also here for you- sending hugs and lots of love! xo

  15. Thanks! I would love to see guides or plans on how to use this time to maybe create a master to do list for projects and designs for rooms/the whole house! I feel like I get so overwhelmed with all there is to do and will get busy with other things. Now there is more time at home, I’m wondering how I can take a step back, look at my whole house for design inspo, and create a vision that can help me execute later on.

    1. That’s a great idea! Thank you. It can be trick to design and update and entire home that feels cohesive. I’ll see what I can pull together :)

  16. Really love and appreciate this post, Sarah and it’s timing is perfect for me. I just returned home via plane after having not-minor surgery out of town (hence not being able to read and post as much here as I would have liked the past couple of weeks) and we’re now “stuck” at another airbnb. (FWIW, while traveling during this time w/ a somewhat compromised immune system wasn’t ideal, it was was mostly business as usual at the airports, in a good way. But you can bet we were wiping everything down that we could, using large amounts of hand sanitizer and I used a mask, because another layer of protection couldn’t hurt since it was more difficult to control my proximity to people.) I’m trying to look at this time like an extended snow storm, hunkering down with copious amounts of comforting hot beverages, Netflix, puzzles, easy going magazines and once I’m feeling up to it, focusing on my business goals. Getting out and taking walks around our communities, saying hi to neighbors and just feeling the sun on our faces, really helps, too.

    I love all your Covid-19 brainstorming ideas and am definitely excited to see your reveals, as always, so I think a mix of both right now would be great-whatever you feel comfortable with and interested in posting each day certainly works for me. In addition, I would personally would love to see posts on how we can best deep clean our spaces now in collaboration with our spring cleaning, as well as recipes that are largely built more on pantry, shelf stable items than ones that use items that perish more quickly, if possible.

    I really appreciated your tips, too, like seeing what we can do for our elderly or infirm neighbors when we go out, as well as limiting our news sources to ones we trust, but also limiting the time we’re spending with all the information out there. I agree that our local news really is a great source right now more than ever.

    As a side note, for your trip to Denver, obviously you guys need to do what is comfortable for you (especially since you have a bit of a compromised immune system, as well) but perhaps you could drive instead of fly, limit your stops to gas only by packing food and wiping down all the surfaces at the hotel that you can? SO many in the hotel/airbnb/hospitality/travel industry are hurting right now in this unprecedented time, that maybe a little local travel could help ease the burden. So many hourly workers will be losing most if not all of their income as restaurants and other public spaces like ski resorts, museums, theaters, etc. close for indefinite periods of time, but I absolutely understand wanting to flattening the curve as much as possible, too and of course, staying healthy is THE top priority for all of us. With so many of your family in the health industry, you likely know way more than me as to the issues of travel/going out, etc., though. I guess I’m just wondering if/hoping there’s a way to support these establishments in safe ways. I’d definitely love to hear others opinions/suggestions who have more knowledge than me on this subject.

    I do have to admit, too, staying at airbnbs during this time, while we’re thankful we’re getting to help our fellow small business owners, is definitely stressful to not be in our own home where we can control how clean our spaces are and aren’t completely reliant on grocery stores and restaurants staying open because it’s difficult for us to ”stock up” on anything right now, etc. :-\

    PS – if this is a bit more rambling than usual, I should mention that I’m still on serious pain pills so maybe I should just keep my fingers off the keyboard until I’m not! Sorry about that!

    Anyway, glad you and E are healthy and doing what works for you both to stay that way. Sending lots of love and virtual hugs your way, Sarah. 💗

    1. Hello, Anne. You wrote such a touching message that I wanted to acknowledge it, as well as wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery. I hope you get to return home soon. Best wishes to you, Ardith

      1. Aw, thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments, Ardith. Now that I’ve come back to the post, I can see just how MUCH I wrote. Whoa. Wish I could blame it on the pain meds, but my posts are often “wordy”. Sorry Sarah!

        It really means a lot that you were touched and that you took the time to write, Ardith. It’s these small, but incredibly meaningful acts of kindness that are going to get us all through this. Sending lots of love and light your way.

    2. Anne- I hope you’re feeling ok and are recovering well! I’m so sorry you’re stuck in an airbnb. It sounds like you’re making the most of it though! Way to keep up that positive attitude, girlfriend. Thank you for the wonderful blog ideas!

      As for our trip to Denver, we’ll DEFINITELY be rescheduling once it’s safe to travel. I most certainly want to support small businesses and was really looking forward to celebrating Emmett’s birthday in Colorado. While we won’t make it for his actual b-day, we’ll definitely show up later this year with the same itinerary, visit local shops, eat local food, and support the Denver community. Our hotel actually just emailed saying they’re shutting down all restaurant and food services, so I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before we begin to see closings.

      As of now, I don’t feel comfortable traveling and am strictly staying home. I’m trying to support small businesses from my house though. Great ways to do this are to buy gift cards and use them later, shop online, give social media shoutouts, etc. Of course once all of this subsides, the most important thing will be to get out and show up for these businesses… which is why I don’t plan to cancel our trips altogether (just postpone until it’s safe). I hope that’s helpful! I’m trying to take this very seriously and do my part.

      Sending lots of love! Feel better soon and stay healthy! I hope you’re not in too much pain. Hugs! xo

      1. Thanks so much, Sarah. We are trying to make the most of it. Thankfully we’re moving over today to an airbnb we’ve already stayed at and loved. Unfortunately, (but also thankfully for us) due to the cancellations hosts are seeing, we’re going to be able to stay in this one for a month know and not have to move. Incredibly thankful for that and hopefully at the end of that month, we’ll be able to move into our place. Fingers (cautiously) crossed.

        Since my my looooonnnnggggg post just a few days ago (sorry about that, but I’m afraid this is going to be another one-hope y’all have your coffee or hot toddy in hand!) so much has changed. You were 1000% absolutely right to cancel your trip and I’m very happy that you’re putting your health on the top priority list right now. I hadn’t realized then that those w/ asthma are at special risk and that includes my husband, although thankfully, his asthma is pretty mild compared to others. And you’re right, there are many great ways popping up to lend our support to the small businesses who are being especially affected by this with gift cards, social media shoutouts, etc.

        Anyone looking to help, I’ve found some additional resources and I hope you don’t mind me posting a few here…

        World Central Kitchen – Jose Andres non-profit and just one of their current initiatives is feeding school children who would normally gotten free meals at their schools

        Restaurant Workers Community Foundation is providing immediate relief for laid off restaurant workers

        And, of course, Meals on Wheels which focuses on an elderly, high risk population and who’ve had many of their volunteers cancel even though they’ve put new practices in place to help keep deliverer and deliveree safer. If you’re unable to donate with dollars, but are healthy, perhaps consider becoming a volunteer to deliver.

        Keeping kids learning by providing donations that go to teachers serving low-income communities – 100% of the gift will go to supplies for teachers and their students.

        I’ve also heard of an initiative of having out of school kids making cards for the elderly and nursing home residents who aren’t being allowed any outsider visitors, which I think is a beautiful, heartwarming idea.

        Speaking of which, had you seen the news video of the gentlemen who made a sign professing his love for his bride of 67 years on their anniversary and held it up outside her nursing home window? First anniversary they had spent apart. So bittersweet. Hope this one brings a little bit of joy….

        Lastly, and I bet you didn’t know if a “lastly” was coming…LOL…I’ve been trying to research ways we can provide help or support our front line nurses dealing with all this and possibly exposing themselves and their families to help others who are ill. Maybe with cards, gift cards, or even just notes of encouragement like some are sending to nursing home residents, but haven’t been able to find much. With such a large part of your families being in the health care industry though, perhaps you know of something, Sarah?

        Thanks so much for the well wishes, too. Hanging in there and feeling incredibly thankful I was able to get my surgery in when I was. As always, good days and bad days, but mostly I’m feeling pretty good and excited to get back to (an albeit new) normal.


  17. Great blog post, Sarah! I deleted Twitter from my phone because it was making me too worried. If I really want to access it, I can use my personal desktop. I am going to check out Jessica Yellin on IG!

    I love all of your blog post ideas. After reading them, they all seem like good ways to get off of my computer – sitting on my work laptop for 8 hours while I work from home means I would rather not unwind on my personal laptop like I might when not social distancing! Tonight I’m going to try a new cookie recipe that I’ve been meaning to make for over a year now:

    1. I don’t blame you! It is taking everything in me not to be consumed by the media. It definitely doesn’t help anxiety. I love your idea to bake cookies and keep your hands busy. I think I might do the same tonight- thank you for sharing the recipe :) xo

  18. Thank you for thanking the healthcare workers! I’m a nurse who has asthma, working in a large hospital in Fresno. I have to say I’m a bit jealous of those who get to stay home! But off to work I go. I may have to limit my social media time, just to avoid feeling left out of all the cleaning/diy’ing/Netflix-watching fun everyone else is having. I would never stop reading your blog, though! Distract us, please!

    1. May I add my thanks to you and your colleagues as well, Jennifer (even though the words seem like such a feeble attempt at gratitude for what you are doing on others’ behalf)? Cheers with hope you take excellent care of yourself as well, Ardith

      1. Thank you, Ardith! Catching up on blog posts on my 3 nights off now. That’s my relaxation! Gardening, too.

    2. My sister said the same thing… she’s trying to juggle homeschooling the kids since they’re out of school, is working full-time at the hospital, and is feeling overwhelmed. I can’t thank you enough for showing up to help people every single day and for putting our needs before your own…. thanks Jennifer! Stay safe and keep that albuterol on you (I’ve got mine close by, just in case). Thanks for showing up to read, despite everything that is going on :) xo

      1. Always! Your blog is the first one I read! I feel for your sister. Most of the nurses I work with have young children, so they’re doing double duty – teaching and kid-wrangling plus working. My kids are grown, I’m thankful for that. And yes, the Albuterol is always with me!

  19. Hello, Sarah. Your post is eloquent, thoughtful, and practical, so thank you. I wish you and Emmett continued good health and cheer, and I look forward to whatever topics you decide to cover here on your blog.

    Thanks to Mr K, since October of last year I have found my way back to art and have been producing fairly prolifically…to the tune of 33 pieces and counting (some large canvases, but mostly 8 x 10 flat versions; one abstract on plywood). Some are more reflective of my abstract tendencies, but I have also branched out into reimagined Flemish-like landscapes, PBN, Japanese woodcut prints, and more. I’ve also created series based on lighthouse posters, traditional European windmills, lakes. It’s already been an amazing adventure and it continues to be. The joy it all brings is extremely helpful right about now. I wish everyone the same, not so much distraction as fulfillment.

    Take care everyone. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thank you so much, Ardith! I LOVE hearing that you have found your way back to art… especially right now. That must be very therapeutic for you. I took a woodcut printing class during art school and it was one of my favorites. I bet your pieces are beautiful. Keep up the good work and stay healthy! Here’s to fulfillment and creativity. xox

  20. thanks for your thoughts Sarah! I am a teacher and we’ll be out for the foreseeable future. I’d love easy posts about stuff you can do at home without trips to the store. Maybe ways you could re-arrange furniture for a brand new (free) look?

    1. Thanks for weighing in, Emily! I think everyone is agreeing that teachers all need a GIANT raise right now (more than ever), after having to homeschool their kids…. at least our family members. Ha! Stay safe out there and I’ll continue to post and share inspiration :) xo

  21. Kim Hinkley says:

    Thank you for sharing your viewpoint and these resources, and for hopefully encouraging others to do their part. I would LOVE to see some ideas for DIY fireplace & mantel updates. Ours is an eye sore and we just don’t know where to start.

    1. Of course, Kim! I’m hoping everyone is taking this seriously and is social distancing. It’s a crazy, heavy time. Thank you for your blog ideas! :) xo

  22. Hi Sarah,
    As always your kind words help soothe us although we have never met. I feel that you are a part of our family and truly appreciate all you do and say. I hope you remain healthy and please keep posting all of your beautiful projects. I am a NY city school teacher and finally being told we will be home is a relief but I miss the kids dearly! I am truly trying not to fall apart but it is scary. I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life so anything you post is always welcomed!!! Thank you for listening and
    Inspiring us!! Stay well!

    1. Aw, I love hearing that Brenda. Thank you! I bet you miss the kids… parents are getting a little taste of what a day in your life is like. It sounds like transitioning to home school has been very challenging. Thankful for all of teachers in the education and school systems! It is a scary time, but we’ll get through this together. I’ll do my best to distract and keep posting :) Hang in there and stay healthy! Lots of love.

  23. Sarah,

    I enjoy reading your daily blog posts. Please continue to use your platform just as you always have. We Americans need some normal daily activity in our life so we can all work through this together. Keeping a positive mind set at this time is really important and you are doing that for this community! I for one, am very thankful, that we have social media so we can remain connected while we keep our social distance. I look forward to the basement bathroom reveal tomorrow. Thank your family members for their service to our health care system! Stay healthy, stay positive and this too shall pass …

    1. Thank you, Paula! I’ll try to keep it positive and normal over here :) It’s a tough time, but I’m thankful for some of the things that will remain the same, as I try to figure out a new routine. If you all keep showing up to read and chat, I’ll keep posting! I have lots of fun things to share. I’m very thankful for social media to keep us all connected during this time. Hope you’re having a great day! xo

  24. Hi Sarah! I just started following you and I love your posts and positive outlook on this difficult time. All we can do is our best to stay healthy, calm and follow the guidance we receive to get through this and we will. This too shall pass! I love my home and am looking forward to your ideas. We’ve been in our home for 27 years this month. It’s a 1960s ranch style in the outside needs painting and updating. I feel like I want something light and neutral but striking. I love looking at paint colors and don’t want to choose something that would look outdated soon. I like changing things from room to room and using them in new ways. Little changes like a new shower curtain, lampshades and rearranging furniture can make a big difference! I love organizing and DIY and am so excited for the ideas that you will be sharing. This is the first time I’ve ever written to someone on a blog so sorry if I rambled. Focusing on the silver lining in all of this. Stay well and positive!

    1. Hi Joyce, thank you! I love hearing that, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. So happy to hear from you! You’re exactly right… we’ll do our best and this too shall pass. 27 years in your home?! That is incredible. It sounds like a beautiful, special place. I’m looking forward to sharing lots of home ideas in the coming weeks. Sending happy and healthy vibes your way! xo

  25. I just got basically laid off in the middle of my busy season and word on the street is that FEMA is about to put us on lockdown, so projects I can work on that are basically free would be perfect. I’m also a stress baker, so I am game for any good recipes using pantry staples!

    If you’re up to writing a more detailed photography post about how to choose shutter speed, ISO, etc when shooting manual, I would 100% be interested in that as well. I have tried shooting manual (I have a Nikon D80), but I can’t quite get it to click. Usually I use aperture priority, but I’m an artistic sort and it has its limitations!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Lori. This is a really rough economic time with everything going on in the world. Many of my friends have also been laid off from their jobs. I’m glad to hear you find comfort and inspiration in recipes (like myself)- check out all of my recipe posts here:

  26. Audra 🎷 says:

    Hi I’m a daily reader of yours but haven’t been able to enjoy your blog now that I’m teleworking while caring for our three kids. I’m so lucky to be able to work at home most days during the “stay at home orders” but it’s no joke keeping up my job while caring for our kids. This is a scary and stressful time. So my advice is to avoid topics that imply we all have so much time on our hands while social distancing. I love having design as a break in my normal life but right now I’m just wondering how I’m going to manage all the logistics and keep my job going without bringing an infection to myself, my husband or of course our kids.

    1. Thanks Audra! It’s definitely a scary and stressful time, so my hope is to provide some relief from that. Totally understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed and no longer have the time to visit the blog often! Do what is best for you and your family and I’ll be here sharing inspiration, if you ever need a break :) Most have asked for more home posts & projects because lots of people do have more time on their hands or want to keep busy and balanced at home. I think everyone has a unique situation during this uncharted time, and I want to be able keep this a happy place to enjoy & escape- no matter what. Stay safe and healthy out there! xo