A Shipping Container Airbnb

Shipping Container AirbnbLast week was vacation and I’m realllllly missing this place (hints the beach theme this week). Kalyn and I took a mini getaway to Carolina Beach and then visited friends in Charlotte. I’m breaking the trip into a couple posts because there are way too many good images to choose from. First up, this awesome shipping container airbnb on the beach! You guys are going to love this one…

Here’s a complete tour of the place we stayed… As soon as I instagrammed it, lots of people wanted to see more and requested the full workup, so I won’t disappoint you!

Modern Patio FurnitureWe pulled into this spot and I immediately knew it was a good find! The modern aesthetic is unlike any other structure on Carolina Beach. There were a ton of amazing beach houses- you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s exterior post, but this was just so different.

Outdoor Beach ShowerWhat this place lacked in space, it made up for in functionality and practicality- like this outdoor shower for rinsing sand after a day at the beach.

Turkish Towel in Outdoor ShowerYou better believe we spent a couple hours on this spacious deck sipping pina coladas at the end of the day.

Yellow Beach Patio FurnitureInside was even better. I’m always hesitant the moment just before opening the door to a new rental or hotel. You can either be surprised in a good way, or disappointed in a bad (sometimes very bad) way. Luckily, this place exceeded my expectations.

Tiny House Hallway

Tiny Bedroom with Round SconcesI obviously wouldn’t suggest a family stay here, but it’s the perfect size for a couple. There are actually two shipping containers on the same lot, so it would be super fun to go on vacation with another couple or a group of four. I’m imagining a fun getaway with girlfriends!

Black and White ArtworkOn the opposite end of the container is the living room and kitchen. It actually feels pretty roomy for being considered a tiny house. The use of space and minimal design really helps to open things up.

Minimal Modern Living Room

Modern Leather Sofa

Beach FedoraI’m into those dark countertops, original art, and I was also pretty pumped to find good cold brew coffee in the fridge. Major bonus points for this airbnb!

Abstract Beach Art

Black and White Minimal Kitchen

Slingshot Cold Brew CoffeeI was honestly a little concerned about the bathroom because after booking my reservation, I noticed the outdoor shower. I was reallllly hoping that wasn’t the only shower in the space. I let out a sigh of relief once opening the door to a full bath in the little container, complete with modern style and finishes. Pretty beautiful, right?

Black and White Modern Bathroom

Nate Berkus towel

Black Soapstone SinkThey did a nice job of mixing high / low end fixtures and details. I can appreciate a Hansgrohe faucet, but at the same time- a Nate Berkus towel works just fine while looking good!

White Subway Tile with Black Grout

Lucite Floating Towel RackIt’s the details that make a huge difference and set this rental apart. A prime example- the acrylic floating towel rack is functional, saves space, looks fantastic, and uses negative space (or lack of space) to it’s advantage. These sort of qualities make everything feel open and well thought out, even though it’s extremely small in regards to square footage. You certainly don’t feel claustrophobic here.

Black Penny TileIt was so nice to getaway even if it was just for a few days. This post totally isn’t sponsored- I just loved this place so much I knew you guys would, too! I’m all about finding unique and interesting places to stay while traveling. If you have any favorite places (airbnb or others) post them in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Have you ever thought about writing a post on how to find good airbnbs? I see posts of wonderful places on the internet but when I go to the airbnb website, I’m overwhelmed with much less inspiring options. I’m fairly new to reading your blog, so forgive me if you have posted about this before.

    Thanks, LRC

    1. Hello!! That’s a great post idea and something I haven’t done before… I’ll add that one to the calendar ;) Thanks for the suggestion. xo

    2. Great idea LRC! I’d love to see a post like that too. It would be incredibly helpful.

      1. It’s in the drafts! ;)

  2. Leah Prevost says:

    Hey Sarah
    Are the floors wood? It’s hard to tell in the pictures but they look amazing! I have never really liked the idea of living in a tiny house, but this shipping container is brilliant. Love it!

    1. Hi Leah! Yes, the floors are original mahogany hardwood. They looked fantastic- probably one of my favorite things about the space! Yeah, I’m with you… I’m not sure I could live in a tiny house full-time, but it’d make a great vacation space. xo

  3. My cousin actually builds homes out of Containers, he lives in Costa Rica. I’ve never had the opportunity to stay in one, this place looks lovely Sarah.

    1. That is awesome! Costa Rica is on our travel list… does he rent them out? :) You would’ve liked the fun art!! xo

  4. Live Simply by Annie says:

    Too cool! That acrylic shelf had to be my favorite part. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lisa manuel says:

    Hey Sarah
    Are the floor surfaces wood? It’s hard to tell in the pictures nonetheless they look amazing! My spouse and I have really like the idea of living in a small house and this shipment container is brilliant that it motivates me to go for such kind of home. Appreciate it!

    1. Hi Lisa, the floors are actually original to the shipping container. They were sanded and stained. I loved the way they looked- industrial and organic! xo

      1. apologies on leaving a comment 15 months later, but do you know if they applied any sort of sealant to the floors over top the stain? i’ve read that those original floors have a bunch of nasty pesticides in them from their original use. any insight would be awesome!

        thank you

  6. Mario Rivera says:

    Hi Sarah, do you know if the container was refurbished locally or purchased as prefab and just installed. I wan t to buy one of this for a farm but not sure how to source one as beautiful as this one. Thanks….Mario

    1. Hi Mario, I’m not certain the exact details on this one. I do believe it was purchased and installed locally. Hope this helps!