Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett’s Workplace) : Part 2

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comYesterday I shared Part 1 of Emmett’s workplace project, and today I’m back with Part 2 of the Mapleleaf office reveal! If you missed yesterday’s post, read that one first… it contains the project intro, how I became involved, and a big tour of the entire first floor. Today, I’m taking you upstairs for a tour of the second level of the Mapleleaf building. As we head upstairs, you’ll see lots of employee offices and a design resource room. Ready to check it out? Let’s go!

For sources, I’ll drop shopping sliders below applicable images! I think it will be easier to navigate than a GIANT roundup.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comWe’re going to begin the tour in the design resource room (aka- my favorite room at Mapleleaf)! It’s a collaborative space where employees can brainstorm, pull swatches, put together plans for their clients, and create physical moodboards. We designed custom cabinets that house their samples (veneers, laminates, wood swatches, countertop materials, surfaces, etc). The outermost, white cabinet door is actually a dry erase board. Each pocket cabinet door slides back to reveal the next panel of swatches. There are a total of three compartments with sliding doors, so the unit really houses a LOT of samples and is very functional. Want to see what this room looked like before?

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comThis was a dated office building that was filled with furniture, carpet, and finishes from the 80’s and 90’s. It needed a LOT of updates. Remember the credenza in our basement media room? It actually got pulled from the office during demolition and I asked Emmett to dig it out of the dumpster for me. It was the same oak as the furniture pictured above… I just painted it navy. With the help of the architect, we totally reconfigured the entire floor plan.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comOur main goal for this room was to provide a casual, creative space for brainstorming concepts, client presentations, and storage for all of the samples and swatches.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comI asked Emmett to model for me to show scale, but this space gets a ton of natural light and is just a happy, functional, inspiring room. I think that’s why I like it so much! It’s an easy space in which to create, collaborate, and converse. I also wanted to install a standing desk or table for pulling swatches and mood boarding. I knew I wanted the table to be bright white, so that the samples look their most accurate against it. This particular spot gets the best natural light and is perfect for solidifying swatches and making important color decisions.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comTo the left of the design resource room is a hallway lined with offices on both sides. It has a very open concept feel because the interior walls of the hallway are glass… again- we were going for a masculine, industrial look in the office.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comThe glass allows for a more collaborative, open environment, and filters natural light throughout the entire space… even the offices that don’t have a window to the exterior. Everyone can see a glimpse of natural light from their vantage point.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comI installed two occasional chairs and a side table to accompany them for each employee’s office. It was quite the task choosing so many unique chairs and tables, while making sure they all felt cohesive under the same roof…. especially since they’re all very visible thanks to the glass walls.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comReady to venture into Emmett’s office? It’s pretty much what you’d expect! I didn’t really photograph desks (in general) because of privacy concerns- some employees had stacks of paperwork / documents sitting out, or family photos on their desks, so I tried to avoid shooting desks altogether. Emmett probably has the most messy desk of all of the employees- organized chaos. Stacks of paper everywhere! He and I are so different in regards to our preferred workflow.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comEmmett finally got a pair of leather chairs he has been dreaming of for so long! I styled a little seating vignette in the corner of his office. These leather chairs swivel, and are the perfect place to catch up on work, without having to be stuck behind a desk the entire day.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comHe also has two swivel chairs in front of his desk, which makes it easy to converse with coworkers. While these don’t look like swivel chairs, the top (upholstered part) of the chairs swivels… they’re pretty neat and are proving to be very functional!

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comMoving out of Emmett’s office, there are two employee restrooms on this level… one is conveniently located next door to his office. They’re unisex and are ADA compliant, so they’re not as shiny and designerly as the bath I shared yesterday on the main level, but they’re clean and functional. They have touchless faucets, soap, paper towel dispensers, etc. There are water fountains and reusable water bottle fillers outside in the hall as well.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comI was also responsible for choosing wall art. I tried to keep things simple, abstract, and cohesive throughout. I wanted to source pieces that made the office feel more welcoming, a little less masculine, but also generic so each employee could add their own family photos / inspiring pieces to their desk & boards.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comMy main goal was to furnish each office to feel unique, but also apart of a larger family. Some offices house a single employee, while others are split in half and people share a divided space. The engineering office, for example, likes to work together in one giant collaborative room. I should’ve photographed the room as a whole, but it’s divided up into sections. Each employee has multiple screens going, and it’s truly an impressive setup! I like walking into engineering just to see what everyone is up to- drawing, sketching, designing, and planning.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comAll of that to say- I really tried to listen to how each Mapleleaf employee uses their space, and then furnish accordingly. Whether it was a collaborative office unit or a unit for a single person, lots of thought went into floor planning.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comOffices on one side of the glass hallway have a window with an exterior view, while offices on the opposing side of the hall have a window view into the shop where products are being manufactured. You can see in the image below, a glimpse into the shop from an upstairs office.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comThis is especially important and convenient for employees who have office jobs that involve the shop or production. Our friend and Emmett’s coworker, Tiffany (shown below), works from the office pictured above. It’s nice because she focuses on quality control and can watch the products she’s responsible for, being manufactured in real time. Side note: she also has the cutest doodle who is best buds with Crosby.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comI promised to give you a peek into the shop because that’s really where the magic happens. Safety glasses are required, but I like walking through to see what everyone is building.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comIt’s basically one of two massive workshops with multiple machines buzzing, people running around or set up at stations, making plans come to fruition.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comFrom building to operating fancy machinery to quality control, it’s really a cool place! Perhaps it’s the creative or fine artist in me, but “the shop” is probably the most exciting space at Mapleleaf- it’s always bustling with activity. Emmett and I are also lucky he works here because we’ve been able to take advantage of the shop after hours. Many of our home projects (like our built-ins) were cut to precision on the machines or sprayed in their paint booth for a professional, perfect finish. It’s pretty wonderful to have access to professional technology, equipment, and tools from time-to-time. Ready to step back into the offices from the shop?

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comLet’s pop over to the last and largest office on the tour. This is where the owner of the company works! You might notice some familiar pieces (like my coveted brass coffee table).

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comSince this office is pretty large, we had plenty of room to incorporate a comfortable seating area with swivel chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comI also included a couple ottomans in the design plan, because employees often congregate and brainstorm in here. They make easy seats that can be pulled into the conversation area.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comAside from the TV on the wall behind the sofa, the large framed “window” that looks like a dry erase board is total magic. With the flip of a switch, it changes from a dry erase board to a transparent, clear glass window that overlooks the shop. The first time I saw it in action, I was mesmerized!

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 -

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comCarpet was one of the trickiest things to get right in this commercial setting. We looked at numerous swatches and ultimately- I landed on this cool blue / gray option with lots of variation. I like that it feels modern, hides dirt easily, and softens the space with an organic pattern.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comEmmett has been working on employee merch and integrating their new logo lately. From hats and bags to apparel, it has been really fun watching the identity I designed for them unfold.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comTo the owner and employees of Mapleleaf– in the shop and in the office… I want to send a big THANK YOU for trusting me and letting me take over to put the finishing touches on your new office. I hope each and every one of you enjoys it and it makes your day a little brighter.

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - roomfortuesday.comAnd to YOU- my friends, readers, and Room for Tuesday community… thank you for your kind words about this project and for showing up to check out something new. I know this wasn’t my typical “room reveal”, but it was a project I enjoyed tackling, nonetheless. Were you into it? What are your thoughts on how things turned out? Could you totally see Emmett working here each day? Tomorrow I’ll have a regular blog post per usual for you, so be sure to check back for that!

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  1. Definitely the coolest office spaces I’ve ever seen! How fortunate for those employees to have their preferences and work style considered in their office design. I can only imagine how much that might contribute to their day-to-day productivity and happiness. What a beautiful job you did making each employee’s area unique and functional! Most corporate environments seem to buy 500 of the same chair/table combo and call it good. We spend so much of our lives in a work environment, I wish all spaces could be so thoughtfully designed for humans. Excellent work and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Peggi! I hope they’re all really happy with it- I know Emmett loves being at the office, having a cool & comfortable work environment. That was something I really wanted to avoid… the 50 chairs and tables that are identical and repetitive. I felt like choosing different options for each office felt more personal and unique. Hope you’re having a good week :)

  2. This has been the coolest reveal! Every single thing was so well thought out and honestly I just want to tour it because it’s so dang pretty! #officegoals right here! Amazing Sarah!

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! So happy you liked it :) Wish you could take a tour too. It’s so much better in person! xo

  3. Melanie T says:

    Employees who work onsite spend the majority of their day at work need to be in an environment that inspires. It’s obvious that this design overhaul done from scratch was tailored to both employees and customers. I especially loved the intention behind choosing the bright white table in the design room. And not being a carpet aficionado, I never thought I would be ogling the carpet but it’s the perfect touch. Great work Sarah, this project needed you!

    1. I think so too! Thank you so much, Melanie. Really appreciate your kind words :) xo

  4. Very nice offices and touch Sarah! I loved that you took others into account when designing. Your choices from chairs, pictures, fixtures, carpet, etc was so thought out and it shows!
    I really enjoyed the tour! By the way, I have the modern table with magazine sling in my cart for my hubby’s office. I think he would like that.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you, Danna! I appreciate that. The modern table with the magazine sling is really cool, but also really lightweight. I’d recommend throwing a heavy book in the sling to help it stay put. Emmett likes it, but he said it got knocked a time or two. Happy Tuesday :)

  5. Jill Youngberg says:

    Love this! Feels like such a comfortable space to work. Would you mind sharing the carpet spec? I am LOVING it!

    1. Thank you, Jill! The carpet tiles came from FLOR … from their commercial section. It comes in a few different color options :)

  6. Love it! I’m always captivated by well designed office or commercial spaces and you did an incredible job, I would happily come to work in a space like this every day.

    1. Thank you, Liz! I think Emmett is really loving it :) I hope his coworkers are too! xo

  7. Wish you had designed my office Sarah, what a fabulous space to work in

    1. Thanks so much, Jocelyn! xo

  8. Sarah, this is incredible!! What an immense project, with so much to consider, so many choices, and it looks like you knocked it out of the park!! What an accomplishment !!!! These spaces seem so well suited with the aim and aesthetic of the company. Brava!

    1. Thank you, Kim! It was a fun challenge. I’m really happy everything turned out as they expected :) haha! xo

  9. I truly enjoyed being part of the reveal appreciation team, Sarah. It is a fabulous two-part series, so my thanks to you, Emmett, and most certainly to Mapleleaf’s owner (who has excellent taste, BTW).

    So, did anyone else’s brain conjure up that shoe closet scene from “Overboard” when looking at the samples closets? No, just mine?

    Cheers everyone, Ardith

    1. Thank you for that, Ardith! The owner does have excellent taste and was the easiest client ever. He just let me run with it! Hahahaha!! I had to laugh about the sample storage after seeing this. So funny!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week :) xo

  10. Wow, it’s like seeing a side of a friend you never knew about :).

    1. Haha!! I love that :) Surprise!!

  11. So good, Sarah!!! I loved both posts and saved so many of the furnishings you chose for my future projects! What a gorgeous office, really.

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tours :) xo

  12. Stephanie says:

    Looks great! Are you able to share the sources for the doors and carpet? I work in commercial real estate and would love to replicate this in some of our vacant spaces.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! The carpet tiles are from FLOR, and the doors were custom made by Mapleleaf- it was cool that they were able to fabricate and manufacture their own millwork, since that’s their speciality!

  13. Gorgeous!! And you used artwork (blue one from Target) that I recently purchased, so now I feel like I have designer approval from one of my favorite designers! :)