Jordan’s Holiday Home Tour

Hi all! It’s Jordan and I’m back to give you a tour of my 2023 holiday home, along with a closer look at my living room and entryway. Holiday decor is one of my favorite things to collect and it’s so fun for me to pull it out each year… and go a bit over-the-top compared to my usual home styling. Read on to take a closer look at our DIY faux fireplace, a few beauty shots of our St. Bernard, Margo, and all things festive in our home this year!

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Holiday decorating is a fun excuse for me to get a little crafty, invest in quality pieces, and find new ways to use old favorites. This year I purchased a few pieces of garland from Tuesday Made, my new favorite glass candleholders (these will be out year-round!), and some ribbon to bring in a color scheme. I also followed Sarah’s stocking slipcover tutorial to change up the look of our 8-year-old stockings without needing to purchase brand new ones. I hope you enjoy this peek into our home, and stick around until the end to see all the product sources! The last thing I shared with you was my dark green home office.

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Holiday Mantel

As you may already know if you caught my entryway makeover or office tour, my husband and I have been adding character & personality to our first home since purchasing a new-build in 2021. I knew from day one that I wanted a mantle to decorate for the holidays & serve as a design focal point year long. Earlier this year we finally made it happen! We found a quartz remnant from a local countertop shop that we cut to size & honed, and then designed to build a fireplace box, trimmed with moulding and painted black. We tiled the inside with a tumbled travertine in a herringbone pattern & filled the opening with oversized candles. Decorating it for the first time this season made it well worth the effort!

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Our main living area is quite small, and there is only one wall where we could hang a tv… above the fireplace. While not ideal, it gave me the opportunity to talk my husband, Todd, into investing in a Frame tv, since this wall is the first thing you see when walking into our home. We snagged the gold frame during the Black Friday sale this year, and I couldn’t be happier with how this area is coming together. All I did to dress it up for the holidays was hang the garland and stockings asymmetrically, and place my crystal Nicole lamp atop. When the candles are lit, it gives off a surprising amount of heat!

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

If you know me, you know I love a brass bell. I found a set of tiny ones a few years ago, and tied them together to hang from stockings, door handles, and wreaths. Each year I find a new spot for them, and they also make a darling gift-topper!

PS. Margo has Resting St. Bernard Face, but I promise she is paid a fair (treat) wage for her modeling services!

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

All-in-all, this mantle was pretty simple to style, while still making a significant impact on the holiday ambiance in our home. My favorite thing to do in the evenings this time of year is to turn on the Christmas tree, light the fireplace candles, and enjoy a holiday movie. Have you been watching any?

Christmas Tree

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

While my core collection of holiday decor is fairly neutral, I do enjoy switching the color scheme each year with the use of inexpensive baubles and ribbon. This year I pulled a rust tone from our vintage rug, and a contrasting navy silk ribbon to hang from the tree and mantle. I also have a couple sets of ginger jar ornaments from Tuesday Made that are some of my favorite additions to the tree each year. The block print lumbar pillow with the wine toned pattern was the perfect compliment to my color scheme.

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Seasonal Entryway

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Our entryway makeover was the first project we tackled in this home, and remains one of my favorite spaces to style each season. The dresser and mirror (both Facebook Marketplace finds) offer a great foundation of functional decor and make the perfect drop-zone as we come and go. This year I hung my trio of preserved cypress wreaths (a favorite purchase from Tuesday Made a few years ago) over the mirror, added some candles, and of course a couple brass bells.

What I love about this styling is that while it feels special and holiday-ready, just a couple adjustments will allow it to last well into the new year. Be sure to check out the sources (linked below) to find some great deals on high-quality seasonal decor- lots of it is on sale right now!

Get the Look

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

Click directly on each item below to be redirected.

mini brass bells // glass candleholders // taper candles // tree topper // tree // tree collar // embroidered fabric // stockings // magnifying glass // woven lamp shade // floor lamp // gold book // white book // etched brass bells // plaid ornaments // icicle ornaments // ginger jar ornaments // mercury glass ornaments // swivel arm chair // lumbar pillow // nicole table lamp // garland // tv frame

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -


Where did you find the tv art?

Etsy! I found a bunch of winter-themed art for just a few dollars each. It’s fun to swap whenever the mood strikes. You can find the exact art here.

I also have a small home; how did you fit a Christmas tree?

As we began furnishing our living room, I quickly realized our old Christmas tree would not fit in this home. When the time came to purchase a new one, I searched for “slim” and “pencil” style trees. Pay close attention to the dimensions… and measure! I looked for one under 4 feet in diameter, plus you can “cheat” the lowest branches a bit when pushing it against the wall.

I’m not sure whether to pick a tree skirt or tree collar – how did you decide?

Our first year married, Todd and I picked out a matching tree skirt and stockings. We used that tree skirt for many years, and while I loved the look, the collar has been more practical in our current home. Our tree is next to a high traffic area (heading up the stairs) and the tree skirt liked to hold on to dirt and St. Bernard hair, ha. But I like the look of both!

Where did you get the stocking fabric?

I purchased this at my local Joann Fabric, but I found it online! It’s slightly sheer, so I would double up with a muslin fabric underneath if your stockings have any color that you don’t want showing through.

I love the woven floor lamp! Where is it from?

The brass floor lamp was an inexpensive Amazon find! It comes with a white lamp shade, so to avoid the look of a white shade – on white drapery – on white walls, I swapped the shade for this fun woven one. I think it elevates the look and ties in well with the woven window shades and tree collar!

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -


Looking for more holiday posts to put you in the festive mood for the week ahead? Check out some of our favorites below…

Jordan's Holiday Home Tour -

I hope you enjoyed this look into my holiday home and I’m wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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  1. Good morning, Jordan! You had me at “over the top” and Margo pics! Ha. Everything is beautiful, classic, and festive! Your mantel styling feels cozy and just right. Digging the asymmetrical garland and the addition of your crystal lamp. And color me impressed that you built a fireplace?! It looks like it was meant for that spot, and the ambiance is tough to beat. I’ve always loved a mass of hefty pillar candles. Your tree is picture perfect! Adore the pops of navy and rust. (I def zoomed in to inspect your ornament collection!) The entry vignette completely captivated me though! (I spied it in a recent Tuesday Made post!) The trio of mini wreaths on the mirror? Immediately yes! I’m into that graphic, green goodness! (I actually hung the giant size of that exact wreath on an abstract painting this year.) I’ve also been totally crushing on the blown glass candleholders from Tuesday Made! So, so pretty. The etched bells are super gorgeous too. Seasonal, but understated. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday home tour! Please give Margo an extra smoosh for all her hard work.🤣 Wishing you the happiest of holidays, Jordan!💜🎄
    Oh! I forgot to mention floor lamp with the conical woven shade! Design high five!

    1. Jordan Thomson says:

      Hi Peggi! Thank you so much for the kind words. The entry is my favorite, too! And I love that we have matching wreaths to enjoy this season–I love a wreath hung over art. Happy holidays, Peggi!

  2. Merry Christmas Jordan! Your home is gorgeous 😍 and decorated just beautifully for the holidays. Margo is adorable ❤️ Her modeling skills are so graceful, she’s a gem and incredibly photogenic. Super sweet!
    And that fireplace Omg amazing! You guys did a fabulous job, I love the black mantle, the tile work inside is fantastic and major score on the quartz remnant. Yay! I too live in a small house and with limited wall space, we added an electric fireplace to add coziness and heat on chillier days but I like what you and Todd did way better. So much prettier and the candles add such a lovely glow. The garland from the shop, your lovely stockings and sweet touches create the perfect holiday mantle. So striking!
    I also love, love your vintage rug. The color and pattern is so unique. Major score! I’m sure you see so many unique rugs working with Sarah. She’s an expert on the vintage rug front.
    And you really made the Frame TV look like a beautiful piece of art with that customized frame. Fabulous!
    Now that entryway 💝 just beautiful! I love the wreath trio on the mirror and the candle holders are gorgeous. I love each one is a different shape and height, they add such sparkle. Bells always add such a festive feel. Your entryway is modestly sized but it’s big on style Jordan ☺️ Love everything!
    Thanks so much for sharing such an exquisite holiday tour! Have a joyous holiday season and enjoy your gorgeously decorated home 🥂💖🎄cheers!
    And yes, I’ve coerced my husband Andrew to watch three holiday movies with me so far. Haha! Let’s just say I’m in holiday mode here 😜

    1. Jordan Thomson says:

      Hi Colleen! You’re so sweet, thank you very much! I found the vintage rug on Ebay and it was a bit of a risky purchase. The photos were pretty low quality, and when it arrived I was expecting it to be a more neutral color. But it was only $95 and it has been a surprisingly fun splash of color to play with!

  3. Oh gosh I forgot to comment on the star of the tour “ The Tree “ I was so mesmerized by your customized fireplace I neglected to mention it. Lol
    It’s classic, elegant and timeless and I love the color palette too. It’s also the perfect size for the room, well done! Merry Christmas again…..

    1. Jordan Thomson says:

      Thank you very much and Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to watch at least a few more festive movies!

  4. Oh Jordan- 😍😍😍 Everything about this is stunning! Your diy fireplace is the star of the show. What a fun project to tackle! I’m also constantly inspired by your entryway; the FBMP finds are top notch, but the way you style them makes them even more dreamy. My favorite touch in the entryway is the wreaths on the mirror. The color palette you chose for the tree is the perfect compliment to your vintage rug; I also think it’s fun you have two sets of ginger jar ornaments. Note to self: when you can’t decide between two sets, get both, ha! I love the look. My last favorite has nothing to do with your Christmas decor; but I can’t get over staring at your window treatments. The contrast of the Roman shade and the white curtains is captivating me. You’ve done a beautiful job on your home; thank you for sharing it with us. P.S. Margot is an absolute doll!!! 😍

    1. I can’t believe I forgot to wish you and your husband a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you’ve enjoyed the season, and have a relaxed and blessed holiday!

      1. Jordan Thomson says:

        Merry Christmas to you, Lauren! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    2. Jordan Thomson says:

      Hi Lauren, thank you so much! The entry wreaths are some of my favorite pieces to pull out each year & hanging them on the mirror lets me admire them each time I leave the house. And you are absolutely right…I just had to snag the ginger jar ornaments in each color (I also purchased the crimson ones to give to my mom)! And thank you for noticing the window treatments… those were the very first thing we purchased for the living room to provide some privacy and they instantly warmed up the then white box!