2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comIt’s really feeling festive around here thanks to our recent snow! We traded the Arizona sunshine & warm temps for a thick blanket of snow upon our arrival home from our Thanksgiving road trip. I can’t believe Emmett & I have yet to dust off our skis and enjoy a powder day. All in time! Work has been increasingly busy (thanks to all your Tuesday Made orders, we’ve been excitedly boxing & packing), and we’re finally getting settled back in here at home. I feel like we can truly begin to embrace the holiday season and enjoy our house… after all, it’s my favorite this time of year! Click through for a quick peek at our exterior decked out for the season. I always like to keep it simple… classic greenery, wreaths, garland, and ribbon. Our colonial exterior doesn’t need a lot this time of year once it’s blanketed with snow anyway. It’s an exterior that feels festive on its own and doesn’t require much decor. If you missed my interior holiday tour, check that out here. Otherwise, enjoy our winter wonderland! 

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI love a simple wreath adorning each window with a festive ribbon… it feels very timeless to me. We’ve been using these exterior wreaths for years- I’m pretty sure they don’t even make them anymore, but they’ve held up well and we continue to use them.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comEmmett & I have exterior wreath installation down to a science at this point. I get a lot of messages asking how we hang them from our second story and if it requires an extra tall ladder… the answer is surprisingly no. We don’t even have to brave cold temperatures and snow because we hang them from the inside of the window. We open the window, toss the wreath out (while holding onto the ribbon it’s tied to), slowly begin to shut the window, and sandwich the ribbon between the sash as it locks into place. Easy! It does take both of us because it requires four hands, but it works.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThis year I switched up our exterior door vignette a bit. In addition to my cedar trees in the planters and my wreaths, I added a really gorgeous garland to the architrave for added color & texture. It came from McGee & Co and looks incredibly realistic! It’s definitely my new favorite garland on our exterior- I’ve very happy with it. Here’s a closer look (it even feels real)….

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe always outline our roofline with warm white Christmas lights, as well as spiral wrap our columns… and when I say “we” I mean our Christmas light techs. Hah! I’ve forbidden Emmett from climbing on our roof ever again, so we hire the light installation each year. We own the lights- they just put them up for us. It works out well and is more cost effective than other holiday lighting operations in our area. I’ll have to grab some evening shots for you with them twinkling and aglow.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI also snagged some bells from McGee & Co (they’re a local-to-me company… which is very convenient)– they perfectly match our exterior door hardware. I’m very into that warm antique brass patina… so stunning! They add a playful touch of holiday cheer to our handlesets.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI still love our old monogrammed doormats… we have a large one at the front door and a smaller one at the back french doors (pictured below). They’re incredibly durable and have been perfect for snow and winter boots. They’ve held up far better than I could have hoped.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI don’t really decorate the sides of our home or the garage since they’re not visible from the street, but I’d like to think the plants and snow-covered fixtures look pretty decent on their own… anytime of year, really. Someday we will be replacing our gutters and soffit- we’re just saving up after having replaced the roof last year.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe storage shed is about as charming as it gets during the holiday season! I always tie up a few wreaths and stuff the window planters… I finished those just in time for the big snowfall. I tackled them the day before we left for Thanksgiving and I’m so happy I made time for that pesky projects.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comCan you believe all that greenery hiding under the snow is faux?! I’m never going back after it worked so well for us last holiday season. You can find the tutorial and sources here!

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI love that our property nestles up to the edge of the woods… we always have anywhere from 8-14 deer sleeping in our yard in this area during the evening hours and have caught some interesting wildlife on our game camera (including cougars & mountain lions)!

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comIt’s good to know what’s around so we can keep a close eye on our dogs. There is a pretty active game trail behind the shed, which reminds me of where I grew up. I like having a little slice of nature in our suburbia backyard.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of how I grew up… I was lucky enough to know and love two amazing grandfathers. My mom’s dad (my actual grandpa) and my “Pa” (a relative I considered my second grandpa)… sadly my dad’s father was tragically murdered and I never got the opportunity to meet him, but I feel thankful to have had two wonderful grandfathers in my life. Grandparents are truly the best! Anyway, my Pa built me this birdhouse back in 2013 and it has been hanging at our house ever since.

Not that it’s holiday decor, but this birdhouse has moved with us from home-to-home, across the country, and holds a special place in my heart, as Pa unexpectedly passed in 2015- a couple years after he gave it to me. Emmett has repaired it multiple times and there is ALWAYS a bird living inside. During the winter months, I always put out bird seed and watch a family of birds take refuge here amongst the snow. It’s a sweet reminder for me- especially during the holiday season. I love that he wrote on the bottom of it.

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe snow definitely put me in the festive Christmas mood this week! I’m really looking forward to all the holiday, seasonal, and winter activities we love this time of year. I’ve been eating clean (I have another surgery coming up in a couple weeks, so I’m trying to be super healthy until then), but I’m definitely missing baking holiday treats in our kitchen… hopefully I can get back to it soon! Aside from that, I’m looking forward to skiing, watching holiday movies, cranking the Christmas tunes, socializing at holiday parties, gift giving, and spending time with loved ones. What are you looking forward to this season?

2022 Exterior Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed my exterior holiday home tour this year! The snow came at the perfect time, so I was able to photograph everything yesterday. Let me know if you have questions about any sources, and I’ll drop the main things below…

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  1. Good morning! What’s more beautiful than evergreens under a fresh blanket of snow? I adore the classic look of your outdoor holiday decor. From tasteful greenery to black and brass accents and the lovely crimson ribbons, you’ve really perfected the winter wonderland aesthetic! Speaking of ribbon, is that a special outdoor variety, or do you have to replace it every so often? I’m also still trying to picture the mechanics of your wreath hanging…do your windows tilt in? Fab that they can be affixed so easily! Gotta give props to your amazing natural environment. Mom Nature takes her job seriously. I’m not sure my dogs could stand the excitement of constant deer activity, but what a dream to have a forest in the backyard! Your charming bird house and sweet Pa connection warmed my heart. My Bumpa was a feisty rascal; grandparents are a special gift. What is it about the winter holiday season that brings out the nostalgia? Hmmm, maybe it’s time for another batch of Nana’s molasses cookies. On an unrelated note, boo to a surgery?! But getting you healed and well is the goal. Hopefully, you’ll be recovered in no time and able to truly enjoy all of your favorite seasonal shenanigans! Sending healthy energy and warm hugs!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Thank you… the ribbon is just regular wired satin ribbon. We’ve used the same ribbon the past 3 years and it still looks great (no water staining). I do trim the ends a bit because a few of them have frayed, but it has held up really well outside. Our windows do tilt, but we don’t tilt them to install the wreaths. Maybe I’ll record a video because it is a bit of a funny acrobatic move to make it happen. Ha! We just smoosh the ribbon between the windows and lock it into place. Our dogs and the deer are definitely entertained and intrigued by one another… as you might imagine, there is lots of barking (I’m sure our neighbors are thrilled). I loved reading about your Bumpa!! Grandparents really are a special gift, and you’re right about the holiday nostalgia. I vote yes to those molasses cookies! Yes- surgery again because my body just won’t behave this year. I’m hoping it will lead to answers and a healthier 2023. This week I have 5 doctor appointments that should hopefully shed light on recent lab results. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the healthy energy. Have an amazing day! xo

  2. Sending you healing vibes on your surgery!

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! Happy Holidays :)

  3. Oh wow! It’s a gorgeous winter wonderland, your house looks so beautiful Sarah! Love the wreaths, garland and planters such a classic look ❤️ We are currently in Savannah today heading to North Carolina shortly. Looks like we won’t be encountering any snow, your post feels so festive I’m craving some of that fluffy winterland goodness. Your exterior tour is exquisite and perfectly sweet. Love everything 😍 Your shed is so adorable too! I love that you decorate it. Got to run but I should be home by your next post on Friday. Have a fantastic day!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I hope you were able to enjoy Savannah for a day or two- I love that city! We’re hoping to visit friends in Charleston and Charlotte in 2023. North Carolina is so beautiful. I hope you have a fun and safe road trip on your way home!! Happy traveling and happy holidays :) xo

    2. Colleen, we were just visiting Charleston and upper North Carolinas (Chapel Hill, Asheville) and loved the beautiful trees! Savannah is on my list of must see places! Great food in Carolinas too! Safe travels!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Looks gorgeous. Any advice for getting the drapey bow look on your wreaths?

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I use wire ribbon, so it’s easy to bend & manipulate. I just kind of pull the loops downward to mimic gravity and make them look more natural. I hope that helps!

  5. Snow is the perfect decor addition! Your home is just magical with the snow, wreaths and garland! Since snow is a rarity in Texas, we buy lights that cast snow flakes onto our house at night.LOL! I am with you, no more holiday light installations from our husbands. Leaving it to the professionals (aka another brave soul). Speaking of snow, you must let me know if using the whisk gets snow off the pups. I thought it was genius and something you could definitely use.
    Grandparents are the BEST! Mine raised me. Your birdhouse is adorable and such a token of love and reminders.
    Sarah, sorry to hear you are having another surgery. Eating clean isn’t easy this time of year. You are doing great and I am pulling for you on surgery, recovery and feeling better. Wonderful news about Tuesday Made. Your little store has the best items! Have a great Wednesday!

    1. I love the snow! Thanks for your sweet words, Danna. I love that you cast flurries onto your home since you’re in Texas… that’s so festive! If you ever want to come visit during the winter months for some snow, you’re always welcome. I’m with you on hiring out the holiday light installation… no more climbing for our husbands. I’d much rather leave it to the professionals. It makes me so nervous. I tried the whisk trick on Crosby and he is now terrified of the whisk. I need to get creative with some positive reinforcement. Haha! I love hearing about your grandparents. They are truly the best! I definitely cherish those memories with them. Thanks for your support and for pulling for me. I’m feeling very optimistic and am ready for a better health year :) 2023 is looking up. Thank you- I’m really grateful Tuesday Made has been keeping us busy! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, friend. xo

  6. Your house in a blanket of snow will always be my favorite- but adorned with wreaths and pretty ribbon is top notch, classic Christmas! Good morning Sarah. Oh how I envy your double hung windows! Our upper story windows are the typical side-to-side opening windows (an oversight of the builders who installed the front windows a mere 3’ from the floor- if that! This nervous mama won’t let the kids open their windows all the way). If we stay in this house long enough to replace the windows that is the biggest change I will gladly invest in…that and having windows in the front room that actually open. Our house is ultra lack luster on the exterior because we only light the lower ledge with lights- no roof climbing for Jeff. It might be worth it to see how much it would be to hire out the lighting on the upper ledge…hmm. You’ve given me food for thought. I love hearing about your Pa and the sweet handmade birdhouse. I grew up with four sets of grandparents and my grandma Marjie made us the best gifts. An oak card holder for when we were too little to hold our hands of cards easily; a set of wooden dominos in a wooden box; a checkerboard she made and painted herself- one side traditional checkers, the other Chinese checkers. She even tumbled rocks found on her property to make the marbles! She used to make me jewelry all the time too- and most of those gifts have traveled everywhere with me over the years. The kids still have the checkerboard and marbles- and I’ve been searching high and low for the card holders. Anyway- I’ll have to tell you about how grandma Marjie and grandpa Eddie built their home from their two hands and the trees on their property…a tenacious woman to say the least. I may get to see her in February. Needless to say- grandparents make the holidays so much more special. Lately I’ve been craving the wooden thimble ornaments I remember from my other grandmother’s Christmas tree- some thrift shopping this season may be fruitful for finding those. I’ll be sending all the cheerful and healing vibes your way- surgery this time of year doesn’t sound fun, but if it’s one step closer to a healthier year ahead, then so be it, right? Im praying for more solid answers for you on this journey, and as always, here to lend a listening ear. I hope you have a fantastic day. The holiday tour is gorgeous as always! Xo

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I just love it this time of year… classic Christmas, indeed! I would be nervous too, if my windows were installed like that- especially with kids. Eek! Windows are such an expensive investment though. We have a few we need to replace. Your grandparents sound amazing- especially Marjie! All of those thoughtful gifts she made for you, that your kids can now enjoy. That’s what it’s all about! SO sweet. I also loved reading about she and Eddie building their home from trees on their property. That’s incredible. Grandparents really are a gift. Thanks for the health vibes! I’m hoping to have more answers and a MUCH healthier 2023. I think my doctors are finally starting to figure me out (fingers crossed). My surgery will basically be the same one I had in January, so it’s kind of funny to be closing the year the same way I opened it. Ha! Thanks for being here for me. I appreciate your friendship so much! Hope you’re having an amazing week! xo

  7. I love all of this…but would you mind sourcing the terracotta pots that have the little handles molded on the sides? It looks like it might be next to your garage.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you, Libby! I wish I had easy links, but both of those are vintage. Sorry!