Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining

I’m back with the last stop on my annual holiday interior tour… I wanted to give you a look at our kitchen and dining room. While our dining room is unfinished, I still enjoy adding some seasonal decor to the space. We’re actually hosting this year, which I’m very excited for. I can’t wait to put the kitchen to good use, cook some festive dishes, and celebrate the season with friends. Click through for the tour…

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

While I would have loved to insert some seasonal equestrian personality into our kitchen this holiday, I’ll admit- I did the minimum in this room. Sometimes that’s all you need… garland over the windows, a topiary or two, cozy favorite cookbooks, and celebrating the season with festive food. However, if you missed any of the previous rooms on my annual holiday tour this year (with horses mixed in), I’ll link them for you below:

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -


Our kitchen is still such a happy room in our home that we always gravitate toward…. especially this time of year! Emmett hung up the garland this year, so he can take credit for the window styling.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

I brought in some smaller seasonal touches- like our new douglas fir candles from the shop, a few mini wreaths, and new hand soap that smells just like Christmas.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

I’ve also been marking recipes for our holiday meals, which means cookbooks are all over the place, at the moment. Here’s a simple holiday styling tip for you… restyle your cookbooks, leave one turned opened to a favorite recipe (propped on an easel), and bring out your charcuterie boards ahead of time for added warmth in the kitchen. Those little cozy touches make a big difference.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

Here’s to hoping our range can do the job this year, but just in case- Emmett has extra igniters on hand. If you missed my honest review of the GE Cafe Range, it’s laughable at this point. We’ve ruined quite a bit of food around the holidays, so we’ve learned our lesson and have been saving up for a new option! I styled this area with a simple rosemary topiary and added a ribbon to it. That’s another great holiday decorating hack… add ribbon to ALL the things (sconces, topiaries, vases, hooks, hardware, etc).

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

If you missed our kitchen shelving update, the coffee bar got a little glow up almost a year ago. We pulled a shelf swap and I’ve loved it even more since. From coffees and teas to cocoa, this area always gets a hard workout during the winter months. It’s a really functional area for us, and I’m looking forward to making festive drinks to sip fireside in the weeks ahead.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

A Kitchen Christmas Tradition

One tradition in the kitchen I look forward to every December is carrying on my family’s classic butter sugar cookie recipe. These are divine (melt in your mouth GOOD) and it just doesn’t feel like Christmastime until I’ve whipped up a big batch of these.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

I’ve also loved how many of you have adopted this tradition and have reached out to me with photos and notes while making these cookies. So heart warming! I took a note from my grandma’s book and give them as gifts. Check out this post for more DIY food gifts & packaging ideas.


In regards to sources, I’ll link what I can! Much of what I have in the kitchen & dining room is either old or vintage, at this point.

Click directly on each item below to be redirected.

Please let me know if I missed anything you’re interested in, and I’d be happy to share or track down something similar!

Dining Room

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -

Our vintage dining set and credenza is probably the coolest thing about our dining room, since it’s unfinished, but I still enjoy decorating! The buffet only takes a single garland strand, and it’s amazing what tapered candles and holiday chocolates & candies can do to elevate a space. Cute, right? Throw in some vintage decor and candles, and suddenly it feels like the unfinished shell of a room doesn’t matter as much!

Christmas Tour: Kitchen & Dining -


Do you have more information or photos of your vintage dining furniture?

I do! Give this post a read- it contains the last piece of our dining set puzzle… it’s my most recent feature on the furniture. We restored the complete set.

Do you have any recommendations for a holiday dining table centerpiece?

Check out my wispy pine needle arrangement DIY. I also love the texture of that one. You could use the matching garland down the center of the table, like a runner for added color and wispy texture, too.

What is one thing you make for every holiday meal (besides the cookies)?

Deviled eggs… always.

What color are your kitchen cabinets?

This is my most asked about question… ever. I wrote a post all about the paint color: color matching our kitchen cabinets.

I hope you enjoyed this one! We’re headed to the airport for our much anticipated vacation, so I did want to let you know- blog posts will resume as normal, but I won’t be responding to comments until I return to my desk! It may be a bit, but rest assured- I’ll be reading them in real time. I always love to hear what you think and am happy to answer any questions!

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  1. Good morning! Your kitchen is so gorgeous that the energy alone makes it festive, but of course a few extra touches can’t hurt. Honestly, since this is a working room, you don’t actually need much more than beautiful greenery and bows, imho. You get bonus points for seasonal soap scents though! As for your dining room, I did chuckle at you referring to it as an “unfinished shell of a room.” It’s pretty lovely for a pre-renovation space. Also, I discovered that I have never read about getting the leaf to your table?! The date of the post was during my trip to Alaska a couple summers ago, so that explains it. All caught up now. 😄 How exciting to be hosting for the holidays; that table is meant for shared celebrations, and I love the vintage credenza in that spot. Your bowl of gold-wrapped candy reminds me of a childhood tradition. We always had a bowl of mixed nuts and a nut cracker on the coffee table. Something about all the different shells was so captivating for me. Ha. So simple, but it absolutely signaled the holidays. Anyway, the house looks stunning! Thanks for so much fabulous inspiration. Have the most amazing (and rejuvenating!) adventure!! So exciting. I’m off to the grocery store and to dye some napkins today…because crazy. 🤣 Happy Thanksgiving, gang!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Peggi! Thank you so much! I do love our kitchen… and it’s always fun to hang up some garland for the holidays. I strategically photograph the dining room, so you can’t see the half installed crown moulding. Haha! It stopped halfway around the room. Laurie Anne and Taylor are headed up from Arizona to spend Christmas with us and I could not be more excited to host and have a low key Christmas at home. I loved reading about your childhood tradition of mixed nuts and a nut cracker- so fun! Love that idea! I think you should bring that one back. Please send photos of your hand dyed napkins- that sounds super fun!! Enjoy! I’m off to the airpot. Happy Thanksgiving!! xox

  2. I never tire of seeing your gorgeous kitchen Sarah and all your holiday touches like the garland really make it feel quite festive. Speaking of the garland you changed it up this year or should I say Emmett did ☺️ While I absolutely adore the wispy pine garland the cedar garland is incredibly lush and it frames the windows beautifully. And your holiday sugar cookies look scrumptious and beautiful as always. And sweet Cash lounging on your rug is darling. You always capture the cutest photos of the pups ❤️ Lorrie never cooperates for pictures, you have to take them secretly.
    I know you always say your dining room is unfinished but honestly it looks pretty finished to me 🥰 I love the Ferraro Rocher chocolate bowl, yum and what a splendid idea! Of course candles always set the mood perfectly too. And the mini wreaths are so sweet.
    I certainly hope you are able to cook without your stove acting up. What a maddening situation, I know you are prepared with igniters but it’s truly crazy 😡 Fingers crossed your oven works, especially since you are hosting. Your kitchen and dining are gorgeous Sarah and your friends are the luckiest. I’m sure they are going to have the best Christmas with you guys Not to mention appreciate the most beautifully decked out home for the holidays 💖
    Have a stupendous vacation Sarah! And Happy Thanksgiving friends! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Colleen! I love the real touch cedar garland from the shop, but I think I’ll bring back the wispy pine next year. It’s just my favorite- and it feels like tradition at this point. Ha! Cash and Cross will do anything for a treat, lol! That’s always the secret to my photos. They know when the camera comes out they’re going to get rewarded for being still and cute. I honestly don’t love Ferraro Rocher, but they’re Emmett’s favorites during the holiday, so I like to keep a bowl out. Anyone who comes over usually grabs one. Another fun December tradition! I think we’ve replaced our igniter 7-8 times at this point. I can’t wait to get a new range… it’s on the list for 2024. Hope you have a great week, friend! I’m off to the airport! xo

  3. I’m late to the party on this one, but your kitchen never disappoints. The cedar garland is so luscious above your window- but I’ll admit, I miss the wispy pine needle one. It’s my favorite garland from the shop, but this view is equally stunning. I love the touches of brown you brought in- the ribbons, candles and boards tie in well with your theme. You’ve made a fantastic argument for decorating with the functional pieces of the room and I love it! I always laugh when you refer to the dining room as unfinished- it’s beautiful as is! The credenza is perhaps my favorite vintage piece of yours, and it’s looking fantastically festive. Our Thanksgiving was one for the books- I did a more formal table this year with a simple runner, candles, and cloth napkins. It was simple and elegant and felt so cozy and inviting. I hope you’re having a lovely time on your trip! Off to catch up on the latest post. I hope everyone had a joyous weekend!