Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap

Let’s talk gift wrap! It’s hard to believe Christmas is exactly one week away. While some of my gifts are still trickling in, I’ve began my gift wrapping process… which is one holiday task I thoroughly enjoy. No matter how much you spend on the gift inside the package, I think the intention and presentation is nearly as important. This year, I opted for simple & classic monochromatic wrapping paper and ribbon. A tone on tone look that works with any aesthetic, any time of year. Click through for a quick post, affordable gift wrap sources, and to see how mine are shaping up this holiday season!

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -

Tonal Gift Wrap

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -

While I love a patterned paper, this year I decided to keep it classic with solids. Heavy kraft paper, silky satin ribbon in a rich chocolate tone, and crisp corners are all I felt my gifts needed this season. I contemplated adding a wax seal, like I do on my holiday cards, but ultimately decided simple was best!

Paper & Ribbon Pairings

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -

Click directly on each gift image below for the solid wrapping paper- satin ribbon colors are linked below the collage.

chocolate // navy // olive // green // red // gray // blue // black // purple

Some of these aren’t the exact tone, but I think playing around to find your preferred color combo is half the fun. Hopefully these Amazon sources will give you a good starting point, at the very least! Naturally, the top three in the collage are my personal favorites.

Wrapping Tools

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -

I know there are a lot of fancy gift wrapping tools and gadgets out there, that would probably be very helpful for my own comfort… but my system and winning combination has always been simple: scissors, clear tape, heavy paper, pretty ribbon, and a slow methodical mindset. I have found double sided tape to be helpful, as well as scrapbooking tape runners, but typically I just use whatever I have on hand.


Could you link your exact ribbon and paper?

Of course! Here is the wrapping paper, along with the satin ribbon. The exact ones I purchased.

Do you tie each bow the same?

No… I usually end up cutting my ribbon too short or too long, so depending on the length- I work with what I have. Ha. I do like that they’re all a little different though. Since the colors are all the same, the unique bows keep it a bit more interesting.

How do you hide the tape?

I make tape rolls to hide on the inside of the paper, instead of exposed tape on top. You can also use double sided tape! I just ran out this year.

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -


Looking for more holiday related posts and inspiration as we near Christmas? I’ll copy some recent favorites for you below!

Classic Monochromatic Gift Wrap -

I hope your week is off to a good start and you’re feeling excited and hopeful this holiday season! I know it’s easy to become overwhelmed and this time of year can be emotionally charged. I hit the ground running upon returning home from vacation, but I’ve been trying to pack in all the fun holiday activities we missed while we were away. We’re looking forward to the arrival of our holiday house guests this weekend! Here’s to a fun & festive week ahead.

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  1. Good morning! How did I not know butcher paper was available in small rolls and non-school bulletin board colors? 🤯 I used to plaster entire walls with that stuff; it’s amazing! (No can do beige classrooms, Sarah.🤣) For gift wrapping though, I’ve only ever seen folks use grocery bag brown. Your selection is a delight! I really do like the monochrome sophistication, but I would have such a tough time choosing! I’d buy multiple hues, notice all the different gorgeous combos, and, before you know it, color chaos. Hopeless. I’m always so impressed with your bows too. Regardless of how many tutorials I watch, mine are mostly underwhelming. Maybe I need practice? Truthfully, I only exchange gifts with a small handful of people, so I don’t wrap oodles of presents. Lately, we’ve been focused on experience gifts, so I have no packages at all. I suppose I could proffer a pretty parcel with a description inside, but we often discuss the event in advance. Yikes. No surprises either. I promise we enjoy your gifts! Ha. This week I’m working on a big cake project for a friend, so I’m scheduled into the kitchen every day. Happy girl here. I hope your week is productive, but also packed with holiday goodness, Sarah!💜🎄

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Peggi! Ha, teacher brain… I can only imagine all the tasks & crafts spent with this paper! I’m guessing the kids don’t appreciate boring beige & brown quite like I do. Lol! My grandma use to recycle the comic section of the newspaper and all of our gifts were wrapped in “the funnies” which was always super fun. I thought about bringing that back one year, but I don’t think our local paper even has that anymore. We don’t do many gifts either… what you see here is pretty much all of them. We’re on the same page with experiences- I love that mindset for making memories, learning, and spending quality time together. My mom used to be (and sometimes still is) the queen of homemade “coupons”. She’d wrap up a note she made & printed from Word or Clipart (haha!) that describes the experience or gift… “one ski day from Mom” or “movie night at the theater”. Emmett & I still make fun of her printed notes, but look back on them fondly. Enjoy your time in the kitchen this week- I’m jealous! That sounds delightful. xo

  2. These gifts look delicious! Like a wrapped up bar of chocolate waiting to be devoured, hahah! I’ve yet to dive into a monochromatic look for packages, but I do love how simple and classic it feels. The past few years I’ve been enjoying the vintage inspired prints on Christmas paper, but next year I think I’ll try this. My favorites are the navy, olive green, and the almost purple cranberry. One plus about doing this for me: I NEVER have birthday paper on hand, and any of these colors would be fantastic for birthdays, paired with a fun color contrast ribbon, or gift embellishments. This would be a great way to go for me too, since I inevitably buy too much paper every year- lots of leftovers waiting for the following year. You’ve sparked some gift wrapping ingenuity this morning! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We spent the weekend finishing some 2% tasks around the house, and I got caught up on pta necessaries. I’m finally ready to jump full steam into Christmas and enjoy the festivities. Kiddos are home and snuggly, and I can’t think of anything better than slow mornings filled with laughter to usher in Christmas. Have a magical Monday!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I also love the vintage inspired prints or hand blocked patterns. I keep a cabinet of papers and ribbon, and the solids really do work anytime of year! I also always end up having leftovers, so it is nice these looks can be reused and aren’t holiday specific. It sounds like you had a productive and great weekend ahead of Christmas! So much on the to-do list this week, I’m sure… but we’re close. I’m looking forward to celebrating next week :) xo