Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I wanted to give you a closer look at our Christmas tree as we move along with my annual holiday tour. As you already know, I leaned into chestnut hues, horses, a warmer palette, and plenty of texture this season. I definitely think that is reflected in my tree, as well! Click through for a detailed peek at some of my ornaments, garland, and a few more views of our living room this holiday…

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

If you missed my equestrian inspired living room decorated for Christmas, definitely go back and have a look at the entire space! We’ve been spending lots of time in here and I’ve already had the fire going. Is there anything better than snuggling up to admire the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree? I’m a big fan. Something about that gives me the warm & fuzzies this time of year. Anyway, scroll on for a zoomed in look at the tree!


I’ve been building my ornament collection for over a decade, and I love pulling out my tried & true favorites each holiday. If you’re working on curating your own assortment, check out this post for 30 classic ornaments to collect & how to style them! I always add a few new varieties to the mix.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

This season, I added some darling little horses, bronze tinsel, and I pulled out my birds which haven’t made an appearance in a few years. There are definitely more feathers on the tree this year, than in year’s past, which make for a nice textural element. Can you spot them? I’d love to know how many horses and birds you find, ha!

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

I really enjoy mixing all metals this time of year, so you’ll find gold, brass, bronze, silver, sparkles, gold leaf, copper, and even some etched mercury on the tree this season. I honestly would have kept adding, but Emmett walked by and told me the tree was looking “clunky”, to which I gave him a death stare. In the end, he’s right though… an editing eye is always appreciated, as it’s easy to get carried away!

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

The Oversized Basket

So far, I’ve received more questions about the basket our tree is sitting in, as opposed to the ornaments, the tree itself, or the topper…

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

This giant basket was a lucky estate sale find! It’s HUGE. I’ll admit- I snagged it with the intention of styling a Christmas tree inside. Many passerby at the sale asked why anyone would ever need a basket that big or questioned where I’d put it… Christmas, obviously. Click here to read about how to find & shop home estate sales.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

Emmett also questioned my big basket madness. He was convinced there was no way this would work. Luckily, I don’t take no for an answer and we put our heads together to engineer a pedestal or stabilizer of sorts. Emmett built this handy pedestal with edge bumpers to ensure the tree can’t slip out or shift. It’s honestly super secure and probably more sturdy than it has ever been resting on the floor.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

The basket / pedestal combo also elevated the tree so the dogs no longer walk under it and bump the lower branches, rustling ornaments. Basically, the basket was a happy accident that I’m quite thrilled about, as well!

Textural Garland

Another cool and unexpected find I stumbled across was this textural pampas grass garland. Although, it’s not real pampas grass, but rather some sort of synthetic fiber- I really like the texture. It’s on sale at Target for $7 and has terrible reviews, but I absolutely love it. It gets rave reviews from me- and you can’t beat the price.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

Emmett & I both agreed it reminded us of horse hair. I spiraled it around our tree, which added the perfect softness and unique fluffy texture. The color also worked well with my existing palette. It’s nice, right? I got the matching wreath for $10… which you’ll see next week in my holiday office tour! I think they both look super high-end.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

Sources & Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

As always, I’ve got sources for you! I wasn’t able to link my cute little horse ornaments, but those came from World Market. I’ll link what I can below.

Click directly on each item below to be redirected.

Here are five of my easy tips for Christmas tree decorating, if you’ve yet to decorate…

  1. Layer the garland first – I always wrap or spiral my garland first. It’s easier than trying to maneuver around breakable ornaments later in the styling session.
  2. Style the largest items next – Larger items take up more visual space and hold more weight… put those elements on the tree first for a balanced look. It will make decorating the rest much easier!
  3. Fill in gaps as you go – I always step wayyy back to see if I’m missing any holes or gaps in the tree. It’s more difficult to identify those sparse areas when you’re closely decorating. Consider this your reminder to stand back every once in awhile.
  4. Consider a variety of materials – I always strive for multiple finishes… some items that absorb the light, some that bounce or reflect it, and others that softly illuminate. Mix in softer finishes, shiny finishes, glass, metal, wood, sparkles, tinsel, crystal, etc. The more the merrier!
  5. Insert your personal touch – don’t forget to include ornaments or elements that are special or meaningful for you and your family. That’s the magic of the holidays.
Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com


How did you bunch your tinsel together?

I separated the tinsel into sections (because I couldn’t handle the mess), then tied it into little parcels with a piece of tinsel. Then, I draped them over branches throughout the tree.

Could you link some of the feather ornaments?

Those are old (~10 years), but I found an Etsy shop that makes handblown glass ornaments with feathers inside… they’re gorgeous and look super similar! Find my favorites here, here, and here.

What kind of gift wrap will you be using this year?

I’m going for a monochromatic chocolate look this year, so I purchased this brown paper, and I’ll be using the same brown ribbon seen throughout the living room (that I decorated with). Honestly, I don’t have any gifts yet, and I’m thinking it will be a last-minute process this year… gift wrapping, that is. This Amazon gift wrap board I pulled together may be helpful for some of you!Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

Would you ever put your tree in another room?

I love having our tree in the formal living room, near the fireplace. It’s located in the heart of our home, where we most often gather… and it just feels super cozy & festive. If anything, maybe we would add a second tree to our entryway, so it could be viewed from our front door / exterior?

What’s with the trunk under the tree?

That’s another vintage estate sale find, and I just thought it looked pretty there! Can’t you imagine it filled with gifts, or presents stacked on top of it? A treasure trove of gifts.

Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour : The Tree - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this detailed look at our Christmas tree! The next stop on my holiday tour will be my home office… that’s coming on Monday, so be sure to check back. It’s decked out for the season and is looking so cozy. Cheers to a beautiful weekend ahead! I’m cramming in a giant to-do list before we leave for vacation. It’s always a bustling time of year.

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  1. Good morning! Showstopper. Packed with texture, shine, sparkle, and whimsy! Nothing close to clunky. (rude!🤣) Give me a jam-packed, joy-filled tree every time. That fluffy, golden garland caught my eye immediately. I adore it! We’re on the same wavelength lately, I was admiring similar thready sprays at JoAnns for our Thanksgiving centerpiece. Maybe I’ll tuck some into my garlands… I think your tinsel bundle solution might really catch on! Although, as a kid, I found painstakingly placing and removing (for reuse each year!) tinsel to be meditative, I know many share your disdain for the mess. I actually think they look like sparkly horse tails! (I would absolutely have been a horse girl if they had tinsel for tails. Ha) I adore the return of the birds and feathers too. What’s more natural than spying little birds perched on the branches? And those blown glass ornaments with the feathers inside? Magical! The ginormous basket was clearly a major score; it perfectly suits the tree. Other people’s lack of vision is an absolute boon when shopping vintage! And obviously yes to a treasure chest of gifts. Just lovely. Your tree exudes warmth, tradition, and light. Perfect holiday themes. Returning to this beautiful scene from your trip will feel like a welcoming hug! And there’s more?! You’ve certainly set a high bar and got my wheels turning. Thanks for the stellar inspiration, Sarah! Happy Pizza Friday! Cheers to a super weekend (and smooth vacation prep)!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you!! Isn’t the fluffy garland amazing? JoAnns had some really great things the last time I went in for my faux fur fabric. I can’t wait to hear more about your Thanksgiving table. Sparkly horse tails!! What a concept! Can you even imagine? Tinsel tails, I’m cracking up over here / secretly wishing that were a thing. I’m excited to return home to our house decked out for the holidays. I’m definitely glad I tackled it early so we could enjoy it for a bit. Please eat all the good Thanksgiving food for me this week!

  2. Happy Friday- This tree is stupendous!! I love the more “filled” tree this year- and clunky is not the right word. Ha! Trees that are highly covered like this bring back the nostalgia of department store holidays; the more the merrier for me. Lol. I spied 3 horses and birds- these unique ornaments are the perfect addition. I think my favorite element is the pampas garland. What a beautiful surprise. This color palette lends itself well to showing off the mix of metals on the tree- and the bronze tinsel is magical. I’ve never seen tinsel applied this way, but it’s stunning, dramatic, and lovely in every way. I need to check out the gold ornaments from the shop- they’ve caught my eye and remind me of the vintage glass ornaments I thrifted last year. Now that the kids are older I can start replacing the plastic ornaments with something more pleasing- these may be the ticket. I’m imagining the fire going, with Cash on the hearth and Crosby on the sofa, the lights twinkling in the background, a Sarah scent wafting through the room… gorgeous!!! Side note: I finally smelled an Oud scented candle yesterday- here for it! Lol. Your tree is perfect. Enjoy the fruits of your labor while you can, and I hope your vacation is lovely. Happy Pizza Friday friends! 🍕 🍻 🎄

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Lauren! Emmett with clunky. Lol! I prefer your version, “filled”. You got the animal quantities correct :) I know tinsel isn’t supposed to be applied in this way, but I could NOT deal with the mess. Oddly, I’ve never used tinsel before and was not prepared for it to scatter upon one second of opening the package. Ha! I panicked. Your vision is reality over here… it snowed last night, so the fire is going, Cash is as close as he can get to it (without catching fire, ha), Crosby is on the sofa, and I’m typing away on my computer. Love that you love oud! It’s one of my favorite fragrances. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! xox

  3. Wow Sarah your tree is stunning and definitely worthy of its own post. Your ornaments are so decadent and the horses are adorable. And what about that tree basket, my gosh what a find, And of course Emmett found a way to make it work. Way to go Emmett! That’s a very sturdy tree holder, just fantastic!
    My heart instantly warmed when I saw the trunk. I had one just like it about 30 years ago. I used it for toy storage in our living room but it got destroyed in the process. It was far too delicate for that type storage, and unfortunately the wicker broke down over heavy use. Our daughter was not so delicate in putting her toys away, lets just say. Yours looks to be in flawless condition and its sits gorgeously beside your tree. Love it! I love the tinsel but what a pain eh? My mother you know she liked sparkle and well every year we had to decorate the whole tree with it. And removing it UGH! I love how you applied it though, so smart and much easier when it comes time to remove it. Ha!
    And I also love the faux pampas grass, it really does resemble horse hair and fits perfectly within your theme. You have quite the vision Sarah and your tree is exquisite. I love birds in a Christmas tree, it makes decorating sense and adds such a textural element too. I’ll be using my red cardinals this year as my color theme is well “Red” 😊 I’d love to use your equestrian theme next year though, with your blessing of course. Your imagination and creativity always delights and is so greatly appreciated. I’m absolutely adoring everything, and I’m so happy you have been able to sit by your fire and enjoy it. I assume you are heading out on your vacation soon. You will be incredibly relaxed by the time you return and have the most beautiful home to return to for Christmas. Well Sarah you’ve captured the Magic of Christmas and I look forward in seeing more next week. Happy Friday and have the loveliest of weekends! xoxo

    1. Sorry, my computer didn’t grab my name in it’s entirety like I thought when I commented and it posted as col.
      oops 🤪 TGIF

      1. Sarah Gibson says:

        I knew it was you :) Thanks so much for your kind words about my tree this year, Colleen! I loved reading about the trunk you used to have. What a genius idea to use it as an elevated toy basket. This was my first time using tinsel and whoa- it’s such a mess! I can’t imagine picking every little piece up. It’s so pretty though! This was my compromise for using it in a less messy way. So fun that you’re theme is red this year! Super classic and I know it will be stunning. Can’t wait to see pics! We’re headed out in a couple of days and it’s definitely crunch time around here… prepping for our Tuesday Made sale, packing, and getting organized. Whew! It will all be worth it though. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! xo