Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways)

Every holiday season, I receive quite a few questions about our current Christmas tree. We purchased the highly rated, budget friendly Puleo International aspen fir tree from Amazon on a whim, and I have to say- it has been fantastic! It’s a realistic, pre-lit tree, that cost under $250. We haven’t had to replace a single lightbulb, and I get so many compliments on it each Christmas. Click through for my complete review and to see it styled three different ways.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

If you’d like a closer look at how it currently looks (this year), I shared it here… my Equestrian Inspired Christmas Tour: The Tree. If you’re in midst of holiday decorating, I’d also recommend checking out this post: 30 Classic Ornaments and How to Style Them.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

Styled 3 Ways

This is our third year using this tree, so at this point- I’ve decorated it for Christmas three times… blush, blue, and this year it has taken on a chestnut / caramel color palette. Here’s a peek at the different looks over the years:

Which one is your favorite? I think this year’s tree followed by my blue aesthetic tops the list for me. Who knows what direction it will take next year.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

The Tree

The tree comes in four pieces: the base, the bottom, the mid section, and the top. They all fit together seamlessly and the branches are all attached- so assembly takes under five minutes. The lighting cords run down the center of the tree for concealed plug-ins. It’s probably the easiest tree we’ve had.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

This is what the tree looks like before decorating and mid-fluffing. It definitely has some sparse areas, but I don’t mind. I fill-in any gaps with garland and ornaments.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

The Lights

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

Above, this is what it looks like lit during the daytime, and below, you’ll see how it looks illuminated during the evening hours. I’ve been impressed that we’ve used this tree for three years now and have yet to change a lightbulb or had one go out. I also like that the bulb color skews warmer for a soft glow.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

Pros & Cons

Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to a Christmas tree, but here are a few quick things I like and dislike about this particular tree…

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -


  • Warm Bulb Color
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Excellent Price / Value
  • Easy to Bend & Manipulate
  • Stable Tree Stand
  • Nice Variety of Green Colors
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • More Realistic Than Others


  • Semi Sparse
  • Center Pole Requires Disguising
  • Requires Quite a Bit of Fluffing
  • Is Large to Store
  • Not All Branches are Lifelike
Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -


Would you buy this tree again?

I would! You can’t beat the price and I think it’s a really classic looking tree.

What size do you have?

Mine is the 7.5 foot tree… this exact one.

How long does it take to fluff this tree?

Fluffing does require some effort for this tree and it takes quite awhile… I’d say 30 minutes to an hour to get it looking really nice.

Does it have a standard plug?

It does, but we use this Amazon smart plug and have it set on a schedule. That’s my best Christmas tree tip! No crawling under it to plug it in, knocking branches or ornaments, and it automatically switches on during set hours.

Amazon Christmas Tree Review (Styled 3 Ways) -

I hope this post was helpful if you’ve been considering this Christmas tree! We really love it and I think it looks better than our previous “nice” (more expensive) designer tree. If you’re in the market for a new tree, I’d definitely recommend it. I’ll link some other good looking trees from Amazon below… most are on sale right now!

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  1. Good morning! How fun to see all three of your tree’s looks side-by-side! Despite being a pink lover, I have to say that this year’s theme is my favorite. I do think it has the most maximalist vibe, so that probably sways my opinion. Since we’ve never owned a faux tree, I can’t make a comparison, but some of your points did catch my attention. Ease of set-up and good lights would be key for me. I don’t *think* the fluffing would be bothersome; I’d just consider it part of the decorating. I imagine storage might be an issue for any tree (ha), so that’s not a dealbreaker. Honestly, it seems like you hit the tree jackpot! The tip that really blew my mind though is the smart plug! Admittedly, we have zero smart devices in our home, so maybe I’m easily wowed. No longer crawling under the tree to turn on lights seems like Christmas magic to me though! Speaking of, I am still in the “thinking phase” of my holiday decorating.😳 Not to worry, I’ll keep it up until late January, so we’ll get plenty of time to enjoy it. Cheers to a super midweek, friend. I hope you’re having tons of scuba fun!!💜

  2. It’s so cool to see your tree styled three different ways side by side Sarah! I think this year is my favorite. Your tree is stunning and for anyone in the market for a new tree should definitely consider it. I do love how realistic it is and affordable.
    I’ve been busy cleaning and decorating here since the weekend and my house is coming together on the holiday front. The tree is up and decorated and I’m happy with the red/burgundy theme I chose. In recent years I’ve had a more neutrally decorated tree so this year using red is an exciting change. I am hit though with a dose of nostalgia. From vintage childhood ornaments, to ornaments I purchased when shopping with my Mom and a few of my daughters childhood gems it’s made me incredibly sentimental ❤️ I guess that’s what the holidays are all about. I sincerely hope you are having a fabulous time in Thailand 😎 I’m freezing Lol. So enjoy and soak up all the beautiful sunshine and sand 🏝 Cheers to beautifully decorated trees and sunny weather 🥂💖🎄
    Great post! Loved it 🥰

  3. Good morning Sarah! Your tree is lovely every year, but I agree, the chestnut and blue have been my favorite iterations. I had no idea your tree is from Amazon. I’d have a hard time picking one from such a large retailer with so many options, but yours is highly realistic. We’re on year two with our Costco tree, and I’ve not set it up yet. We’ll see how long fluffing takes this year, but last year there was no fluffing needed. I’m hoping it isn’t too bad. I have some strategic rearranging to do before I can properly decorate mine, but I’m in full decorating mode this week in hopes it will be finished by the weekend. Black Friday shopping has us behind our usual schedule, but I’m enjoying slower decorating. How is the diving in Asia? I hope you’re having the best time!