10 Ideas for Styling Garland

10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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Thanks for your kind words about the holiday gift guide on Monday- that’s always a fun post to share! I’m back with another holiday related post today- it feels like perfect timing because we’re currently getting more snow here. Winter seems to be coming on strong! Yesterday, I brought all of our holiday storage totes up from the basement in preparation to begin decorating tomorrow… early holiday parties and the weather have me feeling festive all of a sudden. I’ve been packing up a LOT of Tuesday Made orders (thank you for that!) and right now, our number one seller is my favorite pine needle garland. I thought it would be fun to share some garland styling inspiration, because in my opinion- garland is one of the easiest and most versatile types of greenery you can buy for the holiday season. Click through for 10 ideas on styling your holiday garland… 

1 // Over Artwork
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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I’ve always loved garland styled over artwork. It can really emphasize a vignette and frame out artwork nicely… bonus points if you hang a vintage French horn on the corner or try an asymmetric arrangement.

2 // On a Range Hood
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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This is an oddly controversial idea… believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of feedback. Many people are skeptical to hang garland on their range hood, but I love the look! Obviously you have to be smart and can’t dangle the garland low enough to catch fire on your cooktop, but there is no harm in installing it in the kitchen, like pictured above.

3 // Over a Window
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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Much like artwork, it’s fun to add texture & greenery to areas by framing windows. Rather than cluttering our kitchen countertop with holiday decor, I frame each kitchen window in an effort to make the space feel more festive.

4 // On the Dining Table as a Centerpiece
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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This is one idea I think most people forget… using garland as a dining table centerpiece. It’s pretty genius! You can tuck in taper candles, florals, dried orange slices, ribbon, or whatever you please to add interest and develop a color palette, but the greenery always makes a great base.

5 // Over a Curio Cabinet
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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A couple years ago, my friend Marynn and I swapped kitchen Christmas tours, and I loved how she wrapped her curio cabinet with lush garland. Garland has the ability to perfectly emphasize a vignette, while bringing a cozy feel to the room.

6 // On the Mantel
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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Six or seven years ago, Emmett & I had just moved to Salt Lake and our house was a complete disaster, thanks to renovations. I was working with Lowe’s on a campaign for fresh greenery at the time, and our fireplace was absolutely destroyed (I’m talking major demo). I convinced my friend Brooke to let me overhaul her mantel for the holiday season. She had these amazing vintage candleholders from her grandmother and it was such a fun day styling & shooting. Almost a decade later, I still love this vignette and smile when I see it floating around Pinterest. It was one of my first viral posts, and I remember thinking, “Whoa, people must really love simple greenery!” You never would have guessed how much I was scrambling behind the scenes to find a mantel for this shoot, having just moved to a new state. Ha!

7 // On a Credenza, Dresser, or Sideboard
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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I really admire the way Josh styles with the seemingly effortless ability to make maximalism work without feeling completely overwhelming. Obviously there is a LOT of garland happening here and I know it’s not for everyone, but my point is this… don’t forget to use dressers, credenzas, sideboards, or a dining buffet as surfaces for a garland moment. Personally, I adore this look!

8 // On a Bookcase or Built-In
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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I also enjoy adding garland to bookcases or built-ins for added texture. This makes a great backdrop to add in wreaths, as well! On an unrelated side note, it’s almost time for me to piss people off by flipping my books around. Hah! I have no idea why this creates such an outrage, but it really lights a fire. Check out this post for more on this topic. Serena & Lily already shared an image of my previous holiday living room on their IG this month, and the comments are already rolling in. I’m going to say this again… do what you love in your home because it makes YOU happy. This makes me happy during the holidays- it’s fun to switch things up (without removing all my beloved books, which would be quite labor intensive).

9 // Above Cabinetry
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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The above scene from our previous home (I loved that kitchen!) also caused some Insta drama. While it may not be practical for everybody, I like installing greenery above cabinetry… especially if you have super tall cabinets, stacked cabinetry, or cabinets you don’t use often. With the pine needle garland that I’ve been using for years, you can still open & close the cabinets without the garland getting stuck… it just kind of flops up toward the ceiling, then when you close it- it lies nice and flat again. No fussing or ladders required. I’m married to a “function first” husband and it would drive us both nuts if it continually got stuck. Another point I’m making? Test it out first and see how it functions. Some garland types work better than others!

10 // On a Stair Railing
10 Ideas for Styling Garland - roomfortuesday.com
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Obviously the most traditional place to see and style garland is on the stair railing. I’m thinking our staircase will not be done in time for me to install my beloved garland for Christmas, but I’ve got big plans & hopes for it next holiday season! If it does get finished, we’ll just call it a happy surprise. Either way, I’m ready to make some serious progress in the months ahead… both on the entryway and the guest bedroom, which I’m starting this week.

I hope this post was helpful as you begin brainstorming for the holidays and begin to pull out your decor. I’m really looking forward to the happy holiday months. I can’t believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving! This year has really blazed by, hasn’t it? I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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  1. Good morning! Gimme all the evergreen garlands! Pine, spruce, cedar, juniper, fir! I’ll take ’em. Bonus points for cones or berries. I love every single image and idea you’ve shared here. Our mantel and sideboard will be getting draped this year for sure. I’m really inspired by that Josh Young image, but I’m not sure I can pull that off…maybe next year.🤣 Your kitchen window vignette makes me wonder why I haven’t thought to decorate the pass-throughs in our kitchen? These two very large openings are perfect. *head smack* Last year, in a certainly controversial move, I draped our ceiling lights in cedar boughs for a solstice dinner. Honestly, it was pretty magical. (don’t tell the internet.😉) Here’s my annual faux v. real dilemma though. My natural forager tendencies make clipping at roadsides and parking lots for interesting berries and fragrant branches a joy, but I can’t deny the eventual mess and occasional ummm “uninvited guest.” (Although batting rose hips and eating spiders is Sunday’s favorite part!) We’ll see how I like my thrifted faux garland this year. Since you’re a seasoned pro, I do have a couple of faux garland questions. How do you clean them and store them? Can you give them a gentle vacuum? Do they roll up easily, or do you just smoosh them into a big bag? Inquiring minds, Sarah. Ha. Well, your snow is falling as a steady rain at our house. Time to light my Woodland candle and bake something pumpkin-y! Cheers, friends!💜🌲

    1. Hi Peggi! I live for greenery this time of year! I can’t wait to see your mantel and sideboard :) Josh Young is so insanely talented when it comes to styling. I’m endlessly inspired by him. That’s another great point- styling garland in a doorframe or passthrough… such a classic look! One of these days I want to come to one of your dinner parties- they sound divine… a solstice dinner?! Sign me up. Things I like about faux: you buy them once and use them year after year (so I actually think it ends up being less expensive), they don’t shed or a make mess, they don’t require upkeep, and I think they’re easier to style. I store mine in a plastic tote (I do smoosh them in there, but am careful to spiral them into the container without smashing the pinecones), and I dust them with our leaf blower before putting them away for the season. Easy peasy! So fun that you’re getting a little snow, too! We’ve got about 4″ on the ground here. Candles and cozy cooking are definitely in order this week :) Hope you’re having a great day! xo

  2. Good Morning 🌞
    These holiday posts are getting me pumped for Christmas, even though we are in sunny Florida and now preparing for Hurricane Nicole 🙄 I did get through your lists on Monday and my shopping is underway. Yay!
    To be honest, prior to last year I’ve never decorated with garland before 😳 The banister in our last home was so beautiful too, it was the most amazing staircase to create a stunning garland decor moment. But truthfully I never found a garland I liked, they all looked fake and cheap to me, even the expensive ones. So I never purchased any, and I didn’t want the mess of the real stuff. I purchased garland from your shop last year as it looked so beautiful in your house and I was beyond amazed. Our staircase in our foyer is so teeny tiny, so I only needed one strand but the impact was huge. It’s the first thing everyone noticed as they entered our home last year. I love it’s wispy nature and the color is gorgeous, the attached pine cones added so much texture, I used the Tuesday made wood beaded garland with it and tied with some velvet ribbon and it was prefect. While my staircase is very small and simple, the quality, texture, and color made such an impact and my small entryway looked so festively decorated and welcoming. So many ways to have fun with it indeed. Many people no longer put up trees or live in small condos and don’t have the space but garland could definitely add the perfect festive element ☺️ I do find a huge difference though in quality of your garland at the shop versus stuff I’ve seen in the past in local stores.
    Keep the festive posts coming Sarah, no snow here so I need the inspiration 🥰 Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Colleen! I’ve been thinking of you with the hurricane- I hope your house is ok? I’m so happy to hear that you’re getting a jump start on shopping, and I’m even more thrilled to hear you love the garland. That garland is my absolute favorite- it’s so realistic and easy to style. I think you installed it in the perfect way :) I loved seeing your photos last year. We didn’t have the space for a tree in our previous home and garland really filled that gap for us, making our home feel festive without the footprint for a tree. I’m with you on the price correlating with the quality when it comes to garland. There are definitely some budget options out there, but most of them look cheap. Ours are all handmade by floral artists, I think it shows. I’d rather invest in something I can keep and use for years :) More festive posts are lined up for next week, yay! I hope you’re having a great sunny week, Colleen! xo

  3. Good morning Sarah! Your holiday decorating posts make me want to throw out every last Christmas decoration we own and opt for simple greenery, wreaths, and a beautifully decorated tree. We have large arched windows in the upper portion of the front room- I know climbing a ladder to adorn those bad boys would be nothing short of sketchy, but in my head? Totally worth it! Like Colleen, I never saw garland that I felt was worth the price. Many I would see in person were either live, or so fake looking, or so *adorned* that I was turned off. Every year though, these gorgeous garlands you share give me pause. It has me looking at my holiday home differently more and more. Like Peggi, I do wonder about the cleaning and storing. My wreaths have held up well these last seven years, and truth be told, I’ve never thought to clean them. 😳 I’ll say it again, my absolute favorite way you’ve styled a garland is above the artwork in your office. An audible gasp was heard when I saw that on your reel. So beautiful! Winter is definitely in full swing here too- solid rain the last two days and the most frigid temperatures I’ve experienced here. When it snowed last year it wasn’t this cold! Please add the people of Oak Tree Mountain, Forest Falls, and El Dorado Pass in your prayers. They live in the burn scar areas affected by the fire in 2020, and have been displaced for the third time this season due to flooding, mud slides, and rock slides down the mountain. I know all the snow and rain they’re getting now will bring a rejuvenation of sorts to their areas, but they’re the ones dealing with the fallout of such a horrific fire in the meantime. In the last storm, one of the family owned restaurants in Oak Glen was completely destroyed with mud. The building itself was filled with it. It’s been devastating for them. Anyway, I’m off to ponder my holiday decorating plans over coffee. I hope you have a wonderful day friends. Stay warm and cozy! Xo

    1. Hi Lauren! I’m looking forward to finishing my holiday decorating- I just got started on it today and I’m hoping to wrap things up by the end of the weekend. Having snow here definitely put me in the festive spirit. Your arched windows would be SO gorgeous draped with garland. I’ve been using my garland for 5-6 years now and it still looks just as lovely as the day I bought it- and super realistic (the integrated pinecones are real). I store them in plastic storage totes, and for cleaning- I just shake them off or use our leaf blower to dust them. They really don’t require much… and they don’t make a mess like live garland. I can’t believe it’s so cold there! I’ll definitely add the people of Oak Tree Mountain, Forest Falls, and El Dorado Pass to my thoughts & prayers… that is absolutely devastating. I hadn’t even heard about this! I hate that for them. I hope you’re having a good week. xo