Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comIt has been almost five months since I gave our basement living space (or media room, as I like to call it) a makeover. You can click here to see it, along with the before images, if you missed the post back in September of 2019. I didn’t really do much or spend a ton of money to update the space- it was mostly painting, hanging art, and installing textiles & window treatments. It was drastically better from an aesthetic point-of-view, but we’ve since made some updates to make the space more comfortable and functional. Click through to see how it currently looks today and take a peek into our family movie night!

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Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comIn case you’re wondering what exactly changed in this room and why… let me break down the biggies for you. Let’s start with the rug… our previous rug, while beautiful, was shedding terribly. I also didn’t love the high pile in our basement, since the rug is layered over top of carpet. I opted for the stunning Ita rug from Ben Soleimani to replace it. This rug is hand knotted, made of wool and viscose, is super silky underfoot, and the pile is soft, fine, and low- which is perfect for layering! I also love the modernized take on a traditional pattern. It just feels like it fits this space and our home nicely.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comThe next big swap was the occasional chair. While I loved our modern navy chair from our previous living room, it was adding blue to a very blue space and felt too modern for our current colonial home. Emmett had been begging me to source a leather reclining chair for him and I’ve resisted for what feels like our entire marriage. Ha! Well……..

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comI granted his wish and spontaneously brought home a recliner I stumbled across at HomeGoods on Monday. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him so happy- it was well worth it! I also enjoy the texture and color the leather chair brings to the space.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comAfter swapping those two large pieces, the room already felt better and more cohesive with the rest of our home. It’s funny- when you move and try to make your existing furniture fit into a new home… some of it works seamlessly, while other pieces just weren’t meant to move with you. I definitely learned that lesson with this home– which is totally different than our previous one.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comI also swapped a few items, accessories, and textiles. I’m constantly shuffling the decor throughout our home. It’s just something I enjoy doing because I get bored easily and like to mix it up in small ways.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comThe third large item that changed in this room was the coffee table. Did you notice that?! It’s easy to miss because it is the same size and shape as our previous one, but this one has a marble top and drum base instead of brass. To be honest, this wasn’t a planned trade. As many of you know, I just finished designing new offices for Emmett’s place of employment. Our previous coffee table actually went to his work, and this damaged one I ordered for his office came home with me to replace ours. Sometimes you have to design in a pinch and improvise. That’s exactly what happened in this scenario with the commercial project! I’ll share the entire thing on the blog soon.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comLong story short- that’s how our “new” coffee table came to be. Eventually when we fully renovate this room (knock down walls, pull up the carpet, etc), I want to replace the sofa with something larger. I already have a BIG rectangular coffee table we’ll pair with our future sofa. It’s currently sitting in storage in one of our guest bedrooms. I have yet to share that with you guys- I’m sorry! I suppose I’m full of secrets these days (coffee tables, commercial design projects, surprise recliners). Ha!

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comThe media console was styled much better in my previous basement makeover post, but Emmett shifted things around for his surround sound. Sigh. I pick my battles. This is currently our reality and how it looks in person today.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comAfter finishing the makeover five months ago, I’ve received some consistent questions about our basement media room. I figured a tiny Q&A might be helpful?

  • What are the wall panels, and how did you make them? I didn’t photograph a DIY for these, but you can see the full tutorial in my Instagram Highlight, titled “Media Room”. I honestly made these panels because I like the way they look, but they also help with acoustics.
  • Do you get natural light in the space? Yes! We have two window wells in this room with large windows (behind the wood roman shades in the corner). I love having a source of natural light in our basement- it’s pretty lucky.
  • A white sofa?! You must be crazy. Yeah, yeah. We’ve had this sofa for about four years now and it still looks great! I talk more about my love for white sofas AND washable, family (pet & kid) friendly sofas in this post. Read it and you’ll see why I’m NOT crazy. Haha!
  • I can’t believe you caved and got a reclining chair. You and me both!! How did this even happen? My love for Emmett must run VERY deep. I honestly should’ve bought one sooner after seeing how happy he was. The one we ended up with isn’t too hateful, right?
  • How and why did you layer a rug on top of carpet? I really don’t like our carpet. It’s pretty blah. Before moving, the previous homeowners had all of the carpet replaced- so it’s new, just not my style. Eventually we’ll rip it out and replace the flooring in the basement, but until then- layering a rug is the perfect solution. I definitely recommend using a rug pad- check out this post for more info.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comI brought my ball pillow down from the formal living room, and I’m not sure where it will end up staying, because I like it in both spaces! I might have to DIY another one in a navy fabric.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comI’m not big on “themes” when designing rooms, but somehow a few ski-related items ended up in this space. All of these were things we previously owned… the gallery wall prints from our previous master bedroom, a pair of vintage skis Emmett has had since high school (he’s actually the one who “styled” them in the space- ha!), and a printed ski dish that was gifted to me from Jacqueline.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comI think given the leather, faux fur, wood tones, deep paint color, and other rustic elements- this room kind of took on a bit of a modern lodge feel. I really don’t mind it at all… especially since we live in Utah. Hey- it’s true after all… we do have the greatest snow on Earth.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links to shop…

01: gallery light // 02: floor lamp // 03: navy paint color // 04: ski art // 05: slipcovered sectional // 06: faux zz plant // 07: marble coffee table // 08: black side table // 09: soapstone bowl // 10: leather recliner (similar) // 11: greek key pillow // 12: ball pillow // 13: leather recliner // 14: candle // 15: woven ottoman // 16: ita rug // 17: navy throw // 18: large basket // 19: pedestal bowl // 20: leather pouf // 21: wool throw // 22: faux fur throw // 23: velvet pillow // 24: marble table

Before I sign off, as promised- I wanted to share some quick peeks of our family movie night and how this room looks during the evening hours with the lights on… a little warmer, more cozy, and definitely very comfortable!

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comCash & Crosby actually cuddle and spoon like this in real life. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I caught them in the act before we started the movie. For everyone asking if they’re allowed on our furniture… what do you think? How could I say no to those faces?! Our house is 100% dog proof. We buy furniture and bring things into our home that are durable and pet friendly.

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comWe watched Troop Zero on Amazon and Emmett and I both loved it! Seriously such a heart-warming, feel good movie. Five stars from us! I’ve basically had to drag Emmett out of his recliner the last couple nights- he’s obsessed. It makes me laugh!

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comHonestly- we rarely make popcorn for movie night, but we always do a beverage of some sort… craft beer, wine, or a cocktail. The basement living space has really become our happy place to lounge, relax, and unwind at the end of the day. I had no idea we’d spend so much time downstairs when we bought this house. It’s pretty wonderful and cozy!

Basement Media Room Updates + Movie Night - roomfortuesday.comWill we still renovate this space someday? I think so! Emmett really wants to and we would love to demo some walls to make room for a larger sofa and expand the kitchen (into my prop closet) to create additional space for a game table or downstairs dining area. We hangout in the basement a LOT… probably more than we do upstairs. I will say- for now, I’m 100% happy and content. I love lounging and relaxing down here. With the latest updates, I’m pretty sure Emmett is perfectly content for the time being, too. Once our bathroom renovation wraps up, we may never leave the basement. This floor in our home definitely has a lot of potential! It will be fun to watch it unfold and continue to evolve over time. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Honestly, dudes and their recliners. At least options exist that aren’t too heinous. I can’t believe you found that one at Home Goods?! The new rug looks lovely! I especially like the pattern. I did notice and was puzzling over the marble coffee table until I scrolled down to your explanation! I’ve got marble on the brain lately… I can definitely imagine spending plenty of time in this space; what a cozy refuge! Those boys spooning though! Sigh. Joe really needs a sister.😢💖 Hope your day is fab!!

    1. Riggght?!! Dudes and their recliners. I don’t get it! The one I found at HG isn’t too terrible, and Emmett is happy. I’m thrilled about the rug! Oh yeah- the coffee table situation. I was installing furniture I had ordered for Emmett’s work and this marble coffee table arrived with a small chip in it. His company had important people in town and meetings, so I just did a switcharoo…. I swapped our brass coffee table from the basement for the marble one with a chip, so that it looked nice and put together at his work. Whew! Quick thinking and problem solved… well- except for the fact that we now have a chipped marble coffee table (but I really don’t mind at all). It’s barely noticeable. Haha! JOE DOES NEED A SISTER. I can’t even imagine the cuddling cuteness that would happen. Have a wonderful day :)

    2. Hello, Peggi. Yup, it’s a real thing alright. I’m staring down our version as I write this note. I could bemoan the fact, but on the other hand, this semi-behemoth made all the difference to my dude after his heart surgery. And he still loves it three years later. Sigh. I keep a Pinterest board and Wayfair wishlist of more streamlined, stylish versions, but a replacement anytime soon is unlikely. Cheers, Ardith

  2. The spooning! Oh my! These two need their own Instagram page. Like seriously. Cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. Aren’t they cute?! I love when they snuggle each other. Makes my day :)

  3. Oh and I love that rug. Wish it were in my price range. It’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Traci! It’s so gorgeous in person. 100% worth it- so happy we made the switch. It definitely fits the space much better. Have a great day! xo

  4. Love your media room and all the new additions are beautiful! I’m now craving wine with popcorn 😋 and those two pups are so incredibly sweet 💗 Love the leather recliner too, they have come a long way on style that’s for sure. Emmett looks so happy and he deserves a great chair to relax! Cheers to movie night in an absolutely fabulous space 🍷

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! The doggos are ridiculous. I can’t handle how cute they are when they cuddle each other. Haha! It’s true- recliners have come a long way… still not my favorite, but if Emmett is happy, I’m happy :) xo

  5. Don’t men know that it’s style over function/need..HA?! Years ago when we decided to add furniture to our game room the interior designer told me to get what I wanted I needed to please my husband first…meaning to buy him that recliner I was resisting so heavily. I caved and let him pick out the recliner. I got the couch and other furniture pieces. Yours is very nice and doesn’t scream recliner!
    Still love love love your basement. I can see why you both enjoy it. I really like the rug and coffee table. You have the best eye, Sarah!
    Troop Zero is on my list to watch. Both of my kids and I were in Girl & Boy Scouts growing up.. fond memories!

    1. Haha, right?! So funny. It’s definitely a guy thing. I’m glad it doesn’t scream recliner. Emmett has never been so happy, so I’ll suck it up and live with it :) We really do love spending time downstairs. It has become our safe / happy place while other rooms in the house are chaotic while being renovated. I have big plans for this space someday, but for now- I’m perfectly content. You definitely have to watch Troop Zero. It is SO good! Especially being a scout family- you’ll love it. It has a great message. Have a wonderful day, Danna! xo

  6. It looks so nice! The recliner fits the space well and adds some great texture and warmth. I love that you included it in the room – houses are for real life, and this is a beautiful real life design.

    1. Thank you, Steph! I really appreciate that :)

  7. I have never been a huge leather recliner fan, but I think it looks great in your space. The color really adds some warmth! And there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than surprising a loved one, so I think it’s worth it. :) You will get more joy out of looking at it than you thought, because it will remind you of a happy Emmett!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! That has always been my mindset too. They’re not my thing, but I LOVE the way you’re looking at it… it will make me happy because he is happy. So sweet and special (even if it’s not the prettiest thing in our home). Have a great day! xo

  8. Ok, this is a totally weird question, but where did you buy black matches? I’ve only been able to find regular (red) or rainbow at stores.

  9. I just love love love this space. And that new rug is spectacular!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I’m loving how the updates are looking and functioning for us :) xo

  10. I love the tile work in your guest bath. Can you please tell me if you butted the subway tile or if you used spacers what size you used for your grout lines? Thank you!

  11. Hey Sarah,
    Love the updates! Who knew a leather recliner could look so good!?! Do you mind sharing the source for the small back side table next to it? Thanks!!

    1. I love the small black table too. I’m guessing it is an antique.

      1. It came from a local warehouse sale, and has since been discontinued- I’m sorry, Sandy! xo

    2. Thank you Betsy! I wish I had the source, but the table has since been discontinued. I got it at a local warehouse sale, where the were trying to get rid of outdated inventory. I’m sorry!

  12. You are such an inspiration! I love your effortless, timeless design. Can you please share where you got the white urn vase next to your tv? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Joanna! I really appreciate that. I thrifted the vase, but you can find a similar one here:

  13. You certainly know how to create a sophisticated and instagram-worthy yet very comfortable hangout space, Ms. Sarah. I’m glad you and Emmett (now in the quintessential man chair) are enjoying it so much. That rug is gorgeous, as are all the other elements you are using. I especially love those furry and fluffy pillows on the sectional. Cheers, Ardith XOX

    1. Thanks Ardith!! He is in love with his new chair, haha! The fur babies are also pretty happy to be cuddling and enjoying family time :)

  14. Christiane Nick says:

    You cuties! Your fur babies, popcorn and wine. I love it! And I’m glad Emmett finally got his leather recliner. He deserves it! You both deserve a break, you work so hard.

    1. Aw thanks, Christiane! Maybe you guys can have a movie night snuggled up with the fam, popcorn, and wine this weekend :) Hope you enjoyed Vegas and Gwen! Have a great weekend. xo

  15. karen sunday says:

    The media room is perfect!! I love what you did and the recliner is so smooth you cannot even tell !!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen!