Our Next Project : My Office

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comOur first project of the new year is going to be my home office! I know I had previously stated that we wanted to hit the ground running and finish our dining room first, but Emmett and I both agreed having an optimal place for me to work at home would be really nice and beneficial. I could not be more excited, and I spent a good portion of my holiday time off planning, designing, and brainstorming ideas. I wanted to share some before images with you, inspiration, my ideas, and officially (yet casually) kick off the project here on the blog. Click through to read all about it!

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comBefore moving into our current home, we had JUST finished my home office in our previous house, pictured above. I was able to enjoy it for 3-4 weeks before we moved out- our house sold much more quickly than we anticipated. Anyway, Emmett promised we would create a beautiful office space for me in our next home, and of course I agreed that would be the first room we would tackle together after moving in. Let’s travel back in time, to when we moved into our home. These images are from January 2019… exactly two years ago.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comI decided this room right off of our entryway made the most sense for my home office. It seemed to have decent natural light, was separated from the main living spaces in the house, and just felt right for my workspace.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comAs you can tell, there are some things I’m not into, in terms of design… the carpet, the chamfered doorway, and the window treatments were at the top of my list to update. I also struggle with the lighting, or lack thereof, in this space- there are no overheads, no sconces, and no recessed lights… no lighting whatsoever, which isn’t ideal for a workspace.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comOur initial plan (immediately after moving in) was to address the guest bathroom because it had major plumbing issues that needed to be resolved quickly, then move onto my office… making it the second room on our renovation docket (still high on the list, like we had previously discussed). Fast forward to April 2019, we selected hardwood flooring for our home and the office was actually the first room we installed it in (catch the tutorial here). We were ready to renovate the office and flooring was the first piece of the puzzle! We were making progress.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comAfter installing the hardwoods, we got a very exciting call from Lowe’s (one of our brand partners), which led to an opportunity for me to pitch a kitchen design plan. When they agreed to work together on that space, we obviously decided our kitchen should take precedent over the office. That’s wasn’t an opportunity we were willing to pass up- it was huge for us! We left my office as is, post hardwood installation and haven’t touched it since. You know how it goes- life happens, your house requires more pressing, expensive things (hot water heaters, new plumbing, a new roof, etc), and other spaces & projects demand attention.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comHere we are, present day… FINALLY ready to commit to the office and I am jumping with joy. It feels like this has been a long time coming, and now that I’ve worked in the space for two years, I think I really know what I want and need to make this space functional and beautiful for me. This is what it looks like today… there is a reason I only share close ups of this space. Haha! It has been without baseboards for over two years.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.comWant to hear some of my ideas and goals for this room? Here are the big things I’d like to address…

  • Removing the chamfered doorway and replacing it with french doors.
  • Installing built-ins for storage.
  • Replacing the window treatments (you’re going to get a good look at these in a week or two).
  • Adding appropriate lighting (an overhead fixture, sconces, and lamps).
  • Adding architectural interest, like panel moulding and baseboards.
  • Swapping the furniture and adding more seating.
  • Adding a rug for better acoustics.

I know that’s a tall order, but I think we can do it. Emmett is assuming he’s going to have to remove the entire ceiling (yikes), so it’s going to look much worse before it gets better. Ready to see some of my inspiration?

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane for living etc

From the above space, I’m liking the storage credenza, the grasscloth (just texture in general), and the statement light fixture above the desk. I want my desk to be toward the center of the room, and I’d love to hang a fixture over it like this.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.com
source : suzanne kasler

I’d also like to incorporate some X details in our millwork or built-ins. Emmett isn’t going to be thrilled about all of those miters, but they look so good. I think it would feel cohesive and tie in our formal living room built-in nicely, since we used that treatment in there. Repeating shapes, colors, patterns, and materials always makes a home feel more cohesive. I may or may not have a couple vintage chairs like this that are beginning to be refinished and reupholstered with some fun animal print fabric.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.com
source : blesser house

Removing the chamfered doorway and installing french doors will probably be the biggest game changer for the space. Even though our front entry door is black, I’m leaning toward white for my office doors… probably with clear glass because I want as much natural light as I can get. I mostly want to install doors for acoustic and aesthetic purposes anyway.

Our Next Project : My Office - roomfortuesday.com
source : john b. murray

From the above space, I like the warm neutral color. As much as I’d like to go BOLD in my office, I honestly work better in a bright, neutral-ish environment. I work with color and finishes often, so it’s helpful to have a space that isn’t influenced by strong colors. My office tends to get cluttered, and having intense, creative design moments doesn’t really help me (oddly enough). I think I’ll hold the dramatic patterns and colors for other spaces throughout our home.

I hope you’re all hanging in there! I know it has been a tough, heavy week. Here’s to a relaxing or productive weekend- whatever it is you need! I’ve been working, working, working, and throwing myself into projects… which is saving my sanity. Happy Friday, friends.

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  1. Hi, wonderful inspiration, you really deserve a beautiful place to work.
    Ps. My first thought when I saw the X built-ins “Oh, they are really nice and elegant” and “Emmett will not be happy camper” 😉 bon courage 😃
    PS2 I forgot to tell you, I’ve made your cookies for Christmas. They were delicious, thank you.

    1. Thank you, Kinga! HAHA!! My thoughts exactly. He’ll be thrilled. Lol! I’m so happy to hear you loved the Christmas cookies. Thanks for letting me know :) That made my day!

  2. Remove the whole ceiling? Gulp. I know you guys are up for it! How amazing will it feel to be rid of that chamfered doorway? Of course you need beautiful French doors! I love the idea of your desk in the center under a gorgeous statement fixture! I’m excited to see all of the lighting, actually. Will you utilize a big table as a desk? I remember that Suzanne Kasler image with the X detail; I’m anxious to see how you incorporate it! Emmett’s expertly executed carpentry will highlight whatever you dream up. (Even if it elicits the occasional miter-grumble.) Then there’s the soft stuff! Upholstery, drapery…RUG! Yippee! This will be a fun one. Happy Pizza Friday, friend! I think we all earned it.🍷🍕💜

    1. Yes- he’s going to run new electrical and we’ll have to demo the ceiling anyway because it has millwork up there that will need to be removed… it’s also textured, so we figured it would be easier and most efficient to take the entire thing down, run electrical, then install a smooth ceiling. Sounds a bit daunting, but I’m sure Emmett has a plan (here’s to hoping, lol)! I cannot wait to see that chamfered doorway go, and french doors sound like my dream come true. I do love the idea of a large table as a desk- especially if I have plenty storage elsewhere. Floor outlets are definitely going to be needed in here, so I can plug in my desktop computer. I’m sharing the drapery next week, if all goes as planned- then we’ll remove it to demo the ceiling. Haha! I had a collaboration opportunity I couldn’t pass up, and they turned out so beautifully! Can’t wait to show you :) Hope you had an awesome weekend. xo

  3. I am so excited to see how this space turns out!

  4. Yay for new projects! I hope we get to follow along and you don’t wait for a whole reveal on this one! My home office I did 9 years ago and I’m definitely thinking of giving it a makeover as well.

    1. Woohoo!! I’m really looking forward to this one. I’ll definitely share as it unfolds :)

  5. Wow! Looks like an ideal space for an office. I say yes to all of the above, especially those built ins with the X detail. Oh I love the built ins you designed for your living room so bringing that detail to your office would be fantastic! Bummer the ceiling has to be removed but at least the flooring is complete. I know whatever you dream up will be amazing 🤩 and Emmett will bring his A game as always. We could use his skills here that’s for sure. Cheers to your office getting underway, to a very inspiring lady that deserves an awesome space to make all that design magic happen 🥂 Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I’m looking forward to tackling this space :) The flooring takes forever, so that’s a huge item crossed off our to-do list. The ceiling won’t be fun, but it has to happen and I’m sure Emmett will do a fantastic job. Haha! Thank you for your sweet words. I can’t wait to have a beautiful and organized workspace. Have a good week!! xo

  6. Squealing with joy and excitement for you over here! It HAS been a long time coming, and your plans do not disappoint. Removing the entire ceiling is quite the bite to swallow, but getting rid of the chamfered doorway will make such a drastic difference to the space, and be well worth the extra work. Emmett has a tall order with the built ins-I can’t wait to see how they turn out and how you incorporate the x detail-his woodwork always turns out so gorgeous! I’m loving all the inspiration photos you’ve included here. The light fixture from photo number two is show stopping, all the storage is incredible, the lamps…I could stare at these all day! Looks like you’ll have an amazing office space once it’s complete! What is the timeline you’re working with? I can’t wait to see the end result, but hopefully we’ll be able to follow along with some of the renovation progress? I would particularly love to see the steps Emmett takes in removing that chamfered doorway and installing the French doors! Cheers to a brighter weekend than the week we’re leaving behind. I saw somewhere a meme saying “I completed my free 7 day trial of 2021, and I’d like to cancel my subscription”.😂🤣My thoughts exactly! I’m in the midst of massive clean out and reset over here. I started with the Christmas decor when I took it all down for storage, then I tackled the kids’ bedrooms.😅Yesterday I got 1/3 of my closet tackled, but today it’s looking like the kitchen-it’s new dishes day!!!! I’m praying the FedEx man had his coffee this morning and they’ll be here before nightfall, but I don’t look so great in blue so I won’t be holding my breath.😂🤣My goal for January is to purge and reorganize to give myself a clear head on tackling and finishing some of these projects that need to be buttoned up. It’s a tall order, but so far it has proven worth it! Have a fantastic pizza Friday Sarah!

    1. Lauren, love a big purge/organization of the house. Makes you feel good every time you open a door or drawer. Exciting to get new dishes. Hope they arrive. Have a great weekend!

      1. Danna!!! They’re here!! I still haven’t opened the box because, well…children of the corn, but they’re safely at Nana’s now, and I’m ready to feast my eyes on their glory!! I’m so glad y’all can’t see my house right now. I have enormous piles from the purge, and it’s making me feel ready for the year! I too love a good house reorg! Have a lovely weekend Danna!

        1. Children of the corn. Lol! I hope you’ve been enjoying your new dishes and freshly organized house :) That sounds like absolute perfection.

    2. Ahhh!!! I’m so excited! Thank you, Lauren :) We’re not putting a timeline on this project, to keep things less stressful. Right now, it has been BUSY balancing our home renovation and operating our shop. I know the millwork will take the longest, so if we finish this space before spring, I’d be thrilled. I’ll definitely be sharing renovation progress updates as things unfold. And yes- cheers to a better week ahead :) I’m optimistic. I know exactly what meme you’re talking about- that one made me laugh, too! I hope you’re enjoy the fruits of your labor from your massive clean out and organization. That is always the best feeling once it’s finished. I also hoping you’re enjoying those beautiful new dishes of yours. It’s the little things! I love your January goals. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friend. xox

  7. Melissa D says:

    I’m so excited for you to be getting your office! The floors are beautiful and the space definitely has potential. I know how it feels for life to get in the way of our plans, but I’m sure after 2 years you’re more than ready for a well-done space to be your creative genius self. The inspiration posts are stunning. I can’t wait to follow along and see what y’all do with it! Happy Friday, cheers to the weekend!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I think it has a ton of potential. It feels like a blank canvas just waiting for me to turn it into something more functional and beautiful. I’m excited! I truly appreciate your kind words- thank you :) Have a wonderful week! xo

  8. I love the direction your design plan is going. And I never understand why the formal spaces in homes never have overhead lighting. Our last 70s ranch didn’t have it, and now our homebuilt in the 90s doesn’t have it in the “formal living room”-which we use as an office coincidentally. But they did install a ceiling medallion in the center of the ceiling so that’s something! 😆

    1. Thank you, Brittany! We actually don’t have overhead lighting in our formal living room (which was an intentional design decision on my part), because I like the soft, intimate look of lamps in a conversation area like a living space, BUT- we do have hardwired sconces and gallery lights that are on switches, so I think that helps. In a home office though, I definitely will need some overhead lighting so I can see during the evening hours. I think it depends on the function of each room. So funny that the previous owners installed a ceiling medallion in your home, but no light fixture?! That one has me stumped. Lol! Have a great week. xo

  9. Jordan Thomson says:

    So excited for you! I know this one has been a long-time coming. Will you be replacing windows as you move through rooms? I know you did for the kitchen but can’t remember if that was for another reason…

    1. Thanks, Jordan!! I wish we were replacing the windows for this room renovation, but I’d say that will have to happen later down the road (for budget purposes). I’d love to replace all 8 windows on the front of our home when we update the exterior someday. Our windows are fine, but they’re not the most efficient or the best aesthetic option. They’re not terrible though. I think they’ll work for now, but I’d LOVE to update them all eventually. We are replacing doors as we renovate each room though.

  10. Ahhhhh so excited for you! I’ve been waiting for you to get to this space, and your inspiration images are beautiful. Can’t wait to see how this one unfolds :)

    1. Thank you so much, Stacy! I’m really excited for this one :)

  11. The floors that you and Emmett are putting down are still my favorite..love them! Everything in the first inspiration photo gives me all the heart eyes. Especially layout, colors and texture. Can very much sense your excitement and here for the progress and reveal. Happy you are getting a much needed room to spread out and create. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Danna! I still love our floors- I’m really happy with that choice I made a couple years ago. The office truly has me excited! I’m looking forward to having a beautiful, organized, and creative space to call my own. I definitely want room to spread out and create. You hit the nail on the head! Hope your weekend was wonderful… I’m playing catch up on comments :) xox

  12. Please let me know what comfy desk chairs you find because we are in the same process right now. We are starting from a complete blank space and so far the hardest thing is finding a desk chair I can sit in all day and sit at the computer.

    1. I’ll definitely share a big roundup! I love my vintage chair, but sitting it in for hours everyday is definitely not the best ergonomic solution. I’m sure my back will thank me for investing in a better chair. Ha!

  13. Soooo glad you are going to be doing your office!! I always felt bad you barely finished the other one and then left!!

    I know it will be beautiful. Good luck!

    1. I’m SO excited, Kim! We had no intentions of selling our previous home so fast, but looking back- I’m really glad we did (even if I didn’t get to fully enjoy my office or our newly renovated kitchen). Our current home feels more like home, probably because we’ve been here longer. Hah! Anyway, bring on the office :) I can’t wait! xo

  14. Amy Pease says:

    I love these ideas. Very sophisticated. Visiting your blog is one of my favorite things to do on a stressful day and I especially appreciate having that escape when everything in the world feels uncertain. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I also love hearing that this feels like a nice escape for you. It’s the same for me (a stress reliever)… I love having certainty, positivity, and creativity here on my corner of the internet. I appreciate you showing up to read and chat design with me :) Here’s to a better week ahead! xox

  15. Looking forward to this project… I know where you can get a beautiful rug for your office😉.

    1. Thank you, Teri! That’s exactly what is going to happen. Haha :) I’m actually claiming one from our shop for a living room refresh right now.

  16. Love the plans! We are converting a small sunroom into a home office for my husband and are debating the doors to use- interior French doors, exterior French doors (for better sound isolation), or something more elaborate (pocket doors, etc.). Is your office far enough from the main house traffic that sound isn’t an issue? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Claire! My office is pretty centralized, but sound hasn’t been a huge issue for us. The space has two exterior walls, and the wall between my office and formal living room is insulated behind our big built-ins, so the remaining wall in the space is where the french doors will be installed… which should take care of any acoustic issues.

  17. So beautiful! Would love to have the link to the wood and fabric desk chair in the first photo!

  18. The office is also one of our projects for 2021, and I’m excited to see that our current situation looks a lot like yours. I’ll be following your process closely for all the inspiration!

    Also totally with you on submerging myself completely in house projects to maintain what’s left of my sanity. Never been more grateful for a busy workload than now. XO

    1. Thank you, Oksana! I’m definitely thankful work has been super busy :) Hoping for a great week ahead! xo

  19. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Wow – exciting! I just found your blog through KariAnne at Thistlewood, and I love it! I’ll be following along too! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. So happy you’re here, Barbara :) Thank you so much.