DIY Bath Caddy Tray

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comYears ago, I used to write for a design blog that was hosted by Caesarstone- the quartz countertop company. I actually used to blog and write for lots of companies, as a way of getting my foot in the door. Anyway- for Caesarstone, I would share a monthly project, tutorial, or chat about a design topic of my choosing. I’ve recently learned that their online publication I used to write for is no longer active, and therefore- I’ve received lots of messages from people interested in our tackling DIY projects I shared in the past that are no longer available. The one I’ve received the most requests for is our DIY bath caddy tray. I figured this was a project worth revisiting and giving a permanent place to live here on my blog. Maybe you were following along when I shared this project back in 2017? Perhaps it’s a “new to you” project, which is cool! I still have and use this bath tray that Emmett built for me… in fact- it sees quite a bit of use! It fits our guest bathtub perfectly, and I’m always pulling it out of the linen closet to hold my laptop, a drink, or bath products. If you’re curious how he made it, click through. There are also some stunning images from our previous bathroom– I still adore that tiny space!

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comI gave Emmett my criteria for my ideal bath tray and he customized it to fit my needs. This is what I asked for…

  • It had to fit my laptop (I catch up on emails and Pinterest in the bathtub- sadly, I’m not joking).
  • It had to have an edge around the tray so that my phone or items wouldn’t accidentally slip off into the water (I’m accident prone and could see my phone sliding off).
  • It had to have handles for easy maneuvering.
  • I wanted it to have a natural wood element.
  • Stylistically, I wanted it to look timeless and simple.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comOk- now I’m actually going to turn the tutorial over to Emmett. I’m working on our shop stuff (which probably won’t be live for another day or so), and he’s the one who built it… so read this next part in his voice (not mine), ok? Haha! Here he is…

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comHello friends! It has been quite some time since y’all have seen me writing a post here on the blog, but here we go!!

  • Deck Board- A wide board such as a 1″x10″ or 1″x12″, minimum 30″ long (width of bathtub).
  • Railing Board- 1″x2″ or 1″x3″ and enough to wrap the perimeter of the Deck Board
  • Wood Glue
  • 18 Gauge Finishing Nailer
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill & Drill Bits

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 1 // Plan and measure. Measure the width of your bathtub. Most tubs are 30″ or 32″. This will be your finished length of the bath tray. Your deck board will be cut this length minus 1.5″ (your railing boards will make up the difference).

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 2 // Cut out your pieces. Start by cutting your deck board to length. Tip: most boards from big box stores do not have square ends- so cut both ends of the deck board to avoid using a factory edge.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comNext, using the cut dimensions of the deck board- carefully cut the railing boards with 45-degree mitered ends to wrap around the deck board. Tip: while you have your saw out, using the scrap, leftover railing board, cut a short piece approx. 4 inches long- you will use this later for installing an anti-slip piece.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 3 // Sand the wood. Sand and prep all surfaces for finishing material (paint, stain, oil). It is always easiest to sand pieces before being installed to avoid the inside corners and hard to reach places.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 4 // Assemble three edge pieces. Before assembling, dry-fit all the materials to ensure everything is cut correctly. Install three of the railing boards by using wood glue and shooting a finishing nail or two directly into the miter. If you have been following along for a while, I highly recommend using miter clamps in this scenario, and if I built it today, I definitely would. Let this glue setup before moving to the next step.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 5 // Attach the bottom of the tray and the remaining edge. Run a small bead of wood glue on three sides of the deck board and carefully slide the deck board in between the assembled rails. Nail the rail boards into the deck board.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comPut a dab of glue on each mitered end of the last rail board and along the remaining edge of the deck board. Assemble with nails.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 6 // Finish the bath caddy with paint or stain. We opted to paint the railings and stain the deck. Lastly, we used polyurethane to put a top coat over the entire thing to help with moisture damage. Sarah uses this tray a lot and I know it has gotten wet, but it’s holding up nicely.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 7 // Attach the anti-slip piece on the bottom of the tray. When the tray is in position- measure to the inside edge of the tub and install the small piece of wood you cut earlier by using some wood glue and a short finishing nail. This small board will prevent your tray from sliding out (towards the center of the room). If you are building this tray for a freestanding tub, you would want to install one on each side. Basically it’s to ensure your tray doesn’t end up IN the bathtub.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comStep 8 // Install the handles. Lastly, install any hardware or handles. We picked out our handles after the tray was built, and had to make modifications to the tray for our handles to mount properly. I suggest picking out all of your materials before starting your project! Of course Sarah had to special order some and they didn’t get here in time. Ha!

And that is it! It is a pretty simple design and can be done inexpensively with minimal tools. I hope you all enjoy it! This is what our finished result looks like. Let me know if you have questions!

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comOk- Sarah here again, with some closing notes. This project is easy to customize for your personal style or bathtub. The possibilities for design, shape, and overall aesthetic are endless. Get creative with this one! If you’re curious about our old bathroom, check out this post for a little tour.

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - roomfortuesday.comA few years ago, I said (in reference to my new bath tray)… “It looks like it cost much more than it actually did, and I love that Emmett made it just for me. It’s really something special, that I’ll keep and use forever.” Well- here we are three years later and I’m still putting that beauty to good use. Those are the best projects! It looks just like it did the day he finished it. Let us know if you have questions about the tutorial in the comment section below! PS… thanks for hanging with me this week as I’m kind of MIA working on our shop. I’ve been putting in long hours, but can’t wait to show you all the fun things. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What a fun tutorial! I feel you with wanting a custom bath caddy-most on the market are kind of tiny, and that in-and-of-itself renders them nothing more than something pretty. This looks super simple and fun to put together! I may have to try my hand at this one once the bathroom is finished (yup…still working on it lol). Thanks to Emmett for taking over the reigns on the tutorial leg of it-your tips are extremely helpful Emmett! I can’t wait for all that’s in store in the next few weeks, and I hope you’re both taking time to recharge in the quiet moments. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Yes!! Also- I feel you… I’m still trying to find time to photograph the guest bedroom. Yikes! It has been crazy over here. Whenever you get to it, it will be a fun project to enjoy :) That’s my philosophy anyway. We are embracing the busy whirlwind this week, but it was SO nice to relax for Thanksgiving last week. The holiday season is always a hustle & bustle. Haha! I hope you’re having a good week, Lauren! Happy Tuesday to you and the fam :)

  2. I sent your original tutorial to my dad a couple of years ago, and he made a bath tray for my husband, who loves baths! The only adjustment he made was to add two vertical pieces of wood in the middle, one longer and one shorter with a gap in between, to make a spot to perch an iPad or Kindle. My husband uses the tray all the time!

    1. You did?! I love hearing that, Deborah. I’m also glad to hear he was able to customize it based on your husband’s needs. What a great idea to add some vertical supports for the kindle or iPad!

  3. Nice job, Emmett! Clear and simple directions and photos! Not going to lie, that laptop on there makes me a little nervous, but the wine and candle are speaking to me.🤣 Have an amazingly productive Tuesday. Happy December!!!❄️💪

    1. Happy December!! Haha! I always take my laptop to the bath with me- so weird, I know. I get so much done while soaking and come up with some good ideas. Lol! Have a lovely Tuesday and give the pups a pet for me :)

  4. Madison Rhude says:

    Can i ask where you bought the handles from? The board looks wonderful 😍