10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comWe’re in the midst of the cold, snowy winter months here in Utah. It’s ideal for our love of skiing, but I find myself seeking out ways to stay warm once we’re back home. Anyone else craving that “cozy” feeling this time of year? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a vacation? I thought I’d round up some of my favorite posts that will help you get (and stay!) warm this time of year. If you’re house could use a cozy boost, this should be helpful… and don’t worry- a new puppy isn’t necessary. Although Crosby was a cutie, wasn’t he?! Click through for 10 posts to help you feel cozy when it’s cold outside, or you’re feeling uninspired with your home.

#1 // Roundup : Cozy Flannel Bedding

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comSwapping our regular sheets for flannel in the fall (and throughout winter) is the best thing Emmett and I have ever done! Flannel is super soft and warm. We started using flannel sheets last fall and haven’t looked back (although there is currently a duvet dilemma happening, per Tuesday’s post). Flannel is a great way to feel instantly warm when you climb into bed each night. I shared a big roundup of my favorite sheet sets in this post.

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#2 // Basement & Media Room Makeover

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comI just love having a place in our home that feels cozy the moment we walk into the room. Our basement media room is that place! I know… a basement seems cold and the last place you’d want to be in the winter, but our basement living space is pretty awesome and inviting. With its navy blue walls and upholstered velvet wall treatments, it’s the perfect room to cozy up with a luxe blanket and the latest binge-worthy Netflix series. I’m actually making a few updates to this space and will share those in a post this February- stay tuned!

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#3 // Luxe Textiles That Won’t Break the Bank

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of wrapping yourself in a great blanket…soft, inviting textiles are a must! From pillows and throws, to sheets and comforters- textiles are the key to getting that cozy feeling. They don’t have to be expensive either… this post has alllll the soft, warm textiles at affordable price points.

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#4 // 15 Candles to Stock Up On

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comThere’s just something about lighting a candle that instantly changes the feeling of our house. From the matches (one of my favorite décor items!) to the flickering flame and the fragrance…candles definitely scream cozy! I always have a candle burning during the winter months.

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#5 // Fireplace Makeover + Cast Mantel Options

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comIf you want to take things to another level, lighting a fire is just the thing to warm up a room (literally). Now that the ORC is finally over, our formal living room is the best place to cuddle up with the dogs and get warm on a cold Utah winter night. It’s a good feeling finally putting this space to good use! The hard work was well worth it.

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#6 // Guest Room Window Nook

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comHaving a little spot in your house where you can cozy up with a blanket, a good book, and the dogs (if you’re like me), is a simple way to enjoy the indoors during the winter months. This spot is in our guest room, but I find myself gravitating to it when I need a quiet spot to relax or read… which has been more often lately, since I’ve been sick.

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#7 // Favorite Paint Colors (As Seen Throughout My Home)

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comChoosing the right paint colors for your home is a really great way to set the tone for every room throughout your house. It’s amazing how paint can totally transform a room (and your mood!)- it’s an easy, inexpensive way to create just the right feeling… which in this case is warm & cozy.

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#8 // Tips for Shelf Styling With Lots of Books

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comWhat’s more cozy than a library look during the wintertime? Add some warmth to your shelves with books! Maybe it’s time to mix up your shelf styling? Head to the thrift store for more books, give your built-ins or bookcases a new look, and read some of those new found titles in your favorite nook. That sounds like an ideal winter plan to me!

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#9 // Favorite House Plants for 2020

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comOkay, so maybe plants don’t immediately scream “cozy,” but it’s all part of the atmosphere. I like incorporating fun planters and some of my favorite plants into every room to bring elements of nature indoors. Plants of all sizes are the perfect finishing touch that makes a room feel complete! They’re also a good reminder that spring is around the corner… add some life and greenery to your home during this relatively drab season.

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#10 // Roundup : Large Scale Artwork

10 Posts to Inspire That “Cozy” Feeling this Winter - roomfortuesday.comYou might not think of artwork when you’re thinking about staying warm during the winter months, but it does make a difference! Empty walls can feel cold and bare, and art is a great way to incorporate not only warmth, but also elements that make you happy. Large scale prints are an easy way to add personality to any room needling a little extra warmth.

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So, are you feeling warm and cozy yet? Are there any other ways you like to add warmth to your home, if you live in a cold area of the country? Emmett and I enjoy skiing (one of the best parts of living in Utah), but you know me- I’m also a homebody who loves to cozy up on the couch with the dogs and a nice blanket! Hope these posts are giving you some great ideas!

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  1. Puppy Crosby! Squeal. And those two in front of the fire? Next year’s Christmas card, says I. We are having all the rain and gray lately, so I am seriously craving a sunny vacation. Come on, Spring Break! Your fireplace redo makes me really contemplate upgrading ours, but I’m not certain I can justify the expense. (I sure do hate looking at our ugly, inefficient one though.) We certainly love to cuddle up with a movie around here, but I think my favorite way to get cozy is cooking! Roasting a bunch of vegetables or whipping up a batch of cookies puts a smile on my face and has obvious additional benefits. Honestly, getting through winter takes a variety of strategies for me. I hope you are warm and beginning feel better on this rainy Thursday!💖🌴

    1. He. Was. So. Cute!!!! I almost forgot about that little puppy face of his. haha! We’re having snow and gray days lately, so I can relate. I’m also craving a sunny vacation, but can totally settle for sitting in front of the fire to work. We also enjoy cuddling and watching movies- that’s my kind of night. You’re right though- being in the kitchen is the BEST. For me it’s baking. I think you just inspired me to go bake something. Maybe a recipe will be tomorrow’s post :) I hope you’re also feeling back to 100 and are having a good day. xo

  2. Ah, that puppy face! Why can’t they stay that way..small, super playful with puppy breath!
    I enjoyed catching up on this! Revisiting many posts…all good ones!
    Still loving your basement and the color, decor. Will you post about the panels on the walls? Does it help with sound?
    I cannot leave a store without checking out the candle section. Never thought about match holders till I saw them in your home…really like the way they look.
    Your mantle! It’s beautiful and with two sweet dogs in front posing for a picture..adorable!
    Happy Friday! Hope its a good weekend. We have some sun in the forecast and thinking of going on a hike to combat the blahs here too!

    1. I know, Danna! Puppies are the best. I can’t wait to share the small revisions I’ve made to the basement to make it work better for us. I moved our beloved brass coffee table to Emmett’s work (since I just finished designing their office), so we had to find a replacement. We’re also swapping a few other things to make the room more functional for the time being. For the wall panels- did you see my IG story highlight? I saved the DIY process, if you’re interested! I think they really do help with sound, but my favorite thing about them is the way they look. I love the soft texture they add to the basement walls. I’m a candle hoarder- so I can relate! Matches are one of my favorite styling accessories. Enjoy your hike this weekend- I’m jealous! We have so much snow on my favorite hiking trails right now and I’m not sure my lungs are up for snowshoeing. Anyway- THANK YOU for always being a bright spot in my day :) Have a fabulous weekend, my friend. xo