Trend Alert : Tapered Empire Lamp Shades

Trend Alert : Tapered Empire Lamp Shades -
via josh young

My plan was to have the monthly moodboard post ready to go today, but I fell down a rabbit hole of lamp shades. Yes- lamp shades & lighting. It’s more exciting than it sounds, I swear! This is kind of how my brain works… I find a vintage piece of furniture, I think of where it will live in my house, then I source things that go with it. In a roundabout way, I found a cheap (amazing) vintage desk and a chair- and now since the kitchen is done (REVEAL ON MONDAY!!), I’m craving a *tiny* project. My plan is to paint and repair the desk because it’s in rough shape, and that led me to a desk lamp. Yeah- that’s how I got here. Crazy, I know. Fast forward to three hours lost searching the internet, the moodboard post isn’t finished, and I have 15+ lamps saved instead. I guess that means, Friday has become a “Trend Alert” post instead of a moodboard, and I’m ok with that! Click through to see what I found and what is inspiring me right now… tapered empire lamp shades.

Trend Alert : Tapered Empire Lamp Shades -
via brunch on chestnut

Tapered shades- also called empire or bell shades aren’t a new thing. They’ve resurfaced in the past year or so and I’m really digging the dramatic shape. The more tapered, the better- in my opinion. Have you noticed more of these lately? They’re definitely gaining popularity in a mainstream sort of way.

Click directly on the lamp you’re interested in below to shop!

I realllllly want #7 for the desk I’m refinishing because I think the contrast of traditional and modern would look really nice. Nobody does that contrast (or an empire shade) better than my friend Josh! Not only is he an incredible artist, but he’s a talented interior decorator too. His apartment and studio are to die for (pictured below).

Trend Alert : Tapered Empire Lamp Shades -
via josh young

Do any of you have any empire shades in your home? Do you even like the look? I can’t wait to share my desk refinishing process with you and style out a cute little vignette in one of the guest rooms! Have a wonderful weekend and be sure the check back on Monday for my kitchen reveal. I’m super proud of it!

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  1. Funny. I have a similar “process” where I see something in an image and then scour vintage sites tirelessly to find something like it. (I’m thinking of an amazing whicker monkey lamp that haunts me still; if you see one, message me!😁) But, back to lampshades…I guess I have thought of empire shades as traditional and drum shades as more contemporary…But then I picture all of the midcentury drum shades, and I guess I’m wrong. Regardless, I really dig the exaggerated ones. I love #7, #9 and #14. Clearly, I also like the look of stone and brass. #1, #3 and #8 are pretty great, too. Have an amazing weekend! I’ll be anxiously awaiting the big reveal. (Also, now I’m curious about the color you’ll choose for your desk.)

    1. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a wicker monkey lamp for you :)

  2. Ooooh, I love a tapered empire shade! The shape feels very classic to me. I really love the Hackney floor lamp at McGee and Co. (You’ve linked the table lamp and sconce in #11 and #16). I hope you do get #7 and show us how you styled it with refinished desk!

    1. Same!! I’m really into them. I do love those options. It’s going to be a tough choice!