How to Incorporate Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comSpoiler alert… there will be a couple floating shelves in our new kitchen. I’m actually really excited about them because I’ve never had a floating shelf vignette to style! I photographed my friend’s kitchen a few years ago, pictured above, but that’s probably the only kitchen shelves I’ve ever helped style IRL. We have yet to begin installing the upper cabinets, tile, or the shelving, but I really wanted a space that provides easy access for coffee mugs and kitchen items we use on the daily. If you’re wondering how to create your own floating shelf vignette, I figured I’d put together and design some affordable options digitally that include tile, shelving, and sconces. Plus, they’re all from Lowe’s (just like ours). Click through to see five options I came up with…

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In case you missed the design plan, check it out here. Otherwise, here is a sneak peek of what my floating shelves will look like once they’re installed. Of course the accessories will most likely be different, but the sconces, tile, and shelving will look just like this:

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.combedrosians cloe tile // progress lighting nickel transitional sconce // in place wood wall mounted shelving

Next, let’s explore an eclectic version. Get creative with lighting and tile for a beautiful backdrop to display kitchenware. Speaking of tile, I’m loving the square Elida Ceramica handmade tile below. It feels modern, but also classic!

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comelida ceramic barrio square tile // westmore lighting belleville sconce // in place wood wall mounted shelving

If you’re more of a purist or gravitate toward a traditional style, check out what I came up with below. I’m obsessed with that Safavieh sconce, and you can’t beat the price. It’s super timeless and would add sophistication to any kitchen.

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comamerican olean union view subway tile // safavieh jaxson wall sconce // allen + roth wood wall mounted shelving

Remember the backsplash post I shared a few weeks ago, highlighting my favorite classic options? After mocking up the American Olean herringbone tile- I think I love it even more. In this modern setting, it really feels new and updated.

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comamerican olean chevron marble tile // vonn lighting capri sconce // in place white wall mounted shelving

Lastly, I pulled together a rustic option. The dark wood and oil rubbed bronze light fixture really create a graphic statement against the marble backsplash. Remember our previous bathroom? We ran the subway tile vertically and it helped to elongate the ceiling height. I also love that concept for a kitchen!

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comallen + roth venatino polished marble subway tile // allen + roth hainsbrook sconce // in place wood wall mounted shelving

If you’re wondering what types of objects to style your shelving with, here are some ideas… just remember- it also depends on their location and function:

  • artwork
  • dishes
  • serveware
  • vases
  • plants
  • canisters for storage
  • baskets
  • cutting boards
  • books
  • salt & pepper mills
  • oils

How to Incorporate Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comNot only could you add one of these floating shelf vignettes to a kitchen, but also think about: a coffee bar, a laundry room, a pet area, a breakfast nook… any sort of odd area that could use organization is a great place for them! I’ll be sure to share behind-the-scenes once we begin installing tile and the shelving. Hopefully that will happen within the next week or two. I also have a cabinetry installation post coming to the blog later this week! I’d love to share my shelf styling process once the time comes! I can’t wait to play around with it in my own kitchen, for a change. Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Your shelf-styling images are always so pretty; you make me want to be a girl who has shelves! My favorite is the modern. I like the subtlety of the flattened chevron. (Also, I just clarified the difference between chevron & herringbone!) That sconce looks like it swivels, but the specs don’t indicate that; either way, it’s cool. So, how do you feel about corner shelves? I have a small blank spot where I have thought about adding a shelf… I look forward to the kitchen update. Happy Monday!

    1. Aww thanks Peggi! I know- I wish that sconce swiveled… I just really liked the shape of it. We have corner shelves in EVERY bedroom in our house and I kind of hate them- BUT, that’s probably why. Because they’re in every room and they’re super 90’s and not attractive. I’m counting down the days until I can rip those dudes out. Haha! Happy Monday! Hope you have a great week.

      1. Haha. I forgot about all your corner shelves! Sorry to bring up a sore subject.😉

        1. Haha!!! Those darn shelves. lol!

  2. This is so informative. My husband and I want to do all floating shelves in our kitchen reno, too! And they’re so versatile to change up!

    1. They are! I can’t wait to have some to play with :) xo

  3. These are all great! We have room for floating shelves to the left of the kitchen sink and I’m looking forward to the day Mr. J decides to finally tackle the project (or I get impatient/motivated enough to figure it out myself, as occasionally happens!). I’m planning on two shelves and know I want a plant, cookbooks, art, and a couple pitchers/vessels on them, but this is going to help me fill in the blanks.

    1. Thanks Julie! I love that idea. So happy this will be helpful when the time comes :) xo

  4. Hi Sarah, Your site is great and super informative! How high above the shelves would you recommend installing the sconces?

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I’m so happy to hear that :) As for the sconces, lots of factors play into installation height- your ceiling height, the height of you and your family members, how you plan to use the shelves, the size of the sconce, etc. The goal is for the lighting to be functional and appear balanced with the shelf vignette.

  5. Allison B. Langer says:

    I’m just about to pick backsplash tile and hang floating shelves. Question…do I go all the way up the wall or do I stop at the bottom of the first shelf? I like the look of the entire tiled wall. If so, do I tile up to the ceiling first then hang the shelves?

    1. Great questions, Allison! I’d recommend going all the way up the wall. As for the floating shelves- it depends on what type of shelves you’re installing. We typically install them AFTER tiling. You just need a masonry drill bit and screw that is appropriate for that :)

  6. allison langer says:

    Thanks so much!!!! I’m taking your advice and am super excited. 💕

    1. Yay!! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out, Allison :)