10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comRecently I’ve received some really sweet messages thanking me for keeping my Amazon finds up-to-date. Amazon calls it a “storefront” but it’s really just lists, roundups, and images of things that catch my attention… and you know I love some good virtual home shopping & curating, especially budget-friendly finds. Anyway, I was thrilled to hear those have been helpful and it inspired me to share 10 of my favorite home finds from Amazon that may be surprising to you. You’d never guess some of these came from Amazon and I think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the price. Click through for 10 really great finds and to see how I use them throughout my house…

1 // Woven Tissue Box

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comThis woven tissue cover is less than $8! I love the simplicity, the texture, and how it elevates something functional that needs to exist on the countertop. It comes in handful of colors- I have the greige.

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2 // Pressed Glassware

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comA couple summers ago, we were hosting a backyard dinner party and came up with a delicious taco spread. Of course I had to make my famous pitcher margaritas and on a whim (hours before our party) purchased a couple sets of these affordable pressed glasses for cocktails. They’re $29 for a set of six, are really beautiful, heavy in hand, ship quickly, and have become a glassware staple in our house over the years.

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3 // Woven Cordless Roman Shades

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comThese woven wood roman shades are one of my go-to windows. I love a layered look and these add the perfect amount of warmth & texture! They come in lots of sizes and are around $38 per shade. I also appreciate that they’re inside mount for a custom look.

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4 // Sconces with Pleated Shades

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comSince sharing our maroon guest bedroom renovation, I’ve received a ton of questions about our bedside sconces…. mostly because they look pretty close to this expensive designer version from Visual Comfort. Those run $519, and my Amazon sconces were only $27! I did use some Rub N Buff to update the finish to an antique brass, but they were well worth the effort and savings.

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4 // Laundry Room Shelf

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve yet to renovate our laundry room because it’s moving to a different location in our home, but I did give it a little update while we’re saving up for the big renovation down the road. Since then, I’m constantly receiving requests for the source link for our floating shelf with the brass hanging rod. It’s functional, gorgeous, has the perfect brass patina & warm wood tone- and it’s only $58. This one always sells out quickly!

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6 // Toiletry Dispensers

I love a streamlined aesthetic when it comes to functional items. Rather than mismatched or random shampoo & body wash bottles, I really enjoy having toiletry dispensers in the bathrooms throughout our home. It’s a simple change that makes a big visual difference. I have a couple different favorites (both from Amazon)– one set in our guest bathroom and one set in our basement bathroom.

→  white dispensers & black dispensers  ←

7 // Dog Toy Basket

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comHere’s something I don’t think I’ve shared before, but we’ve been using this dog toy basket for 5-6 years… since moving here from our previous home. Our dogs are both toy-driven dogs. They LOVE toys and I hate seeing them scattered throughout the house. I like keeping them corralled in a designated spot, and Cash & Crosby know where to find them…. now if only we could train them to pick up after themselves and drop the toys back into the basket. Ha! In all honesty, I think we’re close. Cash can do it and Cros isn’t far behind.

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8 // Deep Pocket Sheet Set

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comAfter struggling to make high-end sheets work on this bed, I finally gave up after reworking this room last month. The mattress used to live in our primary bedroom, but after upgrading to our sleep number, we moved our old mattress here. We wanted it to be extra comfy for guests, so we added a thick memory foam topper– which gets rave reviews from our friends & family. All of our existing (expensive and beautiful) sheet sets just weren’t working. Our dog & house sitter shrank one set (bless her for doing laundry though!), the other set wasn’t nearly deep enough and kept sliding off the mattress, and the third set we tried wouldn’t fit at all. I landed on these deep pocket sheets because they have 339,000 five star reviews… seriously! They’re really wonderful, fit perfectly, and are only $50. Our family asked where they could buy a set after visiting. Five stars from us!

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9 // Glass Canisters with Sealed Lid

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for functional kitchen storage, I highly recommend these glass canisters with lids that seal. They have a classic look, keep ingredients & pantry staples fresh, and a set of two cost $27. They also have a wide mouth for easy filling. I use them for flour, sugar, coffee beans, etc.

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10 // Nero Marble Soap Dish

10 Surprising Home Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, another item for the bathroom… I bought this nero marble pedestal soap dish purely based on aesthetics, but was skeptical because it was only $21. I wasn’t sure what the quality would look like, but it’s perfect! It has a timeless ogee pedestal base, great veining, and is ideal for elevating soap in the shower. It also makes a great gift, paired with your favorite soap bar.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing my finds styled throughout our house! Sometimes it’s tricky to tell what certain things from Amazon will look like, or how the quality will be in person. I find these types of reviews and images very helpful, so here’s to hoping this inspired you to save or snag some of my finds. Should we do this again someday? Maybe seasonal finds? In the meantime, you can always reference & follow my Amazon storefront for my top picks in real time. Have a great day!

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  1. Good morning! Such a helpful post! I love inexpensive, attractive utilitarian goods-especially when they come highly recommended by an impeccable source! Amazon is so handy for finding ten million items (especially for those of us who have only a Walmart within a 30-mile radius), but you have to wade through…ten million items. While I appreciate and study the customer reviews, they can be hilariously contradictory. (I’m secretly fascinated and wildly entertained by them, tbh.) I’m currently debating two different window shades from your storefront; they are customizable and have fantastic reviews. I absolutely would never have found them without you. I’m also going to give these deep pocket sheets a try. I lamentably chose a super thick mattress when I last replaced it, and I struggle daily to reposition the “fitted” sheet. Grrr. I applaud your dog toy corral strategy; I mostly ignore them. Ha. Also, Jason likes to bring one to D every morning when we wake him, so a small collection accumulates on the nightstand. Lol. Not my first choice for styling, but🙄. Anyway, I say yes to these sorts of posts! Even when I’m not actively searching for something, I can file away the information for when I inevitably discover a need. On a different note, I’m loving the IG updates on your basement guest room project. I need a fire lit under me to move past the (personal favorite) overthinking phase of my own remake!🤯 Here’s to a productive Wednesday, Sarah! 💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’m so happy to hear this post was helpful. I enjoyed compiling it! Amazon is definitely one of those resources that requires quite a bit of digging, but I don’t mind. I’m happy to do the scrolling for all of us, ha! I’m with you on the reviews… they are so entertaining to read. I could deep dive in reviews for hours, haha! What a time suck, but also kind of helpful. I have to laugh at Jason and his morning toy wake up call. Ha! We’ll just call it eclectic nightstand styling, lol! I’m so glad you’ve liked following along with the basement bedroom. I’m currently waiting on artwork, but am hoping to wrap it up soon. I’ll share the design plan next week! Hope you have a great day! xo

  2. Good morning! I have been looking at that tissue box cover for over a month wondering if it’s good quality or not! I love that you’ve shown each item styled in your home. The Roman shades you’ve shared have been on my list- I can’t wait to refresh our outdated blinds as we move room by room. I’m in awe of your ability to sift through so many products and pick out the high quality, worthwhile purchases. For that reason alone, I keep regular tabs on your Amazon storefront. It’s helpful to have a recommendation from someone who has similar taste and style; it’s equally helpful to not have to sift through hundreds of reviews. It’s a task I’ll do if necessary, but it’s monotonous. Thank you for constantly updating and curating these lists and for always sharing your finds! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Hi Lauren! The tissue box was such a surprisingly great find- highly recommend! The roman shades are also a good deal- I like that they come in a variety of sizes. I kind of love the thrill of the hunt and don’t mind sorting, so I’m happy my recommendations have been helpful :) day made! Thanks so much for bookmarking my storefront- that means so much. Really appreciate you using my links and supporting my small business, as always! I hope you and the fam are having a lovely Wednesday! xo

  3. I’m honestly amazed how many fabulous products you can get from Amazon. And Sarah your storefront and shopping lists are the best. I did so much Christmas shopping last fall from both resources and it was so incredibly helpful. So thank you for taking the time to compile so many items with a good range of price points. And these ten items within this post are super terrific 👍 The tissue box so adorable, I can’t tell you how many deep sheet sets we go through 😱 the shrinkage is bananas. The pressed glassware is so pretty, cordless woven shades crazy I spent a small fortune on custom woven shades for our last house and they weren’t cordless (that was 20 years ago though) the selection certainly has come a long way, my gosh. I love that little pedestal dish too. And that wall sconce is an incredible price and as you illustrated so very lovely in your new guest bedroom.
    I also find the reviews on Amazon so helpful when making decisions on purchases. I kind of can’t believe how much we as a family order from Amazon, with free shipping and quick delivery (mostly) it’s such a time saver. Since Covid I predominantly make all purchases online now. Other than the supermarket I hardly enter a mall or storefront any more.
    Your roundup doesn’t disappoint Sarah! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday ☺️

    1. And I love you are training the pups to put their toys back in the toy box that’s Awesome 🥳 Love that! If only Lorrie would stop ripping her toys apart fluff everywhere 😂

    2. Thank you so much, Colleen! I love hearing that it has been helpful :) Thanks for supporting my small business, as always! You’re the best. Emmett and I did a deep dive earlier this year when sorting our budget and I can’t believe how many Amazon orders we placed last year… we definitely need to cut back a bit this year. Ha! Sometimes it’s just way too convenient… definitely a time saver though! I’m with you- online shopping is my preferred kind of shopping. Have a wonderful Wednesday! xo

  4. Catherine says:

    Sarah, these are great and stylish finds! Especially love the tissue box cover and dog toy basket. Planning to check out your entire storefront now!

    1. So happy you enjoyed this post, Catherine! Definitely give my storefront a look. Have a great day!