Roundup: Brass Door Hardware

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! It sure feels good to be home and settling back into our regular routine after a little trip to Canada. Thanks so much for your shared excitement about the guest room this week. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about our interior doors and hardware since sharing that post. We’ve slowly been replacing all the hollow core doors throughout our home… we ordered the new ones from Lowe’s and you can read more about them in this blog post. As we slowly swap all of our doors for heavy solid core ones, we’ve also been adding new door hinges & hardware. Today that’s we’re talking about- specifically, brass door hardware. After all, hardware is like jewelry for your doors and it’s a key component that can really elevate the overall look of your home. I’m breaking down our door hardware, how we’re mixing & matching, sharing important information to know when it comes to selecting door hardware, as well as a big roundup of 30+ timeless brass hardware picks. Click through for the details!

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comWhen thinking about the interior door hardware for our home, to keep things cohesive I typically like to establish rules or a sense of hardware hierarchy. My best advice? Choose a hardware brand you love and stick to the same brand & finish for all the doors… mix it up and add interest with the shape, size, knob style, or backplate.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comFor example, I’ll assign all of our closet doors a certain look, all the bedroom doors a specific style, and they’ll be in the same consistent brass finish. I like things to look cohesive and intentional- yet layered. My two favorite hardware brands are Grandeur and Nostalgic Warehouse. We’ve used them throughout our last three homes and have been very happy with the quality, aesthetic, and functionality.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comFor our current house, we’ve been using the Carre Tall Backplate with either levers or oval knobs. I opted for the Vintage Brass finish, but it’s available in multiple colors, sizes, and configurations.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comAlright, my top picks and finds for you… these are all interior sets, rosettes, backplates, and knobs so they’re ideal for interior doors. I’m partial to brass, so I pulled them in those pretty warm tones, but they’re also available in other finishes if brass isn’t your preference.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comTo shop the door hardware, click directly on my finds below to be redirected… they’re all clickable!

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for the specifics when it comes to ordering & selecting hardware… like choosing the backset, figuring out exactly what function you need, a quick rundown of hardware vocabulary, etc- check out this blog post for the nitty gritty details.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing to consider when selecting door hardware is hinges. Sometimes if I’m painting a door white, I’ll opt for white hinges so they virtually disappear. Other times, I’ll match the hinges to the doorknob and choose brass. It’s circumstantial in my book, and I feel they don’t have to be as cohesive.

Roundup: Brass Door Hardware - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post proves helpful if you’re ever on the hunt for door hardware! Let me know if you have any other questions I can help answer in the comment section below. Hardware and lighting are actually two interior elements I always feel comfortable splurging on because they make such a big difference in the overall look & feel of a house. Here’s to a great weekend ahead! Happy Pizza Friday, friends.

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  1. Good morning! Such gorgeous hardware. So many lovely options; I know I’d have trouble choosing. Your hint for mixing but maintaining cohesion (closet doors one style, interior doors another) is SO helpful! I’m not sure I would have hit on that. I’m also glad you mentioned hinges! Luckily, all of our doors are vintage solid wood (although they seem to be a somewhat random collection. Ha.), but some of the hinges are painted and others aren’t. I’m happy to hear painting them was an okay idea. Our door knobs are also a varied selection of mostly vintage glass which I love…except when one comes off in my hand, and I can’t open the closet door. 🤣 (A friend also got stuck in the bathroom during a party once. Snort. Hostess of the year!) Vintage hardware can be a pain, but some that I have seen is just magical! Intricately carved backplates and even fanciful hinges! Talk about jewelry for the home! Ours are mostly just…old. I don’t have plans to change, but if I did, I really like the look of the levers you chose. They have the added benefit of accessibility which I appreciate. I must confess that next to stripping wallpaper, changing our front door lockset was the WORST diy I have completed. So much swearing. Sarah, I may even have thrown things. I promise that I read your post, watched videos, and measured. 😭 I think a previous diy may have caused issues, but I am scarred. Like, decided not to change the backdoor lockset scarred. Ha. I might try to recover because the new set made a huge difference in the feel and function. Door hardware isn’t just for aesthetics after all! You really can feel a difference in quality. Thanks for the pretty recommendations and tips! I hope you are staying safe and warm. I see that you’ve been getting tons more snow. We even got an inch or so. Boo. Cheers to a warm Pizza Friday by candlelight! Happy weekend, friends!💜

    1. I’m envious of your solid wood original doors- that’s what every homeowner hopes for! And vintage glass knobs? Dreamy! Painting the hinges is definitely an ok idea. Another option is to boil the paint off, but it’s SO much work. In our older homes, I’ve been cool with painting for the sake of time. I did get a good laugh out of your guest stuck in the bathroom because that has been me. Haha! Speaking of vintage hardware- I’d love to stumble upon a lot or snag some from an estate sale or salvage yard. I’ve never been able to find more than 4-5 matches locally, but maybe someday. Emmett has definitely done his fair share of screaming at our doors and yelling profanities when installing both the doors and hardware. Lol! It can be tricky and I do feel like there is a steep learning curve. I think it can be a difficult DIY. You’re also right about feeling the quality with improved functionality. I totally agree! Did your power go out? I hope it was a candlelit date night instead, but the weather has been so crazy- I say this as we’re in the middle of another snowstorm right now. Spring can come anytime now, I’m ready. I hope you’re staying warm and had a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Many thanks! These are very helpful suggestions and beautiful examples. We are battling with knobs that fall off and paint-splattered backplates and hinges so it might be a good time to start replacing our hardware. Now if I could just find a way to get the doors to latch regardless of the season!

    1. Do you have a historic or older home, Marti! Our first home at the same issue… replacing the hardware definitely helped- and adjusting some of the doors.

  3. Good morning! Ahhh…door hardware. It really is the jewelry of the home. Not that anyone is asking but my interior hardware looks like it lived it’s best life in the costume jewelry section of a 1990’s thrift store. It’s one of the pesky details I’d love to tackle but we have So. Many. Doors. It’s mind boggling and overwhelming. I’ve long admired your chic door hardware- the hammered knobs are actually my favorite. They look stunning in every finish and are such a timeless design. I love your tip about mixing and matching door hardware. That definitely helps break up the monotony- in a house like mine that would make all the difference. I do have a question about placement of hardware on bifold closet doors- where is one *supposed* to place it for optimum opening and closing? We are looking to replace our sliding closet doors for bifold in order to have more reach-in space, but I know we definitely had the wrong placement on the set we installed in our previous home. 🥴 In terms of finish matching, is it acceptable to match all main entry door finishes, while having interior doors a separate finish? That’s actually the way we’ve always done it, but if that’s not ideal I’ll definitely have to swap the front door set we installed. I love the finish for entry doors, but not so much for my interior doors. Plus I’m not certain I’ll stick with that brand. Our lock on the door handle has been …finicky, and we can’t seem to figure out the issue. Anyhow. I hope you’re all staying warm, and safe with these winter storms. We have high wind and rain this morning with more snow expected until tomorrow. Schools are open today but geez it’s been a strange week! Happy pizza Friday friends! Pizza by candlelight Peggi…is it date night or did your power go out? I’m going to assume it’s for ambiance and preference, but our power has gone out three times.😵‍💫

    1. It really is! I love pretty hardware. I’m right there with you… our existing hardware definitely fits into the 90’s thrift store costume jewelry section, ha. Lightweight, shiny brass, curvy handles, and not my idea of timeless. Ha! You’re right though- it’s a costly and pesky thing to update when you’re swapping the entire house. To answer your question about bifold door placement, it’s kind of personal preference. I like them on the edge panel in the center of the two bifolds at grabbing height, but you can also install them on each door (4) with two dummy knobs if you prefer the symmetry. It’s definitely ok to mix and match finishes when it comes to exterior handlesets and interior hardware. That’s what we have in our house as well! The brass finishes are slightly different. I think it still looks cohesive and intentional. We’re currently in the middle of ANOTHER snow storm. I’m so ready for spring. I hope your power stayed on this weekend! This weather is insane, but luckily we haven’t lost power (or heat). Hope you had an amazing weekend! xo

  4. Your beautiful doors and decorative handles are much to be admired Sarah! I’ve actually always selected lever handles in a brushed nickel finish but based upon this roundup there is so much selection and finishes I hadn’t realized. The backplates definitely give the handle more substance and additional pizzazz. And the tassels from your shop highlight the gorgeous hardware too. You’ve got such an eye for these little details. So very pretty. Great roundup for anyone changing out the hardware 👍 The glass knobs actually remind me of the door hardware in my childhood bedroom. Obviously my mom had an eye for this stuff too 🥰
    I’m so glad to hear you had a wonderful ski trip. Yay! I’ve actually only been to Banff once and it was in the summertime. A group of non skiing friends spent a week one summer many years ago and we had a blast. On the west coast of Canada I have family in British Columbia so I have spent way more time in that province over the years. I hear Whistler is great ski country but I haven’t been there myself. Andrew and I usually head to wine country in the Okanagan Valley 😜🥂 in the summertime and from Kelowna we fly into Victoria to visit family. British Columbia is my favorite province in the country. I was born in the most eastern province but actually much prefer the most western province, go figure. Ha! I think the weather may also play a part ☺️ Anyway so happy you had a great trip. Awesome! Hope you are having a splendid Friday and happy pizza day! Btw. How is Emmett? Was he able to ski?

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I also love nickel hardware… this house just calls for warmer brass tones. I love a fun little tassel moment. It was funny having our family here- my younger nephew asked “what was with all the tassels and matches around the house”. Haha! We had glass doorknobs in our first home and I absolutely loved them. It sounds like your mom had wonderful taste! We really enjoyed Revelstoke and I’d love to get to Whistler someday- I’ve heard great things. Apparently I need to add wine country in Okanagan Valley to my list! That sounds right up our alley. I’d love to visit in the summer. After our quick trip, my theory was correct… you Canadians are the NICEST most lovely people. I just love the attitude and vibe of Canada so much. Anyway, if you ever need help at your cottage- I volunteer for a visit. Haha! Emmett is doing good- thanks for asking! He has to have a couple surgeries, but he’s ok. Nothing the ortho can’t repair! He was able to ski thanks to some braces and compression bandages. Hope you had an amazing weekend! xo

  5. What a wonderful solid door choice, and the hardware is perfect! Did you choose to put the backplate upward instead of the traditional down? When we moved into our 1915 craftsman, some of the old mortise hardware remained, so we were able to match it perfectly with a knob from Nostalgic hardware. My only complaint is that the hardware itself screws into the wood door, instead of to each other like modern hardware. Is that the same for Grandeur installation too? I guess that’s just what you get for having beautiful old fashioned hardware.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! Yes- it’s the same installation process for Grandeur as well- into the door. It’s a permanent update though, so we don’t mind drilling into the door. I love their timeless look!