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The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comAs many of you know, I have a history in print design- which basically means I still subscribe to magazines. Living in a digital age, I’m probably the anomaly, but I really enjoy having a tactile experience when it comes to my interior inspiration. I love spending time with books & magazines, flipping through pages, tearing out inspiring vignettes, jotting down notes that come to mind, and writing directly on the pages while I read. I’m the girl who always chooses a hard copy over a downloaded version. I think there is something to be said & appreciated about the experience print design brings us. Rather than logging more screen time, I prefer thumbing through the glossy pages and printed text. Over the years, I’ve also began to correlate time spent with books & magazines as “me time”. It feels like a special moment to unwind or find inspiration. My books & magazines often accompany a hot soak in the tub, relaxing by the fireplace, morning coffee- or an evening cocktail. Today, I wanted to share my favorite interior design magazines with you. If you’re also looking to log more hours with books this year, don’t forget about magazines. Click through for my top recommendations and the ones I currently subscribe to…

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comTo start… I made a discovery last year that was a bit of a game changer. Did you know you can subscribe to magazines on Amazon? I prefer to do it that way because I can manage all of my subscriptions in one place. I just started doing that last year and it helps me see all that I’m subscribed to, and I can easily pick & choose which ones to continue or renew. If you want magazines to show up monthly or quarterly- I definitely think that’s the easiest way to do it. Otherwise, if you’re just looking for one every once in awhile- check your local shops and bookstores!

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comLet’s dive into my list. These magazines continue to be my favorite when it comes to design… from the interiors, editorial pieces, layout, and typography, these are my top picks & best recommendations:

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the magazines to be redirected to the subscription page- or use the numbered links below the browse…


01: elle decoration // 02: milieu // 03: world of interiors // 04: house & garden // 05: dwell // 06: veranda // 07: elle decor // 08: the english home // 09: country homes & interiors // 10: coastal living // 11: living etc // 12: house beautiful // 13: architectural digest // 14: traditional home // 15: atlanta homes // 16: southern living

Some of these are more expensive than others, some arrive more frequently, and of course there are varying aesthetics & content in each. If you’re curious which ones I’m currently subscribed to, I’m committed to four at the moment… in order from my most favorite: Milieu, World of Interiors, House & Garden, and Country Homes & Interiors UK.

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comQuick tip… search for UK versions of your favorite magazines. For example, I actually prefer Elle Decoration (UK) as opposed to Elle Decor that we’re accustomed to seeing here in the states.

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comHere are some ways I enjoy my magazines, if you’re looking to expand your interior inspiration / entertainment collection, self care routine, or just need a few reasons to start a subscription this year…

  • I bring them along during my travels for in-flight or road trip entertainment… it’s the most fun & productive way to pass the time.
  • I’ll run a bath and read while I soak & relax.
  • I’ll begin my day with coffee and a magazine, if there is one I really can’t wait to dig into.
  • It gives me something to look forward to each month or season.
  • I use them for styling… shelf & surface styling, in particular (built-ins, coffee table, console, credenza, etc).
  • I snip vignettes from them and pin them on my office board, to remind me of ideas an image sparked.
  • I’ll share & trade them with friends who also love design… it’s always fun to swap and see what other’s are reading- that’s how I found out about a few of these.
  • I usually read before bed (I try to avoid screen time at night). If I’m not reading a good book, I’ll always grab a magazine for those in-between times.
  • I’ll cozy up with a new magazine in front of the fire on a rainy or dreary day to boost my mood.
  • I refer to them for work. As I’m curating items for the Tuesday Made shop or our home, magazines are especially helpful in determining what’s popular.

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for more print-based design recommendations, be sure to check out the following sources I’ve curated…

The Best Interior Design Magazines - roomfortuesday.comHere’s to more reading & design inspiration in the year ahead! That’s one goal I set that I’m very much looking forward to completing. My sister got me started on the Good Reads app– it tracks your reading and recommends books you might enjoy. Does anyone else use it? While I may seem like the reader in my family… I probably read the least out of my siblings. My brother is an english professor who reads medieval lit novels on the daily and my sister finished 68(!) books for fun last year. How is that even possible?! They’re insane… but in the best way. Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Good morning! So funny…I was thinking about my subscriptions just the other day! Mine have been piling up unread recently, and I was considering which I might cancel when a mystery renewal appeared on my PayPal. Grr. I need to make a switch to Amazon! I would love a more transparent managing system! What I really need to address is mindless screen time. It serves me not at all. I think my viewing gradually oozed from paper to screen because I wanted to save images to Pinterest. That is one advantage of digital media. Keeping track of post-its or dogeared pages is unwieldy! (Remember how Domino used to have a handy page of sticky tabs in the front? I loved that!) Speaking of pages, I’m a little aghast that you write on them! Ha. For some reason, I have always thought of them as sacrosanct…this is the sound of me challenging my own assumptions. As for your recommendation to seek UK or international versions-genius! Homogeneity and, quite frankly, blandness often reigns in US publications. I currently receive AD, House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Veranda, but I really am feeling a shake-up…Food for thought on this mid-January Friday the 13th! (My brother’s birthday😍) Here’s to more paper pages and fresh inspiration! Happy (GF, vegan) Pizza Friday!🍕🎉

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I always have a clean out period in January where I analyze my current subscriptions, cancel some, renew others, and switch things up. I try to keep it under 4 per year. I’m also trying to do better about mindless screen time- easier said than done. For me, Instagram is always the culprit… I feel like I can really burn through hours and sign off without gaining inspiration, something education, or anything that served me really well. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a place I think my time is better spent. I’m trying to decrease my screen time in general this year. I started reading a lot more last year in an effort to take my mind off my health shenanigans and it was nice to rediscover something I used to really love. Omg, the sticky Domino tabs… I forgot all about those! They need to bring those back. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Domino used to be way better back in the day. The UK versions feel more inspired and have more variety & design diversity (in my opinion). Some good original ideas keep popping up in those sources. Happy birthday to your brother and happy pizza Friday! I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead :) xo

  2. Good morning! I’m with you- hard copy all the way, every time. I have tried going digital or audio for books and I just don’t get the same enjoyment as having the hard copy in my hands. I’m an odd duck- I will happily dog-ear the pages of my books, write notes in the margins, underline powerful phrases or thoughts; but for some reason the thought of doing that to one of my magazines never occurred to me. Maybe it’s the fact that I love the feel of a perfect magazine page, and the crisp images. You’ll not find a single one marred in any way. Haha! I’m currently subscribed to AD, and the past few months the publications have piled up unread. Like you, I take mine along on road trips, day trips, and enjoy them when I need a little extra “me” time. I do love when I have a short stack to thumb through. I’ve been wanting World of Interiors, and I’m considering changing up or adding to my AD subscription. I would have never thought about looking for the UK versions but that’s an interesting idea. One of the things I love most about reading my magazines is having my phone nearby and searching a new designers IG page, or looking up a light fixture from one of the ads. Magazines have always been one of the most fun for me to read. I had no idea you could do that on Amazon! I need prime. New goal for 2023, lol. Thank you for compiling these subscriptions in one place- that definitely makes it easier to peruse each publication and see what strikes my fancy. Cheers to pizza Friday everyone!

    1. Nothing beats a hard copy! Even when traveling and bringing books on flights- I’d rather tote 2-3 books along with me and have the extra weight, than download to a tablet. No practical, but I am who I am. Ha! I also write in the margins, dog ear pages, and highlight in my books, but also in magazines. I wonder if for you, they feel more editorial- like something pretty, not to mess up. Idk! That’s super interesting! I feel like I get far more sources, inspiration, and new designer recs from magazines as opposed to my feed or internet browsing. I still appreciate good magazines, despite living in the digital age. I feel like they’re a dying art form. Happy pizza Friday to you! Hope you and the fam have an amazing weekend ahead :) xo

  3. Very timely post! I was going to reach out to you and ask if you liked AD. I kept getting ads about subscribing to 1 year for $10 and thought, for the price, I should try it out. Once upon a time, we purchased something on Amazon and received a subscription to Real Simple. It is not my favorite but I do enjoy print materials to thumb through over digital as well. My mom has a nice collection of House Beautiful, Veranda, and Elle Decor. i will “borrow” a few each time I am home. Her favorite gift is to get subscriptions or coffee books. The only part I do not like about collecting print is having to recycle them…the catalogs mostly. My question is do you keep each copy for years; favorite ones or just a year’s worth or can’t throw any away? Tearing out and making notes is a great idea. I find so many ideas for our house and need to do this instead of holding onto stacks of magazines. I am curious about Elle Decor UK and want to check it out. After watching a season of Emily in Paris, I am more intrigued about Europes living and clothing habits. Thanks for the recommendations. Hope your week has been good. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I used to subscribe to AD- it’s a good one! I try to switch up my subscriptions every once in awhile to add more variety. I also enjoy gifting subscriptions because it’s the gift that keeps giving. It’s fun to look forward to something monthly… magazines, ice cream, bourbon, whatever! I love a “whatever of the month”. Ha! I keep all of my favorite magazines and use them for shelf styling- or I’ll donate stacks of the ones I’m not using to friends, designers, or design classrooms. The UK versions are always the best! I definitely binged the new season of Emily in Paris, too. Haha! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, Danna :) xo

  4. Melissa Osigian says:

    Hi, Sarah! Thanks for the fun post! In the last few years I have started collecting decorating books which I enjoy because they don’t have all of the ads. I like the idea of having four or fewer magazine subscriptions and rotating them each year. That would be a good idea for me to add to my birthday/Christmas list. I permanently deleted my Instagram account about three months ago and am amazed at how much more reading I have been doing. It is actually very relaxing. I’m also a big fan of Goodreads. My daughter read 100 books last year! (She was an English major. 😉)

    1. Hi Melissa! I love that. I’m the weird one who actually enjoys the ads in the higher-end magazines, because it allows you to discover new sources. Ha. Strange, I know. That would definitely be a good birthday / Christmas gift! I’ve been trying to sign off of social media and be more intentional about screen time, and it really is so nice. I’ve logged into my Goodreads a couple times, but it has been awhile (pre holidays)- I need to get back into entering and rating the books I’ve read! WOW!! Your daughter is amazing. 100 books? I can only dream to read that many in a year. I wish I had the time to cram more in! Serious goals.

  5. Hi, I love interior magazines but they pile up at home! What do you do with your old magazines? Do you keep them or toss them after a certain period of time?


    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I keep the majority of them, Mary! I like to use them as decor- neatly stacked. The ones I felt unimpressed with (that I’m unlikely to revisit), I’ll donate to design or art classes.