Friday Inspiration and Noteworthy Links -

Two “Noteworthy” posts in one month?! You probably know what that means… I took the easy way out this Friday and have been a bad blogger. In reality, between kicking off our kitchen renovation and working on a BIG, exciting passion project with my local Humane Society (that I get to share with you really soon), I basically haven’t even had time to pee. Haha! Regardless, I enjoy putting together these quick little posts, and in the spirit of the weekend- I’m sharing lots of random thoughts, inspiration, and links. Click through to read what is on my mind lately… 

First of all- this Humane Society / dog project I’m all jazzed about… I’m transforming one of their giant spaces for dogs with behavioral needs (aggression, the overly timid, pets with a history of abuse, etc). There are also three employees who work in this particular space and I want to make it a happy place for humans and animals- trust me when I say it is currently not that. Anyway, I’ll be sharing the entire makeover with you guys on here in a couple weeks, so stay tuned.

Speaking of dogs, I went full-on dog training nerd and got this “Leash Boss” treat pouch that hooks to your belt (or pants). I’m fully aware I look ridiculous, but Crosby isn’t going to train himself. We spent so much time training Finn & Cash… poor Cros is super behind and we’re trying to change that. Now that he’s gigantic, he needs to have better manners. That’s on us. Anyway… the other day, I forgot I had the pouch hooked to my yoga pants and walked into the grocery like that (lol).

In regards to the kitchen, out of all of our homes, I’ve never seen Emmett so excited to renovate a room. I have a really good feeling about this one and I can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of our labor this summer and the years to come. Demo is already underway and things are moving right along.  Emmett’s one and only kitchen request was to have soapstone countertops again… obviously I agreed! Does that surprise you? We rarely repeat finishes or materials. That’s just how much we love it. I’m also happy to hear we’re apparently on trend. So funny! I just call that being smart about where to put your dollars (remember this post on resale value?).

On Monday, I’ll be sharing our outdoor spaces as they currently look, and my hopes for them (short term & long term). This amazing weather really has me itching to get things done outside and spend as much time as I can outdoors. Is anyone else in the same mindset? So far, I’ve planted tomatoes, flowers, my succulents, and the front porch urns. I’d say I’m on a roll, given it isn’t even May yet!

I ordered one of these outdoor rugs. They are beautiful and you can’t beat the price… they’re selling out fast though! I’d grab one while they’re available. I wanted a 9×12 and it sold out on me. This is probably the prettiest patio umbrella I’ve ever seen, but I have no place to put it. I also ordered new string lights because we left ours attached to our pergola in our previous backyard. I ordered white this time around since our current pergola is white… these lights have over 500+ five star reviews on Amazon. I haven’t installed them yet, but I’m hoping they don’t disappoint.

Friday Inspiration and Noteworthy Links -

Emmett and I had a funny conversation at dinner the other night. First of all, we’re trying to implement one dinner date night per week, where we get out of the house and experience new food together. We were chatting about ways to live a healthier lifestyle and want to try to get back into an exercise routine. We can’t keep making the excuse that renovating is our exercise. Here’s the thing… we both HATE running, but don’t have much time for anything else (outside of dog walking). I’d love your recs for fun workouts that keep you active but don’t feel like “work”. I dread running because it’s so boring to me and my asthmatic self feels like I might die about a minute in. I’d rather join a volleyball league or play a competitive sport, but joining a league seems time consuming. I’m all ears and would love to hear what workouts work for you!

I am very confused about this. I don’t think I would enjoy staying here. Would you? It did give me a chuckle though.

My friend Cathy renovated an entire kitchen in 16 DAYS!!!! I have no idea how. I’m pretty sure she has magic superpowers, because it looks incredible. I scrolled through the post with my jaw on the floor. And to think… I’m over here nervous to make our June / July deadline.

After our recent camping trip, I’ve had lots of people message and ask if I’d be willing to post or roundup my favorite outdoor equipment, tools, and items that make adventuring easier / more enjoyable. The sad & honest truth is this… after moving to Utah, I would post breathtaking scenery from our hikes, adventures, and travels, and immediately lose a significant amount of followers. I totally get it. Most of you are here for the home / interior / DIY posts, but I’d be more than happy to share more personal posts filled with things I’m also passionate about, if anyone would enjoy that…. maybe that just doesn’t happen on the blog? What do you guys think? I want to make everyone happy and that’s a tough thing to balance. #1- would you be interested in “other” topics? #2- where should those said topics live? Instagram? A Pinterest board? PS… if you’re not interested in things outside of design & home improvement, no hard feelings! We only have so much time to spend online and on social media seeking inspiration, learning, and making friends. Like I said, I get it.

This is my current favorite Pinterest board. It’s fun to see what I pin based on the season, month, or whatever house project we have happening at the time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Pinterest is my favorite platform. I could spend an entire day on there and not get bored.

I think that’s all I have to talk about for now… back to the “real” blog posts on Monday. Come back to see the outdoor spaces we’ll eventually tackle! Thanks for embracing this extra “Noteworthy” one if you made it all the way to the end. You can bet I’m probably playing with puppies painting at the Humane Society right now. Have an amazing weekend friends!!

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  1. I love a bonus Noteworthy post! Sometimes my attention span needs short stories instead of a novel.😀 Yes to all the outdoor activities; I need to get to weeding and planting this weekend. I’m curious to know how Crosby handles the heat. Joe is such a shade guy! Running, blech. I’m a class girl all the way; I need music and people to keep me motivated. (Plus the scheduled times are key.) I will say that I did one of those 12-week HIIT workouts a few years ago with a friend, and it was magic. Terrible, painful, make-you-want-to-die magic. I mention it because the 30-minute format might fit your schedule! Happy Friday, friend! (Take time to pee.)

    1. Haha!! Happy to hear that Peggi :) Hope you’re having a great Friday! It really hasn’t been that hot here yet- I think the high so far has been 75 degrees, but I’ll let you know how Cros does. Maybe I need to sign up for a class- thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I’m just embarrassed to go because I’m super out of shape. Have a wonderful weekend! xox

  2. If ever there was a material to repeat its soapstone! We installed it in our current kitchen, and I can’t see ever NOT having it in a kitchen again! Me and my husband both love it. I’m excited you’re using it again in this Reno!

    1. I totally agree!! It doesn’t even FEEL like stone… I don’t even know how to describe my love for it. Haha! Hope you have an awesome weekend Jamie :) xox

  3. I love to see your DIY posts and I would equally love your travel posts! Utah is beautiful, I just don’t live there so I’m happy to see if through someone else’s eyes.

    1. Thanks so much Monica! Maybe I’ll try to work some of those in :) Have a great weekend! xox

  4. I cannot WAIT to see your Humane Society project!! That has literally been my daydream design project for years. Helping dogs while decorating – are you kidding me?! Heaven. I’m so excited for you, and definitely a little jealous. I’m sure it will be amazing! :)

    1. It was a lonnnng day working on it, but so much fun. It has been really rewarding and I can’t wait to share the transformation in a couple weeks :) xo

  5. Same here. I’m a class girl too. There are a lot of free ones on Amazon that are decent if you can’t make it to a scheduled class elsewhere. I typically like the Zumba and Kettlebell ones.

    1. I need to get on board with the classes again! I used to take yoga class religiously and fell out of habit. Here I am 5 years later. Haha!

  6. I love the soapstone and wish I had to replace my kitchen countertops but alas, they’re just fine. I’m 48 and have exercised my whole life, even run a marathon and I don’t run anymore. I lost my interest. I walk, usually briskly. That’s all anyone needs to do for exercise. It’s easy on the joints, it’s good exercise and it’s free! And with dogs, you have a reason to almost every day, right? But there are a million options out there if you are looking for them and don’t mind joining a gym (or buying equipment, like a bike).

    1. I think I would be totally content walking briskly for cardio. Honestly, I walk the dogs anyway, we live on a mountain (the incline is no joke) and I’m winded after a block. Haha! Maybe that’s the solution… I just need to make time for a longer / better walk. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. I had horrible exercise-induced asthma and it’s now all gone after doing the running app couch to 5k! Try it out, it really does work. :)

    1. Really?! Running to the app store to download that right now :) Thank you!!

  8. I LOVED your outdoorsy posts, Sarah! Bring ’em, I say. Anyhoo, hope you and Emmett are having a fab weekend. Cheers, Ardith

    P.S. I’m afraid you’ll have run without me. I never could run worth %%%#&. It was especially embarrassing in high school. Hey, maybe I can go for walks with Bridget. That’s more up my alley (perhaps due to crappy knees).

    1. Thanks Ardith! I’ll try to add some more into the rotation :) Hope you had an amazing weekend. I’m with you… I hate running and I’m the worst. I’ll join you and Bridget on the walk. Haha!

  9. Stephanie Oh says:

    I’m playing catch up on my favorite blogs so I’m late to comment here, but I highly recommend Pound and/or Refit for exercise. I really dislike exercise or working out, but I recently did some class trials with friends and now I’m hooked on these bc they’re FUN. Pound is a cardio class using slightly weighted drumsticks and drumming routines. And Refit is basically choreographed dancing routines. They both sound cheesy when I describe them, but they’re *really* fun and addictive. There’s a whole RefitRev channel on YouTube (I had an easier time following along in the actual class though).

    P.s. looking forward to following your kitchen reno!

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie! Those sound awesome- I appreciate you taking the time to share your recs :)

  10. Cathy | the Grit and Polish says:

    Somehow I missed this post! Thanks a million for sharing our Porch House kitchen reno. Don’t worry, our Farmhouse kitchen is going to take eons longer than 16 days too ;)

    1. Of course!! I can’t wait to see your farmhouse kitchen- it’s going to be incredible… I just know it! xo