Organizing, Stocking, & Styling The Kitchenette

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comJust over a year ago, I shared our finished kitchenette remodel at our Tuesday Made office. We took a chance and decided to pull together a budget-friendly makeover before we even launched, in an effort to make our office feel a bit happier. While the little space looks pretty charming (if I do say so myself), I never took the time to properly stock our kitchenette. One year later, I decided it was time to put down some roots (aka- commit to buying flatware and actual plates) and create a better functioning work environment. Click through for some of my favorite kitchen organizational tools, budget-friendly small appliances, and to see how the updated shelf styling turned out. If you haven’t peeked into our Tuesday Made space in a bit, I hope you enjoy this scrolling kitchen tour!

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Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comWhy did it take me a year to put our work kitchen to good use? Maybe it was out of fear, or wondering if our little shop could survive its first year in business (and during a pandemic, at that), but I’m proud to say we did it! Over the course of a year, Emmett & I have increasingly spent more & more time at our office. I’m usually there at least 4-5 days a week. I’d bring a couple forks from home for my lunch, steal a plate from our basement kitchen and toss it into my work bag, and honestly- I just didn’t put much effort into the functionality of the kitchenette. Once Jordan (our first team member) came on board with us, I realized our haphazard break space wasn’t cutting it. Though pretty on the outside, I finally realized the need to invest in things like eating utensils to fill the drawers. I slowly started buying & thrifting things that would make our work life more enjoyable, but knew I had to stick to a tight budget.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comDuring my holiday break, I took advantage of some Walmart deals (you can see their current deals & promos here), knowing I wanted to kick off the year feeling organized and finally tackle my goal of finishing the kitchenette for good. Stocking our tiny kitchen felt like a natural place to start, in regards to organization and practicality… a wise move (and easy win) for the first work week of the year. I wanted a quick project I could feel accomplished and happy about. I started by filling our flatware drawer…

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comThis stainless steel set felt timeless to me, and I bought my favorite drawer organizer insert to go with our new silverware. We actually have this same organizer in our kitchen at home, and it has travelled with us during three moves! It’s adjustable to fit any drawer size…

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comIt has plenty of room for our spoons, forks, knives, and more importantly the fun things- a bottle opener and cheese knife set, because we’re a fun small business. Ha! In all fairness, we do appreciate a Friday happy hour or spontaneous charcuterie board.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comI also bought another set of my favorite knives. We have this same set at home in our kitchen drawer– they work well and they’re much better than others, from an aesthetic point-of-view.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comThe thing we needed most? Actual plates and bowls to use for our lunch break. Jordan and I were tired of recycling paper plates or grabbing for the plastic items we had saved from past carryout orders.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comYou already know I typically gravitate toward classic white dishes for a timeless look. If I was going to invest in a set, I wanted to make sure they are durable and will withstand the test of time. I opted for this heavy stoneware set. This collection came with dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and coffee mugs- everything we needed! I also really love the subtle pattern and texture these pieces have.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comSince we only have lower cabinets, I really had to maximize our floating shelves. Sure, they need to look balanced and styled, but they’re also functional and provide open storage. I carefully placed our new dishes on the lowest shelf, for easy reaching.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comWe already had an espresso maker (which is used often), but I thought adding another small appliance would be a nice amenity. I landed on this basic toaster that is surprisingly sleek & modern- for making a quick, hot breakfast or lunch. Bagels or avocado toast, anyone? I usually run out the door and wait to have my breakfast at the office, so I know this is going to come in handy!

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comI’ll link some of the organizational and kitchen items I found at Walmart for you below.

Click directly on my finds to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: knife set // 02: beverage can holder // 03: fridge organizer bins // 04: flatware set // 05: nespresso machine // 06: poly basket // 07: glass water bottles // 08: dinnerware set // 09: toaster // 10: food storage containers // 11: lazy susan for fridge // 12: expandable cutlery drawer // 13: storage bins with handles

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comI used some baskets to keep things organized in our cabinet drawers and beneath the sink. Clearly I need to refill our snack basket with new treats, as it’s looking sad & low right now.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comI really should have photographed the inside of our adorable Smeg refrigerator (pictured below), but I forgot. I added some organizational elements in there as well. I repeated many of the items found in our fridge at home (take a peek at that post here)a can dispenser, my beloved glass bottles, a lazy susan for condiments, etc. Since it’s such a small fridge, I like using organizers to stack items and make the most of the space.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comTo wrap up my styling and organization session, I incorporated some favorite items from our shop and recent vintage finds to add character & personality. I’m really pleased with how things came together and am glad I took the time to truly finish this space and make it more functional! I feel like our tiny team can kick off the year on the right foot now. Sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact when it comes to design.

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - roomfortuesday.comDoes anyone else get the urge to clean, organize, and tackle easy projects each January (if not, I also embrace relaxing post holiday)? So far, I’ve cleaned and organized our pantry, updated our spice drawer, and deep cleaned. Now I can cross stocking the office kitchen off my list. I feel pretty accomplished lately. Ha! If you’re looking for budget-friendly organizational items, be sure to keep Walmart in mind. I saved some money and was able to stretch my budget by scrolling their deals. They’re always being updated. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! We’re getting back into our Pizza Friday routine tonight, so cheers to that!

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  1. Good morning! Certainly the most charming office kitchenette around! I really do just love it. I find it a little funny that you’ve muddled through without proper utensils or dishes…especially given all the time you spend there. Of course, all of your choices are classic and beautiful. I have that expandable bamboo organizer for our knife drawer, and it’s perfect! What is it about the new year that makes cleaning and organizing extra rewarding? I definitely spent Monday overhauling our pantry. The bulk legumes and specialty baking items were quite a jumble. I’ve got the spice drawer on my list next. Gotta have a clean slate for Pizza Friday! We just switched to our “winter pizza,” a deep dish Jaimie Oliver recipe, and I’m into it! I’m happy you’ve got your oven back to working order, but *wowza* your story sure illustrated what an ordeal replacing that igniter is! Emmett practically disassembled the whole darn oven. SMH. Here’s to piping hot pizza fresh from the oven on this foggy January Friday! Have a super weekend, friends!💜🍕

    1. Thank you, thank you! We really enjoy it, and I’m excited to have nice dishes and a toaster (I love bagels, ha!) to enjoy this year. Those drawer organizers are my favorite. I have no idea why I feel so motivated to get organized each January, but I’m embracing it (before the feeling quickly flees). My pantry was embarrassing… our friends who visited over NYE were hunting for condiments and found ketchup that expired in 2016. Yikes. I have no idea how that ended up there, but that was a definite low. Haha! Oooh, I might need that Jaimie Oliver pizza recipe. We made BBQ chicken pizza and a green pepper / veggie pizza on Friday. I’m happy to be back in the pizza routine. I missed it! I’m so thankful Emmett is able to replace parts on our range since it happens every 6 months. As annoying as it is, I’m glad he knows what to do and can fix it right away. If we had to wait on a tech, we’d be out of an oven for much longer. Oof. I hope you had an amazing weekend!! I’ve got a package headed to you this week, so keep an eye out :)

  2. Happy Friday Sarah!
    Your office kitchen is so beautiful 😍 and having the functionality is definitely critical to hard working space. Especially when it’s small and compact. I can’t wait to renovate our kitchen at our cottage, it’s about the same size as your office kitchen and you’ve given me some awesome ideas ☺️ We need to replace the refrigerator as the one we have is on its way out. Are you liking your Smeg? Would you recommend it? We have a very old vintage gas stove from the 50’s maybe? And it still works 😳 it seems they don’t make them like they used too. So Im considering the Smeg as it’s small and will look beautiful with the vintage stove. Ideally I would like it to last so I’m researching first given the appliance issues so many people have. We are remote and getting a repairman to our area would be unlikely. I’m hoping this summer we can have a better functioning kitchen now that the foundation is complete. Yay!
    Thanks for inspiring me to get my cottage kitchen plans in the works as your sweet office kitchen is definitely the design fuel I need to get the ideas flowing 😜

    1. Hi Colleen! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :) I’m playing catch up over here. I can’t wait to hear all about your cottage plans- you’ll get there and it will be amazing! I actually LOVE our Smeg and would definitely recommend it. I’ve heard some horror stories about the freezer, but we haven’t had any issues. I think it just depends on the cold settings? Not sure! I love that your 50’s stove is still working… they really don’t build them like they used to. That’s incredible. I bet it’s charming! If you ever need a second set of eyes for you cottage design plans- you know who to call :) Have a good night!

  3. This looks so nice! Would you mind sharing details on the little black lamp on the shelf, too? Thanks so much!

  4. Your office kitchenette is still so beautiful! I like the dishes you chose and I too always go for white pottery. We purchased the same cutlery when we moved into our rental. After 26 years of using the same ones from our wedding registry, it was time. Never realized how dull and bad our last set was until you get a new one. Your smeg refrigerator is my favorite. I also like the smeg coffee/tea pot.
    Congrats on your 1 year shop anniversary! It’s one of my favorites! Here’s to hoping 2022 is even more prosperous! Hope your weekend is relaxing.

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! It’s nice to have a comfortable space with nice amenities while at work… like home away from home. I do love our cute Smeg. So fun that you upgraded your cutlery! I’d say 26 years is an excellent amount of time :) I appreciate your kind words! I hope you had a lovely weekend, friend! xo

  5. Hi. Charming all around and I get waiting a year to see if it would all work out. Of course it did! Looks like a million bucks – brava! Where are the small black ball lamp and shade and the greenish glasses from?

  6. I’m late to the game on this one, but happy to get caught up. I completely understand the desire to hold off and be certain the shop would work out (even though I knew it would). The idea of you and Jordan recycling your plates and saving your plastic cutlery made me laugh-I’ve been there before! It turned out beautifully and I love the stoneware you selected. The pattern really is perfect for the shop and very much your style. Your open shelves are a great example of how functional styling can still be beautiful. Kuddos for the flatware you selected-that same flatware is what we had for 11 years! Granted it was pretty shabby when I replaced the set with something new, but it got put through the ringer and then some. I love the knife set-I have had my eye on that since your kitchen renovation. One of these days I’ll pull the trigger-probably when we renovate our kitchen. Are you happy with the soda can organizer? I purchased a few (from Costco I think), but they don’t stack and only hold 6. I think I bought the wrong size. All in all your little kitchenette looks incredible. The fact that it’s now more suited to a cozier work environment makes me happy for the three of you. Great job as always!

    1. You would have definitely laughed at our recycled lunch plates and flatware… if you can even call it that. Ha! I’m happy that things are finally coming together and feeling functional at the office. I’m ready to get back there post recovery! Jordan and Emmett have been holding down the fort. I loved learning that you had the same flatware and it held up for over a decade- I’ll call that a major win! The shape and style felt really timeless to me. The knife set is my favorite. We use ours here at home everyday. The set at the office primarily gets used for slicing apples and things like that, but it’s nice that we have it if we need it. I do like our soda can organizer! It stacks and you can fit two rows of cans, so it’s really a space saver. It also has a top lid, so you can sit things on top of it. Ours hold a 12 pack, I think. Hope you’re having a good week! xo