Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage

Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage - roomfortuesday.comI get a lot of questions about my beautiful antique barley twist desk and the matching console table in my home office. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to score the pair from Facebook Marketplace! Sadly, since they’re vintage- I’m not able to share links or resources, as they’re both antique. Since it’s one of my most requested sources, I did want to compile 15 really beautiful options for a similar look. I dug up some gorgeous options and the majority of them are very budget friendly. Click through to see my top picks! 
Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage -
I probably restyle this table once a week- it’s one of the most fun and versatile pieces to rearrange… everything looks good on it! You’re probably tired of seeing so many photos of this little vignette, but it’s my favorite corner in my home office. Ready to see my finds?

Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage - roomfortuesday.comTo shop & explore, click on the thumbnails below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop…

01: reynolds console // 02: meayki console // 03: black console // 04: belichick console // 05: console table // 06: mullen console // 07: majorie console // 08: antique console // 09: nubble console // 10: barley twist console // 11: fabius console // 12: banton console // 13: country console // 14: menna console // 15: traditional console

These all have some things in common: they’re black, they have at least one drawer with closed storage, they look aesthetically similar to my vintage console, and they each have a unique design element (none are boring). If the hardware doesn’t fit your style, keep in mind- that can easily be switched!

Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage - roomfortuesday.comOne closed storage drawer may seem insignificant, but it’s really very handy. I also appreciate the styling moment and balance the lower shelf provides. The majority of the tables I found have similar setups, if you’re looking for styling ideas! I like to display books, a small lamp, or burn a candle on the tabletop.

Roundup : Black Console Tables with Storage - roomfortuesday.comThis truly is my favorite table to style in our house and it’s functional, too! I keep mail, paperwork, and extra chargers inside the drawer. I also enjoy styling the bottom shelf that provides open storage. It was such a happy surprise to score this little table at the same time Emmett picked up my barley twist desk. I hope this curated collection helps if you’re on the hunt for something similar. I’d buy any one of these!

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  1. Good morning! I’m not surprised you get so many requests for your desk and console table; Emmett’s glowup turned out SO beautiful! I also kind of can’t believe how many similar options you unearthed! Turned legs, textured drawer fronts, aprons, double-shelves! Definitely a fine selection of pretty details. I especially like the exaggerated lines of #4 and the double shelf and X drawer insets of #13. I agree with you though, depending on the size I needed, I find every one of them charming! I searched for ages before I happened upon a vintage buffet at the thrift store. (I think this was before my FBMP days.) The one element it lacks is the bottom shelf, but it does have a nicely turned stretcher. That extra bit of closed storage is wicked handy, too! My styling game pales in comparison to yours, but I’m finding it’s a fun surface as well. Speaking of which, maybe I’ll do a little art and accessory shuffle- just for kicks! We’re getting the last bid for our AC today, and it’s only supposed to reach 95. Sigh. Happy Monday, Sarah! Cheers to a sunny, productive week!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! Emmett did such a wonderful job with those- I love them so much. I was also surprised to find so many wonderful options that have a similar look. I also liked the X drawers on #13. Your vintage buffet sounds incredible! What a score. I bet your style looks lovely! I think those consoles, credenzas, and buffets are one of my favorite pieces to style and play around with. An accessory shuffle is always a good idea :) Fingers crossed on your a/c bid… Idk what’s going on, but ours went out over the weekend. Lol! Lucky we have two units, so the main floor and basement are still decently cool- but the upstairs is feeling quite toasty. Thanks for the reminder to call a repair shop. It was on my to-do list for today. Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! xo

  2. Good morning! I’m excited to see a roundup of similar options to your desk and table- furniture of that style never comes up in this area for FBMP. Emmett did such a wonderful job on those two pieces- I’m not surprised it’s your most requested link. Diving right in, I would choose #4 as a replacement to our entry table. This one is the same profile, same closed and open storage with a more streamlined leg design; but the size looks to be almost the same. What a beauty!! I also love #10! I’ve been on the hunt for one this size to accommodate our angled wall in the front room. Purely for a styling moment, but I’m almost certain it would need to be a demilune for balance. Any chance you can find this in that style? 😂🤣 I’m saving both of these. It’s also worth mentioning that I will never tire of seeing that little vignette of your home. Your styling is just impeccable perfection, and swoon worthy every time you switch it up. Share as much as you like! I thought I’d update on the front room- the ceiling fan and new chandelier were ordered and arrived in 3 days 🤯. They’re both gorgeous. I’m especially excited for the chandelier. It’s a more modern and proper scale option for the space. We are having to revisit flooring options after finding horrible reviews of our original choice. It’s slow going with this renovation, but little by little we’re getting there. I’ll be catching up on all the posts I missed while we were away. I hope you have a fantastic kick off to the work week Sarah! How are you feeling by the way?

    1. Lauren! How was your trip?!! I LOVED every second of the stories you posted. Thanks for taking us along on your journey… so fun and inspiring! My local FBMP has been pretty meh lately. You know I love and appreciate a pretty demilune. Styling is my happy place- I could rearrange all day long. I’m so happy to hear your new chandelier and ceiling fan arrived for the front room, yay! I’m glad you found the flooring reviews before you ordered and started install… it sounds like you dodged what could have been a bad situation. Slow renovating is the name of the game- that’s how we do it, too. It will be well worth the effort in the end :) Thanks for asking about me… you’re so sweet. I’m hanging in there. I’m still a medical mystery, still doing weekly tests and doctor appointments, and trying to stay positive. My hair is falling out in the handfuls and I’ve been breaking out in a rash every time I get hot or the sun hits me, but the good news is- my doctors are crossing off a lot of scary things. I’ll be a-ok! I’m just rolling with it. Hope you had a wonderful Monday, friend! xox

  3. Thank you for asking! It was so much fun- a ton of work for trips like that with kiddos, but worth it. I’ll never forget Brooke with her head out the window, barking like a dog across the Golden Gate Bridge. 😂🤣 She got wind burn from it, but it was a great laugh. I still have a ton to post from the last leg of the trip- we stopped in San Simeon on the way back and visited Hearst Castle. One of my favorite spots in California! It was amazing taking Jeff and the kids for their first trip.
    Ugh- I’m sad that you’re having to deal with such frustrating symptoms, but so happy your doctors are narrowing down the possibilities. I’m also glad to hear you’re staying positive through all this! Weekly appointments and testing sounds like… a lot. As always, I’m here if you need me. 😘

  4. Cici Haus says:

    We have #4 and while it’s not really high quality, it functions perfectly for us and it’s worked great in two homes now (and survived the move!)

    1. That’s so great to know! Thanks for sharing, Cici :)