Summer Picks from TJ Maxx HomeGoods

Summer Picks from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been spending a lot of time lately curating home resources and combing through good deals over on my LTK page. I always hope my home sourcing is helpful, while saving you time and money… it’s also fun for me! I know many of you solely follow along here on the blog, so I figured it was worth sharing some of the things I’ve been putting up on LTK here on the blog… recent HomeGoods finds being one of them. I hadn’t been in a HomeGoods in years, but earlier this week, I decided to duck in and give it a browse. You can see my in-person haul in the photo above: a couple outdoor woven patio pillows, an All Clad cocotte, an Architectural Digest coffee table book, and some coffee beans. Budget retailers like that can be notoriously difficult to sort through because admittedly, there is plenty of bad floating around with the really good items. Click through to see some recent favorites. I was even able to find higher end designer brands online in the mix this time around (Thomas O’Brien, Parachute, Loloi, Le Creuset, AllClad, and more)

Home stores like TJ Maxx certainly require some digging and knowing what to look for… which is actually why I prefer shopping online instead of in-person (it’s easy to sort and a big time saver). Be sure to check the product descriptions carefully… I’m always looking for adequate scale, natural materials, designer & name brands, product weight, etc. This helps to sort the good from the bad. Today, I’ve done the work for you… ready to see my recent finds?

To shop my finds, click directly on the images within the collage- or used the links below each image… 

stitched linen quilt // brass floor lamp // summer to summer book // tassel pillow // glassware set // woven patio chair pair // neutral quilt // oversized stoneware vase // pharmacy floor lamp // turkish bath sheets // woven lumbar pillow // bordered rug // bedside table // patterned rug

Another HomeGoods shopping tip I’d like to pass along to you pertains to pillows… many of the pillows sold at TJ Maxx have inexpensive poly inserts, but the majority of the pillow covers have a zipper and can be removed. Swap the inserts for down options for a more comfortable designer look. It’s an easy way to elevate budget friendly textiles. The same goes for cushions from big box retailers like Target.

antiga hand soap // all clad pan // blue block print pillow // green block print pillow // stoneware vase // egyptian cotton washcloths // piped patio cushion set // brass floor lamp // architectural digest book // white double handle vase // black console table // outdoor patio rug // linen slipcovered dining chairs // woven jute runner

While you’re over on the HomeGoods site, I also wanted to link this roundup of luggage I pulled together! If you have summer travel planned, Brics is the best of the best… their travel sets, roller carry-ons, and weekenders are all on super sale right now.

I’m going to try to squeeze in some more short form blog posts like this, so expect quick resource posts mixed into the regular blog schedule this summer! I’ll probably end up with more than the typical three per week, so I hope they’re helpful and fun. Feel free to hop over, browse, and comment as you please. My goal here has always been to provide an inspiring, educational, and helpful home resource for you here at Room for Tuesday… no pressure to shop, but sources are here if you ever need them!

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  1. Good morning! Such an amazing roundup of beautiful pieces. I also haven’t been into a TJMaxx since well before 2020, but I do occasionally browse their site. You definitely pulled from all my favorite search categories: All Clad and other kitchen gear, linens, and snooty soaps. I also used to enjoy checking out the selection of interesting peppercorns, jams and vinegars when I shopped in person. What I’ve never thought to seek there are books! I can’t believe you found that AD book at TJMaxx! Making a mental note. All of these items are definitely saying summer to me! Although I’d actually like to enjoy a little spring, we’re going to be in the mid-80s later this week! Time to tame my jungle of a yard and get ready for Negroni season. Also, yay for short, fun roundups! Even if I’m not shopping, I enjoy seeing your finds, discovering new resources, and soaking up the inspiration. Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday! 💜

    1. Good morning, good morning! Thanks Peggi. All of your favorite categories are also my own: All Clad & Le Creuset, snooty Euro soaps, kitchen linens, higher end bedding & towels, etc. The food section is also intriguing- which is how I ended up with the coffee. They had some good looking olive and avocado oils as well. I can’t believe I found the AD 100 book- and I also can’t believe that one has never been apart of my collection (until now). Definitely the best unexpected find! It has been cooler and cloudy here, but no complaints from me. I think our snowballs in the backyard will be popping next week- so I’m scheming a dinner party and photoshoot to show them off. It’s definitely feeling closer to Negroni season around here! Hope you’re having a great week. xo

  2. Good morning! TJMaxx and Home Goods in my area has significantly upped their game. It used to be I’d only shop once or twice a year (both online and in person). Eventually I tired of combing through the aisles looking for the diamond in the rough. We have a TJMaxx around the corner- it’s super convenient for the random birthday present you forgot you needed- so I’ve been trying to stop in on a bi-monthly basis. My recent finds include decorative pillows for our sectional- and all of them have down inserts (score of the century); pots for the patio, and bathroom accessories. I admit, one thing I don’t mind digging for are the coffee table books. Ours usually has a wonderful selection to comb through. You have found so many lovely examples of items I typically peruse. My favorite is the bordered rug. I hope your week is going along smoothly, and I love these resource posts! Cheers to Wednesday!

    1. Good morning, Lauren! I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in earlier this week… I hadn’t been to a store in-person in over a year or two, so I had no idea what to expect. I had been used to shopping online, but there are some hidden gems to uncover! Super convenient that you have one close by for last minute gifts and a quick peruse. Your pillows sound fantastic! It has been a good week over here- lots of appointments and errands to cross off the list, but I’ve been enjoying the spring weather (even the rainy days). Hope you’re also having a good week. Happy Wednesday, friend! xo

  3. Browsing HomeGoods and their big sister, HomeSense, is a zen thing for me because I like a treasure hunt, so I go often but forget about their online sites – they are definitely more targeted and likely to produce when you need something specific.

    1. Most definitely, Dawn! I prefer online, but the thrill of a treasure hunt is always fun… sometimes swinging by the store is the fun kind of afternoon we need :)