10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comThe first official day of spring was yesterday and I couldn’t be happier to welcome warmer weather. After a lonnng, snowy Salt Lake winter, I’m ready for blue skies and sunshine. You probably don’t need convincing, but if you’re not quite in the spring mindset (or your local weather is still blah), allow me to share 10 posts from the past that are sure to put you in a cheerful spring state-of-mind. 

#1 // How to Install Window Flower Boxes

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comI’m big on curb appeal and this is one of the most charming things you can do to enhance your windows and exterior! You better believe we’ll be installing window flower boxes at our current house. I have GIANT plans for the exterior- although I’m not certain we’ll get to it this spring or summer… whenever it happens, I’ll be very excited.

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#2 // Best of Etsy : Live Plants

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comIn my monthly Best of Etsy series, many of you were surprised to learn I buy LIVE plants online… and even more so- they’re actually healthy and beautiful. Etsy is one of my favorite resources for plants, next in line to my local greenhouse. Shop my favorites in this post.

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#3 // Carport Makeover

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comMay marks one year since I transformed our previous carport… which I lovingly renamed “the veranda”, because that sounds very fancy. I’m really going to miss that space for outdoor dining & entertaining, but am looking forward to creating something similar in our new outdoor area that is equally as magical! You won’t believe what it used to look like before Emmett and I cleaned it up…

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#4 // Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comIf your exterior or outdoor living space could stand to be a little bit brighter or more romantic, adding or replacing lighting this spring is the obvious solution! I shared my favorite budget-friendly porch lights and outdoor sconces in this post.

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#5 // Transforming the Side Yard

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comBefore it gets blazing hot outside, I’d recommend tackling your outdoor areas so you can enjoy them all spring and summer long without sweating up a storm. Emmett and I tackled our “side yard” over the course of 3 days, and made the most of every square inch of our backyard. It’s another amazing before & after transformation that will hopefully provide inspiration for those odd outdoor areas.

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#6 // Outdoor Succulent Planter DIY

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comEach spring (usually in April), I pull out my big outdoor planters and fill them to the brim with succulents. They last all summer long and look amazing! I get so many compliments on them. In this post, I share my foolproof method for creating these fun and easy outdoor succulent arrangements that anyone can keep alive.

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#7 // Our Previous Backyard

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comEmmett and I spent an entire month overhauling our backyard… we installed a paver patio, a pergola, custom outdoor seating, added lighting, a fan, and created the most amazing space to enjoy 3/4 seasons of the year. After living with it for a year, I shared my thoughts on each project in this post. It’s a fun backyard tour!

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#8 // Deep Spring Clean Checklist

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comIf the rain or cool weather has you stuck inside this spring, make the most of your time and tackle tasks indoors before moving to outdoor projects. I shared my printable deep clean checklist in this blog post, and as a lady who likes to cross things off of my to-do list, this is a rewarding one. It’s a week-long list that will have your home totally spotless in seven days!

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#9 // Strawberry Spring Salad

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comThis post is an oldie, but a goodie! If the weather doesn’t cooperate, I just eat for spring until it eventually happens. Haha! This salad is one of my all-time favorites that just tastes like the season. When we lived in Ohio, Emmett and I had a ginormous garden and I’d pick fresh lettuce and strawberries to make this. I actually think I’m going to run to the grocery store and toss this together this weekend because it sounds so good… of course it’s best paired with rosé. Remind me to grab a bottle of that too!

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#10 // Tips for Styling a Covered Porch

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood - roomfortuesday.comOur first home had the most amazing covered porch. We used to eat outside and it was so quaint and charming. A long time ago, I shared 5 tips for styling a covered porch and they’re still relevant today. If you also have a porch and you’re unsure of what to do with it, hopefully this will give you a good starting point!

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I’ve shared a lot of fun, spring-relevant posts over the years… before I wrap things up- here are 5 more you might enjoy:

Spring is an especially inspiring time of year for me… I can’t wait to spend this season in our new home and focus on our current outdoor areas. The landscape and views here are certainly worth investing time, energy, and money into our backyard, back patio, and balcony terrace. I can’t wait to share them with you soon! Questions or comments about any of these posts? You know I loving hearing from you in the comment section below! As the weather continues to become more spring-like, you can always refer to the “Exterior & Outdoor Living” tab for additional resources and posts.

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  1. Although we’ve had a mild winter, I am always ready for warmth and sunshine! We’ve had sunny 60s for the last few days…heaven. So, plants from Etsy, a succulent pot and spring cleaning it is! That just became my Spring Break to-do list.😁 I am excited to see your outdoor spaces this spring; the winter glimpses look pretty dreamy! (Your old backyard and veranda were enviable.) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. That sounds perfect!! Yesterday was gorgeous- 65 and sunny. Today, not so much- cold with a snow / rain mix. Ahhh, spring break must be the best part about being a teacher! Enjoy your time off Peggi :)

  2. Seeing that gravel path with pavers makes me remember the walkway area that’s been on our “to do” list for about two years now! We removed some shrubs from alongside a window (so now there’s dirt), and it’s naturally the route you walk when leaving the pool are to head into the house – landing in the laundry room/bathroom…it’s calling for some long, rectangular pavers. It’s on my list for tackling the pool area, which I hope we’re doing come early 2020……we’ll see.

    Last weekend here in San Diego we hit the 80s – my girls (ages 6/7) begged to go in the pool (um, that is freezing) so we flipped on the hot tub heater and they had a ball. Come on summer!

    1. Oohh yes! That would be perfect of pavers. You’ll have to let me know how it turns out! What a fun weekend with your girls… that’s the best alternative to the pool :)

  3. Brianna Thomas says:

    It is still gross where I live (Massachusetts) and real spring can’t come soon enough! This round-up is epic: I predict losing the morning to reading all of these, ha!

    Thanks for all the great inspiration and tips!

    1. I feel you Brianna! It’s cold with a rain / snow mix here today. It’s tough… especially when you get a taste of nice weather and then it goes back to being gross. Mother nature is tricky like that! xox

  4. Great style and taste… is there anyway you can tell me where you got the large round chandelier from? I have been searching for one that faces downward like this.

    1. Thank you! It was Ralph Lauren Home from Wayfair, but it has since been discontinued. I’m sorry!