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Patio Dining PicksWe’re in a little bit of a situation over here in Salt Lake. We have more visitors than we know what to do with this summer, on top of a crazy renovation. Typically, when guests come it’s just one or two friends or family members, but Emmett’s sister is bringing her entire crew of five(!) next week. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but our kitchen is scheduled to begin demo this fall, which means we still don’t have a dining table or dining chairs in our house. I hate to admit it, but we’ve totally be eating in the living room since we moved in. Long story short, I decided to solve the problem with an outdoor dining set. Our backyard might also be mid-demo, but we have a great covered carport area that is perfect for a dining set. Take a look at some of my patio dining options and guess which one I landed on.

I definitely wanted something with a wood or a natural woven material- whether it be the dining chairs or table. I was really feeling the organic toned inspiration with neutral color palettes.

Best patio furnitureSince our interior dining room is so small… more like a 4 person breakfast nook, it was important to us to have at least 8 seats for outdoor dining. Luckily, the outdoor dining area is just outside the kitchen door, so it’s pretty convenient, functional, and easy to access. We’re also in the middle a big backyard project with Lowes that will be amazing for entertaining (think pergola, firepit, custom built-in seating, etc). Therefore, we didn’t really need an outdoor space to hangout or entertain… just a designated place to eat. It’s probably also good to note, we were on a mega budget for the patio dining furniture. I’d much rather spend more money on the interior dining set when it comes time to renovate the kitchen. Anyway, I presented Emmett with the following options. I always do that- treat him like a client, which is pretty hilarious because ultimately he lets me decide.

Patio Dining Furniture01: metal dining table // 02: woven dining chair // 03: wood dining table // 04: rattan dining chair // 05: wicker dining table // 06: teak dining chair // 07: minimal dining table // 08: beachy dining chair // 09: modern dining table // 10: bamboo dining chair

Emmett was set on something comfortable. That meant a dining chair with a seat cushion and arms. Knowing that automatically eliminated one option. I wanted something pretty classic, and the option the best fit our budget was the woven and metal combo – #1 and #2. After we decided, I went online to purchase everything and discovered the dining chair is only available on the east coast. A definite disappointment! The chair sort of reminded me of this one, but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up outdoors, plus it was much more expensive. After more searching, I surprisingly landed on this chair from IKEA. It had arms, has the option for a seat cushion, and they’re stackable. Even better- they fit the budget. Were they my first choice? No… but they’ll totally work for two or three seasons.

Obviously, I’ll share the entire styled outdoor dining area once our guests leave and I have more time to mess with everything. In the meantime, I’m just happy to have an actual table and chairs for our guests to sit in and eat a meal. It’s sort of a must for our nephews and niece. I’m pretty sure sending them to the white sofa with their dinner wouldn’t be a great call. Ha! Problem solved. Does anyone else love eating outside as opposed to indoors? Obviously we don’t really have a choice at the moment, but I’m a patio type of gal.

images: home dit | lindsay street

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  1. #1 is my choice, Sarah, although I really like all of them. #4 would be my second pick. Hope you and Emmett thoroughly enjoy all of your visitors. I’m sure they’ll be mesmerized by all your wonderful new closets and enjoy dining al fresco. Plus, you’ll be showing them all of the fun local haunts. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much, Ardith! We went with #1… great minds. Ha! xo

  2. Beachy+minimal looks great for my small farmhouse. Also, it takes very less space and looks clean. Thanks for sharing such beautiful dining tables. Can’t wait to buy one. Keep writing