10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! I have a post packed with cuteness for you today. As you all know, Emmett and I are dog lovers through and though. That means our dogs are a big part of our lives and our home! We don’t have children and we consider our pups to be part of our family. This also means we find ourselves doing projects and tackling DIYs with our dogs in mind. After all, this is their house too! From designerly pet feeders to custom portraits of our dogs, I guess you could say we are “those” pet parents. Hence all the dog posts! I know many of you love your pups as much as we do, so I rounded up 10 of my favorite dog posts to highlight some of our favorite dog projects and pet-related posts from the past.

#1 // 10 Tips for Helping your Dog Through a Renovation or Remodel

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comRenovations can be stressful for pets and keeping our dogs comfortable and safe is always our first concern. We’ve tackled our fair share of renovations with our dogs around, so I gathered some of my favorite tips for making sure our four-legged family members aren’t feeling stressed as we work to improve our home.

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#2 // Amazon Finds: Dog Beds

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comFinding comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing beds for our dogs is important to me. While dog beds typically aren’t part of my initial design plan, there are some great options on Amazon that have arrived after the space was completed. I rounded up some of my favorites in this post!

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#3 // Murphy Dog Bed DIY

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of beds, this DIY was such a fun way to create that “stylish” dog bed I mentioned previously! I’m a dog person, but I’m not a fan of the junk that tends to accumulate when you have dogs. Finding this murphy dog bed and giving it a makeover was such a cool project… it’s especially awesome if you’re short on space! We still have and use this thing.

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#4 // Best of Etsy: Vintage Dog Portraits

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comI’m obviously a dog lover and a design lover, so combining those two things is always the most fun! Incorporating vintage dog art into our home is a great way to combine the things we love in a tasteful way. These portraits I rounded up from Etsy would look great on a gallery wall in your home or dog area.

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#5 // DIY Pedestal Dog Feeders

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comI love all our DIY projects, but this might be one of my favorite dog posts. We took leftover soapstone from our previous kitchen renovation and made pedestal dog feeders for both dogs (they still use them). I love the end result, they fit right into the design of our previous laundry room and make meal time easy for our pups.

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#6 // Real Life: the Dog Towel

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comAs anyone with dogs knows, they can be a little… messy. At our house, the “dog towel” is our solution for keeping things a bit more clean. From muddy paws to dripping beards, we’re always reaching for “the dog towel”. If you’re trying to figure out where to hang the leashes, the dog towel, or other necessary pet items, here’s a look at how we do it (with cute little hooks).

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#7 // Humane Society Makeover

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comLast summer, I gave our local Humane Society a BIG makeover. I feel really lucky I was in a position to help an organization I care so much about. You have to click over to check out the crazy before & after images, cute dogs, and beautiful pet-friendly office I designed! It’s still one of my very favorite makeovers.

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#8 // The Story Behind my Dogs Portraits

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comI get SO many questions about our dog portraits. You probably remember we had them hanging in the laundry room in our previous home, and we incorporated one of them into our current laundry room. It all started when I needed art for our One Room Challenge and I decided to get out my paint and revisit my art school roots. These portraits are so sentimental and special to us, just like our pups!

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#9 // My Favorite Dog Finds + a Dog Q&A

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comToys, bandanas, treat jars, baskets for toys… there are a lot of things our dogs have in our home. This roundup contains all our favorites (and by that, I mean mine and the dogs!)… the items the pups use on a daily basis. I love them because they look nice and the boys love them because they’re all about toys. Oh, and treats too! I also answer a little Q&A in this post. It honestly makes me a little sad looking back and seeing our giant schnauzer, Finn. He was a good boy who we constantly miss!

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#10 // Easy Dog Grid Gallery Wall (with Free Art)

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comAfter sharing our Humane Society makeover, I received a ton of questions about the dog gallery wall I installed above the pet-friendly sofa. It’s totally free, downloadable art and I shared a complete tutorial for how to recreate this. This post is a fun one if you’re in need of art!

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10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - roomfortuesday.comI told you I have posted a LOT about dogs over the years. Haha! I definitely wasn’t kidding. These cuties have been and remain such a big part of our life. They bring us so much joy and we’re lucky to have them. I’d love to hear a story about your dog or pet in the comment section below! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I love all your puppy posts Sarah! It’s really hard to choose my favorite. The Humane Society Makeover was totally fabulous. It was such a sweet, kind and generous Makeover and warmed my heart reading that post 🥰 And those puppy portraits 😍 Amazing!
    I’m a dog lover for sure. My husband and I met walking our dogs and we owe the dog world big for bringing us together 💗 currently we have Lorrie our adorable little rescue mix from North Carolina. We adopted her last fall when our beloved Bert passed away last summer. Needless to say we have and could never live with our fur babies. They add so much joy to our lives ❤️
    I loved revisiting these posts and who can resist so much puppy cuteness!
    Happy Friday 🥳

    1. Aw thanks Colleen! I LOVED making over the Humane Society. It was a ton of work, but probably my most special, heartfelt makeover to date. I love that you and your husband met walking your dogs!! That is the making of a rom com, right there. Lorrie sounds like such a cutie! So sorry to hear about Bert. It’s so hard to tell our fur babies goodbye. They really do add so much joy to our lives. Happy Friday! Hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead… enjoying your backyard?! Xo

  2. So many sweet faces! And so many dog posts!🤣 I actually found one I hadn’t seen and will order Joe a name tag (as soon as I decide which one!). Pets bring so much to our life! I’ve been angling to get a little sister for Joe, but I haven’t won that “discussion” yet. All this staying at home seems the perfect time for a puppy! In the meantime, we shower the big Labradoofus with attention.
    I expect I’ll see concrete pouring on stories this weekend! Hopefully you’ll squeeze some fun in, too. I’m tackling little organizing jobs before I haul out the tools for my next trim project. Happy Pizza Friday, friend! Cheers to negronis in the shade.😎💜

    1. Haha! I definitely am a dog lover over here. I had even more to choose from this roundup and I realized just how many dog posts I’ve published over the years, lol! Pets really do bring so much to our life, and you have me excited that a sister for Joe is becoming a discussion! That’s always how it starts. Just don’t go “look” at the puppy or a rescue doggo, because believe me when I say- “looking” is never looking, they always end up coming up with us. Ha! I’m also going to adopt your nickname for Cros… labradoofus. So fitting for those funny guys. Concrete was going to happen this weekend, but we realized we’re short on rebar, so we have to wait for that to arrive. I think concrete is next weekend now, and this weekend is working on the guest bedroom (YAY!)…. and pizza Friday, and negronis, and kayaking (if we’re lucky). Woohoo!! Happy weekend :)

  3. The Humane Society makeover was awesome! I’m always amazed at how many of your blog posts I was around to read when you first posted them. This one was a treat, because this roundup had a few I haven’t seen before! I appreciate your ability to style your pups into your life in an intentional, well thought way. I think most of us are not as intentional in selecting our pet accessories, so it feels like we just worked them in somewhere. I think my favorite pet post of yours was when you built the dog crates into the laundry room at your previous home…that was just genius and so well done! I’m also impressed that your doggos get such a stylish eating surface!! We used to have a red-nose pit pull (baby Huey through and through), and we still miss him every single day. My other fur baby is my Maltipoo…he’s the perfect bag of fluff and just very loyal and sweet. He’s been at my heals since he was a pup, and he’ll be 13 in August. He’s showing signs that our days are more numbered than I’d like to admit, so for now, we just have extra long cuddle sessions. He’s too old to go on walks so we just play in the yard as much as we can. This was a cuddle happy post!! Thanks for sharing so much about your life with us; I love seeing your pups!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I love hearing that. Our plan was to do another built-in dog crate in the laundry room (when it comes time to renovate for real), but now we’re second guessing it because the boys are so well behaved these days. They’re never crated anymore. They usually free roam, or snuggle in their beds in the laundry room with the door shut. TBD! Awww baby Huey sounds so adorable. I’m sorry. I know how it feels to miss your fur baby once they’re gone. At least you have your Maltipoo / shadow to snuggle with. What a sweetie! The worst part about pets is they can’t live longer. I always try to remember to enjoy them while we have this time with them (despite the messes, vet appts, and ruined items throughout the house, haha). Hope you have an awesome weekend ahead… and hoping it’s not too hot! xo

  4. Aww, loved going back and seeing these posts. I can’t pick a favorite. They are all so sweet! I still love the Humane Society makeover and dog portraits you did. You decorate so tastefully with dog accessories. Over the years, the dog beds, bowls, leashes, etc. have come a long way and you can incorporate them into your home without them looking like an eye sore.
    We have a sheltie who is 11 almost 12 and cannot use her back legs anymore. When our HomeGoods opened up last week, I bought her a pet stroller and we take her out every evening for a walk around the neighborhood. We get lots of strange looks & laughs. The kids are the sweetest, they want to pet her and I think that makes her feel better. Our pets are an extension of our family.

    1. Aww your Sheltie sounds like a sweetheart, Danna. I love that you have a pet stroller for her! I bet she enjoys that so much. It sounds like your kids love their fur sibling too. Our pets really are an extension of our family. Speaking of- hope you and yours have a wonderful and restful weekend :) Xo

    2. Sounds like a sweet girl you have Anne!! I think I may need a pet stroller for Tiny! I never thought of that. I know he misses his walks. What a great idea!