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Amazon Finds : Dog Beds - roomfortuesday.comObviously I’m a dog person… Emmett and I have two precious pups- Crosby, an Irish Doodle, and Cash (aka Johnny Cash) a wire fox terrier. I bought the bed, shown above, for Cash the day after we rescued him. Two years later, it has held up incredibly well and he still uses it on the daily. After adding Crosby to the fam and moving into a larger home, I decided it’s probably time for new matching beds for the boys. All of this led to a gigantic Amazon search and I wanted to share my findings with you because there are some really cute, affordable options! It has also been a few months since I’ve shared an Amazon Finds post and thought this would be a fun one. Who doesn’t love cute dogs?! Click through if you’re also in the market for a new dog bed for your pup. 

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds - roomfortuesday.comI still get a lot of questions about where this particular bed is from. It’s #4 in the roundup below. We’ll definitely keep it for Cash to use, but it will most likely get moved to the basement or upstairs instead of the main floor.

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds - roomfortuesday.comIf I have to see a pet bed every day, I prefer to keep it simple. I work from home and the dogs usually roam the house and find a pet bed to lounge on when they’re not playing. Ohhh the life of a dog. It must be nice, right? Ha! My criteria is usually a standard shape, decent fabric, a good color, and bonus points for a piped or welted edge. Oh! And I obviously look for durability and cleanability as well. That sucker needs to be washable! I have two rambunctious boy dogs, if that tells you anything.

Click directly on each dog bed below to shop!

Any guesses which one I ordered for Cash & Cros? Emmett’s top choice was #2 (the man has good taste). I ended up ordering #7 for each of them, with the intention of seeing how Crosby does. This will be his first actual dog bed. He currently sleeps on a mound of blankets. If he passes the test of no chewing (he’s still a puppy) in 6 months or so, I might upgrade to a Jax & Bones bed (#6). I just love the structure, shape, and that edge detail!

I don’t want to spend a lot right now though- just in case Crosby ends up chewing his bed… then I’m right back to the non-matching bed situation. I’d rather wait, save up, see how he does, maybe design the room they’ll live in, and then decide on the color and quality. The ones I ordered will be great though! I’m excited for them to arrive, and I’ll definitely share my thoughts with you as soon as they are delivered.

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds - roomfortuesday.comEver since getting our first dog together (Finn- our giant schnauzer, above) Emmett and I have used “go to your bed” as a training command for our dogs. It’s really their happy and safe place in our home. If visitors are over, we’ll make them “go to bed” and “stay” to avoid jumping and over excitement. They really learn to love their bed because of training, which equals positive reinforcement and rewards… aka, yummy snacks.

I love when they’re well behaved and I’m glad they have a special place to enjoy and relax, but as an interior designer dog beds aren’t usually part of my ideal design plan. Hopefully this post helped give you some good options that are aesthetically pleasing and not a total eye sore.

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds -

Cash also uses the murphy bed, if you were wondering! Crosby has since outgrown it (he’s 60lbs now!), but it still lives in my home office and is well loved by our little guy. I’m happy I can close it up at the end of the day and not see it anymore. It’s also a nice space saver. If you’re looking for a fun and easy pet DIY, click here for that project.

If you’re interested in more of my Amazon Finds, I’ll link some of my favorites below:

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. If you have other good, visually pleasing dog bed options, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Is your dog also a chewer? Finn was, Cash is not, and so far Crosby has not been. We’ll see how it plays out.

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  1. I confess. Joe’s bed is basically the couch or love seat in whichever room he chooses. He’s also been known to push the door open to sprawl out on our bed. (You are definitely the better dog disciplinarian…) For the most part though, we have a slipcovered love seat where we log many hours together. He does have a bed in his crate for night, and I bought one from Amazon that you fill with old blankets (or whatever) for his outside kennel. He is such a sprawler! I’ve thought any bed he would use might take up half a room. If Crosby is 60 pounds, they are now the same size! Love those long poodle legs! Keep the handsome dog pics coming!

    1. Awwwww Joe!! He’s living his best life with you- so sweet :) Crosby sprawls too. We had to buy him a bigger kennel this week. I really didn’t think he would get this big. Haha! I’ll have to take some new photos. xox

  2. How about one for cat beds?

    1. I love this one!! … I just don’t have a lot of experience with cats since we’re a dog only family. We love them, but due to bad allergies, Emmett and I can’t have any.

  3. Jennifer B Heighton says:

    I’d like to know how you successfully wash any of the beds without a washable/removable slipcover? I’ve bought those before and could never figure out how to launder them. They got really gross; really fast!

    1. Most of them have a zippered slip cover- and some of them, you just toss the entire bed in the wash. The bed that Cash is pictured in has been around for 2 years now and I wash it every other week. It has held up really well! At first, I removed the slipcover, but now I just wash the entire thing- it’s quick and easy. I’m with you though- washing is necessary! xo

  4. Sweet Finn! Nice to see him in the round-up. I know you miss him so much. Crosby and Cash continue to be adorable.

    I have cats but I love dogs too and it’s fun seeing this round-up. I also insist on having a removable, washable cover on anything our two cats (brothers) use as a bed. You just HAVE to be able to wash that stuff!!!!

    1. Yes… we really do miss our Finn. Crosby is getting neutered this week- wish us luck. lol! I totally agree- washing is a must with pets. xo

  5. Just wondering how you like the new dog beds? I am getting something ordered today for our sweet pup.
    So excited to find this roundup!

    1. Well- I really really loved the blue chambray ones I picked out, but after having it for a week, I got a notification saying the larger one was out of stock and they weren’t getting more. Cash lived with it for two weeks and LOVED it (and I did too), but the entire point was to get matching beds, so I sent it back. I need to order a new pair now.

  6. Thanks for sharing Sarah. We are expecting to get a wheaten terrier puppy in late July and your post helps a lot!

    1. Awww wheatens are such great dogs! Congratulations! You’ll have to let me know how it goes :) I’m so excited for you! xo

  7. Julie Bynum says:

    I just wanted to share that out 3 year old Akita is named Cash, also foe the man, the myth, the legend

    1. I love that, Julie!! Hello from one “Cash” loving family to another :) xo