My Favorite Dog Finds

Favorite Dog ToysIt’s no secret that I’m a giant dog lover. Everyone loves seeing the fur babies, Finn & Johnny Cash. You wouldn’t believe how many people ask dog questions on Instagram (which are the most fun to answer). I thought it might be fun to share some of the dog items I love and use on a daily basis. This post is definitely going to make me look like one of those people that lives and breathes their dog (and that’s pretty accurate), so if you’re not an animal person… please don’t judge my crazy antics. Click through to check out my best finds for your four legged family members (because let’s face it- that’s exactly what they are), and to read more about mine. 

Favorite Dog FindsIf you’ve been following along for awhile, you already know Finn is our giant schnauzer and Cash is a wire fox terrier. They are about as wild as it gets and have come to be inseparable. Despite their crazy size difference, these two share mostly everything- because it’s just easier. I’ll start by saying… they’re both really toy motivated. It is seriously like Christmas morning anytime they get a new toy. Here’s the real kicker- when it comes to toys, Finn and Cash are surprisingly gentle. I know a lot of dogs destroy plush toys, but our boys love them.

Dog toysHere are some things we couldn’t live without when it comes to our fur babes… and a few tips:

Our Favorite Dog Finds

  1. p l u s h   b l a n k e t // Since our guys don’t have ‘real’ beds, they like snuggling up on these super plush blankets.
  2. t r e a t   j a r // You probably think it’s weird that I have two male dogs and a blush colored treat jar. The thing I like best about this jar is that it doesn’t look dog related. The other nice thing is the seal (shown below). Our dogs like non-crunchy treats (jerky or chewy textured), and this keeps them super fresh. This jar will eventually live in my office once it’s finished (hence the color choice). Since I often work from home, both dogs usually lounge in my workspace with me.
  3. b a n d a n a // I hate clothing on dogs, but I love a good bandana. If we’re going out and taking them along, they look so dashing with one tied around their neck- they really don’t even mind.
  4. l a r g e   b o n e // I initially got the large toy for Finn (since he’s much bigger), and it has since been acquired by Cash.
  5. s m a l l   b o n e // Therefore, the small bone now belongs to Finn. Luckily, they share really well and both are traded back and forth regularly.
  6. k o n g   e x t r e m e // Kongs are what we like to call ‘babysitters’. Here’s a tip (you can thank me later): fill a kong with pumpkin puree or peanut butter and FREEZE IT. Game changer! Our boys love frozen kongs and it takes them so much longer to eat it as a cool treat.
  7. k u r a n d a   b e d // We have a hard time keeping plush dog beds (more on that below). Finn’s trainer recommended orthopedic Kuranda beds- all of their k9 police dogs use them and they’re actually really healthy and great for joints. Are they beautiful? No, but they are indestructible and good for the fur babies, so I’ll live with it.
  8. t o y   b a s k e t // Our dogs LOVE toys, so we have a lot of them that are traded out periodically. They know to get the toys from the basket… Finn will sometimes pick his up and put them away, but Cash is still in training. Until he learns, I pick them up about twice a day.
  9. s h a m p o o   +   c o n d i t i o n e r   d o g   w a s h // We’ve been using this shampoo/conditioner combo since Finn was a puppy. I love the lavender smell and it actually lasts. The other perk is it doesn’t require shampoo and a separate conditioner, meaning less work and a shorter bath time.
  10. c o a t   s p r a y // In between baths, we’ll spritz them with this conditioning coat spray (also lavender scented). It smells amazing and keeps their coats healthy and shiny.
  11. I D   t a g // Both dogs have ID tags from this shop, and they hold up (Finn’s is going on 4 years)! I love the look and especially their function. Cash is a runner (he scares me to death) and an escape artist. He will wiggle or jump his way out of any fence if you’re not watching him like a hawk. He escaped from a couple dog sitters and that little ID tag saved his life (more than once).
  12. c o l l a r // Our dogs have matching collars. These are super durable, handsome, and won’t easily slip off or break. I personally like a buckle rather than a clasp, just to know they’re secure.

Dog Treat JarIf you’re wondering about food bowls, they both have separate food and water because of their height difference. We actually DIY’d marble ones… you can find the tutorial here.

Wire Fox TerrierI’ll also try to answer some of the common dog questions I get….

D O   T H E Y   S L E E P   W I T H   Y O U ?

As much as I’d love to snuggle these two all night, they both sleep in their crates. Trust me- I’ve tried sleeping with Finn and he takes up the entire bed… and Cash snores. It’s just not in the cards for us and there’s something nice about having a ‘dog free’ zone. The beds are the only piece of furniture they’re not allowed on (yes, they totally get on the white sofa)… which brings me to the next question:

W H Y   A R E   T H E Y   A L L O W E D   O N   T H E   F U R N I T U R E ?

Emmett and I started with a strict ‘no dogs on furniture’ policy when we got Finn. It lasted about two weeks. You get a puppy and tell me how it goes! We enjoy snuggling our dogs. That sounds dumb, but it’s true. We get joy from cuddling on the couch… all four of us as a family, watching Netflix. The dogs love it, we love it, and that means I’ll vacuum or lint roll the sofa every other day because that’s how our life is. I will say- they are only allowed up if invited! You’ll never see them jump onto the sofa without being asked. Both dogs are “non shedding” and hypoallergenic, so that does help.

D O   Y O U   L E A V E   T H E M   O U T   D U R I N G   T H E   D A Y ?

Basically the rule is if we’re home, they’re out… if we’re gone, they’re in their kennels. I work from my home office most days, so typically they’re free roaming the house. During the day, they both have beds they lounge in outside of their crates. Unlike plush toys, I have never had luck keeping plush beds. Finn will destroy a bed in a matter of minutes. Therefore, they have Kuranda beds (recommended by Finn’s trainer) piled high with plush blankets (oddly, they won’t mess with the blankets). All of that is linked above in the collage!

Dog Treats

W H A T   D O   Y O U   F E E D   T H E M ?

Finn is now eating a special food from our vet. He has a very sensitive stomach and this is one of the only foods we’ve found that helps. Cash eats this food. A far as treats are concerned, their favorites are: here, here, and here.

H O W   O F T E N   D O   T H E Y   G E T   A   B A T H  ?

Cash gets a bath once a week. That seems like a lot, but as I mentioned, they play rough together. Cash will come in from playing outside covered in grass stains. I wish I was joking! Finn gets a bath every 2-3 weeks. Luckily, neither of them mind baths and it’s a pretty quick process.

P U P P Y    v s .   R E S C U E ?

We got Finn as a puppy and Cash was a rescue. Puppies are fun, but a lot of work. There’s the teething (pro tip: saturate a wash cloth in chicken broth and freeze it… Finn loved chewing it to soothe his teeth), the potty training, and the destructive phase. Even despite all of that, it was SO much fun watching him grow and training him- we made so many good memories during that time. On the other hand, Cash is so perfect and I think he knows that we saved him. He is the sweetest dog on the planet and I feel so grateful that we found him and were able to help. There’s something about that scenario, in choosing him, that is so fulfilling. Without getting all sappy, that’s a special bond… you know?

Giant Schnauzer

W H A T   H A P P E N E D   T O   F I N N ‘ S   H A I R ?

Yep, this is not his typical ‘schnauzer cut’… in the summertime, we have Finn clipped short. Being black, he gets SO hot and the shaved haircut helps him stay cool. Of course we have to leave the beard and eyebrows- that’s his signature look.

W H O   I S   Y O U R   F A V O R I T E ?

Ha! That’s a terrible question. Obviously like any good dog mom, I love them both equally (cue the barf, I know). Howeverrr, the dogs have favorites. It’s very obvious that Finn favors Emmett and listens to him so much better. Cash is definitely super attached to me. He follows me around like a shadow and will not leave my side… even if I have to pee, he comes along. Luckily, they get along with each other wonderfully, which is sort of rare. Finn has always been picky about his playmates and he immediately took to Cash. Cash tries snuggles up to him at night and Finn reluctantly allows it. During the day they play hard (grass stained fur and the whole nine yards).

Life with DogsNext month, I’ll be sharing a pet post that is geared toward living with dogs, and is more interior related… how to keep the house clean, how to design around their ugly dog junk, and general tips for pet owners. In the meantime, for another dog post… check out this homemade treat recipe. Our dogs are obsessed and they’re really healthy! Questions? Comment below!!

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  1. Laurie Anne says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST!!!!! – fellow dog mom that lives with Cash’s girlfriend who he hasn’t met yet. ;)

    1. Ha!! Yessss. Thank you!! They will meet someday. xoxoxo

  2. Aww, I love this post! Your babies are so adorable! We initially had a rule about not letting our dog up on the furniture, and that lasted about two weeks too. I mean, can you really ignore those pleading eyes that want to snuggle?!

    1. Thank you so much, Robyn! Exactly… it’s really difficult to say no. I’m genuinely happier when they’re up there with me. ha! xo

  3. I loved this! We love snuggling with our pup on the couch too – I can’t imagine having him up there! How did you train your guys not to jump up unless invited? We’d love to do that with Indy (our dog), but he’s proud of himself every time he gets up by himself. Of course, sometimes he surprises guests who aren’t expecting to have a wiggling ball of fur in their laps as soon as they sit down!

  4. Loved this post! Our pup Penny knows us not by our first names, but as Mama and Papa. We love her so much!

  5. Love your dogs! But what about claws and hard wood floors? My daughter has had 2 houses that her dogs ruined the hardwood floors. Everytime they run around or play, the scratches get worse! How do you deal with this?

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Great question… our hardwoods are no different. The dogs scratch them, they play rough, and they slide around. After refinishing the floors throughout two homes and having dogs, we just expect this and it surprisingly doesn’t bother me. I love adding rugs to keep it cozy, which also somewhat protects the floors. We also try to dremel the dogs nails frequently, rounding them with the grinder. That also helps. Otherwise, our floors looked lived in and they get a patina, and I’m ok with that. We love our dogs and our house, and that’s just life. Ha!

  6. Leah Prevost says:

    I loved this post as well! I think every dog momma or daddy would considering how cute they both are!!!! When you freeze PB or Pumpkin in the Kong does it get on the floor or rugs once you give it to them?? I feel like if I did that with my dogs I would be cleaning all my rugs!

    1. So glad you liked it, Leah! They’re only allowed to have the frozen kongs on the hardwood floor or in their crates. Since it’s frozen, it’s not as messy as you might imagine! Our dogs lick them clean. I’d test it outside first and see how your pup does :) The pumpkin is great for their digestion and helps with stomach issues (according to our vet). xo