Real Life : The Dog Towel

I know many of you are dog lovers, like myself, so I thought it would be fun to share the most recent addition to my laundry room that is making life with terriers a bit easier (or at least cleaner). I feel like every dog owner should probably get a “dog towel” if you don’t already have one. Click through to learn more about how a simple $5 hook was a game changer for us. My dogs get a lot of love on Instagram and social media… obviously, I’m biased and think they’re the cutest ever, but I know I’m not the only crazy dog mom out there, so this one is for all of you who share your home with fur babies. Maybe you’ll pick up a few tricks to make the eyesore pet items blend seamlessly with your decor. 

We used to always keep a folded towel close by the back door and dog area. I lovingly refer to it as “the beard towel” because both of our dogs are messy drinkers and end up with a sopping wet beard that trickles water throughout the entire house. It’s literally a trail of water- like someone left the faucet on and walked around the house with it (eye roll). In actuality, we use the towel for paws, faces, beards, etc… basically all of the gross things that come with having a dog.

I knew eventually I’d find a hook that fit the space for our beard towel, and I landed on a super affordable $5 option and felt compelled to share. This hook looks so cute and minimal alongside the DIY dog feeders.

Here’s a funny story… we used to have an ugly dark purple hand towel that was the designated “dog towel”, and it was being washed or went MIA, Emmett would yell “CODE PURPLE” and I knew that meant he needed a replacement towel to sop up the mess that is the face of one of our dogs. Well, I finally got rid of the ugly purple towel and found some that fit better with our decor, but he still calls out a code purple if there is a drippy beard or muddy paws entering the room. People come over and are like, “Can we ask what a code purple is?” haha!!

While we’re on the topic of all things dog stuff… I also stash treats away in the vintage container on the countertop for easy access. We’re constantly training and rewarding the dogs for good behavior. It’s important we keep treats close by, but leaving the ugly package or bag wasn’t cutting it. I think this is a far better solution, if you’re in the same boat!

In regards to the rest of our home being pet friendly, you should check out some of these posts:

Basically, this post was to say… the dogs don’t rule our house or ruin the aesthetic, but instead- I try to incorporate thoughtfully designed pet items that are functional and visually pleasing. It’s easier to do than you’d think! That little $5 dog bone hook made my day.

Finn, Johnny Cash, and I are signing off! We’d love to hear stories about your dogs and hacks for living with them. Do you have any “code purples” or secret dog language? I’ll be back here tomorrow with a post alllllll about the gorgeous soapstone you see in our laundry room, kitchen, and breakfast nook. I’ll also be going live on Instagram tomorrow with a fun Q&A, so don’t forget to tune in tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. Cash’s head tilt and Finn’s superman pose! 😍 My 60 pound Labradoodle does an epic beard dribble, so his inside water bowl is in the bathroom. I keep a “foot towel” by the back door. What can really make a mess is all the debris his long, curly coat drags in; he’s our Velcro dog! Twigs, leaves, branches(!?). If he walks by it, I’ll be fishing it out of his fur. But I can’t bear to cut his shaggy silver ‘do! Lots of brushing for us… (So anxious to read all about the soapstone!)

    1. He sounds adorable, Peggi!! You can definitely relate to the dribbling dog beards and constant grooming. It’s a good thing they’re cute. Haha!

  2. Becky @ Daly Digs says:

    Your fur babies are super cute and I can for sure relate to the dog towel! I love this idea of embracing it and making it cute. We’re mid-reno, but this will be happening! Thank you for the idea! :)

  3. We’ve always had a dog towel, and a car towel and a floor towel. The rest of them are people towels!

    1. Hahah!! This comment made my day. I feel like I should expand the towel uses in our home now. xox :)