10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? We spent the majority of ours working on the shed, and it’s looking SO good. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend on my Instagram channel… the projects that seem to be the most loved these days have been quick, easy, and budget-friendly DIY projects. I thought to kick off the week, it might be helpful to roundup 10 beginner DIY home improvement projects we’ve shared in the past. If you’re interested in taking the DIY route, but are just dipping your toes into tackling home improvement projects, these 10 cosmetic tutorials are a great place to begin and hopefully will prove to be helpful in building your confidence (plus- none of them require knocking down walls)! A few things to keep in mind… everybody starts somewhere, most projects aren’t difficult but require time, energy, patience, and a good attitude or willingness to learn. You’ve got this! From simple tasks like painting doors and swapping hardware to installing tile, it’s fun to complete a project and feel a major sense of accomplishment, all while creating a home you enjoy living in. 

#1 // How to Paint a Door

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comThis was a highly requested tutorial. My preferred door painting method involves a good quality paint, a nice brush, and a high density foam roller. If you’re interested in updating the doors throughout your home with paint, this is a great tutorial to check out for smooth, fresh doors (with no visible brushstrokes).

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#2 // How to Install Floor Tile

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to lie- tile installation used to seriously intimidate me. From the loud wet saw to the fear of messing up, it wasn’t a project I thought I was capable of. It turns out, something that really used to stress me out, has since become my favorite DIY task to tackle. These days, tile installation does the opposite for me… I find it calming and the most rewarding home project. This tutorial covers how to install large format floor tile. I promise it’s easy!

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#3 // How to Install Grasscloth (or Any Wallpaper) On The Back of Built-Ins

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comAnother project I find relaxing that delivers instant gratification is wallpaper installation. I’ve always installed my own wallpaper and it just takes some patience. I love the look of installing wallpaper on the backside of shelving or built-ins for an elevated, textural look. This tutorial breaks down how to achieve that aesthetic with grasscloth.

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#4 // How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comIn our first home, we paid a LOT of money to have the floors throughout our entire home refinished. In our second home, we decided we could definitely attempt this ourselves to save some major room in the budget. It turns out- refinishing floors is very easy… it’s just time consuming. Curious what that process looks like? Click through and check it out, if your floors could use an update!

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#5 // How to Replace a Stair Runner

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comMy amazing friend (and previous RFT editor) Jacqueline shared this awesome tutorial for replacing a stair runner. Much like carpet elsewhere in your home, stair runners wear out, age, or can look dated as time passes. This easy project makes a huge impact in the aesthetic of your staircase.

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#6 // How to Install Panel Moulding

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comThis recent tutorial has been receiving a lot of love lately. It turns out, you all love panel moulding just as much as Emmett and myself! It instantly adds architectural interest, depth, and turns a boring room into something special. This quick and easy tutorial is perfect for beginners who are new to power tools- specifically the miter saw and nail gun.

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#7 // How to Paint Exterior Brick

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comPainting exterior brick is an easy, yet calculated process. You can easily ruin your brick exterior by using the wrong technique or product… which could lead to structural damage. It sounds scary, but as long as you’re taking the appropriate steps, it can totally change the way your home exterior, fireplace, or other brick structures look.

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#8 // How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comThis is another tutorial that is relatively new on the blog. I’ve been a fan of ceiling medallions for quite some time, as they can really dress up a light fixture. Our preferred method is to use caulk instead of construction adhesive, to ensure it perfectly aligns (giving you wiggle room). Click through to read all about it.

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#9 // How to Install Mosaic Tile

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got another tile tutorial for you, because as I mentioned- it’s my favorite renovation task to complete. I absolutely love tiling! Mosaic tiles are easy to install and the project goes pretty quickly. The end result always looks impressive. The key is to precisely align each sheet of tile  carefully.

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#10 // How to Install a Paver Patio

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - roomfortuesday.comLast, but not least.. since we’re at the end of the summer season, there is still time to install your dream paver patio to enjoy this fall. This was another easy project that ended up being very beautiful and functional in our previous backyard. We’ll definitely be installing more paver areas at our current home in the future.

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I hope these DIY posts from the past are helpful, if you’re new to home improvement projects. I’ll also link some of our favorite basic tools below, if you’re just beginning to build your collection. We’ve used these for years and they come in handy for multiple projects! I hope you all have a great week. Tomorrow, I’m sharing side table and coffee table combinations- plus, how to pair them like a designer.

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  1. Happy Monday! Your tutorials are always so clear and detailed. I also love how encouraging and confident you are in our abilities.😉 Although the idea of a wet saw still gives me the shudders, I actually think I could lay tile. Refinishing floors though? That’s a job I still fear…maybe after I watched Emmett a few hundred more times.
    Tomorrow’s post sounds like a great one; I’m eager for some inspiration! My summer lasts exactly 3 more days, so gimme all the distractions!😰
    PS The shed and landscaping is looking wonderful!!

    1. Happy Monday Peggi! Thank you. I hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend! I have all the faith that you wonderful people are more than capable of tackling these home projects :) Only 3 more days of summer vacay?! Boo! That went way too fast. I’m glad you were able to sneak away before the semester begins. The shed is really coming along. It was HOT yesterday, so we didn’t get as much completed as we would’ve liked, but I’ll take any progress. Have a great week!

  2. Awesome roundup of all the tutorials Sarah! My favorite part of the blog this morning was catching up on the shed via your highlight! Wowza…what a stunner! I can’t wait to see the finished look. This week I’m furiously catching up on housework since our Utah trip, and setting up a cozy workspace for the kids to “go to school” each day…the three of us will be sharing the formal dining room table. I’m hoping this works for them and me, until I can redesign the room. Quarantine needs have definitely changed the way I look at my home, so all these tutorials are right on the money! Do you have any tutorials on how to create built-ins? I’m all but ready to demo the front room lol. With four of us working in there, its definitely catching up on not being used for the past 3 and a half years…I think its time to show it some love…so many projects…lol. I hope your week is off to a great start Sarah! Cheers to updating, refreshing, and renovating!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! The shed project feels slow, but I think in actuality it has went pretty quickly. Haha! I’m just too close to it at this point. I hope you’re feeling more settled after your Utah trip :) You’re such an awesome mom for setting up work stations for everyone and creating a memorable and productive learning environment at home. I do have a built-in tutorial… you can find it here: https://roomfortuesday.com/diy-built-ins-and-office-organization/ Good luck with your projects! It’s definitely the season for that, and you’re totally right- this year has really taught us to make the most of our homes and squeeze out every ounce of functionality. Have a happy and productive week! xo

  3. Ralph Wididi says:

    OOH! Loved this. Adding this to our simple DIY home renovation. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad to hear that, Ralph!

  4. Amanda Evergreen says:

    My grandparents have a paver patio, but it seems they can’t keep the weeds from growing up in between the pavers. Do you have any advice on that?