Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning)

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comDemo is well underway in my home office and Emmett has been tackling it most nights after work. I thought it would be fun to share an update, as things are progressing! At this stage in the process, we’re still doing a lot of planning, ordering, tackling demo, and are waiting for fixtures and supplies to arrive. Curious to see what my office looks like today? Remember- it always gets worse before it gets better. Click through for the latest renovation update! 

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comCrosby is being the best boy and won’t even go near the plastic doorway, but Cash on the other hand… every time I come into this space, he sticks his head through the zipper. It’s equal parts hilarious & adorable, but also infuriating because his face gets covered in dust, and he tracks it through the house. Anyway, ignore his little face in all of these photos (or don’t, because it’s kind of funny)!

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comEmmett is almost ready to rework electrical and begin framing this wall for our pocket doors. I designed our doors, which will have pretty traditional look- glass with grid mullions. I’ll show you the elevation below (we ordered these from a local company who specializes in custom)

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comI liked the idea of allowing the natural light from our entry to flood in from that direction through the glass pocket doors. They should help with sound, while allowing the light to filter, so this design felt aesthetically pleasing and functional. This room has pretty great light, which is why I claimed it as my workspace immediately after moving it. It just felt good!

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comThis phase is very much about the structural elements, planning electrical, planning millwork, making decisions, and stripping everything down to the bare bones before building it back up. It’s not pretty and it’s not the most fun stage (in my opinion), but it’s definitely necessary. Despite the dust, I’m a details person and achieving those little details I always love takes a LOT of planning and patience in advance…

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comThis is the elevation of my built-in. I ended up adjusting some dimensions and adding a row of panels (because you know I love odd numbers, ha!). If you missed the initial built-in design stage, you can check it out here. They’ll live on the wall pictured below…

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comEmmett has to address some duct work and electrical over here, which is why he has cut an odd sized rectangle in the wall. Fun fact… on the other side of those 2x4s is our formal living room built-in. We’ve been getting organized and planning all the pieces that need cut for this architectural feature. It may look daunting, but having these plans really helps ensure precision and accuracy when it comes time to build. In our current house, I’ve tried to treat all of our projects like I would a clients…. covering all of our bases and not skipping any steps (even the boring elevations).

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comIt’s hard to believe just last month, the window wall (pictured below) was boasting my beautiful new drapery. Oh, how things have changed in a matter of days. Haha! I’m excited to see them installed for good once we wrap this room up.

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of drapery, I decided to keep this space light, bright, and monochromatic with my panels. I’m almost certain we will be painting the walls Taupe of the Morning by Sherwin-Williams. Here it is against the cornice board… it’s actually kind of similar to the existing wall color (which was here when we moved in).

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comEmmett is also in the process of planning my custom credenza build, so I had to choose a stain color for that project. I landed on Heirloom Oak, which works beautifully with our herringbone floors. Thankfully the flooring is already crossed off the to-do list, and is being protected underneath heavy ram board.

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comI also picked up my beloved white marble tang horse! Remember it from my thrifting trip a few weeks ago? It’s going to live on a pedestal in my office! I’m very excited about that big guy and can’t wait to see him styled. I can’t believe he’s under our roof! Ignore the crappy phone photo- it really doesn’t do it justice. The pair wasn’t in my budget, so I convinced my friend Emily (who is also an interior designer) to buy the match. We each have one. She said they’re far superior to friendship bracelets. Ha!

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - roomfortuesday.comThat’s the complete office update as of now! We’re working hard to cross things off the list. I know this isn’t the most fun part of renovating, but I feel good knowing things are progressing and we’re doing it the right way. Did this post bore you to death? I hope not. Do you want to continue to see my office renovation updates, or would you rather just wait for a pretty reveal at the end of all of this? No hard feelings, either way! I never know how much of this stuff to share. Leave me any questions or thoughts you have in the comment section below! I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I LOVE seeing every step of the process! I think it is fascinating, and it makes the reveal so much more exciting!

    1. I’m so thrilled to hear that, Laura! I’ll definitely keep up the progress posts :)

  2. Yes to the progress posts! You two put SO much time, talent and energy into these renovations, sharing that feels important. There are reasons why everything you do looks professional. (Even with the hilarious dog head peeking through!) I’m curious to see the credenza design; have you shared that yet? That marble horse on a pedestal is definitely going to cement the sophisticated Parisian office vibe! Genius to split the pair with your pal. I just love the look of the pocket doors! So many special touches in this design; an office befitting all of your hard work. Have a spectacular weekend! Try to squeeze in a little rest & relaxation.💜

    1. Thank you so much, Peggi! It feels important and interesting to us, but I wanted to make sure everyone else enjoyed seeing these “in between” type of posts. Cash and his head through the plastic… he did that ALL weekend while Emmett worked. Haha! You can catch a sneak peek of the credenza in this post (on the computer image). It’s pretty basic looking, but it will fit the space perfectly. Emmett started working on the pocket door wall this weekend and I’m excited to see those in place in the coming months. It will be so nice and such a space saver! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend :) xo

  3. I can’t get over how adorable Cash is peeking his head in! More dog spam, and all things renovation update for sure! As much as I love the big reveal, I also love the steps along the way. To me it’s not boring-I love seeing the plan, the elevation, and how you get from point A to point B. The little things in between are all the things that interest me. Most people know how to paint and hang curtains, and have no problem finding furnishings. For me, I love learning about the tedious chores of moving electrical-how to do it, why it’s a good idea in some cases, and how to go about it. Jeff is great with that stuff like Emmett. It looks like there’s been so much progress already, in such a short time span working on it! I know it will be incredible when it’s done! I must say though, I’m pretty jealous of your horse sculpture! When you showed those in your thriftiness stories I went wild. For future reference, if there’s ever a time you find yourself in a similar situation, I’m here for it! Emily is right-matching horse sculptures one up friendship bracelets completely! I’m surprised by the paint choice! I was certain you’d end up with something a little lighter and brighter, but I love it! It’s going to be beautiful against the curtain panels. I’m giddy with excitement that you’ll finally have an office space suited for the magic you create, and can’t wait to see the finished product. I’ll be in Utah with my mom and Jeff this weekend for my niece’s baptism-we’re leaving Friday afternoon and coming home late morning Sunday-it will be a jam packed weekend, but a fun little getaway. The kids leave for Oceanside today-they get a lovely 4 day trip with their grandparents and I’m excited to unwind mentally. I hope your weekend is productive, enjoyable, relaxing and rejuvenating! Happy Pizza Friday Eve!

    1. Lol! He always has to be in the middle of whatever we’re doing. I’m definitely going to share more progress updates. They’re fun for me, and as long as everyone else enjoys them- that’s an easy thing to add to the calendar :) I’ll try to throw in some DIY projects we tackle in the space as well. The horse sculpture is SO COOL. I’m very excited about that big guy. Emily has lovingly named the pair Hans & Frou-Frou (lol!)… apparently I have Hans. She’s also convinced hers might have some bad juju, so she’s going to sage it. I haven’t felt any weird negative energy from mine, but now she has freaked me out. He’s currently living “in the stable” as Emmett called it- aka, my prop closet. We’ll see how it feels once I style it in my office. I hope you’re having the best time here in Utah! So glad you were able to grab a meal at Cafe Galleria.

  4. I almost forgot to ask my electrical question. I’m really itching to swap the functions of our current living room with that of our current formal dining. What’s stopping me is that there isn’t electrical for television in the front room. We have a solid slab foundation, with an attic-and that room has the cathedral ceilings. Is adding the necessary electrical a major deal? Jeff has been making it out to be a catastrophic job of epic proportions-so I’m half inclined to wait until he’s out of town on business and have the neighborhood electrician come run the wiring for me-lol. (He would roast me over an open flame!) I just can’t imagine that it’s the major ordeal he claims it would be. Thoughts?

    1. Sooo, I talked to Emmett about this and I hate to tell you- Jeff is correct. It’s a massive job if you want the electrical to go unnoticed (behind the wall, through the slab, etc). A lot of people use cord conduit to hide the wiring because it’s much easier than drilling through, but I feel like that only works with industrial or modern homes. Maybe there is an easier way to disguise it at your place? It really is a catastrophic job (according to Emmett). I think his exact word was, “ooof!”, which is never great. Lol!

      1. 😖😖Darn! Well, at least I know Jeff isn’t just shining me on, haha! Thanks for asking Emmett-if he says “ooof” I totally trust it. I guess that’s one renovation that’ll have to take a back seat-for a bit. Lol

        1. Haha!! He knows what he is talking about. Lol!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Sooooo far from boring, Sarah! This is so so interesting, especially those elevation diagrams that I don’t understand but love seeing!! You guys are meticulous with the details, and I love seeing it. You pour a lot of love into your home.

  6. Omg Cash is so adorable! I loved seeing his sweet darling face peaking through the construction curtain. Hey he wants to know what happening, can’t say I blame him 😉
    Looks like everything is progressing wonderfully, and love the plans, color/stain choices 😍 You both are so impeccably organized and I’m so excited to see it once it’s complete. Emmett is so wonderful to work on this after a full day at his office. I’m amazed how much is done already. Way to go Emmett! You both make the best team.
    BTW my Florida friends loved there Tuesday Made gift box! They were so delighted and excited Thanks so much again for your assistance with that 😘 So grateful 🥰 Tuesday Made rocks!
    It supposed to be a great weather weekend for gardening here, I’m so excited to get back outside and get my outdoor projects going Yay 😎🌷Cheers to spring!

    1. Oh, Cash. He is always right at our heels keeping an eye on things. Emmett says he’s our job foreman. Haha! Everything is going well so far. Emmett is a champ for putting in crazy hours. It has been exceptionally busy over here (not a bad thing)- going from our regular day jobs, to pack orders, then back home to renovate. Haha! We have a full, but happy plate. Here’s to hoping we can hire more help soon. I’m thrilled to hear your Florida friends loved their gift :) That makes me the happiest! Thank you for sharing, and of course for supporting our small business. I can’t tell you how much that means to us. I hope you had amazing weather and were able to get outside in the garden! We ended up with more snow this weekend. Ugh. I’m hoping for spring to stick around soon! xox

  7. Yes please, to all the details!

    1. You got it, Kari! I can do that :)

  8. Stephanie says:

    I am far more interested in the process than the final reveal, with any project! That’s why I love blogs more than magazines…you get to watch the transformation in real time and see how it all comes together. I also love watching homes slowly evolve over time and what small things people tweak over the years once they’ve “finished” a room. So happy that you are taking us along for the ride!!

    1. Really? I love hearing that, Stephanie! Good things and homes take a lot of time. It’s definitely a journey and I’m happy to share ours :) I think I just worry that most people expect a fast before & after (or have a shorter attention span these days), and will feel bored… but that’s our reality and how we renovate over here, so I’m going to keep at it. I appreciate your feedback! Thanks so much for showing up to read and follow along.

    2. I like the process, too. It’s why I read DIY blogs and why I don’t follow Instagram.

  9. I’ve been pretty astonished at how much demo you guys did! The insta photos really surprised me. I don’t know why I was expecting less than a full demo and perfect details because it’s you guys haha. I’ve been most excited for this room and the dining room.

    1. We always end up doing a lot of demo. Haha! Sometimes it’s easier to rebuild everything square, re-run wiring, and make sure we’re doing it the right way, then try to correct mistakes that were existing. I’m equally as excited for both of those spaces :) Thanks for following along, Larissa!

  10. I love all the steps! Please keep sharing, it’s so fun to see the little progress steps forward and the reveal at the end to wrap it up!

    1. You got it, Leigh! I like sharing the progress, but wanted to make sure people were interested in that sort of stuff… I know it’s not for everyone and can feel boring. Thanks for the feedback :) I appreciate it!

  11. I really like progress posts. But I love seeing Cash poking his head in! Too funny. Also, the horse is so much bigger than I thought! That will be such a unique piece in your office.

    1. I enjoy posting them, I just didn’t know if they felt boring. Haha! Oh Cash… he is always at our heels watching our every move. Emmett worked on the office all day yesterday and he had his head poked through the plastic the entire time. Lol! The horse is over 2 feet tall- he’s a big guy. I’m going to try to find a pedestal for him.

  12. Basically, I’m here for the progress posts! Once the room is finished, it’s pretty static and usually doesn’t ever change. I try to imagine how in the world you get from nothing to fabulous like you do. Even though you tell us, it still seems like magic to me.

    1. Yay!! I love hearing that, Dotti! Thank you. It kind of is magic :) So much hard work, time, and energy goes into all of our spaces- getting there is half the fun. I’ll continue to share regular updates :) I appreciate you being here for them!

  13. I love seeing the progress, thank you for sharing. I’d like to add a built in to a niche in my living room. I want it white- should it match the white of the trim in the room?

    1. No problem, Courtney! Thank you for showing up to read and check it out. I appreciate it! It really depends on what look you’re going for. Our built-in does match our trim color in the living room.