Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comWe’re well into the spring season and with Mother’s Day around the corner, I’ve had flowers, gardening, plants, and greenery on the brain! This time of year, I love filling our home with florals & greenery… of both the fresh variety and faux arrangements. I wanted to share my thoughts on faux florals, jot down some tips for styling them, and relay some helpful pointers for choosing ones that are highly convincing. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because we just got a new shipment of florals I picked out for the Tuesday Made shop, so I may have swiped a couple to keep for myself!

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comDuring the spring & summer months, I definitely love trimming fresh flowers and mixing them into our regular decor because it’s a fun and creative seasonal activity for me, but I have to say- there’s something really convenient about having everlasting arrangements in the mix as well. My biggest rule is this: if you’re going to go faux… make sure they’re convincing. Convincing in the way that your significant other tries to water them, friends ask where you bought your fresh blooms, and you can’t tell the difference by touching it. I promise they exist!

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comIn our shop, I call them “everlasting arrangements” because they’re zero maintenance and will look great for years to come. That means no changing water, no taking precious time to put together arrangements, and no trip to the grocery store or backyard to forage. They just require styling and a little fluffing… but more on that later in the post!

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comA few years ago, I foraged a giant branch that only lasted a few days and I wondered why I went to the trouble to begin with. It ended up being a huge mess that stressed me out more than I enjoyed looking at it. During those especially busy seasons of life, faux is such a wonderful option to add color, texture, and an organic element to your home without the effort or mess that fresh flowers or branches bring. That was actually the reason I started using them. I always had a “I’ll NEVER use faux flowers or plants in our home” mentality… until I discovered the good ones.

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comNot all faux arrangements are created equally. Thanks to hours of endless research for our shop, I’ve learned a LOT about what makes a convincing and realistic arrangement. It usually boils down to the person creating it. Is it handmade? Is the maker a floral artist? What is it made of? The arrangements in our shop are all handcrafted by floral artists who carefully place each flower, stem, bloom, bud, and branch. They think about materials, composition, the vessel in which the arrangement lives, and all sorts of things to create a hyper realistic centerpiece. These are definitely not the faux florals from the 90’s or your local craft store. Take a closer look… you’ll notice textural differences and tiny details that really bring these pieces to life. It’s pretty amazing!

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comI’ll also say this- the price point reflects the amount of time it takes the floral artist to complete each arrangement, so for the high quality and super convincing ones, you can expect to pay more. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way when I began experimenting with faux florals in our home and testing options for the shop. The materials and time that go into a piece is noticeable. I started thinking of faux florals & greenery like art… it’s an investment for sculptural art, essentially. Ours are all made here in the USA by skilled artists and I opted to choose the best possible option for the shop (meaning the most realistic), even if it meant they would fall into a higher price point. If you’re going to go faux, make sure your arrangement doesn’t look fake. Fake is not a good look- especially during the spring & summer months when you have fresh comparisons nearby.

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comQuick detour… check out what might be my new “desk” chair above! I snagged that from Facebook Marketplace yesterday for $40. I’m going to try to put brass casters on the bottom (Peggi sent me a link for these, which I think are perfect!), so I can wheel around. If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to the drawing board. Anyway, as I was styling my new branches, I thought I’d sneak the chair into the shot! It has a really nice shape. Alright- back to florals & greenery… isn’t that maple branch incredible?! The scale is really grand and I love the wispy, delicate look of the limbs and leaves.

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comI promised you some styling tips and faux floral pointers, so you can catch those below!

  • Consider scale // Measure out how much space the arrangement will take up and brainstorm where it can live in multiple places throughout your home.
  • Layer // Like any other decor, layer everlasting arrangements alongside other styling or functional objects to create an environment or vignette.
  • Remember they require some fluffing // Often times arrangements don’t look amazing out of the box (thanks to shipping), but it only takes a few minutes of “fluffing” and bending to look alive again.
  • Think about location // This is especially true for plants & greenery, but you should consider how the natural light floods into a room and place your plant or arrangement accordingly. For example, it’s more convincing if a potted planted lives near a window.
  • Switch it up // Don’t be afraid to move your arrangement around. I’m constantly moving florals & greenery from room to room to switch things up and make them feel “fresh”. My favorite lilacs have pretty much lived everywhere in our house. Swap them seasonally to keep things new- or alternate rooms.
  • Choose one with a good vessel // Make sure the vase or planter is a style you’ll love for years to come… that’s a big part of the arrangement design!
  • Take good care of them // Care for arrangements like you would any other decor- regular dusting (I use air or a gentle cloth), store in a safe place when they’re not being used, etc.

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comThese tips and pointers don’t just apply to faux florals… everlasting arrangements aren’t limited to flowers. This includes potted plants, greenery, florals, branches, moss, topiaries, etc. In fact, some of the other items are even more convincing than arrangements solely with flowers. Our topiaries, pictured above, are incredible because the dirt looks and feels real. They come in heavy, thick walled terracotta planters, and all of that adds to the charm, appeal, and hyper-realism.

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comWould you like to see some of my personal picks?

Use the numbered links below the collage to shop or be redirected… sorry- this one isn’t clickable! 

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.com01: white tulips // 02: maple branch // 03: boxwood topiary // 04: willow branch // 05: purple lilacs // 06: queen anne’s lace // 07: double fishtail palm // 08: olive tree // 09: magnolia bloom

These are a handful of my personal favorites we have in our shop right now, but if you want to see the entire selection- click here. I select my favorite ones to carry based on the season, what looks most realistic, the vessels, and how easily they can be styled. We’re constantly updating the floral & greenery section because we order in small batches. It also takes awhile for the floral artists to create these beautiful pieces (anywhere from 4-8 weeks), so it’s definitely one of those items I’m always thinking about styling longterm… an investment piece. If there is anything in particular or a specific type of flower or branch you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll see what I can find!

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comWould anyone be interested in a fun floral & greenery game? As things start to bloom and come into season, I thought it would be fun to play the comparison game. I could show you the faux option and the fresh option (alongside each other), and you could guess which is which. I’m actually pretty good at this since I’ve done a ton of research and have studied arrangements a lot lately, but Emmett is easily convinced and usually guesses wrong. Remember when I styled my glass hurricane seven ways? He thought the hydrangeas in the vase were from our shop (faux). They were fresh and he said that ours in the shop looked more convincing to him. Haha! I had a good laugh about that. He also tries to be helpful and water our everlasting arrangements, which as you might imagine- never ends well. I had to have the “thank you, but no thank you” chat with him.

Tips for Using Faux Florals & Greenery - roomfortuesday.comDid this post put you in a cheerful spring & summer mood? I hope so! Flowers and greenery certainly make me happy at home. These also make the thoughtful gifts if you’re still brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day! Drop any questions or thoughts you have for me below on faux versus fresh! Personally, I love and use both. I hope you’re having a good week so far.

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  1. Faux florals and greenery really have come a long way. I love that a florist thought to create a Queen Anne’s lace arrangement! I vividly remember them from childhood-studying each teensy floret, the intense vegetal scent left on my hands as I tried to pick the surprisingly resistant stem, my delight at discovering the parsnip-like root (when the soil yielded more easily than the lovely Queen Anne!). Funny what can transport you. I especially appreciate the wild, wispy nature of #2 (but my junior botanist self does not think it looks like a maple…birch maybe?) And, I never feel like I can manage a beautifully asymmetrical arrangement, so the magnolia all casually haphazard speaks to me! I’m wondering if these would be a successful kitty-proof plant solution? Also sneeze-free, I would imagine; do you use the keyboard canned air to keep them clean? When you are not displaying them, do you repackage them for storage or just pop them on a shelf in your prop closet? Any special care practices? A real v. faux guessing game would be a hoot! I love testing my observation skills.
    Today is cake assembly and decorating! I hope your Wednesday is as sweet and creative!💜

    1. They really have. The Queen Anne’s Lace arrangement arrived and I wasn’t expected it to be my favorite, but it definitely is. A show stopper for sure! I also remember them from childhood and have happy memories :) It is funny what can transport you! I thought the same about what the floral artist labeled as maple. In person I can see the maple aesthetic, but the leaves feel smaller and more delicate. Great point! For two gals who crave symmetry, the magnolia really is beautiful! I also like the asymmetric shape. Since we don’t have a cat, I’m not sure if they would be enticing or not. I feel like that could go either way, which may be a costly experience. Haha! I do use the keyboard air to clean them- it’s quick and easy, and that has become my hack for a lot of the weird things that are difficult to dust lately. They live in my prop closet when I’m not using them (uncovered), but they’re pretty much out all the time. I love them so much, I never store them away… I just shuffle them around our home to other rooms. Real v. faux guessing game is happening! That will be a fun one. Happy cake decorating & assembly today! I’m thinking I may bake something today… we’re having terrible rainy / snowy weather, and I could use some cozy time in the kitchen. Happy Wednesday :) xo

  2. My husband and I spent this past weekend gardening, trying to beat those April showers so your post is quite timely Sarah ☺️
    All your faux florals and greenery are lovely. It’s hard to choose which one I love best but the hyacinths in your post add a burst of brightness that makes my day. Real hyacinths don’t last very long so a faux would be a fabulous way to enjoy them all spring and summer 😉
    I would never cut branches from my magnolia tree, and I love the asymmetrical nature of your magnolia arrangement, so incredibly pretty 😍 I’m always up for a good guessing game, so yes sounds like fun to me, I’m in. Well sunny skies here so back in the garden for me today as rain in the forecast for the next week or so. Cheers to spring and bringing the outside in and I hope you have a sunny day too!

    1. That sounds so perfect, Colleen! We’ve been spending time outside too, but this week we’re having rainy / snowy weather again. I’m certainly ready for some sunshine! The hyacinths really have the best color and they’re very realistic… one of my favorites, too! I’ll be sure to grab some photos once things start blooming and we can have a fun game of which is real / faux. Ha! Have a happy day in the garden!! Enjoy :) xo

  3. That maple branch will be coming to my house. We move in next week! My aunt made my wedding bouquet out of a mix of faux, real, and dried flowers – perfect for a November wedding. I still have it in a box and it looks amazing 20 years later. She’s an artist who used and made the good stuff. I was initially skeptical, but I am so glad I trusted her.

    I think the trick is, like you said, layering and placement. I tend to use them in rooms that don’t get enough light or attention for a houseplant or in a spot you need to always look good. I have found using a floral scent (candle or some of the Mrs. Myers room sprays) really help sell the illusion.

    Have a great day… off to find the packing tape!

    1. That is so exciting! Congratulations, Paige!! Your aunt sounds insanely talented. What a gift, and what a special and beautiful memory you have from your wedding. Such a great point on where to use faux plants- they’re definitely perfect for adding greenery or life to areas in your home that can’t sustain live plants, and I LOVE your tip of adding fragrance to help sell the illusion. That’s genius! I have never thought of that. Happy packing :) You’re on the home stretch! xo

  4. Your shop has the most gorgeous faux greenery and flowers. I’ve long ogled them, and when I’m not focusing our budget on upgrading the big items, I definitely plan on ordering a few from you. My favorites currently in the shop are the willow, the olive topiary, the magnolia and the fishtail palm. 😍😍 I’m a sucker for live houseplants and the joke in our house (courtesy of Jeff) is “do we have it in the budget to kill another plant?” 😂🤣🥴 It has for sure stopped me from trying yet another live plant in an area that needs greenery but isn’t ideal for the real thing. Needless to say-I’ve tried many with not so great results. I can think of no better solution than set it and forget it. The time and attention you put into stocking the shop with quality items is not lost on me, and I appreciate every minute you spend trying to source quality products. I am in love with my goddesses by the way! For now they’re styled on my nightstand and I just think they’re completely lovely! Jeff finally noticed them this week, haha! I’m rambling now…I hope you have a lovely Wednesday before the storms hit. We’re cloudy, foggy and rainy again, so it’ll be another cozy day in. Cheers to hump day! Xo

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! I was really great at plants until we moved to our current home- I cannot keep much alive in this house! I think it’s because of the direct of natural light we get. Anyway, I was spending way too much money on live plants, only to give them away to friends when they started to die. Ugh. I feel your struggle. haha! I am thrilled to hear about your goddesses!! That makes me so happy. They’re such special pieces and I still can’t believe they’re living on your nightstand… that’s the perfect place in the happiest home. We’re currently getting your rainy weather from yesterday and maybe even a few snow flurries. I might have to take some time to bake some muffins or do something cozy inside. Ha! Hope you have a good day, friend! xo

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sarah,
    All of these are beautiful! This may be a dumb question, but do the arrangements come with the vessel in which they are pictured? And is that faux water?
    Another branch that would be pretty to find is gingko!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Not a dumb question at all… they do come with the vessel and the faux water (that’s how they are set in place). There is zero assembly required- you just have to fluff them out of the box and they’re ready to style. I love gingko leaves! I’ll have to check for some of those we could add to the shop. Thanks for the great idea :)

  6. YES to faux vs real game! I like the challenge!
    Faux florals have really come a long way and I have a weakness for them. Each season I buy florals to put in the house. I buy faux because I end up killing the real ones.
    Sarah, you have some of the most beautiful floral arrangements in your store.
    You must share this story with Emmett. About 10 years ago I bought 2 faux topiaries (4 1/2′ tall) in metal pots. I put them in the garage until I found the right planters for them. My husband came to me and said I must water & put out in the sun or else they would die. LOL! I knew then I had a good pair of faux topiaries.
    When do you think you have used too many faux arrangements in a room or throughout your home? I struggle with this. My favorite color is green so that’s why I think I put greenery out.

    1. I think that would be fun! I’m the same way, Danna. I used to spend so much money on live plants and fresh flowers, it just got to be a lot… and time consuming. I love the ease of faux arrangements- especially when they look so real. Emmett & I were cracking up at your topiary story! Haha!! Those must have been some convincing topiaries. I think the amount really depends on the size of your room, and the scale of the arrangement. I usually style 1-2, but no more than 2. I hope that’s helpful!