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Renovation Sources - roomfortuesday.comI recapped our previous renovation earlier in the month and loved looking back at every single before and after image. To close out the year, I thought I’d draft one last post dedicated to our rambler renovation. My most frequently asked questions in regards to that house are source related. So many of you want to know where my home items and decor comes from, so I thought I’d break down each room and share my top 5 – 7 products, or the ones that are most often purchased or asked about. If you’ve ever wondered where something in our old home was from… this post is for you! Click through for details. 

Since I’ve been curating these items for the past few years, some of the products have since been discontinued, but I tried to link the most similar option.


Renovation Sources -

Our entryway was cute and charming! It was really a simple formula of functional items… a mailbox, a plant, a pretty door (with nice hardware), a porch light, and a door mat. It really doesn’t take much to make a good impression for a first entrance into a home.


Renovation Sources -

We spent so much time lounging and relaxing in our living room. For a small home, we really squeezed a lot of function into that space. It was comfortable, cozy, and worked very well for our needs. I credit a big part of that to the sectional sofa. It gave us plenty of seating while working with a tricky floor plan.


Renovation Sources -

One space I’m already missing is our kitchen. We splurged for extremely nice cabinetry, appliances, and the space just felt like us. I am eager to design another kitchen though… despite living amongst a renovation, I really enjoy the process.


Renovation Sources -

We ended up leaving the dining table and banquette cushions behind because they were custom designed for the house, but you better believe we’ll have another coffee station and cozy dining nook somewhere in our new home. It was one of my very favorite spots!


Renovation Sources -

Although I’m very excited for our new laundry room, which is much larger… I’ll cherish this space because I have so many happy memories of our dogs in this room. It was truly a functional space for both pets and laundry- it also acted as our little mudroom and entry point into the backyard.


Renovation Sources -

I don’t even know if most people consider the hallway to be a “room”, but I have to say- they’re one of my favorite areas in a home to design. I’ll take any opportunity to make an odd shaped highly trafficked area in a house more interesting. Bonus points if there is a linen closet or extra storage!


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The guest room was the very first room renovation we completed in the home. We had SO many house guests come to visit while living in our previous home, I wanted to make it feel as cozy and welcoming as possible!


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This room was without a doubt, the most loved space in the house. Being our one and only bath, I sure coveted this little spot! It just goes to show that no matter the square footage, good design can exist anywhere.


Renovation Sources -

The office was the last room we finished and I’m not going to lie… I wish I would’ve logged more work hours in this completed glorious space! It felt so chic and organized.


Renovation Sources -

Our leather bed is the one thing I’ll never tire of or get rid of. It’s what makes our master bedroom ours. It just feels like coming home and was the first nice piece of furniture Emmett and I bought. I always design a room around it.

Renovation Sources - roomfortuesday.comHopefully this post was useful in trying to track down a lot of the decor, furniture, and accessories I get so many questions about! Lots of you were also wondering what exactly came with us to the new house? Outside of custom things (like banquette cushions & the outdoor sectional cushions) basically everything excluding our custom dining table and the outdoor patio chairs moved with us. The new homeowners asked to keep those items. It’s going to be fun to work our existing furniture into a new design plan.

Please let me know if you have any other source related questions in the comments below! I do miss that house, but am looking forward to putting our stamp on the new home… demo for our first project is beginning next week. Ahhh!!! Exciting! I’m also brainstorming ways to make resources for our upcoming renovation more accessible and easier to navigate. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting – your house was so cute, I can’t wait to see what you do next! Where is your dining table from?

    1. Thank you so much! I actually had the dining table custom made… I thrifted the base, had a top cut to size, and then painted everything.