10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : tammy connor

Get excited!! It’s a 10 Pins post kind of day. I found a lot of stunning spaces this month, that are perfect for the season. I can’t wait to welcome spring this weekend. I’m looking forward to evenings on our patio, filled with homemade wood fired pizzas, cocktails, and bare feet around the fire. Anyway- all of these rooms feel very light and spring like, which put a smile on my face. Click through to see all of the good inspiration and chat design with me. Hopefully you’ll discover some talented designers, as well! Enjoy!

#1 // Hidden Home Bar
source : hoedemaker pfieffer

A hidden home bar… need I say more? I love that it seamlessly blends with the millwork. What a fun surprise kitchen situation! I’m also digging the color, which kind of reminds me of our guest room paint color.

#2 // Cottage Entrance
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : phillip mitchell for veranda

That mosaic floor tile is incredible! Remember my post on tile type? I love how subtle the house numbers are- perfectly integrated with the border… well done. I’m also liking the extra wide front door, the ceiling detail, and the light fixture.

#3 // Shower with Brass Fixtures
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : sarah solis for hunker

Apparently I was on a tile admiration kick? This gorgeous shower tile is what my dreams are made of. The oversized living brass plumbing fixtures are the icing on the cake! This California home was inspired by Italian and Portuguese villas. I could totally see that!

#4 // Living Room Built-Ins
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : hanna seabrook for southern living

Ok, this entire living room situation is incredible and so well styled! Plus- it’s in my home city of Louisville, Kentucky. Hannah- what a fantastic space you’ve created! You know I enjoy shelf styling with lots of books, and these built-ins are styled perfectly. I really like seeing the dark shelving backs, as well.

#5 // Conservatory Dining Space
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : courtney giles for UK house & garden

Believe it or not… this is a HOUSE. It’s a country house in Somerset. Can you even imagine having dinner parties here?! It’s too bad I can’t have a wedding do-over, because I’d totally marry Emmett here. Haha! Maybe a vow renewal is in our future someday? The architecture, the tile, and the modern elements mixed in- it’s all stunning.

#6 // Striped Ceiling
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : amy meier design

I’m usually not one to incorporate much yellow into my home (although mustard is a color I like wearing), but I actually really LOVE the striped canary painted ceiling here. It kind of has me brainstorming a striped ceiling for one room in our house. Which room should I apply that technique?

#7 // Green Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : erin kestenbaum

My friend Erin just revealed her bathroom earlier this week and it’s every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. She’s incredibly talented! I’m drooling over the green tile, plumbing fixtures, and that wallpaper.

#8 // Modern Victorian Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : lauren nelson design

I may or may not have shared this kitchen by Lauren Nelson before, but it’s a really great example of modern meets vintage. I keep coming back to the extra tall cabinetry, millwork, and all that marble paired with the blue paint. It’s so soft!

#9 // Layered Dining Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : bryan o’sullivan studio

This dining room is super eclectic and designerly in the best way possible! From the dining chairs to the wallpaper, panel moulding, paint color, modern lighting, and traditional drapery- this is the prime example of contrast being a positive thing when it comes to interiors. This feels very fresh to me.

#10 // Pastel Bathroom Vanity
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : jessica helgerson for arch digest

Lastly, I had to include this beautiful vanity and bathroom vignette by Jessica Helgerson. There’s a lot to love: the vanity itself, the hardware, the wall niches on each side for storage, the marble, the millwork, and of course- the herringbone floors.

That’s all I have for today! Which space was your favorite? I’ll see you back here tomorrow for an office renovation update. Exciting things are happening, demo is getting messy (and dusty), but things are rolling right along. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Yippee! So much inspiration today! I’ve got all the tabs open. Noticing soft colors, tile and trad meets modern. The millwork, tile and color of that hidden bar situation are brilliant! Kudos to that carpenter. Would you say those background tiles are onyx? The entire Hoedemaker Pfeiffer portfolio is bananas! Love all the windows in that cottage entry. What would that ceiling treatment be called? Is that a type of coffer? Just a vault? Whatever it’s called, I like it! I usually do not favor glass tiles (probably due to the horrible ones used as accents in questionable kitchen designs🤢), but that shimmery neutral field and the living brass fixtures slay! All the woven textures and soft blue in that Hannah Seabrook living room are so feminine and inviting. Yes to that conservatory! That tile floor?! Dead. I confess that I find the white a bit stark, but I would certainly attend your vow renewal there! Not a yellow fan at all, but I dig that striped ceiling. Do you think it’s wallpaper or just a paint treatment? You should definitely try that! Another guest room? The laundry room? Lots of prime candidates. I adore every last detail in Erin’s bathroom; so beautiful and classy! The Lauren Nelson kitchen hits so many high notes! The colors (the little peachy brass notes!), the millwork and marble-luscious. I would dispense with the library ladder though… The chandelier in that dining room?! Wowza. The contrasting millwork and scenic wallpaper? So much yes! And finally, that pastel bathroom vignette stuns. The shape of the recess and how the tile wraps the ceiling? Genius. The palette and materials remind me of your basement bath. Do you think the vanity top is just lacquered, or is it a matching stone? So, so pretty!
    Well, that was FUN! Thank you! Time to go peruse portfolios. Happy Wednesday!💜

    1. Woohoo!! It was a fun month on Pinterest. Hoedemaker Pfeiffer is one of my favorite firms to follow- all of their work is incredible! I’d called the ceiling a faceted tray ceiling, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate. I do love the detail though! We’re actually going to do something similar in our dining room (but flat). I’m with you on glass tile- it can be done really terribly, but in that instance… it’s kind of magical! The furniture in the conservatory could probably feel more inspired, but I just cannot get over the architecture! You could put a lawn chair in there and it would still be cool. Hahah! I’m also not into yellow, but something about those stripes and color felt right for spring. If I try a striped ceiling in our house, it would probably be a different color. I’m thinking laundry room, too! Or maybe the mudroom. Decisions, decisions. I’ll have to remember that one. I kind of think it’s just paint, but I have to imagine wallpaper would be easier to install. Erin is so good- I adore her new bathroom and am happy she’s getting to enjoy it. She’s one of my design brainstorming friends, so it’s always fun to see her visions come to fruition. What an amazing compliment for that gorgeous bath to remind you (if even slightly) of some details in our basement bath. I feel like the vanity top is lacquered or solid surface? It looks too perfect to be a natural stone, but I could be wrong! Thanks for all of the fun design points. Happy Wednesday :)

  2. So much goodness to look at and dive into! I first noticed the dog pictures in the first pin. ;) Mouth wide open on the hidden bar. My husband would love me if I included one in his office or game room. Whose kidding, he would want one in the bedroom if I allowed it…nope! Ha! The molding and color is moody and pretty (all the heart eyes)! Next favorite and I pinned it is the modern victorian kitchen. Wow! It’s so gorgeous, small yet so much to look at. I too am not sure about the ladder. Would that get in the way all the time? I am vertically challenged (5’3) and not sure I want one to deal with while cooking. Baby showers, luncheons, wedding renewals would all be a wonderful place to host in the conservatory. Last but not least in the bit is the pastel bathroom vanity! I stared at the details in this bathroom forever. That is it…the details. So amazing! Sarah, I see you in this bathroom.
    I am just not quick enough. I tried to order a match strike and they sold out…fast! Will have to be quicker next time. By the way, tried to put my address in for notice but the robot catcha wouldn’t allow me to. Guess I am a robot…haha!

    1. If you click through on that image, there is another dog portrait that looks JUST like Cash. I wish I could buy it from them. Haha! I can’t even imagine having a hidden bar like that in my office- major goals! I actually like the ladder because the cabinets are TALL and I’m sure it adds function, but maybe there is a more slender profile that could slide out of the way a bit easier. Not sure on that one! The details in that pastel bathroom are my favorite. Those are the kind of things I like to observe and take note of… it’s beautifully done. I also could see that being our bathroom. Haha! Who knows- maybe I’ll save some of those ideas for when it comes time to renovate our primary bath. I am so sorry about the match strikes, Danna. My friend Erin is an independent artist, so she works in small batches. We only had 20 to sell and they go FAST. I’ve already asked her to make more, so hopefully you can snag one next time. They’re really beautiful and she’s so talented. It’s fun connecting and supporting people I already know and love. Erin and I went to college together in Indiana. I haven’t seen her in years (probably since graduation or our mutual friend’s wedding), but it has been really cool to reconnect and work together! Sorry about the website robot thing. Ugh! I’m going to ask my web lady what is going on with that. I’m not tech savvy. I can also put one back for you, if you want one from the next run. I’m not sure when she’ll have them finished. Probably next month! Hope you’re having a great week, Danna :)

  3. Stop it right now with the hidden home bar situation!! How incredibly unique is that?! Jeff would die over this! The millwork is stunning, and I like that it perfectly matches up to the windows on the door. The two tone marble is incredible as well.
    Completely digging the oversized door in that entryway-all the light from those windows!! I too love how subtle the house numbers are-I didn’t catch that until you said something. The mosaic though😱 I’m not usually a fan of mosaic, but this is very well done, and how about that unique bench? Loving the shape!
    The shower with brass fixtures is favorite number one! I’m with everybody on glass tiles, but the color tones in this are impeccable! I love how the border of the shower niche is marble-such a soft contrast to the tones in the tile.
    I’m adoring the dark contrast on the backside of those built ins-and would love to see what books are making up that collection-rooms like this make me want to cozy up with coffee and read for the day! Those table lamps are a big yes please in my book!
    Hell yes to vow renewal at the consevatory! There’s something about that style of architecture that gives me an old world feel. Give me an Adirondack chair and I’d be happy! Lol. I especially love the tile on the floor and that gorgeous garden bench among the flowers.
    While I’m not a huge fan of yellow, that ceiling striped treatment is stunning. I would have never thought to do something like this on a ceiling, but the results are dreamy! I’m thinking another of your guest rooms, or the laundry room/mud room Sarah! I’d love to see you do this (plus, selfishly I’d love your tutorial). It looks like paint to me-but could you imagine hanging wallpaper on a ceiling?? Holy smokes that would be a chore!
    The green bathroom is my second favorite and it’s giving me major CLJ vibes. In LOVE with the tone of the tile and the way the brass fixtures just pop against it-and that wall paper is an escape within itself! Erin Kestenbaum is one of my favorites to follow, and this bathroom does not disappoint.
    I dig the pendant lighting in the Victorian kitchen, and the blue against the marble. Is it just my phone, or are there two different shades of blue in here? It looks to me like the lower cabinetry is slightly darker than the uppers, and I really love the look. I would take everything about this kitchen, minus the ladder. I’d rather have a cute antique stool. The tone of the wood floor is what I envision for our house one day- ahhh dreams! Lol. Favorite number three-that dining room is a vision and a half! I love how layered it is- the millwork, with contrast paint; the way the wallpaper seems to be a continuation of the outdoor landscape from the windows, the curtain panels….*sigh* This one really took my breath away in the beauty department. Hello chandelier of my dreams!! All the heart eyes for that bad boy! I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards printed upholstery of any kind, but the garden vegetables on the seat of those dining chairs is just gorgeous! The way the colors pop, the trim around the rim of the seat cushions, and all that rich black contrast- plus peep that lovely bust on the console table.😍😍😍 Can I just have brunch in this room already?
    And the last favorite of the day…that pastel bathroom! It’s so dreamy-major RFT vibes right there! I could see this entire bathroom in your house Sarah. I love the marble backsplash on the inset-and how stunning is the shape? The brass hardware is delicate and dreamy, the legs on the vanity are perfectly traditional…and from my phone that vanity top looks to be a natural stone of some kind! The niches for storage are an unexpected but wonderful surprise-such a clever touch as opposed to open shelving or medicine cabinets. I really love the idea! This is another wood floor tone I dream of-it’s perfectly rich without being too dark-and I’m infatuated with large scale herringbone patterns lately! Such a fun 10 pins! Thanks for sharing-I’ll add that I read the entire post yesterday and spent the rest of the day in design dreamland while I helped the kids with schoolwork-such a lovely mental escape. So much so that I am just now getting around to rounding up my thoughts. I needed to roominate- see what I did there? 😜🤣I hope your day was grand yesterday-I’m off to catch today’s post!

    1. Isn’t that home bar the coolest?! I also really liked the shower situation with the heavy brass plumbing fixtures. Now I’m dreaming of castles to renovate with a conservatory. Ha! A girl can dream. We installed wallpaper on the ceiling in our previous home (in the hallway) and it wasn’t as bad as I expected… but then again, those were standard height ceilings. I had a little neck ache, but nothing major. I think there are definitely two shades of blue in that kitchen, and I love them both! You know I enjoy a monochromatic look. I definitely think our primary bathroom will need a niche area like that last bath- such a wonderful idea! I’m saving that for when the time comes to renovate. Haha!! I see what you did there :) I’m glad this was a fun and inspiring escape for you, Lauren! xox

  4. Kristin Richardson says:

    Cause of course, we all have a conservatory to decorate! 😁. It is beautiful, reminds me of a restaurant I went to in, of all places, Baltimore. It had a super large window with lots of panes, 2 story ceiling and brick walls. Gorgeous. For # 7, what a way to work with green. I tore out an original 1952 green tiled bathroom because it was just a hideous tone. This is soft and welcoming, and the brass and sink stand, chef’s kiss!

    Am I the only one getting Harry Potter vibes for #9? Remember Sirius Black’s family home and the wallpaper? No? Just me? Ok.☺️

    And I love the last bath, but not sure about the faucet. I’m cool with mixing metals, but they seem incongruous to the brass. Your thoughts?

    1. One can only dream, Kristin! Haha! The restaurant sounds gorgeous. I love Erin’s green bathroom- it’s such a beautiful, timeless color. I didn’t get Harry Potter vibes (until you mentioned it), but I DO love that wallpaper in the movies. Their set designs are always fantastic. We rewatch the entire series every year and I always notice new things. In the last bath, I’m actually really glad to see a different metal on the faucets. There is a lot of brass happening and that’s a nice break. I almost wish the nickel would have been repeated elsewhere as well… maybe the towel hooks, for continuity. Hope you had an amazing weekend!