A Modern Kitchen Tour

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been dying to introduce you guys to my bestie (and neighbor), Emily! We met a little over a year ago at a design event (she’s an amazing interior designer), became fast friends, our husbands also became pals, and now we see each other at least once a week. Much like Emmett and myself, Emily and her husband have been renovating their home. I convinced her to let me shoot and share their kitchen, and I think you guys are going to dig it! Spoiler alert- Emily has the cutest dogs, Jack & June, and there are plenty of photos of them packed into this post. Click through for the tour and to read more about this modern industrial kitchen…

*This post is in partnership with Zephyr. I wanted to surprise Emily with the perfect range hood. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy!

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’ll continue with a little more history and our back story- we call Brant & Emily our “twin friends” because never in my life have I met a couple who is exactly like us. It’s bizarre!! We love dogs, design, home improvement, we oddly all show up wearing the same outfits, and have a similar aesthetic. We’re lucky they live so close.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comAnyway, Emily is a designer at Alice Lane Home. Remember this post I shared? They’re on my top 10 must-follow list for good reason. Needless to say, when deciding if this home was right for us- it was Emily I asked to walk through it with me, brainstorm, and determine if the potential was here. They moved into their home a month before we moved into ours, and it has been amazing to have another design brain close by to bounce ideas off of… not to mention the help we both offer for DIY projects. If it weren’t for those two, our guest bathroom wouldn’t have been finished in time. They pulled some late nights tiling with us.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comTheir home is ultra modern and is nestled into the mountain a block away from us. They quite possibly have even better views than we do, and one night we were brainstorming how to vent their kitchen without obstructing the amazing landscape out of the kitchen windows. I thought back to my trip with Zephyr in San Francisco last fall and immediately remembered the Lux Range Hood exhaust I gawked at in their showroom. It mounts seamlessly to the ceiling and I remembered being so impressed with the looks of it! I shared it with Em and we both knew it was the perfect solution for their kitchen. Brant installed it and the results are stunning!

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe Lux Island kitchen range hood is operated by a magnetic, wireless remote (pictured below), it features tri-level lighting, and best of all- it keeps the kitchen clean and smoke-free with multiple blower options. It’s the best minimal option for unobstructed views and has a gorgeous modern, low-profile look. Not only does it look super clean, but if you’re working with a small space and don’t want a clunky range hood taking up extra room, this is the answer. Emily opted for the white model so it blends in with the ceiling, but it’s also available in stainless steel.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comDoes the small, marble mosaic backsplash look familiar? It should, because it was leftover from our previous kitchen renovation! I’m pretty sure it looks even better in their space than it did in ours. It’s like it was made for that modern kitchen. That just goes to show how versatile the tile is.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI love how Emily mixed it with larger subway tile on the perpendicular wall. It keeps things textural and interesting. You can’t go wrong with marble, but I thought the mixing of the two was pretty genius!

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comGiven Emily works at one of my favorite local design shops, she always has the best home accessories! I pretty much died over that fishtail palm– IT’S FAUX, and in person- you can’t even tell. It’s that convincing. I’m not going to lie- I’m buying one for our house because I loved it so much. I guess we’ll continue twinning… it’s a good thing she doesn’t mind.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comYou know I’m a sucker for good soaps and this is a great way to corral them on the countertop. I love the little brass feet on the marble tray.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comEmily & Brant’s house is basically indestructible. They have concrete floors, chunky concrete countertops, an industrial island, and durable cabinetry. It’s one of those homes you can make a mess in and not feel a bit guilty because cleanup is so easy. Despite the industrial feel and cold surfaces, it really is a warm and inviting place. From the wood cabinetry to the textiles, decor, and accessories, she does a great job making it feel cozy.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve have weekly neighbor dinners and having their kitchen during our kitchen renovation, has been really nice. Even though we have a great setup in the basement, I’ve had to run over and use their oven a time or two.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comWhat do you think about the industrial vibe and finishes? Chic accessories really balance everything out.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comTheir dining room is open concept to the kitchen and it’s equally as stunning. She thrifted that amazing burl dining table!

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comShe also gave the breuer chairs a makeover, painting the metal black and covering the seat cushions with hair on hide. Aren’t they cool? Remember my own breuer chair DIY from our first home?

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comThat art light is the same one that used to live above our windmill print in our previous living room. I wasn’t using it and thought it would be perfect above her modern painting. I’m loving the blue hue in the artwork.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’ve never been one to install super modern light fixtures, but they really work in this home. I love the statement chandelier that ties in the black framed windows.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI promised cute dogs and didn’t want to disappoint… so, I’ll give you this adorable photo of June & Jack- their precious pups.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comEmily actually designed those modern dog dishes at her previous job and I just think they’re the coolest! They work really well with the industrial island and concrete floor.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comI figured some of you might ask for sources, so I’m linking as much as I can below…

Click directly on the sources below to shop- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage!

01: lux island range hood // 02: hand soap // 03: kitchen towels // 04: marble subway tile // 05: salt & pepper mills // 06: large vase // 07: tray // 08: plant mister // 09: candle // 10: mast brothers chocolate cookbook // 11: the art of french baking cookbook // 12: sunday suppers cookbook // 13: dining in cookbook // 14: fishtail palm // 15: modern kitchen faucet // 16: knob bowl // 17: artwork // 18: alpaca throw // 19: modern dog dishes // 20: chandelier // 21: abstract art // 22: oscar planter // 23: burl dining table // 24: breuer chairs

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comEmmett and I are so thankful to have Emily & Brant in our lives- we just love them! It has been the best being neighbors and having creative friends nearby. Now you guys can put a name to a face when you follow along on Insta stories and see them- or Jack & June, their adorable aussies.

A Modern Kitchen Tour - roomfortuesday.comWould you be into seeing more of her house? I’m sure she’d let me share more of it as they cross rooms off their to-do list. Hope you enjoyed the tour! I’m sure Emily would love to read your comments below.

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  1. Beautiful! Id love to know more about her floor- it looks like she might have painted it with a watered down / thin coat of paint? Regular floor paint or something more heavy duty? Did she seal it at all? Im the process of making over our garage / mudroom, and would love to achieve a similar “has some paint on it, but in a weathered, perfectly worn” sort of way. Any insight or advice would be appreciated! thanks!

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous? Her floor is stained concrete. They haven’t touched it since moving in, but I’ll see if I can find out more info for you. I think the worn look is just the natural patina process. She might also hop on here and answer some questions or comments if she has time :)

    2. Emily Thurman says:

      All great questions! I know they used a roll on stain, it’s sealed not epoxied so it creates the patina and traffic wearing over time. The last time this floor was stained was about 15 years ago. So it has a lot of wearing, which we totally love! I would say just do one coat of stain and a sealant that doesn’t add any shine or luster. You will gradually get the same look!

  2. What! There are more people out there like you and Emmett? And the only live a block away? That’s crazy 😜 How wonderful to have such like minded friends so close in proximity. I wish we could find friends that were expert DIYers 🤣
    Now that kitchen is really cool. I really like the industrial vibe but all the pretty elements really soften its edginess. The warm cabinets, your gorgeous backsplash ( so nice of you to share) beautiful artwork, amazing accessories etc. And those two cuties Jack and June well they are adorable. Cheers to that fantastic kitchen, and fantastic friends 🥂

    1. Haha!! It really is awesome to have them nearby. Hope you have an amazing weekend! Cheers to good friends and the weekend ahead :) xo

  3. I absolutely love this tour! It’s so interesting to see something on your blog that contrasts your current home style, but still has some of the same elements that cultivate a similar feel. I wasn’t completely convinced you guys were twins until I saw the burl table though.

    They did such a great job of achieving an unconventional kitchen that still looks functional and homey. The island in particular is stunning and ingenious. I would love to see more of their home!

    1. Emily Thurman says:


      Thank you so much, we really are twins! Design advisors by day, vintage thrifters by night!

      When my husband and I first moved in we felt like our kitchen looked like a garage. Too industrial, too sterile. Adding the marble, art and lighting really made it feel dressed up. But we still have the convenience of a kitchen that is truly indestructible.

      More to share in the future as we knock off our home improvement list! Thank you for following along 💗

  4. So beautiful! I’d love to see more. I’d also like to know how their concrete countertop holds up and how they take care of it. I bought a home last year with concrete countertops in the kitchen and I loathe them ☹️ Everything stains them and no matter how hard I try to “embrace the patina”, I just can’t do it.

    1. I just love it! She has some really amazing things planned for their house, so I’ll see if I can share. Let me check with her about the countertops. I don’t think they’ve had any issues.

    2. Emily Thurman says:

      We totally embrace the patina 🤦🏻‍♀️ But that’s how we feel with our whole home. One large patina! Concrete is porous so routine sealant will help it patina consistently, not just random water rings or splotches everywhere. I know the pain! Stick with it, I think you will love it long term!

  5. I love the creativity of the kitchen! Could you tell me what kind of wood the cabinets are made of? I really like some natural wood in the kitchen-guess I’m tiring of white painted cabinets! 🤣

    1. Aren’t those cabinets beautiful?! A specialist at Emmett’s cabinetry company took a look and thinks they’re pine. I’ll let Emily confirm. xo

  6. So gorgeous! And yes please to seeing more! I’m really curious about the island…would love to get more details on it! Beautiful post as always 😊

    1. Thanks Jessie! I’ll definitely share more of her house soon- she has some incredible plans up her sleeve. I’ll ask for more details on the island :) It’s kind of like an industrial piece of art.

  7. Loved this tour! So fun to see a different style but love how so many styles overlap! Great job to Emily!

    Also, I’m floored by the vent! What a genius invention!

    1. Emily is amazing! So happy you liked the tour, Jessica. The vent is such a great solution for that kitchen… I remember seeing it in San Francisco at the Zephyr showroom last fall and thinking- THAT IS SO SMART!!

  8. Love, love, love it! Too many favorite parts to name them all! (chandelier, burl table, 2 sizes of tile!!) We owned a 1940s home in Tempe years ago that had original glazed concrete floors- the top millimeter or so was a beautiful warm caramel color. I loved those floors! They were impervious to everything (except one episode of cat barf.😒😱) I am so curious to know the history of Emily’s floors. Is concrete common in your area? I also have a question about her pretty upper cabinets. Do the doors open upward…like a garage door? The handle placement makes me think so, but they’re so high! And, for sure let’s see more of her amazing place.
    Anyway, how lucky for you all to be neighbors! That’s one chic, hard-working ‘hood! Happy Friday!!

    1. Her entire home is gorgeous! Concrete inside really isn’t that common around here, but there is a nice eclectic mix of homes. The top upper cabinets do open upwards! I think the photos might be deceiving, because you can reach them (if you stretch). haha! We love our hood… and being neighbors :) Hope you had an amazing weekend, Peggi!

  9. Please share more of her beautiful home!

    1. Will do! It’s gorgeous :)

  10. I loved this post Sarah! Heart-warming friendship story, cute dogs AND a stunning kitchen to boot? It’s all giving me the warm and fuzzies, lol! And I’m sorry, but the most adorable dog couple names go to…Jack and June, ack! I can’t even! Now back to the kitchen, my favourite element is the tile-love the two different tiles that are similar in shape and texture but different in scale, it made my eyes really happy. And a whole wall of marble tile is just stunning. I really love how Emily has combined different styles and still managed to make everything cohesive -the concrete with the thrifted table is so good! Love your style(s) ladies!

    1. Aw thanks Kerri! Jack & June are our adopted fur children. haha! We claim to be their god parents. I also think the tile is my favorite part of the kitchen… I love how Emily mixed the two. I never would’ve thought to do that! :) Thanks for the sweet comment!

  11. I’m trying to figure out how Emily got that beautiful dappled effect with her wall of vertical marble subway tiles. Did she use different batches of tile, mixing them up? You mention that she also used the smaller tile remnants from your project on that wall, but I can’t make them out. The overall effect of that big wall of marble is of different shadings of marble – it’s really lovely, but I can’t figure out how she did it!

    1. That particular tile has a lot of variation to begin with, but her contractor actually used the wrong thinset / mortar (charcoal color instead of white), which I think worked to her advantage because it added contrast and variation. It definitely showed through the tile, making it seem more organic and uneven. At first Emily wasn’t sure about it, but I think it was a happy accident! I love the effect. As for my leftover tile- that’s on the adjacent wall… with the vases. The sink wall is the larger marble tile, and the cabinetry wall with counter space is my old kitchen tile. Hope this helps :)