Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comThis week seems to be flying by! How is already Wednesday? My to-do list seems to be a mile long and I find myself wishing for more hours in a day. Anyone else? Whew! Today, I’ve got a new Look for Less post for you guys! I’m constantly asked about sources from rooms I’ve shared over the years, and this one is no exception. This was actually our first One Room Challenge space and still a room I look at and love. If you missed the original reveal post, check that out here (since it was an ORC space, I also have 5 progress posts, if you’re interested in seeing its evolution)! If you’d like to achieve a similar look on a tight budget, or are interested in products seen within this space at lower price points, click through to check out the comparable items I found…

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comLike I always say with the “Look for Less” posts, you have to keep in mind you could get lower quality products (sometimes, but not always), but it’s reflected in the price tag and that might be worth the savings to you! It all depends on your vision, short term and long term goals for your space, as well as your budget. If it’s the aesthetic you’re looking for, these items will be perfect! My goal was to put together pairings that look AS CLOSE to our previous bathroom as possible… without compromising my initial design plan, so you get the same look, but at a lower price.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comThis space was TINY. It was our one and only bathroom in our previous home, but it certainly did not lack style or function. I still smile when I scroll through images of this space. I wanted it to feel textural, high-contrast, and larger than it actually was.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to see the “Look for Less” products.

01: extra long linen shower curtain // 02: flush mount light // 03: green lady art // 04: bath brush // 05: girl with shirt art // 06: marble subway tile // 07: pendant light // 08: figure painting // 09: bevel mirror medicine cabinet // 10: marble herringbone tile // 11: watercolor art // 12: soap pump // 13: widespread faucet // 14: vanity with marble top // 15: bath hardware set // 16: dual flush toilet // 17: modern shower trim // 18: console basket // 19: marble hex floor tile // 20: woven waste basket // 21: black toilet brush

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comWhen you’re working with a tiny space, rather than cramming it full of impressive items or decor, focus on a few small beautiful details instead. Decreasing clutter (especially in high-functioning areas, like a bathroom) is always a good idea. The entire time we lived in our previous house, this space stayed fairly minimal.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comI had to squeeze every ounce of function from this bathroom. Each square inch of space was important and needed to be functional. I really liked that the vanity had both open AND closed storage! It made the room feel larger, but also provided plenty of space to stash bath items out-of-sight.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested, check out my tips on how to make a small bathroom look larger! This open / closed storage vanity combination is a trick I’ve been using for years.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in additional Look for Less Posts, I’ll link a few recent ones below:

My goal with this series is to share how you can achieve a similar look on any budget. It just takes some digging! You do have to keep quality in mind, but I hope it’s a helpful resource.

Look for Less : Our Previous Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comThis little bath will forever remain one of my favorite room renovations! It was such a charming space and even though it had to work hard, it was really enjoyable to use. I spent many hours soaking in the tub, relaxing, and admiring that beautiful marble and brass combo!

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  1. Incredible finds Sarah! As always so well timed! I had no idea you could buy plumbing fixtures on Amazon! That’s crazy to me, as I would prefer to see and touch the fixtures before purchasing, but great to know that if you’re on a tight budget it’s there for the finding.
    Are the soap pumps pictured in the shower niche glass or plastic? I’m planning on purchasing matching soap pumps for in the shower, but can’t wrap my head around putting glass pumps in an area that tends to be wet, slippery, and hello feet!
    Another Question: what about a plumbing fixture determines the quality? How do you know when something is good quality? As I’m thinking about it now, I tend to go with brand names that I know, that are trusted; if I need a smaller budget item, I usually pick the best of what I can within those brands. Or, price. In general I would say a higher price tag usually points to better quality, but I’m not too sure I would know what about a specific fixture makes it better quality. Inquiring bathroom renovation DIY’ers are dying to know🤣😂. I can’t wait to be at the fixture stage!! Slow progress over time, but it’s coming along beautifully. I’m still dying over the color of the trim. I’ll have to send you a picture today!
    The shed build is looking fantastic! You guys make quick work of it, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Happy Wednesday!! (How is it already Wednesday????)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Yes- I’ve purchased a few fixtures from Amazon, and pretty much all of the fixtures in my house I purchased online (without seeing in person). It’s just quick and easy, so that’s how I prefer to do it. Totally get wanting to see and touch it in person though! The products in the shower niche are my actual bath products (not pretty pumps you fill up), haha! I still love and use the Davines line, which comes in plastic containers. Their packaging is nice, so I didn’t feel the need to purchase pretty containers. If you’re looking for nice, plastic containers- check out the ones in our guest bathroom or basement bathroom (under the shop tab). They’re my favorite! Great question about quality when it comes to plumbing fixtures. I also shop by brand name, but I look at finish color / patina, the material it is constructed of, and the weight. The price usually does indicate the quality as well. I can’t wait to see your contrast trim- yes, I’d love to see a photo please :) The shed is going FAST. I’ll run outside and share some stories, but it went really quick last night. We’re cruising right along. Happy Wednesday (already), whew!! xo

  2. So many great details in this bath! She really was small but mighty. All the beautiful tile was so luxurious. I especially love the vanity with open & closed storage; it definitely helps a tiny room feel airy. You kept the styling simple, but it definitely didn’t feel unloved! Definitely a fave.
    Here’s hoping that you find your to-do list shrinking as the day progresses! Now that you got all of your shed supplies delivered, I bet it will practically build itself! 🤣💪😎🔨

    1. She was, wasn’t she?! Thanks Peggi! That room worked really hard for us and I never felt cramped or short on space. Sadly, my to-do list is growing, BUT it’s all good / fun things… so I can’t complain! I’m thinking I might have to adjust the blog calendar for the rest of summer (maybe Mon – Thurs posts), so I can have Fridays to catch up on other work. I’ll have to share some IG stories later today- the shed is going SO FAST. I have no idea how, but it already looks like a shed. I’m amazed! Hope you’re having a happy hump day. xo

  3. So pretty, Sarah! I’ve always loved this bathroom! Quick question about the vanity – did it come with the sidesplash? If not, how did you match the top? Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Taylor! Great question about the vanity countertop. We’ve always ordered the side splash separately (I recently did this for our basement bathroom renovation)… to ensure the marble matches, you have to know what type of marble it is (white carrara, calacatta, statuario, bardiglio, etc). I just search for the specific type and order the side splash or backsplash once the vanity arrives.

  4. Ahhh, one of my all time favorite rooms you guys have done, Sarah. The black ceiling, allll the tile, the plumbing fixtures, the art…like I said…all. of. it! I love how Peggi described, small, but mighty is so true. Thanks so much for doing all that sourcing…basically again, just lower price this time, which is probably even harder. I personally, have no trouble finding the most expensive options. Haha! (Well, I’m laughing, B probably would not.) 🤪

    1. Thank you Anne! I’m with you… I always end up liking the most expensive products when choosing between similar options (without knowing the price), haha. Emmett sarcastically says it’s my “gift”. Haha! Hope you’re having a great week :) xo

  5. I found this bathroom of yours last year (and got a lot of ideas from it) while working on a remodel plan for our own very cramped full bath . I just laughed because the look for less ceiling fixture you link is the budget dupe I found and installed based on your original bathroom :)
    Idle curiosity, is the look for less floor tile something different than what you actually installed, or is that one of those can’t-be-duplicated (and obviously worth being the splurge) elements?

    1. I love that you found the light fixture first, Julie! My original isn’t being sold anymore, but I think I like the budget-friendly version better (from an aesthetic point-of-view)! Great eye :) The tile is from a different retailer (at a lower price point), but I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same. I’d have to see it in person to confirm, but it looks pretty close! My floor tile was nero (black) marble, and this claims to also be marble.

  6. Hi, what paint color did you use on the walls? This bathroom is perfect!