Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comHow has it already been over a month since my last Noteworthy post? I feel like this beautiful time of year always goes too quickly. One of my favorite fall shoots was in our previous backyard (circa 2017)we hosted a fall party and it was so much fun! I’m sprinkling images from that night throughout this post- just for fun. Click through to catch up on life happenings, renovation updates, design inspiration, recent purchases, an honest pep talk, and more! 

Our guest room seems to be taking eons to complete because there is SO much millwork, but it’s looking very good! It’s halfway painted and we’re nearing the home stretch of this project. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I get everything painted, I’ll be tackling a DIY upholstered bed for the space, which should be a fun challenge!

Being married to a finance guy certainly has its ups (smart investments and savings) and downs (a strict eagle eye on our bank account). I found this article, Where Starter Homes Are Most Affordable, very relatable because this is exactly how we accidentally set ourselves up for homeownership almost a decade ago. I’m going to share some surprising personal info… we bought our first home, a bank-owned foreclosure in Dayton, Ohio for under $30k. You read that correctly… less than a car! Now, I won’t say it was pleasant, but it had good bones, fit our budget, and allowed us to spend renovation money making it our own. While we did put a lot of time, energy, and money into renovating, it was still an awesome accidental investment. When we decided to make a change and sell, the house sold for $100k. Thanks to our Ohio bungalow, we were able to move to Utah and live in a mountain town, which still feels like a dream location. That brings me to a question for you- how important is location? Would you ever move for the sake of your budget or cost of living… to get ahead financially? I find this topic so interesting! That is not at all why we purchased a home and renovated in Ohio, but somehow it worked out that way. The cost of living is definitely more affordable in the midwest.

Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comOver the summer, we transformed our house into a “smart home” and upgraded our fire & carbon monoxide detectors throughout. We got a Vivint security system (smart doorbell, cameras, command center, smart locks & garage doors, motion sensors… the whole deal), a dog cam, updated some of our lighting, synced everything with our existing tech, and Emmett even added a trail cam to a game trail that runs behind our shed to keep tabs on the population of deer that live in our yard (just because they’re fun to watch). I thought it might be helpful to dedicate an entire post to how and why we did some of these things. To be honest, the biggest reason was the need to feel safe and secure in our home after a break-in this summer (I kind of buried that tidbit in a post last week). Would you be interested to hear more about our smart home and security efforts? I’m not a techy person, but I can honestly say- I’ve loved having peace of mind, a more efficient home, and so many of these tools have come in really handy.

On a totally unrelated note, ’tis the season for pumpkin bruschetta! This is one of my favorite fall toast recipes… you can’t go wrong with goat cheese, arugula, and roasted pumpkin- AND there are cinnamon toasted almonds. Speaking of fall food- we’ve already made three batches of mookies!

Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration -

We have been working hard on the office building we’re renting. If you follow Jenny, it’s not nearly as styled and beautiful as the Juniper offices because we’re not renovating, but it has still been a fun passion project. It was previously inhabited by an office full of construction men in the concrete industry, so it took me a solid two weeks to clean everything to my standard. We’ve been painting and are going to replace the small kitchenette next month (which will be SO beautiful), but since we don’t own the space- we’re trying to make smart investments that aren’t too expensive (spoiler alert- I color blocked a hallway again). I’m *almost* ready to share it with you! I honestly don’t know what has been stopping me. Timing? Fear of failure? The fact that it is outside of our home? The social media environment right now? I also thought waiting until after our big announcement in a couple weeks would make the most sense (although many of you have already guessed why we need an office space to begin with). Regardless of timing and circumstances- I’m finally feeling excited (I’m the worst at keeping secrets!), and all of these projects we are juggling have me inspired and optimistic for the future.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I was in a funk there for a bit. With the weight of this year and things going on in our personal life, social media felt like a tough place to be. I’ll admit, it took me a minute to bounce back and feel creative and open again. I’m happy to report, I finally found my positive energy and gumption again. I always come back to this… my passion is good design, creating unique spaces that are well-curated, sharing educational design tidbits, inspiring thoughtful homes, and reminding people that home should be the happiest place of all. I’m not sure why I was in such a funk or felt pressure to “keep up” with ever evolving social media (reels, IGTV, analytics, tiktok, so many things!), but I was certainly in my head feeling overwhelmed, which made me forget about the fun. I had an honest conversation with Emmett that determined what we knew all along- fast DIY projects and spending hours on media production is just not our thing. That doesn’t feel like us and it’s not something we enjoy doing. We do things in our own time, we strive for quality, thoughtful design, and craftsmanship…. and the things that are worth sharing can be done in an authentic way that still feels fun for me to connect (not in an overly produced or calculated way for a media algorithm). I just wanted to be honest if you noticed my absence on social channels lately. We’ve had a LOT going on, but I finally figured out how I want to move forward… in a simple (yet beautiful and raw) way that feels true to myself. I’m throwing the “rules” out the window, friends! I’m actually feeling more myself than ever and have so many things to share with you in the coming months. You all know what I’m about and I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here anyway- renovating, good design, and heartfelt conversations with true friends. Thanks for giving me some grace these past couple months to figure it out and clear my head!

Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comOnto five of my most recent purchases….

  • steven gambrel’s perspective book // I’m on a major design book kick… this one has been on my “must buy” list for awhile now.
  • cc cream / spf 50 sunscreen // I hardly ever wear makeup, but wanted to look a bit more put together during the week, so I subbed my standard sunscreen for this CC cream with SPF 50. It blends beautifully and makes my skin look surprisingly smooth, even, and natural (without actually having to put on makeup).
  • marigold sweater // You know I live in my mustard colored chenille sweater from a couple years ago…. well, I bought another very similar one- this time in a pretty marigold color. These are the most comfortable sweaters!
  • shoe rack organizers // Every single closet in our home lacks one thing- shoe storage. Why is there no place for shoes?! Who designed these closets? I have so many questions, but after almost two years living here, I finally did something about it and bought shoe racks. I got 4 for my closet and 3 for Emmett’s, and I’ve never been happier.
  • mini busts // These were a total impulse purchase, but they’re so cool! I love the miniature scale and can’t wait to style them when they arrive in the mail!

Who wants to predict the 2021 Sherwin-Williams paint color of the year?! I don’t have special intel or know what it is yet (pinky promise). Last year, I partnered with them to announce the 2020 color of the year, Naval… as seen in our basement makeover. Based on my friend Shavonda’s black & white Instagram post, I know it’s a dark, moody looking color. We’ve been seeing a bunch of rust, merlot, and burnt sienna hues lately (Carmeon’s guest room, Julia’s music room, and Gwen’s library), but I don’t think they’ll choose something in that warm color family because Cavern Clay was the 2019 color of the year (I helped them debut that color here). My best prediction is a green, which is probably wishful thinking because you know that’s my favorite! What do you think? Any color guesses?

Did you take the virtual tour of the San Francisco Decorator Show House? I was underwhelmed this year. As expected, there were some beautiful moments, but there was nothing notable that really wowed me. I’ve actually been finding TONS of inspiration in design books lately. That’s right- I’m getting back to my print design roots and purchased 12+ new design and decor books that have been giving me creative life. I’m working on a big roundup of my favorites, but seeing so many pretty spaces on paper has me more inspired than anything on the internet right now. What has been inspiring you lately?

Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been following Ashley for a few years now, but wanted to share her blog with you. I love the way she presents living well and the art of home in a simple, editorial way. It feels very approachable, yet fashion forward. She has a great design eye, too!

Is anyone reading anything good right now? I feel like I travelled back in time to my days of reading teenage fiction novels. My youngest brother, who is an English lit grad student in Michigan, mailed me The Ballad of Songbird and Snakes (which is the newest addition to The Hunger Games series). He has the BEST book recs and demanded I read it… based on his feedback and the Amazon reviews, I couldn’t say no. I’ll admit- it’s good. Then, Laurie Anne convinced me to order and read Midnight Sun with her… which happens to be the newest book in the Twilight series. I told ya- teen time travel.

I know this post was kind of a deep one, but thanks for sticking with me! I really am excited to catch you up on everything, and I have so many cool design posts and projects planned for the remainder of the year. Just a couple more weeks before I spill lots of details. It has kind of been a year of finding ourselves and prioritizing, right? Anyone else feel that? On the docket for tomorrow… I’m hopefully sharing our fall planters. My plan is to update our window boxes and front porch planters for the season. Emmett’s mom is coming to visit next week and I’m trying to get this place into tip top shape.

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  1. Good morning, wonderful friend! How many times will we marvel at all this year has meant? I’m not much for self reflection and quiet contemplation, but the universe seems like she’s trying her best to send a signal. I’ve said it before, but I can’t imagine the pressure of having social media as part of my job! The cacophony lately has been too much. You know yourself, your passion and your strengths. Stay true. 💜
    Smart home talk always makes me think of the Jetson’s. Ha. I don’t think that technology will ever be for us, but I can imagine that there are advantages. Emmett’s trail cam might catch some interesting action!
    I like the idea of finding inspiration in print media! Susan Brinson sometimes shares magazines or books in stories, and recently Lauren @studiolaloc was sharing a vintage design book. Maybe that slower pace and page turning is just the thing.
    A deep green would be an amazing color of the year! I’m definitely a green fan.
    New office, guest room, secret project! Jumping up and down with excitement. I will be here for it all. Happy deep thoughts Wednesday!

    1. Good morning, Peggi :) You always have such wise words! I’m just rolling with whatever the universe is trying to tell us at any given point this year. Ha! Social media has been a strange place, but it’s also a fun part of my job. I absolutely love making connections and friends! I think I just needed to figure out what that looks like as platforms evolve. I realized I’m much better at sharing styled photographs and having those heart-to-heart chats on stories than editing videos or producing complex media. Since it’s just me and I don’t have a team, I think it took some soul searching and time management to figure out my priorities, reason, and passion. Definitely staying true to myself over here- even if I was conflicted for a bit. Thank you for always being so encouraging! The trail cam has been the BEST entertainment- we knew we’d capture lots of deer, but we’ve also noticed cats, neighbors (lol!), and some bad golfers searching for golfballs in the woods. The DNR announced there are mountain lions in our neighborhood, so Emmett is wondering if we’ll see one of those. I’m definitely going to be sharing print media inspiration! That has been super inspiring to me lately. I think you’re onto something with the slower pace and page turning. It has been a year of getting back to our roots. Another vote for green on Color of the Year?! I think we’re onto something. As always, thank you for being here and for the thoughtful conversation :) Hope you’re having a wonderful week! xo

  2. Sarah – this is the YEAR OF THE FUNK! We’ve all been in it – at one time or another, there now, just out, heading down….it’s a roller coaster (and unfortunately no end in sight…well, possibly early next year, re: PLEASE VOTE!).

    We need to give ourselves that down-low moment to step back, recharge, chillax. I visit quite a few blogs, most are written by women, and I’ve noticed this tone of “I had a bad week but please don’t think I’m complaining b/c I know there are people out there worse off than me!”….and it’s made me realize how we are almost not “allowed” to be in a bad space – how our “privilege” has pivoted us against the ENTIRE spectrum for everything, leaving us unable to own where we stand. Even writing this, I wonder if it’s OK for me (a white woman) to talk about it – I’m not intending to take away from anyone/anything else. I’m just sharing my perspective, my POV – that must be valid on some level?

    And too funny on the guest room taking a while – I’ve been working on my guest(less) room since JUNE. Well, back that up – I ordered a headboard in May, kept getting delayed, finally canceled; found new headboard from One Kings Lane, ordered early July, arrived mid-August, and…they shipped the wrong thing! I received the bed frame, so in the end it wasn’t a bad thing b/c it compliments the headboard and they let me keep it. Still waiting for the headboard…should be here later this month. Anyways, I was full-speed ahead on the guest(less) room in June/July, but I need the dang headboard to finish up the accent wall/bedding/lighting around the bed….. it’s just difficult when a project drags so long, and I have no control. If it takes much longer I’ll be ready to re-design it, LOL!

    I’m also now working on my eight year-old daughter’s room, so that’s something to keep me moving forward. These projects have been my life-line during Covid. We worked on our backyard this summer, had the pool resurfaced, our contractor built a privacy fence and added pavers…..we need to tend to the plants on our hillside, and I just totally lost my motivation. I was also going to add planters in front of the fence, could never decide (in my constantly pinging with ideas brain) on going with succulents or other plants, minimal planters spaced or a more clustered look, and dropped it. My husband actually brought up both projects to me earlier this week, saying we need to “wrap that up”. Haha, I had already told myself “next summer!”……he has no idea what it takes me to get to a decision…like, it took me WEEKS of online searches/ordering samples of peel+stick wallpaper for my daughter’s room…..all he saw was our final selection (I honed in on three I liked, and let my daughter choose). He has no idea of the madness that ensues before I decide – but I thrive on it :)

    1. It has definitely been a year of funk, Karen. Hah! I hope that tidbit didn’t come off as me complaining- my internal conflict was feeling the need to keep up on Instagram (since social media is a big part of my job) when I wasn’t feeling very creative or inspired… and I wanted to explain my absence. For some reason I felt pressure to hop on media trends and the typical schedule, but I totally agree with your statement on allowing ourselves the time to step back, recharge, and chill. That was much needed! I realized I enjoy sharing when inspiration is there, not just to add noise- which I think is appreciated. Anyway, I think we’ve all done a lot of reflecting this year, which can be very positive :) I welcome all thoughts and perspectives here. Thank you for sharing! I remember chatting about your guest room and bed situation in the comment section previously! I feel like our projects are moving at a similar pace. Haha! Once they’re finished, I know they’ll be beautiful and worth the wait- and you’re getting an entire bed out of it. That’s great! Projects have definitely been a bright spot during the pandemic. Keeping busy has also been helpful and fun for me this year. I can relate! Today I’m working on my planters outside. Your outdoor areas sound like they got a beautiful upgrade! Good luck with your daughter’s room… what a fun project to tackle together! Have a happy Wednesday.xo

      1. Thoughtful, personal responses like this are part of the magic of this blog – you create amazing content, and then take the time for really connect with your readers! It’s incredible. :)

        1. Thank you, Karen! This comment truly made my night. I appreciate you showing up here to chat with me and for your constant encouragement. Hugs friend! xo

  3. I’ll echo the earlier comments that we can all relate to being in a funk this year. But you know what’s ironic? I literally come to your page to feel inspired and get out of it. You are such an inspiration even if you feel like you weren’t all in it for a bit. Time and time again you impress me with your thoughtfulness to detail and design atheistic. This is still my favorite blog (I follow a lot of design) and I show up everyday because it’s the best way to start my morning. So, as always, thank you for putting in the effort to create this space!

    1. That makes me incredibly happy to hear, Mary! You made my day with this comment :) I have so many fun projects to share… I think I finally got my creative mojo back. Ha! I hope you’re having a great week :) xo

  4. Good morning!! So excited for another noteworthy post…has it really been a month already??! First off…yes, we definitely would make a move to get ahead financially. It’s always been a major determining factor in where we live. We were renting the giant peach in college and Jeff came home and said “if we buy a small house we could potentially pay the same or less than what we pay now, and down the road make money off of it”. Thanks to him we found the Alexander home for 117k. Was it the ideal city? Heck no! But we put time and money into it, and sold it for 200k, got us into a safer city with better schools, and more than doubled the size of our home, plus we only increased our mortgage by 1k!!! In my book that’s a huge win. We’ve been talking the past few years about out an out of state move, and saving money is definitely the first consideration for us. On the smart home front, heck yes to a dedicated post!! I desire to upgrade certain features of our home to “smart” technology, but I know nothing about how it all works, what constitutes smart, what are the best “smart” features to invest in…plus, for me, the challenge is getting Jeff on board. He’s anti Alexa or anything similar, and has been very anti smart thermostat as well. I’m super interested in Vivint after seeing them advertised at our mobile provider, so more info about all of it would be fantastic! I’m sorry you had that experience, but I hope you’re now feeling much safer in your home. I can’t wait to see the office building, and I’m so happy I didn’t miss it! My phone was on the fritz for awhile after our trip to Utah, and I thought for sure you’d already revealed it.😅 I know what you’ve done is incredible! Fear of failure Sarah??! You’ve got this in the bag girl!! Embrace the fears and jump right on in, because we all firmly believe everything you do is golden. The best part about it is that you and Emmett shine through in everything you do; that’s a big part of why we all keep coming back! Honestly, I only knew you were in a funk because you had mentioned it in a few posts, but it never felt that way when I came to visit the blog or your IG…does that make sense?? We all have those moments, but the most important thing we can all take away from your experience is to offer ourselves a moment to take inventory of where we’re at, where we’re going, and what feels like natural steps to get there. Proud of you for taking the time to do that for yourself and remind yourself why you’re here, and why we’re here. Welcome back friend!! Lol. I have been completely infatuated with coffee table books lately…mainly because I’ve never had them. We always have National Geographic or Time laying around, and other than that my Magnolia Journals…we’re fancy lol. I’ve been wanting to invest in a few good ones that are decent sized and pretty looking, so this one is now on the amazon wish list! I love your sweater; I’m a sweater lover in general, but there are few I’ve found that are perfect for me. Surprisingly an Old Navy purchase last year turned out to be my jam, and I’m patiently waiting for a perfect fall color in that style to come across my email. I’m a passive shopper. If it comes across my email for the right price, I’ll likely order. I rarely go out shopping for myself. And when it comes to makeup (I wear it daily usually), I’m the drugstore queen. Elf is my go-to because of quality and price, but I do have my few boujie finds I refuse to stray from. Lol. The busts you purchased remind me of this horse statue I found online. It’s perfect, it’s the right color, it reminds me of the Trojan horse, which is right up my Mediterranean alley…I should just go order it. 🤣😂 Ahhh paint color of the year…did you see @ispydiy’s air bnb bathroom??? That color is 😍😍😍. My guess is something along those notes. Not quite brown, not quite orange or red, but a perfect mix of them all…kind of like those mums you’re holding up there…but I’ll cross my fingers for the perfect green for you!! Personally I’m obsessed with the pale blue almost sage hues lately…I like that they provide a softness to darker wood tones, a great contrast, have that earthy organic feel, and pair well with gray…gray textiles are my jam recently. Not quite sure why that is; maybe I’m craving a more relaxed and casual environment. Certainly the internet isn’t producing much that’s inspiring me, and I’m in agreement with you about the store front. Lately my go-to has been print magazines, and thrift bloggers. I don’t know if I’m just bored at what’s out there and available that’s “new”, but lately I just want to go thrift hunting for some really great art, or paint something myself, or go buy a random piece of furniture and flip it into something fantastic. Quarantine brain. Lol. I haven’t read a thing lately, which is sad. I love books and have been craving a reading day (confession: I usually buy one really big book and spend an entire day reading it…I’m not a drag it out sort of reader). I think I’m in a moment where revisiting The Odyssey and The Iliad are right up my alley. You’re right, it has been a year for prioritizing and finding ourselves. I feel that one hundred percent! I’m still on that journey a bit, but I’m glad I’ve had the time to go there. This was an awesome post! Thank you for sharing Sarah!! I’m excited for the lineup to come, and as always I’ll be here cheering you on! Happy Wednesday!! XO

    1. I love that I can envision the Giant Peach and understand what you’re talking about now! We’ve reached that level in our friendship :) You two are an excellent team and smart money minded. I loved hearing about your financial homeownership journey- thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely work on a smart home post and share more on our security system. I didn’t expect to love it so much because I’m a tech grandma (that’s actually what my friends call me, lol). Your encouragement means the world- I so appreciate you and your sweet words, Lauren! Really. Thank you! You definitely haven’t missed any office updates or announcements. I’m still getting my ducks in a row over here. Your words, “offer ourselves a moment to take inventory of where we’re at, where we’re going, and what feels like natural steps to get there” are SO GOOD and insightful- just what I needed. I’ve got a big coffee table book post coming next week for you and BTW- Nat Geo is one of my fave journals. One of my friends is a photographer for them! I always thought that was the coolest job. I need to try Elf cosmetics- everyone raves about them. Jenni’s bathroom color is beautiful. That might be another contender for color of the year. You and I are the same when book reading… I can’t put it down and read the entire thing in a day. lol! I’m glad I’m not alone in this. The Odyssey is also one of my favorites! Thanks again for being a wonderful friend. Happy Friday, Lauren! xo

      1. Haha!! I knew you’d know exactly what I was talking about! You’re a wonderful friend Sarah, and anytime you need a pick-me-up, I’ll be right there cheering you on! Jeff and I balance each other well; I didn’t always think as wisely as I do now, monetarily speaking. Jeff has a big hand in that growth process and having gone through so much renovating before, we make a great team with good balance. So glad I didn’t miss the office!! PS…we’re A LOT alike I’m learning. Most people have no idea what The Odyssey even is; you’re my kind of company! I think that’s awesome your friend photographs for NatGeo…in high school I wanted to get into photography because I wanted a job where I could write and travel, and I instantly thought of them. Lol. It’s pretty cool that someone else out there is like me; I always feel like a duck that lost my pond. Lol. Maybe that’s why this space is where I choose to start my day! Xo

        1. Yessss!! This message made my day all over again :) I get you! xo

  5. Sarah, wish I could give you a hug because we all are missing that connection. I think we are all trying to stay above water during this year. You are so sweet, down to earth and give 110% to your blog, home and friends. I completely understand stepping back and taking time away from social media. We all need to give ourselves grace during this time or any when we are struggling or someone we love is. I have had to pivot several times in the last 6 months to find joy, positivity and meaning in the every day. So glad you are feeling refreshed and inspired!
    Your backyard now and at your last home are so beautiful and inviting!
    Curious about the security system you and Emmett are using. We have ADT and I am not satisfied with it at all.
    I recently put Jeff Dungan’s book The Nature of Home in my Amazon cart. Haven’t pushed the “check out” button because I am trying to give my delivery driver a break from all the purchases for our son…HA! Our garage is a mountain of boxes…Shhh!
    For the Sherwin Williams paint color the rust/clay color came to mind but so did a dark moody green color. Funny how we are thinking the same.
    Looking forward to your upcoming projects; new business reveal (squeal!!!); and overall brilliant design ideas! Have a good Wednesday!

    1. Danna! Thank you :) really… I appreciate that. I’m definitely missing that connection. It has been a year of learning, processing, and prioritizing, hasn’t it? I’ve certainly learned how to better care for my mental health, and I echo your point of pivoting. I’m glad we’re all in this together! If you ever need a friend or an ear- you know where to find me. In regards to our security, we partnered with Vivint, and I am LOVING it. I feel extremely safe and taken care of- plus our home is much more efficient now. I’m certain they thought of everything. Our delivery guy could use a break too, haha! It has been a month of packages here, too. We’re definitely on the same page with the Color of the Year- I can’t wait to see what it is! Have a lovely and relaxing weekend, my friend! xo

  6. I am so sorry to hear you had a break-in. That must feel so invasive. I send you a big hug, and I hope you can feel safe again soon. I always enjoy your blog and you’ve been so generous to share the content. Everyone feels overwhelmed and anxious this year, and it sounds like you’ve had a few bad incidents in addition to the general situation. I hope you can shake it off! Take care.

    1. Thank you Jessie! Big virtual hug to you as well. I appreciate that! I’m in a much better headspace after having security installed. It has been an extremely tough year for everyone- I’m glad we’re all finding ways to cope. I’m glad I was able to step back and process. I’m happy to report, I’m feeling more like myself and have found my creativity again :) Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  7. So sorry to hear about the break in. Glad that you feel safer now.

    Can’t wait to see your projects! I love love love your pace and style and quality and am relieved to hear you are feeling good about your direction. You are amazing! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Milo! I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement :) I’m definitely feeling optimistic and inspired again… I think I just needed to let myself do some soul searching and get back to my roots. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  8. I love your Noteworthy posts. I am looking forward to your big announcement! I have made the mookies before, although I did not use chocolate chips, and I fully intended on them being muffins. People love them and they’re so easy! They were perfect for a morning tailgate before a noon football game.

    I have read SO much this year due to my social life being placed on hold. Last year I read 30 books and this year I’ve already read 24 and we still have 3 1/2 months left. Some of my fave YA novels to recommend – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski, and These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner. As far as this year goes, my favorite book so far was Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I can’t stop thinking about it!

    1. Thank you so much, Brittany! I truly appreciate you being here and taking the time to comment. You HAVE to add chocolate chips to your mookies next time- it really makes them even more amazing. I miss tailgating! What a perfect treat for that. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the book recommendations (and kudos on all the reading you’ve been doing). I wrote all of these down and fully intend to order them and get to reading :) You made my day! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  9. Sarah – I love this post so much! While I may not be a designer/blogger by trade, I too have felt the weirdness and uninspiring space of social media lately, so I can only IMAGINE the pressure you must feel. I have gone back to my roots too – blogs and especially magazines for inspiration! I read a recent post by Krystal Bick at This Time Tomorrow about how she too isn’t into the whole Reels and Tiktok and video media as an influencer either. And that spoke volumes to me. I’m so happy to hear you’re in the same boat! I think it has it’s time and place, but I also think the more high-end, sophisticated bloggers/designers aren’t going along with what’s “trendy” but sticking to their roots, which I so appreciate! Maybe it’s my age (ripe old 32 haha), but I can’t keep up with all the new media outlets and am so happy when my favorite designers/bloggers stick to their authentic selves! So keep on doing you, I’m loving it! And can’t wait for your exciting announcements!!

    1. Hi Lauren, reading this was truly a breath of fresh air! First of all- thank you for still reading blogs. Ha! Secondly, thank you for introducing me to Krystal Bick… I must have been living under a rock, but am now a fan and follower. What beauty she shares on her corner of the internet! I can definitely relate to not feeling the recent social media frenzy that feels… fast? It’s all a bit overwhelming and doesn’t feel inspiring to me right now. I miss the days of sharing beautiful compositions, still imagery, and really digging deep to connect creatively. I love stories for connecting as well, but I’m honestly not feeling the video features- at least in the way I enjoy sharing and connecting. I did some soul searching this past month and I’m definitely going to stick to what feels right and inspiring for me (despite what is popular or what the algorithm rewards- maybe that’s a dumb business move, lol). I so appreciate your little pep talk and encouragement. Cheers to the thirties club and being our true authentic selves. I’ve found my friends here! Have a wonderful weekend. xo