Noteworthy : Updates, Links, and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comIt’s already time for a new Noteworthy post! Summer seems to be flying by. I can’t believe we’re almost to September… although I’m welcoming fall with open arms. It has felt too hot in Utah lately and I’m craving crisp, cool weather, sweaters, and all of the things that accompany autumn. We’ve been working on lots of exciting projects this month and I’ve been stockpiling inspiration. You know the drill… click through for renovation updates, recent purchases, links I loved this month, life happenings, and more!

The renovating update looks about the same as it did in my last Noteworthy post. We’re still working on the shed and the guest bedroom, but we’ve made excellent progress on both! I’ll have two reveals for you very soon. It’s going to be a good August & September here on the blog. Plus, in a few weeks I’ll be spilling the beans on something that has been taking up allll of my time lately, Tuesday Made.

Our garden is exploding! We have so many tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, and onions right now. I’ve been getting creative with ways to use all of our produce, and Cathy’s zucchini cake with raspberry buttercream is on my must-make list. I’ll also be using Megan’s tutorial on freezing zucchini so we can enjoy it during the winter months. I don’t think I have enough tomatoes to can, but I used to do a lot of that… canning. We’ve just been roasting them, making lots of pizza, salad, and eating them straight from the vine. Anyway, I’m really happy we decided to tackle the side yard and plant our tiny garden during the spring season. We’re certainly enjoying the fruits of our labor now!

Noteworthy : Updates, Links, and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases have pretty much all been clothing. I’ve been itching to bust out my fall wardrobe and expand my loungewear collection. Haha!

  • funnel neck sweater // I got this cozy sweater in green for $29.
  • joggers // I snagged these comfy joggers for $28.
  • deodorant // I took advantage of the Nordstrom sale (early access) and stocked up on my favorite deodorant. Are you the type of person that has a stockpile of your toiletries when something runs out (mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, etc)? I am.
  • perfume // After receiving some samples in my latest Sephora order, I ended up ordering the full size in this perfume. My go-to perfume is almost empty and this one smells incredible! So good that the sample size made me commit to the full size. I’m just a fragrance lover (perfume, candles, room spray, whatever…).
  • high-rise summer jeans // I snagged these high-rise Madewell jeans on sale and love them!

We haven’t had much time for TV, but we totally got sucked into Yellowstone. Multiple readers recommended it (I think Danna was the first?), and then Emmett & I video chatted with my mom and it was all she could talk about. So we broke down and bought the first season on Prime to see what the fuss was about. Emmett and I both agree it makes us want horse property someday. We both grew up on farms with acreage, riding horses and often miss it. Maybe someday!

I had a recent video chat date with someone you might know already… who follows Alisa (A Glass Of Bovino)? We’ve been Instagram friends for awhile, so we hopped on a video chat for cocktail hour to “meet in person” and spent over an hour talking about our mutual interests- thrifting, blogging, Italy, upcoming projects, and renovation fails. It reminded me that this community we have going here is pretty special! I’m thankful that the blog, Instagram, and other social outlets allow me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people- including YOU.

Noteworthy : Updates, Links, and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comIf you can’t travel this year, maybe bring the vacation-scape to you? This couple did! What a fun photoshoot… “from quarantine to Cuba”. My sister-in-law is Cuban and since we had to cancel our flights home to Kentucky (where she and my brother currently live), I’m missing her delicious food this year. It’s something I always look forward to! I’ll have to track down some good food here in Salt Lake. Local friends- let me know if you have recommendations.

Speaking of friends, my pals Will & Susan just launched the most beautifully curated shop! From barware and entertaining items, they have a stunning collection and awesome taste. My favorite thing in their store? Matches!! You guys know I’m a sucker for styling with pretty matches and they have the BEST collection.

I think our next Design Discussion post is going to be about open shelving in the kitchen. After chatting countertop space, I received a bunch of questions about my feelings on open shelving being trendy or impractical. Chloe echoes my sentiments about kitchen vignettes in this post. Spoiler alert- I’m into it… I don’t think it’s a fad.

Now that the shed is nearly finished, I’m trying to convince Emmett we need a pool next summer (he’s all about planning in advance). Ha! He’s not convinced YET. I sent him this article… crickets. No response. I keep messaging my friend Sarah and telling her I’m road tripping to visit, so I can use her dreamy patio & pool. I feel like the shed is just the start of making our backyard a magical, functional sanctuary. Someday I envision a pool, outdoor kitchen, and a paver patio. For now, I’ll enjoy what we have– it’s just HOT outside and it has my brain spinning (wishing for water).

Noteworthy : Updates, Links, and Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comWe’re headed to the Oregon coast for a little getaway soon. I bet you can guess who is coming along… Laurie Anne will be arriving and we’re road tripping to our Airbnb. We both needed to escape the summer heat and get away from work for a few days. Emmett and I were supposed to be sailing in Tahiti (a dream vacation we had been saving for), but obviously Covid squashed our plans. This felt much safer and will still allow us some time to unplug and refill our creative tanks.

Ok, Anthony D’Argenzio… I really like what you’ve done with the place! That tile is dreamy. Did you guys see this kitchen renovation yesterday on Domino?

Let’s mentally teleport to Switzerland to tour this garden… you in? Switzerland is one of my favorite countries. I haven’t visited in over a decade and the last time I was there, I was doing allllll the outdoorsy things (like skydiving over the Alps and canyoneering) and didn’t tour a single garden or museum. I feel like I need a do-over. The boxwoods we planted in front of our shed (if you follow along on IG stories) should eventually grow together to form a solid topiary line, like the ones in this garden. Here’s to hoping they can survive the hot Utah summer.

Well, that’s all from me for this one! Tomorrow check back for a BIG post on our kitchen, one year after the reveal. I’m chatting about our favorite features, some things we would change, and am sharing “real life” photos in the space.

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  1. So much to note! (I now have 4 other tabs open!) I’m a little envious of your garden bounty; we had a strangely cool, wet May and June, so our plants are meh. A cocktail chat with Alisa sounds fab; I always empathize with her paint angst.🤣 Oh my gosh! When Susan showed the new animal matches on IG the other day, I instantly thought of you! That garden tour. Sigh. I’m repeatedly surprised by how much travel, and adventuring, you have done! I aspire to be so intrepid when I grow up. Speaking of trips, your drive to the Oregon coast should take you right through my town!! Hopefully you’ll need to stop for gas and to water the dogs?? Then I could have something for my own noteworthy post.😍

    1. I’ll see your 4 open tabs, Peggi and raise you…6! SO much great stuff to read (and drool over-OMG that Palladian pool!!) so I can avoid writing today. Thanks, Sarah! Your timing was perfect, as usual! 🤣

    2. Ohhh, Alisa’s paint angst. Hah!! That made me laugh. Susan’s matches are so beautiful! I chatted with her today to figure out which ones I should buy. They’re all so cool! I used to travel and do some pretty adventurous things back in the day, and this year I’m definitely missing it. Emmett and I named 2020 our “year of travel” LOL. See how that turned out? We were going to get back to our adventurous roots and take more time away from work this year… didn’t quite play out as we had planned- which is why Oregon is spontaneously happening! We will be driving right through your town… I’ll DM you. I envisioned the day where Joe and Crosby finally meet!! Hah! I feel like everyone I want to hug or catch up with is passing through Salt Lake and Covid is preventing me from properly meeting them and hugging, but it would still be fun to drive by or say hello from a distance :) Hope you had a good day!

  2. Holy Cow, where do I begin??! You know I’m on pins and needles waiting for ALL the reveals, especially Tuesday Made! I have more of an educated guess as to what’s coming, but I’ll keep it to myself. The IG feed looks amazing by the way!
    Cathy’s cake looks so refreshingly delectable. Now I’m craving zucchini bread, and wishing I had a garden of my own. That’s it, we’re definitely planting one next year, ha ha.
    I love your shopping finds! Last weekend I loaded up the kids for some good old fashioned yard sales, and hit the jackpot of carved wood bowls, dough bowls, and wooden kitchen accessories (like a lovely old fashioned wood rolling pin). Also happened to snag a few vintage brass candle snuffs. However the ultimate score was the cotton percale sheets I grabbed at TJMaxx for under $50!! They’re so incredibly soft, cool, and comfortable, with an amazing crochet ruffle detail on the edge. This is the first set of solid white sheets I’ve ever purchased and I’m in love.
    The idea that couple had is pretty genius; this actually is a really wonderful idea for people with children especially. I may have to try this with mine!
    I checked out House of Brinson, and I’m in love with their barware…and the Minos cameo. I have a thing for cameos and all things Ancient Greece, and that is the most “me” piece of jewelry I’ve ever come across! They have a truly beautiful line.
    Haha! Open shelving will definitely be a great discussion for the comments section. Bring it on, because I have two spots where I’ve seriously contemplated using it, and I would love to know from others whether they have it, find it functional…and I know you’ll provide ALL the style tips! I can’t wait!
    At least it wasn’t a hard “NO” on the pool Sarah! In my experience with Jeff, crickets is the contemplation phase where he actually see’s where I’m coming from and isn’t ready to say it out loud, lol. Here’s to hoping Emmett is considering it. I scrolled through that entire gallery, and pool #5, 14, and 18 I could totally see in your yard!! It definitely would be a wonderful reprieve from the heat. when we were out there the weather was about what we’re used to most of the summer, so I’m with you on this one Sarah! Give this girl some water!!!
    The Oregon coast is so beautiful this time of year. I hope you have the most amazing time with Laurie, and are able to recharge. It’s not sailing in Tahiti, and I’m sorry such an epic trip had to be cancelled, but at least you’ll still have a water filled getaway.
    I love the wood and brass combos Anthony used in the kitchen. I find them so warm and inviting, but overall something about the space doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I love some of the elements, if that makes sense?
    That garden takes me back to when I was a little girl reading “Heidi” over the summer at my grandparents’ house. If there was ever a real place that captures how I imagined it, this has to be it! Incredible! I think this will be my new happy place; school starts tomorrow and I’m nervous as heck. What a lovely place to go in my mind when I’m feeling anxious! Thank you for sharing Sarah, and happy Wednesday!

    1. Lauren, congrats on that TJ score! They sound perfectly dreamy. 😉 I feel like white sheets makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.
      I’m with you on Anthony’s kitchen-love the brass accents (that oven?!?😍) and the rustic white, but overall not a huge fan. Ironically, especially the tile. Sorry, Sarah! Knowing it’s a rental and not a day-to-day kitchen though somehow makes it more…sweet, I guess, to me. Is that weird?
      SO excited for Tuesday Made, too. I, like you, think I know some of what’s coming. Can’t wait to hear AND see what Sarah has in store!

      1. Thanks Anne, they really are like sleeping on a perfectly cool cloud! Good to know I’m not alone in that overall feeling. Truth: I always scroll the pictures first before I read the article, because if I’m not drawn to it I find it excruciating to read. Lol. Your little morsel about it being a rental does make it a little sweeter! I could live in that kitchen for a week, but not 365. We need a countdown to Tuesday Made. I can’t hang with all the suspense ;)

    2. I vote yes to your garden next year, Lauren! Your yard sale finds sound amazing… I’m also a sucker for vintage rolling pins and dough bowls. Good eye! Your sheet set sounds equally as amazing- percale is the best in the summertime. That House of Brinson jewelry is STUNNING. I hardly wear jewelry and I feel like that would change my mind on the topic. The pool definitely wasn’t a hard no- I’m hoping he’s like Jeff and in the contemplation / crickets phase. We shall see! Fingers crossed. I totally get what you’re saying about Anthony’s kitchen. I think I mostly love the tile and texture. I love that the garden reminds you of the book Heidi… I also used to love that one! Happy back to school tomorrow- you’re going to be amazing and your kids will love it. Sending good vibes your way :) xo

      1. What’s funny is how many of your blog posts were rolling through my head when I went to those yard sales. It’s probably the first time I went out with the intent to look with an eagle’s eye, and only hunt for what was really worth it. Beginner’s luck I think, but it was awesome! Thanks for the encouragement Sarah, I’m definitely going to need it!

  3. Okay, so those pools?! I’d literally take almost all of them. Think they’ll fit in our condo? 😂You have LOTS of backup here that a pool should be in your immediate future. What can we do to help get E on board? I think I see a blog poll in our future?! Honestly, if THIS Summer hasn’t convinced him….ummm, he doesn’t read these comments, does he?? 😅
    I wasn’t aware of Alisa or Chloe (what?! I know) so yea for new follows!
    Good to know on Yellowstone! We just finished Homecoming and are almost finished with Outlander so we need something good on deck.
    Oh my gosh…on pins and needles waiting for Tuesday Made’s big reveal and they’re starting to hurt! Not sure how much longer I can wait…..🤣So, HH celebration “at” Sarah’s soon??

    1. Haha!! Right? I think it’s more of a budget situation for him (typical accountant), but hey- we saved a lot of money on travel this year. Yay! So happy Alisa and Chloe are new friends to you. They’re both amazing. I actually just got off the phone with miss Chloe… we were talking about her goats. Ha! We’ll have to add Homecoming to our list- thanks for the rec. Yesss- celebration VERY soon :) Hope you’re having a good week Anne!